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house cleaning ads examples

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

Best Marketing Tips - Ways to Promote Your Cleaning Business

[Music]. what is the best marketing tip for your cleaning business? you can ask this question five or six times a day, so we're gonna tok about this today. hi there, I'm Angela brown and this is ask a housecleaner. this is a show where you get to ask a housecleaning question and I get to help you find an answer. now today's show is brought to us by housecleaning 360 dot-com. that is a website that partners house cleaners and homeowners so that they can find each other, so it's a great way for you to find more business and a great way for homeowners to find you. there are free and paid listings, but just run go, get your business listed already so that when house cleaners and homeowners are in a process of doing business together, they can find you are at housecleaning at 360. calm alright on to today's show: best marketing tips for the cleaning business. all right now, I wish there was only one. it would be super easy if there's just one and you use it and then, poof, magically you have all the business that you need, all right? well, that doesn't exist. there are probably a hundred and one ways to market your cleaning business, and a lot of the ways that you market your cleaning business could be changing and they could be changing based on now. we're in a kovat era where marketing your business has changed. the focus of the business has changed now. when I started my business, the way people advertise their business was from flyers and yellow page ads. we don't really do yellow page ads anymore. we do banner ads and we do Facebook ads. but the rules of the game have changed a little bit. there's still postcard marketing, they're still running flyers, there is posting inside Facebook groups and neighborhood groups and things like next-door. there are a lot of different ways to market. but if there were 101 ways to market your business and you tried one way per week, this is my best marketing tip for you: try one way per week. it will take you two years- two years- to go through a hundred and one different ways to market your cleaning business. now if you marketed your business one way and you've stayed with that way for the duration of the two years, and the next week you add it on a different way and you kept with that for two years, and then the following week you added on a third way and you kept with that for two years, after a period of time you would be able to see I'm pulling business from this Avenue and pulling business from this Avenue, this one not so much, and you might decide you want to drop it because it's not generating a lot of revenue for you. but you're gonna be able to figure out which ways are best for your business. now, the reason there's not one care fits all is because markets are different. there are markets in my area where you can still run flyers. there are still newspaper boxes, people still respond to them and it's still a great way to do business. there are other markets where they have no newspaper tubes and they have no soliciting, and you're not allowed to run flyers in those areas. so that may not be the best way for you. right, there are different nuances in different areas. there are areas where all of the homes are apartment complexes or high-rise buildings because of the geographical complexities, where they don't have sprawling homes like they do in, you know, spread across the rest of America, for example. so there are different markets and there are different ways of marketing. there are still things like Facebook ads work pretty well across the board for the sheer fact that it has an algorithm that knows these people are looking for these things. so I want you to really be aware of the fact that one way is not necessarily gonna trigger a sell today, but it's gonna take a period of time. now, an average customer that hires us for bi-weekly service is going to pay anywhere between thirty six to fifty six hundred dollars a year for bi-weekly cleaning. okay, so when is the last time that you end out and you you made a $5,600 buying decision on one ad? it probably never happened. you probably saw ads online. you probably were thinking about it for a while. maybe you saw a billboard, maybe you heard something on the radio. maybe you were toking to some neighbors, maybe someone gave you a referral, maybe there were all these different pieces that then made you make a good buying decision that you it was worth spending fifty six hundred dollars to you hire someone to come in and clean your home, right. so you want to realize the fact that one marketing approach is not necessarily going to garner a lifetime customer. it might, but it's unlikely. it's going to be a series of different approaches, but if you try one different approach every single week, what happens is your name gets out and then your customers- the people that can hire you- start seeing you online. they see you in the Facebook groups, they see you doing Facebook ads, they see you running flyers- all these different things- until finally they say: you know what? I'm ready, I'm ready to hire somebody to come into my home and I keep hearing about this company. they've got a blog, they've got a newsletter, they've got an email marketing campaign. they seem like they really have their act put together and, you know, I think it might be a good company to go if they seem to be an authority in the marketplace and because they keep seeing you everywhere. it builds confidence in them that you are going to be around for awhile. and so my biggest marketing tip is: don't just try something. once I had somebody really angry at me because I'm a big fan of flyers and they ran flyers once. they ran 200 flyers once, and then they didn't get any business and they were all upset with me. okay, it's gonna take more than that, I promise. okay, you don't build a reputation on 200 flyers and still nobody's heard of you, right? and if you have no business and they start calling their friends and say, hey, I got a flyer, do you know about this