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hot products for dropshipping 2020

Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

🔥 HOTTEST Products To Sell In August | Shopify Dropshipping 2020

all right, guys, what is going on in this video? i'm going to show you the top 10 products for the month, going to share with you their facebook ads, the aliexpress supplier links, of course, the five interest you should target on facebook ads. all right, so for the first product that we have, this honeycomb heels pads- basically what this product does, it helps reduce the pain when wearing heels. that is something that women suffer a lot from. also, men that wear heels suffer from that, so that can be a really great solution. now we know that in the past, the bunion product worked really good, so i really think that this product can work well. what i do really like about this product that it's really easy to understand what this product does. it's really cheap product and it solves a huge problem. taking a look on the engagement of facebook ads, it has over a thousand likes and 257 comments. looking at the most recent comments, we can see that we have comment four hours ago or 10 hours ago, one day, 12 hours, so this ad is clearly running, so this guy is making some money. having a local aliexpress. this product costs only 2 bucks and 23 cents and even if you're going to select aliexpress standard shipping and you will want to sell more than one unit, which i recommend you to do so. so, as you can see, the shipping will not increase. so that is a good thing. this way, you will be able to give a better discount to your customer. now, another product i came across with which is really similar to this one, which it has also the pads and on top of that you can see, for example, this one: it covers the fingers and it's like gloves for your feet. now i know that, as we say in game of thrones, winter is coming, so it's going to be very cold in the states really soon, in a couple of months. so, even if you're not going to test out this product, i highly recommend you to try at least to test this out during the winter. targeting will be targeting hill, louis vuitton, prada and steve madden. moving on to the next product, that is actually. this is a new product and i'm really interested in this product. that is problem solving, but a really recent problem solving product. i'm sure that most of you, you go with face mask when you go outside and you probably feel the pain that i feel when i put on the mask. so that is really a cool product. it's a brand new product, so you have the potential to be one of the first people that actually sell that. having a look on facebook, as this ad was posted around a week ago, has almost a thousand likes and it has over a 100 comments. going over to aliexpress, you can see that this product got almost 1600 orders, 477 reviews and 4.8 star reviews. this seller over here is a top brand seller, so i recommend you to use this one. and another thing: that quite obvious: that you don't want to sell it by like each unit itself. you want to use the 5 and 10 pieces because it's going to be really hard for you to make good profit margins, so make sure you use that to create some bundles, maybe even more than 10 units. and another thing that i want to mention: over here, we have this product that has almost the same amount of orders, a little bit less, but this one also came up in the search results. and the good thing about this product: it basically does the same thing. it solves the problem, but it looks much nicer. targeting will be targeting: cleanliness, ear hygiene, personal care and healthcare. all right. our next product. this is the polishing magic cream, something like that. i'm not really sure what is the buzz around this product, but i can tell you that i saw multiple ads selling the same product for over, i think, two months already and still sells. people still advertising. i would never think about a product like this, but obviously people buy it. having a look on facebook ads, this ad was posted like three days ago. it already has 1 300 likes and almost 200 comments. having a local aliexpress, this listing got almost a thousand orders, 257 reviews, an overall score of 4.6. the main thing that i do like about this product is that it's extremely cheap. it's like less than five bucks with free package. targeting will be targeting car wash, car care, cleaning, housekeeping and polishing. all right, moving on to our next product, this product i can see it for like for a few years now selling really, really good. is this galaxy lamp that created galaxy inside your room? i don't really get it, but you know it works like crazy. it was selling really good a year ago, two years ago, five months ago, two months ago and even so far, so clearly. that is very interesting product to hop on, especially when we are moving forward