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how can dropshipping compete with amazon

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

I Tried Dropshipping on Amazon For a Week (Complete Beginner)

so in this video, I'm gonna be taking you through my experience of drop shipping on Amazon for a whole week. I'm gonna be completely transparent. in this video, I'm only showing exactly what I have listed, exactly how much I got it for and how much money I make. I mean even gonna go through the exact numbers of what they did in sales and, more importantly- and something that rarely ever gets shown in all these guru videos- that's exactly how much profit I make. obviously, if I'm spending a hundred thousand dollars a month to make a hundred thousand dollars a month, that's worth nothing and in e-commerce we call that vanity numbers and that's really just for sale. sometimes you just see these entrepreneurs making a hundred thousand, fifty thousand dollars a month, but you never actually find out how much actual profit are they making. so in this video, I'm gonna be breaking down all the numbers: exactly why I spent, how much everything cost me and how much did I actually take home after all the sales were done, and then I'm gonna be telling exactly what the mistakes I made, how can you learn from this mistakes and if this may be something that you would like to start for yourself. so make sure you stik around for the entire video to learn exactly what I went through, so that you can get a better idea what actually is drop shipping on Amazon. and, guys, if you're looking forward to this video, I won't need you to do one thing for me right now, and that's scroll down, hit that like button to make sure that this video gets pushed to a greater, wider audience so that it can possibly help them to. for those new to the channel, my name is Joe Igor. I've been doing e-commerce and specifically, drop shipping for the past three years now. I've been doubled in all sorts of businesses online, so make sure that you subscribe to this channel so that you can see more videos in the future. and okay, let's get into this video straightaway. [Music]. let me start by saying, just as this game, all the things expressed in this video, of my own opinion. they could or might not be correct. I might be completely wrong. this is just my opinion and my experience of what I've done, so make sure that you take that with a grain of sand. what the actual hell. as a kid, I used to buy things and sell them on eBay for a profit and flip them just to make a couple of pounds here and there. well, I had come across a different model, the dropship in model. and for you, those who don't know what the dropship in modeler is exactly, you basically list products online that you find from suppliers just like your local grocery stores, like Walmart, Best Buy and things like that. you list it directly on that website and when someone buys that, you go to the supplier, you enter in their details and you get it sent directly to them. so you never actually house the inventory, you never even see it. basically, you act as a middleman. you just list it on there and when it sells, you buy it and you keep the spread of the difference between your sale price and what you actually boy for. so the first thing I had to do- because I had no clue how to do it- was to do some research. so I started youtubing videos. I ended up watching hours and hours and hours of content, but the craziest thing is that they never showed me how to actually do it. they toked about: are you gonna find the products and you have to list them, and then you make the money this way, but they never show you if you know is how to actually do them. so I was kind of confused. I thought about buying a couple of courses but saw the ones that like a thousand dollars. eventually I sell for one that was two hundred ninety seven dollars and I bought that. so right from the get-go I was down two hundred ninety seven dollars in costs. the next thing I needed to do was separate Amazon seller account, which cost another $39.99. so at this point, you know, I was nearly three hundred dollars hurried down into this experiment. but that was fine because I was hopeful that I would make money in doing this. so after a couple of hours of watching this course, I think it exactly how to do everything. it still seemed a bit iffy. a few things kind of just didn't make sense, but I was just gonna go and jump in for it. so the first thing I needed to do was find products and list them on Amazon. so back in my eBay days it was pretty easy to find items that you could probably sell profitably on eBay. this was not the case for Amazon. as I soon found out, it took a lot longer to find products that you could actually make money on. you actually have to do a lot, of, lot of research, and this includes the first step of finding items that are not in Prime. you can do this, I found out, by downloading a google extension called primal way or various different other ones. so once you download that, you can go straight on to the Amazon page and you can find items that are not prime sellers. the next thing is to go through and figure out which ones are not sold by FBA or by Amazon either, because you do not want to compete with them. always you could be facing possible suspensions and you probably won't get honestly, even make probably a profit on it, because you can't compete with people and FBA, you see, on margins. so after about three hours I finally came across my first product, the first product that I could make money off. I think it was around three dollars and 23 cents. and what did I find? I found a Swiffer, a special type of Swiffer that I could make some money on. so I listed that straightway, hopeful that I would make some sales on that. so waiting for my money to come in. problem was by Devin- I had only listed one product- this was taking away than I ever thought it- and eBay. it was fairly straightforward: you could just find sellers that already selling good products, find out where that is and then list that too and compete with them. Amazon not as easy. de - I did a lot more research in. I researched for another couple hours- find products that could make on. I kept switching between different categories to see if that would help. still took a long time, and I think that's just the nature of the game. this one, in this business model. you don't look for, I guess, a you know quantity, you look for quality, and that's the name of the game. so by the end of day 2 I had found another two products that I could sell. it was a stepladder and of coffee machine. the craziest thing here, which I didn't think would actually work, is that the coffee machine that I found online and that I actually found later and warmer, I could get an $18 profit margin on it. so for me, I thought that there must be something wrong with it. probably won't sell, but let's just list it in case, because I've been so for three hours now. I'm so done. so let's just list this and get this going. so day three comes up. I wake up in the morning, check my emails and I made a bunch of cells. I can't believe it. I mean three hundred and eleven dollars and cells in one night. and guess what? the Swiffer was doing me right, because I had sold that thing over five times and it was making me money already five times. I already made fifteen dollars just by sleeping overnight. so I started searching again. I saw looking up different items, and guess what? I found another two items that I could list and make money on. one was some sort of like weird tube piping for washing machines and the other one was this filter that you could put in your AC unit. so in each of those I can make a couple of dollars profit and I thought it would be good, and then I would be on my way to being a six-figure Amazon seller. day four. so I started picking up by crazy. I started getting emails and emails and emails that these things were just selling, and the best thing that happened was the coffee machine was selling. I was making $18 profit per copy machine and the thing was just selling like crazy, just kept selling and selling. I honestly had to mute my email. so I kept making so many sells. I thought, wow, this is great, nothing can go wrong. this is where it happened, my first big mistake. so