company? everybody's gonna say no, I never heard of them. so it takes time and time and time and time again, which is why I recommend creating a program where you have a different series of approaches that you consistently do over a period of time. now, now that we've said that, I want to go to one more step. your marketing never ends. oh, I know you thought it was done. once you're cut, your calendar is full right. the marketing never ends. and here's why you want to keep marketing, year after year after year, because it builds that ongoing credibility with a whole bunch of new people that haven't hired you yet. because your business will be a revolving door where you have people that drop off and new people that come in, and the new people that come in might be on the sidelines watching year after year after year, until finally they're ready to hire you and they say, oh, I've seen this company, they've been around forever, they're everywhere. right now they're ready to hire you. but you look at some of the major companies that are out there. even though they are household names, they are still advertising year after year after year to future generations. right, they still want the business for future generations. that's how companies stay in business for hundreds of years, is? they keep advertising over and over and over. so if you are running a business and if you are looking for the best marketing tip, it is to create a program and then stik with it and as you experiment and as you give it plenty of time to run its course, you're gonna be able to see which ads or which avenues pull the most business. and if there are some that are costing you a lot of money and you're not getting very much return on your investment, then it's okay to drop that off your your list. but you want to just keep reinventing the marketing process and get it automated so that you have all of your ads are running at a certain time, over and over and over and over again, and that is the way to success, all righty. so that's a little bit about marketing and about the longevity of the marketing plan. for the longevity.

Facebook Advertising for House Cleaners! - Facebook Lead Ad for Beginners

hey, what is going on everybody? so in this power-packed video, I'm going to teach you how to create a lead generation campaign to advertise your house cleaning business. and now, this is under the assumption that you already have a business page created on Facebook for your business. if you have a personal page, you need to change that right away, but I'm not gonna explain in this video how to do that. I'm just going to assume that you already have a business page created. so if that applies to you, what you're gonna do next is click this drop down arrow, go over here where it says manage ads, or it might say create ads for you. you're gonna want to click that and it's gonna bring you to the scary looking interface. don't worry about this, I'll explain everything in a minute. but what's your here? you're just gonna click this create button over here and now, when you're creating your campaign, Facebook breaks up everything into three levels. so, as you can see, the first one over here is campaign, the second one is ad set and then the third one is ad, so what people actually see when they're scrolling on Facebook. so we're starting at the campaign level and now you have what's called different marketing objectives, so, for example, brand awareness- pretty self-explanatory reach traffic. this is basically, you know, let's shove this ad into as many eyeballs as we can. something like engagement would be if you're trying to get people to interact with your ads specifically. so, for example, you might have an offer: hey, Houston, Texas, we're offering three free deep cleans to the first ten people that's comment on this ad, tag three of their friends and share it. enter for your chance to win below. so that would be an example of an engagement type campaign. and based on the history of each user who's on Facebook. Facebook actually has abilities to track what people are more likely to do, so it will shum that ad to people that match that. that you know similarity, but whatever, that was a little tangent. what we're gonna do is lead generation and this is built in within Facebook's lead form, which I'll show you, making everything super convenient. so this is a really nice campaign. to choose butts campaign name: just for the sake of simplicity, you're probably just going to name it something like you're cleaning business name and then maybe lead, gem, crate, split test and campaign budget optimization. these are, these are, you know, good tactiks to use, especially split testing, which I do use for a lot of my ads, but these are more advanced tactiks and I'm not gonna really tok about them in this video, so just leave them off. it's totally cool. you could hit continue and now, as you can see, we're finished at the campaign level and now we're brought over here to the ad set level. so here's where we really start targeting who our ideal audiences, and you can name this ad set. you know audience, whatever you really want. you know lead gen prospects or something like that. so just make sure your you have the correct Facebook page set up for this, which you most likely will. now, over here, you have two options: create new audience or used a saved audience. and if you wanted to, let's say, create a new audience. what that would simply mean is, if you have a customer file of either all the website visitors you've had in the past- you know X amount of days which you would need to Facebook pixel to track all that information anyway- or if you have a customer list- let's say you have an email list on MailChimp, for example, of all of your clients and you wanted to upload all these people into the system so that you could re add ver ties to these individuals or create what's called the look-alike audience, which basically Facebook pulls all the similarities from that group of people and finds more and more like-minded individuals to advertise to, and this could actually be a quite profitable way of advertising. but, like I said, that's. that's again a little bit more