towards q4, because those kind of products are just perfect to sell on christmas. having a look on facebook ads: this ad was posted three days ago. it already has 6 000 likes. that is just crazy. this video got over half a million views, over 2 000 shares and over 1 000 comments. take a closer look at the comments. it's just crazy- like eight hours ago, one day ago, one hour ago, three hours ago, one hour ago, one hour ago. so people are commenting like crazy. people are engaging. so clearly this product is still profitable. having a look on aliexpress: i picked this seller over here. you also got a video over here. it has different variations if you want to try to test them out. and the second main reason is, of course, because it's ships from the united states, spain, australia and france. we're still having some struggles because of the epidemic with the delivery. so it's faster you can get your product delivered to your customer. the better targeting will be targeting galaxy, kids, universe, family and parenting. all right, moving on to product number five, this product is actually really really, really cool product. i can see this product in the last, let's say, two months popping up left and right. multiple people try to sell. it means that this product sells really good. now, if you ask me, i would not try testing this product right now. i would wait at least another month or two, build up a toy shop for q4 and then sell this product, and i'm guaranteed that this product is going to be a huge winner during q4. i didn't look on facebook as three days ago, 10 thousand likes- yes guys, ten thousand likes- four thousand six hundred shares and two thousand and five hundred comments. that is just insane. taking a look at the comments one minute ago, one minute ago, twelve minutes ago, one minute ago, one minute ago- four hours, one minute. so they are clearly spending some high budget on facebook ads to get this amount of engagement. but i mean, this is exactly what you want to have a wow factor, something very interesting, something unique. i never saw a toy like that. so even if you are not going to sell it right now, keeping close eye on this product on q4, taking open aliexpress- the product is not cheap, but you don't need to be worried about it too much because this product actually has a really high perceived value and it's even going to have much higher value when you're going to sell it during q4. targeting. i will be targeting child model car, radio controlled car tractor and toys, all right. next product: that is a similar product that i shared already on the channel, where i share those like moving floating fish. basically, as you can see, it just mimics the same movement of a frog and this way you can actually catch the big boys. really cool product. has the wow factor: easy to sell. you can sell multiple quantity of the same product easily, and especially right now, where is the peak of the fishing season. having a look on facebook, as this ad was posted, like four days ago, it already has 13 000 likes and over 2 000 comments. that is just crazy. i have to say that the ad looks really, really good. we have comments one hour ago, one hour ago, one hour ago, so you see a lot, a lot of comments. this guy's still running ads, making money, so hop on and take a piece of this pie. look at aliexpress. you can see this product is extremely, extremely cheap and it's going for you to be so easy to upsell. the same product. sell packs of

Hot Dropshipping Products Popular on Facebook. What to Sell Summer 2020

in this video, we will tell you about 10 hot drop shipping products that are great to sell during the summer of 2020.. keep watching to see what must-haves you should bring to your online store. welcome to the ally dropship channel. if you haven't heard about alidropship yet, we're a company that helps people start their own dropshipping business with the alidropship plugin that costs just 89.. you can build your own online store or you can buy a ready-made website for an easier, ready-to-go start with our established and premium stores. follow this link to learn more about these options. if you didn't know, at alidropship we are always running our own drop shipping stores to test products, features and new offerings. this video is based on our experience and the analysis of suppliers, market trends and the most popular products we've seen from facebook advertising in general. let's take a closer look. gallon water bottle. summer is associated with hot weather, which can make you thirsty and in need of hydration. it's no surprise, then, that water bottles are always insight during the warmer months. look at the number of orders for this. hydroflasks seem to be all the rage, but they've got nothing on this clear water jug with fun, perky inscriptions to mark your water consumption throughout the day. you won't find something like this