Amazon Dropshipping 2022: What It Is + How Beginners Can Start

in the studio revealing a complete tutorial for amazon drop shipping, what it is and how complete beginners is earning a hundred dollars a day to 700 a day with no experience. mark that after the intro. hey guys, how's it going? mike lucille here, welcome to this video. before we actually remind you that several spots will open up for this week's free workshop, it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online. sign up for it. in the link below, there was a 62 year old woman that went from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days. check it out now. so one of the first 77 legit ways i figured out how to go ahead and create passive income online that we literally recorded on my blog, which each one of these are full in-blown tutorials, was actually e-commerce and in form of drop shipping, and it completely changed my life because, for example, i did not have time, i did not have that much money, i did not have that much experience and i did not have that much confidence in myself. so i was like, how can i find a business model that could allow me to go ahead and do something like that, that i could grow into, that i could make money with? that's literally when i got into drop shipping and it like completely changed my life. you could see, with one business went from zero to six thousand dollars in 30 days to 1.6 million dollars- that first year in sales, with about 30 profit margins, right, um and like said, it just changed my life to the point where i started building multiple online businesses. i mean, one of them was a digital, like e-commerce business where we went from zero to eight thousand dollars, um, in 30 days. another one was a digital real estate business where we essentially rent out our content for advertisers to go ahead and advertise their products. you can see we pull in anywhere from 35 grand to 46 grand a month, as you can see from one of, like, the screenshots from my bank account, um, which is why, when i literally see something like this from oberlo, an amazon drop shipping guide, i want to compare this thing to actual reality from what i've tried and tested, just so that you guys understand what to expect and what not to expect. so let's actually break this down. they always tok about what is drop shipping. well, they have a really cool like picture right here and i'll give you an even better example. but since you have a customer right here, the customer places the order on your store, you for that order, your supplier, and the supplier ships the product directly to your customer. so you're essentially the middleman, right, you essentially own the store and the suppliers could literally be hundreds of suppliers on the back end, right, and this is something that i did a lot when i was younger, even before i did like the traditional ways of, for example, um, drop shipping. i remember back in the day one of my first businesses was literally posting things on ebay and only buying the product after it made a sale, like here's a really good example for drop shipping: look at this is 614.49 have been sold, but the same product exists on walmart for 499. so what i would do back today for drop shipping is literally screenshoting this, putting it over ebay, wait for sale. when i would make for a sale. uh, guess what would happen, you know? uh, like someone would literally go to my ebay store and spend money. i would take that money and then buy the product from the supply at a lower cost and the supply would ship it. in this case it's like walmart, right? so that's really what i did over and over again. in this method, i was able to make a hundred dollars a day with literally no experience and no risk whatsoever. i mean, you could literally sell this exact same like backyard thing like today. does that make sense? but that's just one way. and you're probably wondering: well, what's amazon drop shipping? well, it's exactly. how do you start drop shipping on amazon? you can drop ship on amazon with their fulfilled by amazon program. in this program, you ship your products to amazon, where they carry the inventory, and ship directly to your customers. the benefit of this program is that amazon has some of the fastest shipping times on the market, so your customer gets your products even sooner. now this isn't essentially dropshipping, this is more amazon fba. you know. drop shipping is more like. you know, oh, you sell it first and then you buy it. why? because it's not that much risk. you know, when i did this method, i literally bought a bunch of products from china, sent it over to amazon, right. but because i bought it up front first, before making a sale, the risk was on my part, right, it was like a huge risk and we lost a bunch of money selling, for example, dog leashes because no one wanted them, right. so i would be, you know, kind of like- you know like, wary about that. there are ways to drive on amazon where you could have amazon do the shipping and handling and customer service. they're also the supplier and it's even more risk and it's free. i'll show you exactly more about that later on. now can you drop ship on amazon legally? yes, amazon allows their merchants to drop ship on their platform, as long as you follow by the certain rules. you always want to record a record of your products. you want to identify yourself as a seller of your products, be responsible for accepting and processing customer returns and comply with all the terms and conditioning. now here's um examples of drop shipping that are not permitted: purchasing products from another online retailer and having the retailer ship directly to the customers. so, the way that i did it with ebay and walmart, this is not allowed, apparently, on amazon right. another one is shipping orders with packing slips, invoices or other information. um, and how much does it cost to start dropshipping on amazon? so you can see that it's 39 a month for the professional plan, but i'm going to show you a secret hack that you could actually start drop shipping on amazon for free and as drop shipping profitable it can be. you know they sell products at 10 to 30 profit margins. if they drop you via amazon, the platform will take about 15 of their top line revenue. so you can see that it literally cuts out a lot. but, like i said, i'm going to show you exactly how to circumnavigate that. what are the benefits enjoyed by amazon drop shippers? no warehouse costs. that's great. you know, if you have your own e-commerce business and you're shipping your own products, you need your own warehouse. but now you don't need it: amazon suppliers. amazon buy products in bulk for many european suppliers and then amazon holds their supplies in their warehouse ready to ship to customers. right, and they have a large audience. i think this is probably the biggest, biggest, biggest, most valuable part because, essentially, you don't have to do any marketing like. if there's 300 million active users coming and buying products every single month, you don't have to do any marketing. like some of the businesses that i end up running, i had to do the marketing like with this business, i had to do facebook ads that like a lot of the profit like this isn't all profit, guys. i guess 30 of this would be like profit, but i also spend a lot on facebook ads. does that make sense? but with amazon. you know. the reason why you're willing to pay that fee is because amazon will do the marketing for you. right now you're probably wondering: how can i get started now for free? that's cool, mike, but how can you get started for free? and this is exactly what we did. people actually drop shipping t-shirts on amazon, but for free. like, for example, if i just type in cat t-shirt, you notike all these things that pop up. these are search terms that people are actively searching for. now, if i literally type in cat t-shirts for women, people are dropshipping these t-shirts without actually having to buy any inventory, without actually having to do the shipping handling themselves, and they essentially cut out that entire middleman that you saw here, because the supplier and the marketer and the store is amazon. so all you got to