advanced, so we're not gonna worry about that too much. let's just. let's just skip that for now. don't worry about that if that doesn't apply to you, but what you will want to do is go over here. so this is where the fun starts, because now you could start targeting people within a specific location, and for you you're just gonna enter in wherever the addresses of where you guys work out of. I just made up that address and now you can select the radius of how many miles within a radius you guys are willing to accept working. so let's, it's 25 miles. and another thing you guys can do is enter in specific counties that you guys accept work in. so let's say, let's just enter in, let's do Westchester County, and then maybe Fairfield County. so this is just a really good way to expand your targeted reach. and now, right now, we're under the assumption that we're gonna be running a daily budget of $20 for this campaign. so what Facebook does is it says okay for, for within a specific geographical location that you selected, there's about 1.8 million people- not too shabby, but an estimated reach within this $20 a day. we can expect somewhere around 369 to, one point, one thousand people to see this ad within one day. so that's a pretty good result. and the reason why- sorry, let me scroll back in so I'm gonna tok about why- the reason why you actually want to start at a lower ad budget, something like $5 or $10 a day- is really important. or for now, let's just finish the targeting. so for the next, for the age range, gender, maybe, detail targeting based on interest. what I want you guys to do is think about all of your past clients. do they tend to be within a specific age range? you know, are most of them, you know, over the age of 35? do they tend to be, you know, mostly male or female? are 70% of your clientele females? are they pretty split 50-50? do they tend to be pet owners? you know, the reason why I want you guys to ask these questions- and actually it's helpful if you write it down in notes over here- is because this is what's gonna help you with your detail targeting. you know you guys don't want to burn through your money and show this ad to people that won't, you know, convert, because that's just like I said, it's gonna burn through your money if you're showing this ad to a bunch of 18 year olds yet you've never had an 18 year olds client in your life. so select all of them that apply, obviously. all right, sorry about that, I had to charge my computer really quick, so you're gonna select the specific age range that applies to your past clients. all, like I said, maybe it tends to be heavily leaned on one gender versus the other. if not, though, just keep it out. and the detail targeting. you know this would apply more if you live within a really specific, like, let's say, densely populated city where you just have so many prospects that you really want to narrow down, and let's say you're in, like Manhattan, for example, and most of your clients tend to be pet owners, then you could actually target those people specifically and, you know, include other interests maybe. but you know, when in doubt, just leave this blank. this is only just to refine your audience. super well, if you want to make sure that you get the most qualified prospects as possible. so that's pretty much that you can save this audience. name it, you know, whatever you'd like. and then next is placements. so this is where Facebook's gonna show to place your ad and it gives you the automatik. automatik placements is what it pre-fills, but I want you guys to actually click Edit placements, because Facebook, the automatik placements is, it has you basically shown everywhere on the platform, and Facebook does this because I wants you to spend a lot of money within their platform right away, and this is not what you want to do. what you want to do is keep it basically just on the feeds. so Facebook newsfeed, Instagram feed: I would only recommend if you actually have an Instagram, otherwise I would uncheck that Facebook marketplace. this is interesting, so there's actually been some recent studies that show that. excuse me when.

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Sample Cleaning Service Advertisement

this a quick video and blog on a sample cleaning service advertisement, and we're going to use pets as the promotion. now, this is geared towards residential cleaning services, so this would apply to a carpet cleaner, carpet cleaning service, Kyle and grout cleaning, even stone refinishing, or a maid service- some of these. this flyer is geared more towards carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning, so you might have to change a couple of things here. they're for far to apply to a maid service or any kind of like refinishing- stone refinishing- but it is geared for cleaning service inside a home. now, to start off, we are going to focus on the flyer itself and before I even get into the flyer, first let me explain. what we're trying to do here is we're going to create this advertising piece of this flyer about a pet contest, and what we want to do is we want to drive people to a Facebook page and once they get to a Facebook page, they can post a picture of their pet and whoever gets the most likes wins a prize. that's the concept, and what we're trying to do is use a multi-channel approach to marketing, where we can have a print flyer that then sends people to Facebook to do likes and shares, and also, we can go to retail locations like a vet or a pet grooming, any, maybe even a pet supply store, and ask them if we can put this on the counter top and your waiting, your ring, and in return we'll buy gift certificates and hand them out to customers that that's going to be the grand prize. so what we're going to start with is the flyer itself, the advertisement itself, and in this design we wanted the pet to be the star. that that's the headline is is your precious a star. and that's why we made the picture so big- is almost half the page is we want them to know that their pet is two star, and that's the whole purpose of this- is that that their favorite dog, cat, turtle, whatever is the star. and we showed a picture of