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Hot Dropshipping Picks Jan. '22

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, Kamil Sanon shares his top 10 favorite products for the month of January and Valentine's Day. These products are new year bangers and hidden Valentine gems.

Product 1: Gesture Sensing Smart Robot

- Based on gestures from the user

- Almost 600 orders and 4.8-star reviews on AliExpress

- Price recommendation of $44.99, cost of $24.37, and profit margin of roughly 20%

- Target e-packet countries minus Mexico, Brazil, and Italy

- Interest recommendations include Hot Toys, toys, gadget geeks, and kids

- Ad copy reads Smart robot is the toy kids go crazy for! Shop here.

- Launch ads are recommended for video editing

Product 2: Thick Knitted Turtleneck Shirt

- V-neck shirt with fur interior for warmth

- Almost 2,000 orders and 3,000 combined orders on AliExpress

- Price recommendation of $44.99, cost of $11.71, and profit margin of around 23%

- Target market is the female fashion industry

- Interest recommendations include ASOS, H&M, and Zara

- Ad copy reads Spend the winter without getting cold. Free shipping worldwide. Shop here.

- Shipping can be done through USA Dropship for quicker delivery times

Product 3: Astronaut Galaxy Night Lamp Stars Projector

- Projects galaxy effects onto walls and ceilings

- 2,300 orders on Ali

Top 10 Winning Shopify Dropshipping Products For January 2023 [$100K+ Potential] 🌟

In this article, we will be discussing 10 products that are currently popular and profitable to sell. We will analyze the marketing angles and pricing for each product to help you make a decision on what to sell.

1. Productivity Kitchen Timer:

- A smart timer for the kitchen space that is modern and minimalistic.

- Can be marketed through productivity and motivation, especially for those with New Year's resolutions.

- Sells for $6 on AliExpress, but can be marked up to $19.99 - $24.99 with upsells.

2. Mini Bluetooth-Compatible Music Tesla Coil:

- A cool product that connects to Bluetooth and matches the beat of music.

- Sells for $28.28 on AliExpress, but can be marked up to $50 - $60.

- Private labeling and branding can increase value.

3. Micro Glow Red Light Therapy Device:

- A red light therapy device for the chin and forehead that is marketed towards health and wellness.

- Sells for $56.98, but can be marked up to $50 - $60.

- Organic traffic from TikTok can help with sales.

4. Healthy Ice Cream Maker:

- An ice cream maker that can be marketed as a healthy alternative to traditional ice cream.

- Sells for $18.80 on AliExpress, and can be marked up to $20 - $30.

- Marketing angle can be focused on health and wellness.

5. Leg Pillow Strap:

- A leg pillow strap that can relieve pressure when sleeping on your side.

- Sells for $29.90, but can be sourced for $6.47 on AliExpress.

- Private labeling and bundling can increase value.

6. Portable Bike Chain Lock:

- A portable bike chain lock that can fit in your pocket.

- Sells for $60, but can be sourced for $15

Top 10 Winning Products To Sell In 2023 (Shopify Dropshipping)

Today I'm going to share with you the top 10 products that you need to be selling in 2023. All of these products are proven and validated, and they are currently going viral. I handpicked each and every one of these so you guys can succeed in your DropShipping Store. So with that being said, let's get into it!

In this article, I will be discussing the top 10 products that are currently going viral and have the potential to be successful in 2023. These products have been handpicked and validated, and they are perfect for DropShipping stores.

Product #10: Scooper with Weight

- This product is a genius product that can be advertised as a food prep product or a pet product.

- The competitor's website is poorly merchandised, and the product is only selling for $19.99.

- On AliExpress, the product is super cheap at $4.31, which means that the competitor has a solid markup.

- The genius of this product is that you could get away selling this for $39.99 if you're really honing down and advertising this to your dream customer.

Product #9: Heated Gloves

- These gloves go viral every year and are an Evergreen product.

- The competitor's website is simple and doesn't have reviews on this product.

- On AliExpress, the product is only $18.

Top 7 WINNING PRODUCTS To Sell In JANUARY 2022 | Shopify Dropshipping

In this article, we will discuss seven winning products that you should be selling this January. We will provide details on the features and benefits of each product, along with data and insights to help you make informed decisions.