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The Truth About Amazon Dropshipping - Watch This BEFORE You Start!

in this video, i'm going to break down the pros and cons of amazon drop shipping and help you determine whether this ecommerce business model is worth doing. if you enjoyed this video, don't forget to hit the subscribe button and be sure to hit the bell button to be notified when new videos come out. now, having been an e-commerce since 2007, i've seen many popular ecommerce business models crash and burn, and through all the years that i've been doing this, one lesson always rings true: if it sounds too easy and too good to be true, then it probably won't last, and amazon drop shipping falls into this category. now, first off, i want to say that there is money to be made by drop shipping on amazon, and it's probably one of the least expensive ways to get started selling online with practikally zero upfront monetary risk. but before you jump the gun, i want you to ask yourself a few important questions. would you rather launch a business that makes a couple bucks here and there in the short term, or would you rather build a branded business that can stand the test of time? well, today i'm going to analyze the pros and cons of the amazon drop shipping business model and provide you with an accurate picture so you can decide whether you want to give amazon drop shipping a try. now, what is amazon drop shipping? well, amazon drop shipping is an ecommerce business model where you sell physical products on amazon without having to deal with inventory, shipping, handling or customer service. so basically, amazon, your supplier, handles all the heavy lifting for you. when you make a sale on amazon, you simply notify your drop shipper and they ship your products directly to the amazon customer on your behalf. now, you don't touch a single product in the process. there's almost zero upfront costs outside of signing up for an amazon account, and you don't have to buy any inventory whatsoever until the item has been sold. now, the low risk aspect of drop shipping on amazon makes it an appealing business model because anyone can do it and you don't have to be tik savvy. to begin now, when evaluating the different e-commerce business models, amazon drop shipping is probably the easiest way to start selling online. now, is amazon drop shipping legal? and the answer is yes. however, you have to follow their rules, otherwise you risk getting banned and, according to amazon, drop shipping is allowed on their platform, but you must fulfill your goods from a legitimate wholesaler and not another retailer. now the following excerpt is actually taken verbatim from amazon's website. drop shipping, or allowing a third party to fill orders to customers on your behalf is generally acceptable. if you intend to fulfill orders using a drop shipper, you must always be the seller of record for your products, identify yourself as a sell of your products on all packing slips, invoices, external packaging and other info included or provided in connection. remove any packing slips, invoices, external packaging or other information identifying a third-party drop shipper prior to shipping the order, and be responsible for accepting and processing customer returns of your products. all right, so, with that definition in mind, here are examples of drop shipping that are not permitted: purchasing products from another retailer and having that retailer shipped directly to customers. if the shipment does not identify you as a seller of record or anyone other than you, then it's not permitted. you also cannot ship orders with packing slips, invoices, external packaging or other information indicating a seller name or contact information other than your own. as a result, the following ways to dropship on amazon are illegal: drop shipping from aliexpress to amazon: this is when you list a product on amazon and aliexpress does the fulfillment. drop shipping from ebay to amazon is also illegal. this is when you list a product on amazon and fulfill from ebay. in fact, the only legitimate way to run a reputable drop shipping business on amazon is to use a distributor or wholesaler as your dropship supplier. now, all shipments