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How a student made $18,000 with just $380 in Facebook Ads

Published on: November 17 2023 by Dan Henry

How a student made $18,000 with just $380 in Facebook Ads

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Background of the Client
  3. Initial Challenges Faced
  4. Joining the Training Course
  5. Implementing the Funnel Lesson
  6. Results and Improvements in the Campaign
  7. The Impact of Targeting and Conversions
  8. The Importance of Budget Optimization
  9. The Power of Engagement and Networking
  10. Scaling the Business and Charging Commission


In this article, we will discuss the success story of a Facebook ads student who runs his own agency and specializes in running Facebook ads for clients. We will delve into the journey of this student, exploring the challenges faced, the improvements made, and the results achieved through implementing the strategies learned in the training course. The focus will be on a specific mortgage client that the student worked with and the significant impact their collaboration had on the client's business. Through this case study, we will highlight the importance of effective targeting, conversions, budget optimization, engagement, networking, and scaling in the realm of Facebook ads management.

Background of the Client

The mortgage client in question is a mortgage broker based in California. Specializing in VA loans for veterans in high-cost areas, the client aimed to target individuals with large loans. This presented a lucrative opportunity for the student, considering the potential for significant earnings from each loan closure. With such a specific target audience and a substantial profit margin, the client's business was well-suited for effective Facebook advertising.

Initial Challenges Faced

Before joining the training course, the student already had a few clients and was managing Facebook ads for them. However, there were several areas that needed improvement. The student recognized that certain aspects of their campaign could be enhanced to maximize the client's return on investment. While they were making decent progress, there was room for growth and optimization in terms of ad performance, targeting, and overall campaign strategy.

Joining the Training Course

The student decided to enroll in a training course conducted by an experienced Facebook ads expert to further develop their skills and expand their knowledge. By joining the course, the student gained access to invaluable strategies and insights that would help them take their agency to the next level. They were able to learn from industry best practices and harness the expertise of the course instructor to hone their Facebook advertising skills.

Implementing the Funnel Lesson

One of the key lessons the student focused on from the training course was the implementation of effective funnels. Understanding the importance of guiding potential clients through various stages of engagement and conversion, the student incorporated funnel strategies into their campaign for the mortgage client. This involved creating customized audiences, retargeting campaigns, and utilizing video content to drive conversions.

Results and Improvements in the Campaign

The student's efforts in optimizing the campaign for the mortgage client started to yield impressive results. With a total expenditure of approximately $380, the student was able to generate substantial revenue for the client. Each successful loan closure grossed the client between $7,000 to $10,000. As a result, the client had two loans pending closure, with an estimated profit of $18,000. These promising outcomes demonstrated the effectiveness of the implemented strategies and the potential for significant return on investment.

The Impact of Targeting and Conversions

One of the crucial factors contributing to the success of the campaign was the student's focus on precise targeting and high-converting ad content. By identifying the client's target audience accurately, the student was able to reach individuals who were more likely to convert into leads and generate substantial revenue for the client. This demonstrated the power of effective targeting and its ability to drive positive results in Facebook advertising.

The Importance of Budget Optimization

Throughout the campaign, the student emphasized the significance of budget optimization. Through careful monitoring and analysis of the ad performance, the student made adjustments to ensure the client's budget was allocated in the most strategic and effective manner. This approach helped to maximize the return on investment and ensured that the client's funds were utilized efficiently.

The Power of Engagement and Networking

Another key aspect of the student's success was their focus on engagement and networking. The student actively engaged with potential clients through social media platforms, creating meaningful conversations and building relationships. By putting themselves out there and taking the initiative to connect with others, the student was able to attract more leads and generate greater interest in their services. This highlighted the importance of personal engagement and its role in expanding one's network and client base.

Scaling the Business and Charging Commission

As the student continued to deliver impressive results for the mortgage client, the business started to grow. With the addition of more campaigns and clients, the student found the opportunity to scale their operations. Furthermore, the student structured their pricing model to include not only a monthly fee for campaign management but also a commission structure based on the client's loan closures. This additional incentive helped further solidify the student's position as a valuable asset to the client's business and contributed to their own financial success.

In conclusion, through the implementation of effective targeting, conversions, budget optimization, engagement, and networking strategies, the student was able to achieve exceptional results for their mortgage client. This success story serves as a testament to the power of well-executed Facebook ad campaigns and the potential for substantial earnings in the field of Facebook ads management. By embracing the techniques learned in the training course and maintaining a proactive and motivated approach, the student was able to reap the rewards of their efforts and take their agency to new heights.

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