a puppy getting their hair done with some curlers and blow dryer- call everything that you would see at a hairdresser- and put the puppy in the middle of the star, because we want this to be all about that: that people love their pets and they love the show pictures or the pets. so that's why we made this so large and made that the headline tie into this is your precious a star, and then we use the star with a picture of a pet getting their hair done. so the the sub headline then is went up to $200, and that grooming and carpet when you gift certificates. now here is where we're going to try to tie in these different, these different channels is we're going to have a grand prize and will contribute maybe a hundred dollars in carpet cleaning service gift certificates, but I would also include a hundred dollars and gift certificates from whatever that pet supply store that they use, because then we can go to those stores and by gift certificates, which is going to create a referral relationship. even if we don't take flyers to the stores, just the fact that that's showing up one day and having ten gift certificates to buy, um, that is going to create a relationship and that that's just going to get the ball rolling. so so that's why we're trying to tie this all in together. everybody benefits. so the first part, or that's the first part, then onedrive: people a Facebook. people love Facebook. they go on there all the time. they love to show pictures of their pets. funny cat videos is one of the biggest things going on on Facebook. so that's why this is a great contest. so we give in this gold bar. we give instructions. here's how is: go to our Facebook page and we give them some instructions. like the page, post your favorite pet pictures and at the end of the month, whoever has the most likes wins the grand prize. now that that's simple, and I think that's the best way to do. it is simple. we make things too complicated, they have to do too many things. that creates friction and people won't do it. we want as many people as possible in a contest like this, so that's why we want to keep it simple. left bottom corner of the flier, we have another promotion going on and growing. you have one grand prize, although this is up to you. you could have sub prizes too, but we just did an either or you know, grand prize and then another prize. everybody wins. and with everybody wins, we're going to give everybody who hires our service if they enter the contest. like our page, post a picture of their pet. everybody that does that will receive a $25 gift certificate from their favorite that pack when we ret cetera, if they buy our service. now, if you're a carpet cleaning company, you'll have to make sure that your minimum is big enough to survive $25, so that that's something to think about if your minimum of $75 and you're giving away 25 right off the bat and might not work out too well, although with pet treatments- and they do that, pets in this case- I think you could probably upsell and be fine with it, but I would. that's just something to think about is, whatever gift certificate you're going to give, just remember right off the bat you're giving up $25, so make sure your minimum is enough to survive it. now, with tile cleaning, air duct cleaning, stone, those tikets are big enough to where twenty-five dollars would be fine. you won't even have to think about it. well, the last part in the right bottom corner is: we want to let them know, we want to tie this all in- we specialize in pets. we- and in this case it's carpet cleaning- we want them to know that we specialize in removable pet odors, hair stains and a general freshening up on their home. because if there's one thing that I do know is people can become offended almost if if you imply that their pet has accidents- although we all know pets have accidents, nobody wants to admit that in. we don't even want to imply it because people can get defensive. so even using a phrase like a general freshening up of your home's carpet, that that's a subtle way, and then that's something that I think would slide with most people. and then the last headline is only pet friendly cleaning solutions, and this is something that's important. most pets are part of someone's family. they consider them their kids owners, and they will take a great offense to it. so that's why you really want to plant that seed and let people know you only use pet friendly cleaning solutions. you're kind of implying, then, that everybody does, although you're not saying it outright, you're not toking bad about your competitors, you're just implying it that well, we only use pet friendly cleaning solutions, and that's kind of why you're saying that. and then we gave some evidence wide. you know pets a stronger sense of smell than people do, and they can be aggravated if certain detergents are too strong. so that's why we want to let them know we care, we focus on pets, we love them, and that's the whole purpose of this contest. so this is the first part. this is a print flier, and I know the next question is okay. so how do I get the word out? in some of the ways you can do, that is, you can hand out this flyer to all your customers. so, for instance, every time every job you do for an online automated that has a pad, or you can ask if they have any friends that have patched anyways. maybe their, their mother does or their daughter does. so even if they don't have a pad, you might just want to ask anyways and show them the flyer, let them know you're having this contest and grand prize is 200 bucks or whatever you decide. but some of the other ways are: you could do a eddm direct mail route and send a flyer out as a cold mailing, but you could also mail this out to your current customer base and some kind of rotation couple times a year to get things moving along. another way will be going to the vets in your area and retailers that sell pet related products and asking them if you can place it on your countertop or waiting room in. in return that you will like if certificates from that and anybody that comes from their business. you buy a gift certificate form if they hire your service, of course. so I thin.

