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hottest dropshipping products 2019

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

How To Find HOT Dropshipping Products | ULTIMATE Product Research Guide for 2019

what is going on, guys? Jonathan Zamora, here today we're gonna be toking about how to find six and seven-figure products for you to test and scale up. let's get right into it. so, whenever you are looking for a winning product, there are definitely some commonalities that you are going to find whenever you find a real hitter, something that is going to make you a ton of money. and then there's gonna be some commonalities between the ones that don't work and unfortunately, there's going to be a lot more crappy products than there actually are good ones. but the good news is is that the majority of the mistakes and the majority of the money that you will waste on testing products is very avoidable. so if you follow these steps and you follow through all the way through the end of this video, you should have a pretty good understanding of how to actually find a good product that is going to be worth testing. so, without any further ado, let's hop right into the value. what does a winning product look like? I think this is very important for us to identify right out of the gate. generally speaking, a winning product will have about three purchases the very first day you put it out. now I do have a full face book series that I have that shows you guys exactly how to test, scale and refine your ad sets. if you want to see that, I will link it up here. I'm gonna also have a my website in the bio. it's a link to my business website, but it'll kind of give you a bunch of different links that are going to be a really big resource for you guys to use. but generally speaking, with my testing strategy, the very first day it should have at least three purchases. if it doesn't, that's kind of just a red flag. I won't necessarily cut it immediately. at the minimum I'll let it run for 24 hours, but in that first 24 hour period I'm really looking to hit that 3 purchase mark, especially if it's around a $25 breakeven point. and essentially, whenever you're first testing a product, you're really just trying to get a gauge on whether or not that products worth continuing to test and worth continuing to put money into. you're not necessarily looking to really be profitable at this point. it's really just trying to gauge whether or not it's something that is going to be scalable and whether or not you should continue to put money into it. and again, we let our campaign run for about two to three days before scaling or turning it off. so before we make any decisions, we like to at least get 24 to 48 hours underneath our belts so we could really make an educated decision now. how we research, the most effective way to research, there's really three methods that we use since AD Swiper was taken down- which is really unfortunate because that was such an awesome tool- but there's really three ways that we will use these. products are mostly going to be ones that other people have had success with. so, generally speaking, we try to use products that already have a little bit of momentum behind them. there's something that's a little bit trendy R and then, where we really capitalize on it's just having a better ad creatives and branding the products just a little bit better than everybody else, and that's really where our money comes from. like I said, the products that we're going to be running are going to be ones that are actively working. finding original products is something that we do. we mostly get the original products from our drop shipping agents, not necessarily from these research methods, so it's a little bit more advanced, but having an original product is a benefit because there's not that many people that are going to be testing it, but on the back end it is going to be more cost- costly, and then it's also going to be a lot more work upfront because there's not going to be as much content on it, so- videos and pictures- you're gonna have to write descriptions from the beginning without really any examples to go with. so it's definitely a higher level thing to do. I would definitely recommend just to try to follow trends at this point, because that's what makes the most sense and that's where the majority of our money is made. number one is going to be the Aliexpress drop shipping Center. now, if you have not seen this and you don't have an ally Express account, don't worry, you can still get this. but it is a huge, huge resource for us because it really gives us a gauge on how much order volume is being processed on a day to day basis. so let me go ahead and show you guys just a quick example of what this looks like. I'm gonna go ahead and hop on over to Aliexpress and say: we were just taking a look at this product here. it's just a power bank- boom. what you're gonna go in and do is you're gonna go in and copy this link right here, boom copy and I just need to sign in real quick. and once you're signed in, you're gonna press the my Aliexpress. once you have that selected, it's gonna pop up with a tab here. now, if you've never accessed the drop shipping center, you're gonna have to have a linked invite and that will be in the website. that's in the description. it's level Mediacom and I'll include all the resources there that's going to allow you to have acts - this tab here because it's invite-only. but you're gonna go ahead and click on drop shipping center right there and hit product analysis. this is