elsewhere. add this summer essential to your store to trigger impulse purchases from customers shopping for the season. rechargeable fan neckband. we all need to keep cool in the summer, so offer the convenience of being comfortable wherever you are with the power of two fans right on the neck. fight the summer heat, whether at a small family gathering outside or a casual walk at the beach. this neck fan can be charged through a mini usb and has sold like crazy from facebook ads. silicone back scrub: this back scrub is another hot drop shipping product for the summer of 2020. because what's worse than sweating all over rough skin and clogged pores on your back? provide shoppers with this bath time essential to help freshen up. a hot seller from facebook adds this eco-friendly back scrubber. helps people take care of their back skin from afternoons under the sun. aqua shoe socks: these durable, non-slip sock shoes are a perfect choice for people who love swimming, surfing, fishing or doing other water activities. however, keep in mind that this product is purely seasonal, so if you want to make money with it, add it to your store now, before the summer ends. by the way, did you know you can actually save time and effort on finding drop shipping goods and making promotional ads for them. check out alidropship's premium products subscription service. after subscribing, you can get hot drop shipping products every week right to your website. and it's not just products that you get: you will also receive pre-edited product pages, videos, text and images for advertising, and even target audience recommendations for promoting on facebook. it'll save you a huge amount of time. if you're interested, click the link on the screen or in the one in the video description. now let's continue with the hot summer products. hoodie for cat lovers. you can often find hot drop shipping products in the fashion category for the summer of 2020. there's no exception. although it's summer, this cat hoodie is a top pick for cat lovers during this season. whether you're inside with the air conditioning on full blast or out by the beach at night, this cute hoodie with many design options makes for a great summer staple that will be popular among for both teenagers and adults. this item can easily trigger impulse purchases, which is extremely important for drop shipping. to learn more about impulse purchases, watch this video on our channel. slimming belt lockdown doesn't mean you have to abandon looking good, as people are allowed to go out to parks and beaches. they want to keep that body in shape. one of the top sellers that we've seen from facebook ads, this slimming belt is sure to be a great addition to your drop shipping store's inventory. fruit juicer: another product very popular this summer is this handheld fruit juicer. it's a simple tool that requires no electricity and is easier to clean than electrical juicers. juice limes and strawberries for those summer margaritas or dinner recipes. versatile and great for summertime dining and entertaining. it's no wonder this is a hot item for summer 2020. women shoulder bag. this simple but elegant bag is the latest in style with its slim and portable design, priced low for a great value. bag. score big on this. women's must have. that's hot right now. want to know what makes a good catch for drop shipping? watch this video to learn about all the features of a prime drop shipping product. led strip lights. in one of our previous videos, we toked about how kovid 19 has affected the drop shipping market and buyers habits, among other things. people now prize spending their money on products that make their lives more comfortable. they can create a roomy and inviting patio or living room with these easy to tape tape lights with led bulbs in three different color schemes. you can help them to find their pick for designing their own comfortable space car storage box and, lastly, one of the hottest drop shipping products even before the summer of 2020.. this convenient car organizer console, which is selling like crazy even as we speak, popular across multiple drop shipping sites we run. we felt this car accessory deserves a space on our list for items to sell right now. do you want more tips on hot drop shipping products? be sure to visit the niches and products section on our blog regularly and remember to take a look at the services on our official site. our blog posts and services can provide you great intel and guidance for niche and item selection, and we can do some really great stuff for you, such as eye-catching video ads and pictures. visit our site to see all the offers. in this video, we showed you the 10 hot drop shipping products popular in the summer of 2020.. in the previous video, we discussed how you can identify hot products on your own. watch this video next and also learn how to find out what other dropshippers sell.