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Why Should You Run GOOGLE ADS For Your Cleaning Business? Let Me Explain Everything...

if you own a business that cleans houses, carpets, uh, air ducts or even oriental rugs- and you've always wondered: should i try google ads for my cleaning business, then stik around and watch the rest of today's video, because i'm gonna try to help you answer that question for yourself. i'm ruben with search party marketing and we help carpet cleaners and, yes, other types of cleaning businesses win more customers. so let's go ahead and start with the basics, starting with what is google ads? so back in the day, people used to use the yellow pages, right, the phone book, to try to find a carpet cleaner. i got a copy of the yellow pages around here somewhere. it's been out of print for a while in most areas. so what do people do when they need to find a service business like, let's say, you need to hire a painter for your house, a mover, someone to clean your pool, someone to clean your carpets, a new maid service, anything like that. what do you do? obviously, right, you pick up your phone, you google it. that's what most people do. or, if they're sitting in front of their laptop or their computer at work, they'll pull up a new tab on chrome and they'll go to google and they'll search for something right. so people are not using the phone book anymore to find a service business. a cleaning business usually is going to get found on google, and that's why if your cleaning business is not getting found on google, then you're probably not making a lot of money right now. so let's try to fix that by answering the question for you: should you be running ads on google for your cleaning business? knowing that these days, people are searching on google and they're not using the phone book to find cleaners, it makes sense that you would want to show up at the top of google search results when somebody's searching for a house cleaner in your area. so i'm in seattle right now. if i wanted to find a house cleaner in my area, i might go to google and type in something like house cleaner seattle and what you're going to find is a bunch of results on the first page of google. you're going to see star ratings: google guaranteed serve seattle- open now, great. all these companies are open right now. there's 50 plus house cleaners nearby. there's 50 different companies nearby that are willing to clean my house. that's amazing, all right, great. now down here, what do we got? we got some ads, okay, great. so if you're watching this video and you're thinking about running google ads for your carpet cleaning business or your house cleaning business or your rug cleaning business or whatever kind of cleaning business you have, then you're probably thinking about running these ads up here at the top right. you've either seen these ones with the star ratings, let's say google guaranteed- by the way, that's called local service ads- google local service ads- or you've seen these other ones that say: add next to them, and these are your more traditional google ads. if you've heard of google ads or google adwords, that's what these ads are powered by. they're powered by the google ads program. so if you were a cleaning business in seattle and you wanted to get as many new customers as possible, your number one goal really should be to show up somewhere up here on the top of google right. and, as you can see before i start to scroll down here, these are all ads, right? this is an ad. that's an ad. that's an ad. this is an ad, that's an ad, that's an ad. then, finally, here tha house cleaning services seattle shout out to you guys: this is the first company that shows up here organically, meaning they didn't have to pay for it. this is business profile listing that google's showing us for free, because google believes that this is a great search result to show to somebody in the seattle area who's looking for a house cleaning business. they've got 51 reviews, 4.6 stars. they're open right now. they've been in business for 10 years. i could click to see their website or get directions if i wanted to go there for some reason, and then you can see a couple other cleaning businesses here too. so this is the maps section, or the google maps pack. google business profile is where you're going to want to go if you want to show up in this area. and then, scrolling down further, we've got yelp- the 10 best house cleaning services in seattle. we've got molly made. finally, we've got a local cleaning business. molly maid is a franchise, of course. angie- this is the angie's list. green cleaning, seattle- here we go. here's a local, a local cleaner: seattle. green cleaning ferry. uh, 21 best seattle house cleaners. these are all organic listings, right, and then down here at the bottom you can see there's even more ads. sixty dollars for a two hour regular cleaning. ninety dollars for a three hour deep clean. that's from spruce clean. so that's an ad from a company here at parkland, washington. there's another ad right beneath that for first two hour cleaning only nine dollars, scheduled instantly online. so you can see there's a lot of ads on this page. there's also some related searches, some other things you could click on. if you didn't find what you were looking for on this page, you could go to page two. but i'll tell you what most people don't- something like 90 plus percent of people- never, ever, click next and go to the next page. so your main goal, if you're