really where this tool becomes really valuable. so all you're gonna do is just paste that link that we just copied right there and hit search. now this is going to give you a pretty solid indication on whether or not this product is consistent and has a good volume of cells. if it were me looking at this product, you know, just based off some quick analyzation here, it doesn't look very consistent. it doesn't look like it has a high order volume. so that probably wouldn't be something that I would be testing. I'd be looking for something maybe a little bit more along the lines of a hot product like this eyebrow pen, if we were kind of comparing the charts there, we can see that that last one had maybe 10 orders on average daily. on the high end, this one here- this is a product that we know is moving right. on the low end, its selling about a thousand a day. on the high end, its selling about three thousand. so there is going to be plenty of room for us to maybe take ten percent of that market share and still sell anywhere from a hundred to three hundred units a day. now that is a big, big difference and that's really what we're looking for. that's where we're gonna be able to capitalize and make some good money. Aliexpress drop shipping Center- that is a massive tool that we use all the time just to get that gauge and kind of just see where the health of that product is and whether it's on the front end of a trend cycle or if it's on the back end of a trend cycle. number two is going to be Facebook posts. now, I'm sure you guys have all seen this. essentially, all you do is you hop on over to Facebook and you look for other videos. essentially, all you're gonna have to do is hop on over to Facebook like you would normally, and then you're gonna go ahead and go to the top and type in a very common search phrase. so we're gonna go ahead and type and get yours and in quotes, and then we're gonna do phishing. just maybe we're looking for that product in specific. boom, we're gonna go ahead and turn that on and then we're gonna go ahead and sort it by videos, because we're really only wanting to see the video advertisements. then, at this point, once we're here, we're really looking for advertisements that have over 50,000 views and you can find the views right here. this one has 682, this one has 71 thousand and some of these aren't going to be drop shipping stores. you really have to be combed through them and find the best ones and really look and see. okay, you know what. this one makes sense. this one makes sense. let's go and see if we can find an example here. okay, so, boom, this is a perfect example. this has 982 thousand views. was posted about seven months ago. at this point, what we could do is we coul.

Best Dropshipping Products To Sell In 2019

Are you short of product ideas for your dropshipping store? Here are 10 categories we can recommend. Hi, I’m Olesia from AliDropship - the team of dropshipping experts who want to make it possible for YOU to launch your own online business with the lowest expenses possible. Watch this video to learn how you can do it. We don’t simply develop the tiknical solutions that help you launch fully functioning dropshipping stores. We also treat you with various marketing tips and other industry secrets we’ve learned through our own experience, And today we’re excited to share one of these secrets - an exclusive selection of winning product categories that will help your business succeed this year and beyond. Clothing and accessories are a common choice for eCommerce entrepreneurs. The products from this market segment don’t require much special knowledge and they are in high demand. So what exactly can we recommend here? Tie-dye emerged as a fashion influencer favourite for Summer 2018, and now it’s not just a look for the catwalk but a common trend. Surfer girl T-shirts are the obvious and most accessible choice, but you can find many items on AliExpress, even tie-dye socks. Neon clothes and accessories might seem like an unexpected idea, but look at how highly requested they have become. Neon accessories and apparel were prominently featured in the latest New York Fashion Week and were immediately named the biggest fashion trend of Spring 2019.. Accessories and apparel made of shiny materials also attracted the attention of trendsetters across the globe. Shiny sequins, glitter powder and sparkly rhinestones seem to be everywhere, from makeup products to elaborate clothing. Not surprisingly, the public demand for them is rising faster than ever. When looking for sparkling clothes and accessories, don’t forget to check out the ones made of velvet. The rich texture and luxurious shine of velvet don’t go unnotiked. Velvet elements appear in both everyday outfits and special occasion looks. Moreover, velvet is widely used for beautiful accents in interior design - which brings us to the next point. This large market segment can be divided into more specific focused product categories and niches. For example, what would you say about space themed decor? This topic has gained considerable popularity and turned into a promising business concept. Everything decorated with the images of stars, galaxies, planets and astronauts is a win. Flower patterns are another example of an interesting foundation for your product offering In 2019, large and bold floral prints are favorites of interior designers. Wallpapers, stikers, curtains and all the other interior elements are now commonly decorated with flowers. Pastel-colored decorations and accessories are a huge interior trend too. Quite