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Start Shopify Dropshipping THESE Hot Products in 2021! (Winning Trends)

hey, there it's andrew here. hope you're all doing well. it's that time of the year again and a new year means new e-commerce opportunities, and i love doing these partikular prediction type videos because, number one, it's really interesting to see how these products actually perform over the year and, number two, it's incredibly amazing to see some of you, the audience, make sales from these products [Music]. so if you're excited, as i am, to crush the 2021 e-commerce game and beyond, leave a comment down below and smash that like button, alright. so, by the way, masks is not a recommendation as a hot product in this video. you don't need to worry. but, uh, without further ado, let's jump onto my screen. as you can see, we're going to be using a few. well, actually, we're going to be using one main tool to validate and cross check, uh, the product demand, and that is, of course, google trends. there are multiple different ways and strategies that i personally use to validate and find hot products, but for the sake of simplicity, in this video, we'll be using google trends. so the first product, as you can see already on my screen, is the 3d printing pen. so the product cost of this specific product, as you can tell here, is 26 uh. the average selling price is 66 dollars and the profit, the potential profit margin of the suggested profit margin, is 40. now, should you set it at the specific price? not necessarily, but uh, this is an interesting product because 3d printing, as you know, is on the rise. as you can see here. it peaked in april of 2020 and that's most likely because of the lockdowns. but, uh, right now, as of right now, we're at 59.60. now. this is very steady, so it's not partikularly very much in demand. but, that being said, let's quickly go over to aliexpress and check this out. so let's sort by orders here and you can see that the hottest uh selling supplier is at 4 000 units sold. that's not too shabby at all. 4 000 is a significant chunk of products sold, and let's quickly go into this uh product here and just take a closer look at it. by the way, there's a lot of products that i'm going to suggest in this video, so stay until the end and make your own decision on what you think would work well. all right, so overall, this looks like a pretty solid product, um, the fact that it is very quirky and, as you can see here, here are some of the uh creations that are that have been created, and you can't expect this to be, you know, the highest quality 3d printing pen out there, but for the price, this is definitely a sellable product. so, overall, this product- here i know 3d printing- is in demand, although whether this is going to be on the rise or not is a different question, but there is potential in this product simply because the product cost is relatively low. now let's move on to the second product. the second product that i want to show you is something that i'm sure many of you have seen over on facebook ads, and they're a great brand. they have been doing this perfectly. so galaxy cove. they sell what is essentially a projector, a light projector, and, as you can see here- let me quickly go into one of the ads- so they sell a light projector and the way they sell it, the way they market it, is second to none, and this is an extremely hot product that everyone seems to be trying to get onto the bandwagon with. there's a lot of uh replica brands that have jumped out, and they have been doing great too, because i've been keeping an eye on these guys. so let's quickly take a look via google trends and just type in light projectors overall, and i should set this over to global actually, because we want to see the worldwide projection for this product and over a 12 month trend, and you can see it's uh. as you can see it's on a growing trend here. so we're at 63 right now and it probably will go up and, mind you, this is the holiday season, so bear that in mind. but overall, if you take a look at their ads and dig deeper, they have been running since uh earlier this year and they've sold a lot of these units. so let's, you know, triple check that and go into aliexpress and type in galaxy projector or light projector. let's see how many units they've sold. so there's multiple variations of this product, which is interesting because then you can carve out your own niche. in this case, instead of selling what, what they've done? just to quickly let you know if i can get a shot of this. okay, so you can see here, they've private labeled their own aliexpress product because obviously they have the sales to back them up. but what they're selling is this similar to this product here? well, not similar. it is exactly the same product, as you can see here, but, um, there are multiple different variations of this product that has now popped up, including this 360 version. you have, uh, all sorts of different cool functionalities jumping out, so let's uh sort by orders and see what is the most popular one in this case. so we have 4221, which is interesting, because i've been keeping an eye on this and obviously suppliers are coming in and out of this certain product and, uh, i've seen a pr, i've seen a certain supply sell about 20 000 of these units. so, just