a house cleaner in seattle, would be to show up right here on the first page of google, preferably at the top. and, as you can see, if you're not running ads, then you're probably not going to show up at the top. so let's do a couple more searches and we'll see what else we find on on google here. so we look for house cleaner. let's use a different example. i always use carpet cleaners, but let's, let's look for a carpet cleaner in? um, let's do phoenix, arizona, right? um, so carpet cleaner in phoenix, let's see what pulls up here: 50 plus carpet cleaners in phoenix. wow, wharton, carpet cleaning, oxy, fresh, steamy concepts- i recognize some of these names. um, they're running google local service ads. again, these are the google guaranteed, the ones that say google guaranteed. those are google local services ads. you can go search for google local service ads. if you want to get into this program, you're going to have to apply and show some of your business registration information and your insurance documentation if you want to get these ads running. but if you want to get phone calls running coming to your business quickly, this is probably the best way to do it. as you can see, if i were to click on one of these ads- google really wants you to click this phone number- and if i were doing this on a mobile phone instead of on my desktop computer- right, most people are searching on a mobile phone when they see these ads at the top here, they click and they call your cleaning business right away. so if you want to get phone calls coming in, google local service ads are probably the quickest way for you to get phone calls coming into your cleaning business and you'll pay per call. you'll tell google how much you are, how much you're willing to pay per phone call that you get to your business. you can also get messages. now that's probably the quickest way for you to start running ads on google is with local service ads, and the great thing about local service ads is you really don't need to hire somebody to do it for you. you could hire somebody to do it for you, but it's really meant to be a self-serve platform, meaning the business owner, you can go sign up for it, tell google about your business, provide your insurance documentation, your business registration information- might they might provide that as well, um, and then google will approve you for this and you can set a budget and tell google: send me some. send me some phone calls. okay, so that's how that program works. if you want to get started quickly, that's what i recommend that you do. now, down here again, you're gonna see google ads. this is the standard google ads program and really this is what i specialize in. i help a lot of cleaning businesses run ads on google um b.

Setup Google Adwords for residential cleaning services. Keywords for house cleaning & maid services.

today I'm going over running search ads for um- house cleaning companies, made services um and residential cleaning companies. what normally happens um when someone goes to Google and searches for a product, for a service, they generally see an ad, and so we'll type in house cleaning service, foreign ads, right? you see handy. you see some local company. you see Thumbtack- again, you see a local company. these are all search ads, um, and this video will show you how to set up search ads and I'll give you some details on what exactly you're setting up and um explain a little tips and tricks on the success we've had with running ads for different companies. we've run hundreds of thousands of dollars of ads for multiple Industries um, and in this video I'm sharing the details on residential cleaning um. so, as you can see, handy and thumbtack are Big Spenders um on Google um and when you get to handy, you see an experience like this where you select beds, baths, Etc. you get a price and you're able to check out online and book a cleaner online. a similar process on Thumbtack. Thumbtack does not give you pricing immediately, but it takes all your information and then matches you with a cleaner um. so we've seen these type of booking forms exist online for a really long time and, um, what base Valley does is bring this type of booking form ability to any small business. so we, um we provide websites that are optimized for certain industries, like this website is optimized for house cleaning or residential cleaners. and then there's booking forms that make you, uh, make your clients or your prospects um able to book a cleaning really quickly online, kind of making a Amazon like experience or a handy like experience, right, um, and really, what uh, the largest benefit um service businesses get from having a form like this is this recurring business, right, every week, every two weeks, every month. once you start getting somebody that has that is a recurring, recurring client, um, then you just have recurring business that they don't have to check out multiple times. they just set it and forget it until they cancel their service, either because they're moving or for some other reason. but the point being is the recurrence or the amount of times you go out. there is going to happen more than once, and then your ad dollars work out because you're not looking for one-time cleaners. one-time cleaners or one-time cleanings can be profitable as well, but certainly less profitable one-time cleanings when they're deep cleanings or um move-in, move out cleanings are are oftentimes profitable, but generally, um, where, where service industries