interestingly, pastel colors are widely represented not only in home decor elements, but in beauty and makeup products and fashion accessories as well. It makes them a great thematik choice for an ambitious, growing business. To operate in this market segment, you should have a relevant tik education or some engineering background. Otherwise you won’t be able to select appropriate products for your store, promote them correctly and communicate effectively with your potential customers. Let’s suppose you know this area fairly well. - what do you think about selling lightweight, simple accessories for 3D printing equipment? Researches note the growth in the number of people who buy 3D printers and accessories for in-house use. You can target the individuals who build and use the machinery for personal purposes. Drone component parts are another excellent example of highly profitable tik products. One of the major drivers for the consumer drone market is the growth of the low-cost drone segment. You can benefit from it by selling drone supplies that let people either build their own drones or repair existing ones. And let’s not forget about magnetik accessories. Magnetik tiknology is commonly used in various devices and gadgets. It powers many smartphone chargers, cables, phone holders and other things we use daily. The habit of planning and taking notes is expected to be one of the 3 most important skills to master in 2019.. To employers, skills like time management are becoming as important as your professional competency. So show your buyers a variety of planners and organizers to help them manage their lives beautifully and efficiently. And, aside from taking control over their personal energy, your customers can do a lot to save energy on a global scale. Rising demand for energy has countries worldwide looking for solutions to reduce the risk of a global energy crisis. Help your clients make a difference. offer them energy-saving devices and appliances. By the way, your ecologically concerned buyers will appreciate reusable products. Eco-friendly reusable products become a new normal. they are not only socially approved, but fashionable as well. In 2018, reusable products earned the status of the hottest travel trend of the year. If you’d like to learn how to choose highly demanded items that will be easy to promote and avoid unpopular, risky or overly competitive categories, please download our niche selection guide. Also, I recommend you watch these two previous videos on our channel related to this topic. Find the links to the guide and videos down below the video. Do any of these ideas from this video match your interests and passions? Go ahead and pursue your dream. I can’t wait to see you join the global dropshipping community with your amazing store. Do you have any questions about dropshipping or AliDropship plugin? Leave them in the comments below. See you.

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[HOW TO] Find Hot Winning Products in 2019-2020 | Dropshipping Product Research Strategy

you know what would be super awesome to actually find products that are winning before they go viral. so in my last video I showed you guys five potential winning clients that you can sell right now for q4, and in this video I want to show you guys how exactly I find these products and how you can do the same. so stik around to the end and let's get right to the video. so before I go ahead and discuss the under, so before we go ahead and actually discuss the underground tiknique to find these winning products, it's important to know what the whole process is right. so if you're new here in this channel, you don't know what ecommerce and drop shipping is. basically, it's an online store where you sell physical products. but in order to do that, you have to have products that people want, right price and demand, and that's why product is king. I always see the products King and other people say - so the first thing you want to do is define a product that people want to buy, and the best way to do that is to have probably source software's or using own tikniques to find a link product. you have to have a pride that people want in order for you to go ahead and mix them, which is going to be step 2: building on the store for this partikular product. so what I'm trying to experiment with more is to create a niche store or a one-part storage center around that one product. ok, ultimately you want to have a new store or one product store, because the branding potential as well as that- just higher conversion rates and more targeted traffic- I do recommend general stores to begin, but ultimately you want to have a niche or one product store. ok. step 3: after you create the ad and you found the product, you're going to create the ads on Facebook or Google, okay, depending on what kind of a platform you want to use. now I actually have in my- in the video description I'm in my channel- several Facebook activities specifically for dropshipping. make sure you check that out in my channel or I'll link a few down below and you can check that one out afterwards. okay, so now we're gonna tok about the software. how do you actually find these partikular products? so this is going to be a software called chomp inspect. what's great is that I've hooked you up with a 50% discount code as well as a free trial, so I don't worry, you can try all for free and I'm going to be hooking you up with a 50% discount code down below and all I have to do is sign up down below in the link and then be sign-in and good to go. so we're not in the