a heads up, this is definitely a product that is hot right now. so that is suggestion number two. let's move on to suggestion number three, which is a fun one, actually. so let's type it, run right into this, um, right into aliexpress. so fun socks is actually the product that i want to show you. uh, fun socks is essentially, you know, socks that have interesting patterns on it, and so let's go into back into google trends to check this out, fun socks, and let's look at the trend here. it's actually relatively low, but again it is. it's growing higher now, again, this could be because of the holiday season, as and as you can tell, back in december of last year. that is the reason, but overall it's relatively steady. i mean, everyone needs socks, right, and i know you can jump on seasonal trends in with socks. so one that i saw recently was, uh, trump socks. so this one here is pretty funny. so trump socks is, uh, you know, it's exactly that, and this one's relatively unique because it literally has his hair coming off the sock, which i find so funny. but i saw this trending on all sorts of meme pages, all sorts of um news publications as well. so this sort of stuff like this- these are the socks that you want to get into- this is definitely a potential niche product store that you could get into. just fun socks- um, there are plenty of fun socks sort stores out there that i know have done well and, best of all, the product price is relatively low at two to three dollars. so, as you can see here, like you start to see the trend here, which is there are a lot of fun products that you can run with and definitely gain sales from, as long as you do your research. so, moving on to the fourth suggestion is a razor holder. this razor holder, as you can see here- let me press the play button here- is a very simple product. so, as you can see, it's not just a razor holder, you can call it a, you know, a bathroom holder of all sorts. but the product cost is insanely low. it's one cent and the shipping is roughly 60 cents, depending on where you, where you send it to, but essentially over below one dollar. and you can see there is a load of orders for this specific product: 8 800, almost 10 000 orders and a butt load of positive reviews. we have almost 2000 reviews here and i've gone through these, the these are very positive reviews because it's ultimately a very simple product. so, if you get, you can cross-check this on google trends. but you know, overall this is a very standard product. this isn't really a cyclical or seasonal product, but let's go ahead and check it out anyway. so, uh, this would be, i don't know, a razor holder, which is very niche, but let's see how this looks like. um, so, yeah, it's as i thought. it's very, you know, cyclical and also- sorry, it's not very cyclical. it's very steady throughout the year. um, so, if anything's at basically 50 points throughout the year, you know it has very steady demand throughout the year. so

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TOP 12 Dropshipping Products for Christmas 2020

Welcome to the Ali2Woo YouTube channel. It’s all about dropshipping business from AliExpress using Ali2Woo Plugin - an excellent solution for dropshippers. In this video episode, we’ll give you a list of the best product ideas. Use this to succeed during Christmas and the First quarter of 2020.. Please note: we have recorded this video as a quick guide for those who need to launch a dropshipping store rapidly during this period. Also, it should be helpful if you already have a store and need to choose the products that will be profitable during Christmas. However, if you need a text post about Christmas and want to get in-depth information about each product, please read the artikle in our dropshipping blog. the link will be added below to the description of this video. So let’s get started. The first niche on our list is TOYS. Kid’s stuff, like toys and clothes, always make great Christmas gifts and there’s always lots to choose from. The next idea in our list refers to the Pets Category. This has become popular and includes pet toys, pet clothes and treats. This is an amazing category for Christmas dropshipping. Another niche is Personalized Gifts. Take, for example, jewelry with engraved names and messages like “For my loved one”, “For my girlfriend”, “For my boyfriend”, etc. This category usually makes most of the money in Quarter 4 and Christmas. The next product on our list is Christmas Merchandise. It is an obvious choice. This includes Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, Christmas stiks, Christmas lights for your tree or house and any other similar. do well, too. Kitchen appliances and cooking tools. We mean products such as blenders, cooking boxes, you name it- anything in the cooking category. People buy a lot of gifts that are related to cooking at this time of year, So remember, this category is excellent over this period. The travel category is always a traditional gift. favorite. Travel bags and passport covers in different colors, textures and patterns are a great choice too. Choose products that look a little prettier, that stand out more than items from Walmart, for a classy, extra special present that will sell well. The Alcohol Industry is most lucrative over the festive period, A massive seller at this time of the