make a lot of money is in this recurring um, in recurring business for house cleaning. so what I'll show is how to set up AdWords. um, how to set up AdWords campaign. um, currently there's a promotion of 500 bucks, which is great. uh, I'll show you how to set up address campaign and how to take advantage of this promo and um get you get your ads up within like an hour. click Start now. thank you can see I have a bunch of other stuff here. ignore that. click new ad account or it might just put you straight into the flow. you might end up on a page like this: um, this is a guided experience I want you to avoid, and there's a reason I want you to avoid it. um, this is an Express AdWords account. Express AdWords account are a way that Google tries to help business owners set up quick ad campaigns. they're not super helpful if you're a professional. so avoid that way and look at it from this perspective or go into this flow instead. so there's another foil, uh, where it says: are you a professional marketer? uh, click that which puts you, puts you, into expert mode. you can go to click in account without a campaign. it's going to make life easier for all this. uh, select appropriate um billing time zone and your currency and it says congrats, you're all done. explore your account. great, so now we're in um, we're in the account, and what I'll want you to do is set up a new campaign. this is like the starting um, the start of it, essentially. so a new campaign, in what entails in it or what's in a new campaign, is essentially the option to do all this stuff. so sales leads, website. I would say: ignore all this. we're trying to drive website traffic. so we we could either click that or we can avoid this um, this guided experience, and just start setting it up ourselves. we're looking for a search campaign because what we want is to pop up in results such as risks. so when someone picks in house clean service, there are ads. right, this is handycarecom and then some small business running ads. if you want to show up in these ads here, these are called search ads and that's what I'm walking through here. so we're going to click search website visits your website. so this is where you type in your website. I'm going to use this. use the base URL of your website. so in this case, this is the website URL I'm gonna go here then here, great, uh, campaign name. make it useful for yourself. this is an example. so I'm going to call this example campaign, but in your case you probably want to call it something like um- Seattle campaign. if it was a um, a campaign for, uh, the geolocation of Seattle, early geography of Seattle. so, example campaign I'm doing called the Seattle. actually just call it Seattle campaign, yeah, or just Seattle, okay, great, uh, what do you want to focus on? clicks? it gives you option clicks, Impressions, conversions or conversion value. these are more advanced things. um, that I'm not going to go into detail here. I'm I want to focus on clicks and it says: set a maximum cost per bit click limit. yes, absolutely, set a Max, because if you don't set a Max, Google will take your money. [Music]. um running advertising in the running search ads in Pacific Northwest for house cleaning companies. we've seen um cost per click between seven and nine dollars per click for house cleaning ads. um, this maximum cost per click is up to you to determine what your business can afford or what your business can take on in terms of, uh, what the cost per click that is appropriate for you. I generally set this around between seven and nine bucks, because that's where we start seeing um traffic. I'm just gonna, as an example, I'm setting this to eight. click next um. it says search Network and Display Network. um, I'm not trying to run display ads, I'm just squarely focused on search ads. so I'm going to unclick that um. you start doing geolocations or Geo targeting. this is where a lot of newer folks mess up um and absolutely spend all their money in locations that are irrelevant to their business. so, in this location or in this section, go to location options, Target people. Target people in or regularly in your Target location- great, that's what we want. and we want to exclude people in your excluded locations- perfect, that's what we want. so, location options- we we also want to um. so we've selected the location options. then we want to enter a location um. so we're going to do here for the sake of this uh campaign is: we've toked about setting itself for Seattle, CF, Washington, Target- great, um, and you can add nearby cities as well. like, generally, that's what we do: Seattle, Washington, their uh Target exclude or nearby um. if you don't know the cities that you want to Target. you probably want to pull up a map so we can do like Seattle Maps, Seattle map, and we can. you'll know this, right, you run your own business, so you'll know what you want to Target. So currently it says Target Seattle. but maybe we want to Target Shoreline and we want to Target, um, uh say tequila. so you, you just add what you want to Target. so, uh, here, Shoreline, Target, and we'll do another one, will uh so add this city that you want to Target, um, and then you can exclude cities, right. so if you want to just Target this area but you want to exclude all the surrounding areas, you want to call out what those areas are. do generally. what I do is I look at a broader picture, so I exclude Canada, I exclude Mexico and I exclude every state around because I don't want random traffic. I.