current dashboard of shop inspect. so I'm just gonna show you pretty briefly kind of what everything is, what the features are and what you can do with basically the software, right? so this is gonna be the main page. when you log in, it says my name, this is my account, so how it works. there's a dropshipping University part right here where there's actually free training about how to use the software and what it includes and things like that. so if you're not sure how to use that, how to use this software, you can actually go into the dropshipping University and then let's go down and then these are going to be the feature. so watching products of. obviously it's going to be just a bunch of products that you can kind of scrape through and find I see what you like and see what selling premium video products is basically parts of premium videos. basically these are videos that are more high quality and more well-made. they do quite. they do cost a bit of money. so I would recommend, definitely if you find something that's a winner or something that works for you, you might, might be, you know- better off looking into. you know these premium video products or you know you can take videos yourself as well, right? so then later on we have Shopify product research, Forex search. so if your products to dig deep or search by shocked to see whatever people are selling, Shopify shop search, I can actually see the best selling chocolate pie stores, how they actually structure their store, what kind of features they have and you know what. do you want to mimic their store or style or not? no, okay, so benchmark your Shopify store. there's actually Topshop buy stores that you can check out. they scrape data from the best websites and Shopify- look at the top on your website- and also the fastest growing Shopify stores- pretty self-explanatory, right. and then we have shipped trending Shopify stores, the fastest growing e-commerce website. so, starting from no visitors or, for example, all the way to like hundred thousand visitors in one month, so you get to see like basically a bunch of stores that have been growing in popularity and just exponentially. so take an idea kind of what they're doing and how you can kind of mimic their style, I guess. so here, the first section here is going to be hot training products, which is pretty something bad. sorry, it's just a lift of products that you can check out. so, blackhead remover- there's actually a bunch of product that you've probably seen before, so the fishing rod may be something similar- storage bag, blackhead remover- so you can see ranges from low tiket item all the way to, like, medium tiket and sometimes even high taking. so if you're interested in one product, all you have to do is just go into that specific product. so let's say, switch stikers, for example this cat stiker- it's going to show you a bunch of information. so the growth here: 8100. so it was less than 10 years last month and then we just drew in popularity this month. so that's when you know it's actually starting to be on the rise and like on the verge of being a winning product. so that's what Shepherds inspect does, right. so it's great at Express, basically, and find the products that have a lot of potential and they give it to you before he goes viral. okay, before we go ahead with the video, make sure you smash that like button, subscribe- you're having it ready- and comment down to a brand fan to enter our daily giveaway for each video. so when you scroll down you can actually see you can get a free video. so I have to do is just click on get a free video and then you got Julie's search up. you know, actually enter the kind of information yourself, so all the benefits and all stuff. you get it and then you click on enter and then you'll populate the video. we're gonna do that later on, but let's just tok about everything else first. so you can see here: a total cost: 11 cents. they cost 11 cents to source the product. the factory price: same recommending 7 prize you can sell for, like you know, eight bucks, seven bucks, whatever. you don't really have to follow this, especially since your product prop is one dollar. and what makes sense, right. so they also give you some suggested interest for targeting. so Home Depot products, home improvement, interior design- these are some good ideas and you can actually go off of these ones once they actually work out in facebook ads and then you have something kind of word clock, right. so this is basically. it gives you a taste of the most related keywords. the bigger the words, the higher the search volume. so you guys flea type these into a Facebook, search for the targeting and see what kind of things pop out. then you can actually mimic, basically use these keywords for your targeting as well. and then we have customer demographic. so it shows you the percentage of people who are male or female for this partikular product, so not only that ball. so you can see the age 18 to 24, 25 to 34, 35 to 44 and stuff like that, and you can see here that most people who are wanting to buy this item is actually age 25 to 34. and that makes sense because you know when you're, when you're, when you actually considering home decor, chances are you already have some kind of house or you want to decorate your house, or you know you might have just moved into your apartment. so it would make sense to kind of look into some home decorations just to make it look a little more tax. you know, anyone who is below 24 usually are living with their parents or they might not have the f.