Product 1: AirPods Cleaner Kit

- Solve a common problem of dirty AirPods and earbuds

- Not a seasonal product and can be sold year-round

- Sell the Trend software shows high demand with 5700 orders and 110,000 sales

- Amazon reviews are positive with 105 ratings and most being 5 stars

- Can be purchased for as low as $7 on Aliexpress with a margin of around 22 dollars

Product 2: Rain Proof Mirror

- Eliminates glare and steam on car windows

- Suitable for any rainy season and enhances visibility

- Ad creator shows efficiency of the product

- Can be purchased for as low as $2 on Aliexpress with a margin of around 18 dollars

Product 3: USB Air Humidifier

- Popular on TikTok and provides a solution for bad smells

- Easy to use and can be placed anywhere

- Wireless Humidifier has 16,000 orders and half a million sales

- Can be purchased for as low as $4 on Aliexpress with a high margin

Product 4: Car Dent Puller

- Cheapest solution to fix minor dents in cars

- Self-explanatory and easy to use

- Can be purchased for as low as $3 on Aliexpress with a margin of around 30 dollars

Product 5: Motion Sensor Lamp

- Provides a soft light for night-time use

- Easy to install and has multiple uses

- Can be sold for $30-40 with a margin of around 26 dollars

Product 6: Heated Winter Gloves

- Provides warmth and comfort during cold weather

- High perceived value and can be sold for $80-90

- Can be purchased for as low as $18 on Aliexpress with a margin of around 72 dollars

Product 7: Electric Cupping and Scraping Machine

- Provides a traditional Chinese healing method for chronic pain

- Cupping has many benefits including muscle loosening and blood flow encouragement

- Can be challenging to educate viewers, but has a high perceived value and potential for success

By selling these seven winning products, you can provide solutions to common problems and enhance the lives of your customers. With data and insights to guide you, these products have the potential for high demand and profitability.

Top 10 Winning Dropshipping Products For January 2022 (Tiktok Winners)

Hey there, welcome back to my channel! My name is Nathan Nazareth and I create content about dropshipping, ecommerce, and making money online. In this video, I'll be sharing with you the top 10 products you should be selling in January 2022, specifically for tick tock ads.

So, grab a drink and sit down as I take you through these amazing products that are sure to make you money. But before we get started, don't forget to check out the cheat sheet I've created for all of these products, which includes recommended interests to target and competitor links.

Product 1: Pet Toothbrushes - A great problem-solving product in the pet niche that has the potential for tons of upsells and cross-sells.

Product 2: Levitating Ping Pong Balls Game - A unique and wow factor product that has been doing well on Facebook ads and could blow up even more on tick tock.

Product 3: Crystal Light - A new iteration of the galaxy light or sunset lamp that has the potential to sell well in the home decor and lighting niche.

Product 4: Electric Chopper Meat Grinder - A higher ticket product that solves a problem and can be sold to older generations on Facebook ads.

Product 5: Paint Edge Banding Machine - A simple yet problem-solving product for those who are painting their rooms and don't want paint on their ceilings.

Product 6: Flying Saucer Hoverboard - A unique product that has been going viral on tick tock and Facebook ads.

Product 7: Women's Posture Correcting Bras - A great problem-solving product that has a lot of potential in the women

⭐ TOP 10 Winning Products To Sell In January 2022 - Shopify Dropshipping

tool can do and then they have somebenefits listed below that which isreally good and then they have somereviews as well which is alwaysimportant to have on your product pageand then they have a frequently askedquestions tab which is great as well sothey did a pretty good job on theproduct page and let s go over to thealiexpress page and here we have itgoing for 276 and 299 depending on thecolor you choose and then the shipping islike a dollar and 70 cents so it s nottoo bad you can definitely make a goodmargin off of this product and it s nottoo saturated yet so you guys can testit out and yeah that s pretty much forthis product let s move on to the nextone alright so the next product is thislike keyboard cleaner it s basicallyjust like a gel that you can kind of puton your keyboard and it picks up all thedirt and stuff like that and you canreuse it which is really good and the adis just like a really close-up shot ofthe product and then they kind of showyou what it can do and it s got 6 9klikes 2 1k shares and 1 4 commentswhich is really good so let s go over tothe product page and here we have itit s selling for 14 95 which isdefinitely on the expensive side soyou guys want to make sure that you reupselling some other products or have abundle going on and then they have aquantity selector as well which isgood but they don t really have anyreviews on here and they don t reallyhave a lot of convincing copy so theydid a pretty poor job on the productpage i think and then when we go over tothe aliexpress


they could improve on is having moreimages and videos on their product pageto show the pillow in different anglesand how it can be used let s go aheadand check out aliexpress and see where we regetting this item for all right here weare on aliexpress you can see we regetting this item for 16 50with free shipping and it has a 4 9 starrating with over 1200 orders so we knowthat this product is definitelyproven and popular in the market thecompetitor was not charging shipping sothe item came out to 29 97 the productcost was 16 50 with free shipping whichgives us a great profit margin of 13 47for every one of these sold and the fiveinterest i would test out with thisproduct is sleep apnea snoring sleepdisorders insomnia and pillows productnumber eight we re officially almostthere and product number eight is acarpet cleaner let s go ahead and checkit out all righty carpet cleaner workssuper well obviously solving a bigproblem of cleaning carpets andremoving stains easy to use and obviouslyvery effective and with over twothousand comments in a single month weknow that this product is definitelypopular in the market let s go ahead andcheck out the competitor product pageall right here we are on their productpage and you can see that

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