year. Please note you will not be selling alcohol. We’re toking about top-selling items like wine glass sets, bottle openers, etc. They usually make great sales as people like to drink when it’s Christmas or over a festive, celebratory time, so bear that in mind too. The beauty industry is always a top seller. The more unusual beauty products, such as face suckers (the pore vacuum that removes unsightly blackheads was massive during Christmas last year). make-up products (body enhancements, waist trainers and bum lifters). These products always sell well because people want to look their best during Christmas time. Electronics are another strong category. People always crave to have these products yearly and something new is always available. Wireless chargers and speakers, phone cases and watches - they all continually sell well every year and never fail to please. Christmas is for Gadgets. The gadgets category makes great presents and stoking fillers. so things like phones and tablets, For example. you can buy phones and tablets on AliExpress that have no trademark (not patented) and you can sell them. You may worry, as it’s not a branded name, but remember, gadgets are a big seller for Christmas. Therefore, we would add this category to the list. Clothing remains a popular Gift. People often buy it ahead of the colder weather. Mittens, scarves, hats and other festive clothing do well. Please note, when you buy on AliExpress, you need to get the correct size charts for the US, UK and European markets, or else you may have high return rates. Beware, as the sizes from China can be incorrect and confusing, So make sure you contact the suppliers and tell them you need the US, UK and European size charts. Stationery items are Great. They make excellent stoking fillers and presents. Christmas is the biggest seller for notebooks and calendars for the next year, So 2021 calendars do well. now Find calendars that are really cool and have a different approach than Walmart’s calendars. And now we want to give you a bonus. We know that many dropshippers want to learn about new products regularly. Therefore, we have launched a unique service that will show you exciting products. you can register for it on the main page of ali2woocom. The Ali2woo team wishes you a Merry Christmas And we would like to ask you to subscribe to our channel to receive more useful information about dropshipping. Thank you,

7 HOT Dropshipping Products To Sell On Shopify In 2020 (SELL NOW!)

welcome back to another video. in today's video, I'm gonna go over seven trending products you could possibly sell in 2019 and make some money on your ecommerce store. we're going to go and look at these products and the slides and we're going to go through the trends. and then we're also going to go on Facebook and look at some advertising, some adverts on Facebook that people are running right now to promote these partikular products. right, so let's jump in, guys. nice and quick, nice and easy video today. make sure you hit this subscribe button, tap the notification about snow when I dropped my next video and leave a comment below, guys, if you have any question, the model lines next 24 hours answering every single question. so, guys, if you'd run a drop shipping store or e-commerce store and you want some products to sell, well, you're gonna have to find some, and the best thing to do- it come out has started each year- is there's always kind of trends, so the trends of seasonal and stuff, but at the start of each year, there's usually a bunch of products that just had a had a trend, or there have been trinny and they just spiked up in a bit, have a bit of a spike. so the first product we're going to be looking at, guys- and this has an absolutely massive spike right now- is crystal water bottles, and these are on Aliexpress right now, but there is not a lot of orders. I'm not sure why these are, for some reason. these are quite new to LA Express, but I have seen them on Aliexpress before, but you can see the trend down here and then there's a massive boost at the end here. now these are actually selling. so this video here was posted three weeks ago, guys, and it's already got 1.6 million views, and I've found other ads as well that have lots of views as well. so I like- like you know, like you might have been saying, guys, you have to use videos in 2019. as you can see, this is a very good video. go through, you know. they hold the products and stuff. you can pay people to do videos for you. you can do them yourself, but there are professional services that you can use to sell products and make videos. but the thing is, guys, if you want to get millions of millions of views and make good money, you're going to have to do videos now, because that's what's really converting on Facebook, you know, pretty much 2019 and beyond. I still use images for testing, but I always trans, translate into videos when once find the product that's working. so that's crystal water bottles, guys, and they are selling on Facebook right now and they are trending up and they have a bigger spike, although I think these people are doing like, maybe white labeling or something we have their own branded ones because there's not a big demand on Aliexpress right now. however, there could be a good thing. it could mean that there is about to be a big spike on an