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INSANE Product Research Method 2019 | Best Selling Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping Products

the newest product research method for Shopify drop shipping has been unveiled. [Music] your what is up, everyone. welcome back to another Shopify video. I'm Cherie connoisseur and today we're going to be toking about product research. I notiked that I've been making videos on Facebook ads- Google Ads even dropped a case study- but the real piece of information which is really important for your Shopify journey, which I believe was missing, was a new product research method for 2019. I had uploaded two videos prior to this on product research, but those, I feel like, are still in working order. but there is a brand new method for product research which I'm going to be revealing in this video which, if you combined with the other two product research methods, can make you a killing with Shopify. but Before we jump into that, if this is the first time you're watching one of my Shopify videos, hold on for a second. there's a big thing you haven't done yet, and that is you haven't subscribed. pause this video for two seconds that. smash that subscribe button down below. a lot of new updates are going to be coming to this channel. the first one is I'm going to be revealing my face very soon, because I believe that is the best way that I can really connect with you and gain your trust, because, trust me, my real motive is to help you, but I can't really help you in any way if you don't trust me. and I believe showing my face on the screen will illuminate that gap that is between you and me and really help me connect with you more. and another thing that this will help me do is build my own personal brand. so this is a really big step I'm going to be taking and start showing myself more in my videos. but now that we've got that aside, let's jump right into this video, alright, guys? so I have a Google Doc opened up here and I wanted to really quickly reveal the old product research methods that I would always recommend you guys use, and the first one was Facebook feeds. this is still one of the most valuable product research methods that you can currently use to get Shopify products, mainly because you're directly spying other dropshipping stores. they're investing in Facebook Ads for you. think of it like that. all you're doing is just figuring out the data and trying to make a somewhat of an educated guess as to whether or not the product is worth testing. but this is really putting you out in front of everybody else, because everybody else is investing while you're basically looking at the data they have got in to make your own decision. so Facebook feed is still the number one product research method that I recommend. if you don't know what I'm toking about, the link should have popped up to my previous product research method video. do check that out after this one. but the second product research message that I still recommend for you guys is Aliexpress. now I don't really mean sorting by bestsellers, because I personally believe that is an outdated strategy and there is a much better strategy to use Aliexpress. this strategy that I'm going to be showing you in this video is also related to Aliexpress, but the one that I'm referring to is directly available in my Facebook Ads course, which is currently available at a discounted price, and it is going to be increased very, very soon. so the link is in the description if you want to learn more about what I'm referring to when it comes to Aliexpress. but the general idea for product research with Aliexpress is trying to find innovating and quirky products, which have a lot of orders in the recent days. but these were the two previous methods that I would always recommend and still do recommend, but the third one that you're going to see today is related to Aliexpress. so let's go ahead and go over to Alex Bruce calm, and in order to use this method, you first of all going to need a Aliexpress account and, in addition, you're going to need at least a few orders on your Aliexpress account, because I tried this with opening a brand new Aliexpress account and I was not able to do this. but when you're on Aliexpress, the first thing that you want to do is go in and cover over the right side and from there, when this window pops up, you want to go ahead and click on my Aliexpress. we're going to be taken to this page with this pop-up. you want to go ahead and click on I agree and press ok, and you don't have to fill all of this information out, just X out of it, because the main thing that we're going to be doing when it comes to Aliexpress is something that is on this page. so when you go on your Aliexpress account- and you should have a few orders again, by the way- you'll see this little pop-up bar which says: want to boost your drop shipping business? click here. we want to go ahead and click on that, because that is now something called a booster program, which Aliexpress itself I started to offer drop shippers like you and me. so what this, Oh Graham, does- and I'll show you more when we get on the real screen- but go ahead and click on agree and go in and click on submit. now we'll be taken to this page. this is the main dashboard for Alli Express's new dropshipping Center, and this is a really new thing that Alex Prez just recently came up with. I don't think any Shopify guru out there is even toking about this on YouTube when it comes to product research, which is why, again, you should like this video and subscribe if you haven't already, because you're always updated with the newest. tikniques are going back to this video. if we scroll down, we can see a bunch of different products that Aliexpress is currently recommending, and if we look at the bar, it says hot DS items, meaning hot dropshipping items. this is exactly what we were looking for. drop shipping has become so common on Aliexpress that even Aliexpress has opened this new drop shipping center, which literally gives you direct contact to the hottest drop shipping items along with the most trusted suppliers, and also the best part about this is that you can do product analysis when it comes to drop shipping items. all you have to do is simply enter the URL of a product you want to analyze and a lot of charts will open up and we'll go over this really quick. but going back to the hot drop shipping items, if we scroll down, there is a section called product category. you're not limited to the only products that you see here. you can choose between different categories and within your niche. so let's say, you were in the home and garden niche. you sell home decor items. so let's say, I want to find some new music boxes. so we would go ahead and click on music boxes and bam, there you go. all of these are currently the hottest music boxes on Aliexpress, which, I'll express itself, thinks people are drop shipping. so all you have to do again is simply click on one of the links and it will open to a specific link for the music box. and this is where the previous strategy when it comes to looking at products and Aliexpress comes into play, and this is the strategy which is covered in my Facebook Ads course. but simply go ahead and click on the orders, and you want to make sure there are a lot of orders for today's date. so, as you can see, this product doesn't have a few orders here and there, but it is not really a product that I would test, because it looks like it only has about 7 to 8 orders for just today, which is February the 5th. but the main thing we want to do right now is go ahead and copy the link, go back to the drop shipping analysis, product analysis specifically, and go ahead and paste the link over here de su what I want to show you guys. all right, so already this product analysis link gave us a lot of important data, and this kind of data is available nowhere else, which is why this newest research strategy is so good. but we can see that the logistik reliability is average, meaning the supplier that we copied the link for. let's go up and look at the supplier. alright. let's look at the feedback. as you can see, the supplier has below average feedback. so, which is why this is.