Commercial Cleaning Advertising Examples

hello everyone, John Braun, with hitman advertising here, and I've had several emails lately where people are asking to see examples of some of the killer commercial advertising that we've been doing. so I decided to make a quick video and show you guys just a few of these things so that you can at least get some ideas as to how some of the stuff is done. so realize that if you are marketing to commercial clients, you ideally don't want to show up and be a cold prospect. now you can do it that way and it does work. but I'm just venturing to say- and I've we've proven over and over again- that if you actually proceed yourself with some very killer marketing before you show up in front of a commercial prospect, you can do two things. one, you can actually get in front of more commercial prospects than you normally could had you not preceded yourself with some killer advertising. but to even at this point, if you proceed yourself with some killer advertising, you can have them become more of a warm prospect than a cold prospect, and when you're dealing with selling, warm is always better than cold. so here we are. right now I'm actually in the get more commercial cleaning clients member page. this is a course that we actually have. that's currently going on right now and I wanted to show you guys a couple of the examples that we've got inside of this course. over here we do have some of the categories we have right now: some sales letters, post cards, brochures and videos. in the coming week or so we're gonna actually have some scripts for some commercial cleaning to be able to show you how to actually tok to on the phone and even in person some commercial prospects. that as well. we're going to be adding several more postcards and sales letters and even brochures about how to kind of warm the commercial prospect up before you come in. so here's one example that I want to show you right now. this is what I call my golden tiket letter. this is actually a letter that's sent inside of a metallic, gold envelope and this is the link right here I'll just kind of show you guys right now. but basically it's a gold, metallic envelope that you send this letter inside of and I kind of give you the rec link to where you can go and purchase that, or you can even just go to you line and purchase that there. but and then we give you the real magic. here isn't even just the envelope, it's the, it's the message inside of what is inside of that envelope. the envelope is just there to catch their attention. then we actually give them a sales letter. it's a very compelling letter that will go ahead and pull up right here and it says: this is inside of that envelope: here's your golden tiket to get always clean carpet and floors. it's yours- no obligation, no hassle. congratulations, here's your golden tiket. then we go on to say why you sent the golden tiket. we go in to give some great examples and some- I'm sorry, some benefits of what you do that's better than what other cleaning companies do. of course, we want to always include some testimonials. I always recommend that you do that. then we give them a killer offer at the very end and then we reiterate the offer with the PS, the variant, and then, as part of the course, you actually get this word document to be able to use in your very own bin, since when you're sending out these type of letters and we also, of course, instead, what would a golden tiket, letter B, without a golden tiket? so we actually include a golden tiket and let me see if I can pull that up, okay. so here's the golden tiket. you actually get the microsoft word template for this as well, where you can pop in, pull this logo off and just pop in your own logo and change your own information here very easily. but this is a golden tiket. in this case the offer can be and the golden tiket can be for whatever you want it to be. but in this case we give you some examples. we also give you a list of other great examples to use for offers, for commercial prospects. then this example: it's fifty dollars of free carpet or floor cleaning. it could be main service, if you want. it could be two hundred square feet of carpet cleaning. it could be 500 square feet of carpet cleaning. it can be whatever you want it to be. but this is just sort of the example that we give you this totally changeable. all you need to do is just like with any word document put in here and change whatever you want to change that to. so this is the golden tiket letter. we're actually going to be doing with several these letters to. we do follow up post cards. we're actually going to be creating a follow-up post card for this golden tiket letter as well, which is something that you want to send a little while after the letter goes out, here's another offer. this is for schools, and especially this time of year is a great time to send something like this out. we would actually send this in a some type of a see-through envelope, ideally, and it's a letter that goes out to schools to convince them that again, you are the cleaning company that they need to hire. and here's this letter right here, in telling them it's back to school time and, you know, giving them basically a free offer, a free, fast, free estimate, and letting them know of the urgency that schools about to start and we're here and we're ready to deliver cleaning for you. and along with that letter there's also we include a postcard to be able to send sometime between seven and ten days after the letter goes out. and here's an example of one of those postcards: you actually get the publisher document in the my and the photoshop PSD, which you can use either or of those that you want. if you have publishers, and that's great, you don't need photoshop. but if you prefer photoshop elements, which i tend to recommend a little bit more anyway- then you can also use photoshop or photoshop elements for the postcards, for very professional-looking postcard, and then to let's see here some the other. of course we do have another letter, a stress-free sales letter, showing them how will eliminate their stress. and of course we have the letter that sends out with a very special little stress squishy kind of a- what do they call them- little stress squeezing things. and then as well we have a postcard that follows that up that you're going to want to send seven to ten days after the actual postcard goes out. and again this is the sort of the thumbnail example of that partikular post card that goes out after. and you know, with this again you get all the templates for all of this. and then so as well. also we have postcards that are postcards to follow up, and usually I recommend, especially for a sales letter campaign- the postcards are there to follow up sales letters. we give you all the templates for all the sales letters and word, all the templates for the postcards in either Photoshop or Microsoft Publisher as well. some brochures, some killer commercial brochures, in fact, one of the brochures we've got already loaded up on here is a very, very large file. it's a 60 megabyte file with all kinds of great information about why you should be the cleaning company that they hire, and as well videos- just instructional videos- on how to execute a good campaign with this. we give you training on how to collect lists for commercial. that way, you don't waste your time and click the wrong list. we do webinars and we give you the recording for the webinar after it's done. we give you in training and QA during these webinars. that way we can get all your questions answered. so there you have it. it's a couple of good ideas for you, and if you're looking to get more commercial cleaning clients, we'd sure love to have you aboard and part of this course.