Express because of the popularity of these water bottles, so you might get an early on this as a drop shipping product. now, the next one, guys, is something that you probably think: why would these be selling? well, youtubers booming right now and everyone's looking for LED ring lights. we have four on this house. my girlfriend has one, I have three because I've broken - and I have one left. and that's just me. I'm just one person you know with us. well, one, one household. we have four ring lights. these are kind of like: had a bit of a trend, bit of a trend and then spike, and now they're spiking again. but these guys have a huge amount of orders on Aliexpress right now, thousands of orders. people are buying this partikular product and there are ads running right now on Facebook. once again, videos of this partikular product- and this one hazards sip- are three hundred and twenty-seven thousand views in just a month and, guys, keep in mind, this is just one ad I found. there are hundreds of ads that I saw. some of them had little views, some had a lot of views, but we know this product is selling and if you know anything about the comments and drop shipping, you know to model other people instead of starting from scratch and trying to reinvent the wheel. so the second product that guys is going to be the LED ring light. this is very popular right now and YouTube is becoming a massive platform for people to start using, get popular and stuff, and 99% of them are using ring lights, whether it be an iPhone ring light or a bigger ring light. we have the big ring lights and we also have some iPhone ring lights as well and people are buying them. okay now, and that's got, you know, trending up and it's got a bit of a spike at the moment. number three, guys is portable blenders. this has a big spike right now and I went on Facebook. there are ads absolutely everywhere these are selling. these are hot right now, really really hot. back in 2017, guys, I was selling those solar power phone charges or was like the hottest top are the hottest product back then. these are kind of like the same thing right now. they are the hottest product right now in 2019. portable blenders: they're selling on Aliexpress plenty of them. they are trending up and once again, there are ads for these partikular products. they've got a minor notifications: open licious. get rid of those real quick. okay, I've got rid of those guys. now, these portable, these portable blenders- this is actually a branded store. these guys are probably not drop shipping. they could be, but I don't know. but they, these are the portable blenders guys. go on Facebook, see what kind of ads they're doing up once again, video ads- and you can go and see. you know how they're doing it. now get this guy's. this video has 24 million- yes, 24 million- views. okay, no one spends that kind of money on ads unless they're making money. okay, it can cost hundreds. there's been hundreds and thousands of dollars on this partikular ad alone, not including any other edge that they're running. guys, so that guy's is a portable blender. I probably should have put this at number two or even number one because it is a really hot product for 2019: portable blenders. okay, the next one, guys, is back posture characters. I actually have one of these myself because I have a bad back. these are booming right now. orders on our Express at 18 is that 18 189 or 18,000 guys? and we have a massive trend as well and, once again, if you go onto Facebook, we have some videos here now. I couldn't find a lot of videos with massive views on this partikular product- this one here two weeks ago, 26,000 views, and it was kind of like what I was finding. however, that doesn't mean you can't sell these on Facebook. it could mean that maybe the train is about to start on Facebook or you know, you come, I go to get in early, who knows? but these are selling on Facebook, but there just isn't that big viewership like viewcount, like the other products, like the blender and stuff like that. however, you could possibly give this a go guys back posture thing at correcta. right, I'm not going to go over this product too much because it's kind of self-explanatory and it does have a big spike right now in his trending. so this is a product you could post. they go on tests and make some money. now, number five guys: this has been popular for a long time. this isn't really having a message spike right now. it's. it's kind of had a big spike come down, but it is coming up again, probably for a big spike, and overall it is kind of coming up. you know, a good trend. it's coming up, coming up and it's stayed consistent and once again, lots of orders on Aliexpress and it is on Facebook right now. this one is an old ad seven months ago- 646 K views, so they spent a lot of money to get you know to make money. however, this one here, guys, is only a week old: a hundred and eight thousand views. okay, I do know that these sell very well because I have- I've never actually started before, but I do know some of my students and a couple of my friends have sold these and had very good success with these partikular products and it's kind of. it's not a really really hot product, but it's got a consistent trend up over time. so they do sell, just depend on.


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