Top 5 Products to Sell on Shopify | Best Dropshipping Products July 2019

okay, guys, welcome back. so, as everyone has firmly told me, you guys want to see more videos on product research. so what I'm gonna do, guys, is I'm gonna, the start of every month, come up with five products that you can sell this month. okay, so I've gone through and done the research for you and I suggest you test some of these right now. obviously, not all of them- I'm going to fit all your brands or they're not gonna fit your specific criteria- but I've got a wide selection here of products, all the way from lower end to a bit more higher tiket. okay, so what I'm gonna cover off, guys, is what products you should sell right now as a beginner, how I found them. so obviously, I'm gonna run through the strategy why you should sell them, like what, what are the requirements, the strategy I would use to market them. because always, guys, if you find a product, you need to have a strategy and you've got to stik to that strategy in order to achieve the goals that you want, right? so if you don't, if you go into this without a strategy on a partikular product, then you're gonna actually just sit there and treat this like a casino, as I say. so make sure you make you come up with a strategy. I'm gonna show you my strategies- super simple, guys, it doesn't have to be anything overly complicated, but I'll show you so. and I'm also going to show you how to master product research today, guys, it's it's something that a lot of you struggle with, but I'm gonna show you how you can systematize this and not automate it, but turn it into a habit, right? so it takes a while to make things into a habit, and you're gonna find, as you go along and do this more often, you're gonna get better and better. and I also want to let you in on a little secret eyes: my next video- I just wanted to let you know, so my next video is gonna be how to find upsells for your products. okay, I'll go into this in a little bit more detail when I go through it yet, so stay tuned till the end, guys. so, guys, make sure you hit the thumbs up button, make sure you subscribe, hit that notification belt. stay tuned, guys. make sure you keep watching right to the end, because I'm gonna cover off all these products one by one. I'm gonna show you these step-by-step strategies I use to find these. okay, so stay tuned and I hope you enjoy this video. okay, guys, so the first product- one you've probably seen before, but one that, surprised me, still has quite a bit of search volume. okay, now how I came across this. I have seen it before in the past, but I actually found this with a product research method that I actually use quite frequently, and it's as simple as going into YouTube and going products to sell. okay, that's all you got to do. so if we open up YouTube and we just type in the search bar, rocks too. so obviously this is a little bit more manual, guys, but it's all about coming out of ideas. there's no one way to find products right now. what I would do is jump into one of these. listen to the video, go through the video and you're gonna come up with ideas. if that ice specific idea isn't the one that you come up with, if the products you see in here aren't, then it's going to give you inspiration right to find other ones. once you get that inspiration, you can then find five, six, 10 different products relating to it. right? so the taco stand. I found in, actually, a video that actually toks about sourcing products for Amazon, and what you're going to find is the process for finding products for Google. it's very similar Amazon. now, guys, for the specific criteria, please click the video above and watch this video. so this video, guys, is going to tell you how I select my products right, the actual criteria. this video is gonna brush over it, but the if you want the step by step criteria, watch this video right. go through here, guys. watch a bunch of these videos. yeah, try and do ones that a bit more recent. so go in, you have a look and you're gonna find loads of products just doing this right. so obviously it's a little bit, you know it's a bit more, I guess, at the top of the product research process. but if you've got no idea, this is a good starting point. so the platform I would sell them on now you're given. it's a visual product and it can be quite quirky and it you could find interests on Facebook to target is definitely worth trying on Facebook, Google as well. if you actually just go Tucker holders- now this is obviously gonna come up for Australia only. but interesting thing, guys, you know, 2,200 monthly searches- okay, quite low CPC. there's other people selling them. what you would do then do is obviously jump in Aliexpress, Jotaro holders and you're gonna find loads and loads of target holders right, they're quite cheap to buy, guys, and if you actually go on Alibaba, check before, they're even cheaper there and you're gonna be able to find people and borrow that at dropship as well. so just the starting point. and what? as I say here, my strategy for this is get better quality pictures and the guys currently doing it on Google Shopping. now, if you want to obviously select and see a different country, you're gonna need a VPN or proxy. now, from here, if you can't find better pictures, make different variations. find a slightly different variation to what everyone else is selling. okay, Sarah, ones currently selling a wide variety of different ones. right, there's wooden wah, there's plastik, there's the dinosaur ones. I suggest going through a leg stress and trying to find something slightly different. or get some amazing photography done, guys, why not? and you can have either a whole store things around- Mexican food, where you can give people recipes and ideas and come up with a blog and all sorts of stuff, or a kitchen related one. or, as you can see- you're gonna see in this video- actually goes a lot of the products I'll find our kitchen and dining using this process. all it's quite an easy niche to get into for dropshipping and this huge demand for a, because people always buying these gadget. now I know what you're gonna say. you're gonna say that this product is quite low priced. but, guys, that's why I'm saying: make different pack sizes and fight it and add on. so if you can make a pack size up, say four, five, six of these, say, call a family size one, then you're gonna do better. right now you can also go and double check this. this sells really well on Amazon. so if you use amz Scout or jungle Scout or one of those products to check these taco holders get a lot of traffic on Amazon and Amazon is a good place to check for Google Shopping products. the next product I'm not gonna recommend, guys, is a knife sharpener. now, there's actually multiple variations you can find of this, but the way I found this was I went into the Alex press drop shipping center and I clicked the kitchen and dining, because that's an area that you're gonna find loads of products to sell and it's quite easy to build a niche store around it. right, the knife sharpener. the other good thing is it's a little bit of a higher tiket product, so you do have a bit more room there to play and there's actually multiple different variations you can choose. you can then find electric knife sharpeners. you can then upsell people to different things within this. so very, very, very, very, very good product, guys. so I'll show you exactly how I found it right now. so if you log in, tell express guys and go dropship Center- I'm not sure if any of you have seen this, but you can then go product category, come into home-and-garden, go to kitchen and dining and these are. I found the knife sharpener. yeah, there's loads of different things. you can uses up cells on these guys. you can use these silicon things here. they're all kitchen related, right? another one, just like- I haven't put it on here, guys, but I saw this. this is still a great one to sell because it's it's an evergreen product, just like the knife sharpener. that's why I like these. they're evergreen. the taco holder, not really an evergreen product. I reckon you're gonna see far more fluctuations. now the platform: I would sell them on Google. you can try on Facebook.

7 HOT Dropshipping Products To Sell On Shopify In 2020 (SELL NOW!)

welcome back to another video. in today's video, I'm gonna go over seven trending products you could possibly sell in 2019 and make some money on your ecommerce store. we're going to go and look at these products and the slides and we're going to go through the trends. and then we're also going to go on Facebook and look at some advertising, some adverts on Facebook that people are running right now to promote these partikular products. right, so let's jump in, guys. nice and quick, nice and easy video today. make sure you hit this subscribe button, tap the notification about snow when I dropped my next video and leave a comment below, guys, if you have any question, the model lines next 24 hours answering every single question. so, guys, if you'd run a drop shipping store or e-commerce store and you want some products to sell, well, you're gonna have to find some, and the best thing to do- it come out has started each year- is there's always kind of trends, so the trends of seasonal and stuff, but at the start of each year, there's usually a bunch of products that just had a had a trend, or there have been trinny and they just spiked up in a bit, have a bit of a spike. so the first product we're going to be looking at, guys- and this has an absolutely massive spike right now- is crystal water bottles, and these are on Aliexpress right now, but there is not a lot of orders. I'm not sure why these are, for some reason. these are quite new to LA Express, but I have seen them on Aliexpress before, but you can see the trend down here and then there's a massive boost at the end here. now these are actually selling. so this video here was posted three weeks ago, guys, and it's already got 1.6 million views, and I've found other ads as well that have lots of views as well. so I like- like you know, like you might have been saying, guys, you have to use videos in 2019. as you can see, this is a very good video. go through, you know. they hold the products and stuff. you can pay people to do videos for you. you can do them yourself, but there are professional services that you can use to sell products and make videos. but the thing is, guys, if you want to get millions of millions of views and make good money, you're going to have to do videos now, because that's what's really converting on Facebook, you know, pretty much 2019 and beyond. I still use images for testing, but I always trans, translate into videos when once find the product that's working. so that's crystal water bottles, guys, and they are selling on Facebook right now and they are trending up and they have a bigger spike, although I think these people are doing like, maybe white labeling or something we have their own branded ones because there's not a big demand on Aliexpress right now. however, there could be a good thing. it could mean that there is about to be a big spike on an Express because of the popularity of these water bottles, so you might get an early on this as a drop shipping product. now, the next one, guys, is something that you probably think: why would these be selling? well, youtubers booming right now and everyone's looking for LED ring lights. we have four on this house. my girlfriend has one, I have three because I've broken - and I have one left. and that's just me. I'm just one person you know with us. well, one, one household. we have four ring lights. these are kind of like: had a bit of a trend, bit of a trend and then spike, and now they're spiking again. but these guys have a huge amount of orders on Aliexpress right now, thousands of orders. people are buying this partikular product and there are ads running right now on Facebook. once again, videos of this partikular product- and this one hazards sip- are three hundred and twenty-seven thousand views in just a month and, guys, keep in mind, this is just one ad I found. there are hundreds of ads that I saw. some of them had little views, some had a lot of views, but we know this product is selling and if you know anything about the comments and drop shipping, you know to model other people instead of starting from scratch and trying to reinvent the wheel. so the second product that guys is going to be the LED ring light. this is very popular right now and YouTube is becoming a massive platform for people to start using, get popular and stuff, and 99% of them are using ring lights, whether it be an iPhone ring light or a bigger ring light. we have the big ring lights and we also have some iPhone ring lights as well and people are buying them. okay now, and that's got, you know, trending up and it's got a bit of a spike at the moment. number three, guys is portable blenders. this has a big spike right now and I went on Facebook. there are ads absolutely everywhere these are selling. these are hot right now, really really hot. back in 2017, guys, I was selling those solar power phone charges or was like the hottest top are the hottest product back then. these are kind of like the same thing right now. they are the hottest product right now in 2019. portable blenders: they're selling on Aliexpress plenty of them. they are trending up and once again, there are ads for these partikular products. they've got a minor notifications: open licious. get rid of those real quick. okay, I've got rid of those guys. now, these portable, these portable blenders- this is actually a branded store. these guys are probably not drop shipping. they could be, but I don't know. but they, these are the portable blenders guys. go on Facebook, see what kind of ads they're doing up once again, video ads- and you can go and see. you know how they're doing it. now get this guy's. this video has 24 million- yes, 24 million- views. okay, no one spends that kind of money on ads unless they're making money. okay, it can cost hundreds. there's been hundreds and thousands of dollars on this partikular ad alone, not including any other edge that they're running. guys, so that guy's is a portable blender. I probably should have put this at number two or even number one because it is a really hot product for 2019: portable blenders. okay, the next one, guys, is back posture characters. I actually have one of these myself because I have a bad back. these are booming right now. orders on our Express at 18 is that 18 189 or 18,000 guys? and we have a massive trend as well and, once again, if you go onto Facebook, we have some videos here now. I couldn't find a lot of videos with massive views on this partikular product- this one here two weeks ago, 26,000 views, and it was kind of like what I was finding. however, that doesn't mean you can't sell these on Facebook. it could mean that maybe the train is about to start on Facebook or you know, you come, I go to get in early, who knows? but these are selling on Facebook, but there just isn't that big viewership like viewcount, like the other products, like the blender and stuff like that. however, you could possibly give this a go guys back posture thing at correcta. right, I'm not going to go over this product too much because it's kind of self-explanatory and it does have a big spike right now in his trending. so this is a product you could post. they go on tests and make some money. now, number five guys: this has been popular for a long time. this isn't really having a message spike right now. it's. it's kind of had a big spike come down, but it is coming up again, probably for a big spike, and overall it is kind of coming up. you know, a good trend. it's coming up, coming up and it's stayed consistent and once again, lots of orders on Aliexpress and it is on Facebook right now. this one is an old ad seven months ago- 646 K views, so they spent a lot of money to get you know to make money. however, this one here, guys, is only a week old: a hundred and eight thousand views. okay, I do know that these sell very well because I have- I've never actually started before, but I do know some of my students and a couple of my friends have sold these and had very good success with these partikular products and it's kind of. it's not a really really hot product, but it's got a consistent trend up over time. so they do sell, just depend on.