must be branded, with you as a seller of record, and you must remove any trace of drop shipping providers in your packing materials. in addition, amazon requires all drop ship sellers to abide by their strict code of conduct. if you consistently violate any of the following rules, you are subject to a suspension. your order defect rate must be less than one percent, your cancellation rate must be less than two point five percent and your late shipment rate must be less than four percent. now, if your drop ship supplier consistently ships products out late, then you risk getting your account banned. so how do you land your first drop shipping supplier? well, if you're looking for legit dropship suppliers, consider using the following methods. you can contact the distributor directly. every product sold online contains a upc barcode, and by looking up the manufacturer directly and contacting the distributor, you can ask whether they have a drop shipping program in place. you can also attend wholesale trade shows. everywhere in the world, there are wholesale trade shows catering to products in every category, and by attending a trade show. you can quickly and easily find dropship wholesalers all in one place. you can use a site like wholesalecentralcom to find trade shows in your area. you can also use a dropship directory, directories like worldwide brands, pre-vet, legit wholesale distributors that offer dropshipping. now, access to this directory comes at a one-time fee. now here are a list of questions that you must ask your drop ship supplier before you get started. are there any drop ship fees? drop shipping margins are very low and typically fall into the 10 to 30 percent range. on top of low margins, most drop ship suppliers will also charge a per order drop ship fee. now, this drop shipping fee can range anywhere from a couple bucks or more, depending on your product. in addition, you will have to pay the shipping and handling costs for the supplier to ship out your product to the end customer. now some drop shippers may pad their shipping fees to make additional margin on the transaction, so make sure you run the numbers to ensure that you can still make a profit after all drop shipping fees. are there any deposits or upfront payments required? some dropship suppliers will ask for a deposit towards future product orders upfront, but over time, as trust is established, you can often negotiate payment terms and have this deposit removed, but regardless, make sure you ask your supplier how they want to get paid. some require an invoice for every order, while others allow you to create one mass payment invoice at the end of the day. ask for a sample invoice so you can find out if there are any hidden or unexpected costs. do your homework. you also want to ask: do you sell on amazon? because some dropship suppliers are already selling their products on amazon, which puts your drop shipping business at a major disadvantage because your supplier has better pricing than you do. it's going to be difficult, if not impossible, to compete directly with your supplier. you also want to ask what your return policy is. returns are reality with any ecommerce business and you need to know how to get your money back for any returned orders. now, in practike, it can be quite an ordeal to handle return, and typically you'll have to file an rma with your supplier first and then have the customer ship the product back to your supplier directly, and then, once the product is received, your supplier then reserves the right to provide you with a refund, depending on the condition of the item. you also want to ask whether they provide an inventory data feed. because amazon's selling requirements are so strict, you have to make sure that your inventory levels are up to date in real time. after all, if you sell a bunch of items on amazon that are out of stok, you will have to cancel those orders and risk your account getting suspended and, in general y.

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Ultimate Amazon Dropshipping Guide - How To Start A Massive $1,000,000+ Business

in this video you will learn amazon drop shipping step by step and, if you stik to the end, i will share with you how to start a seven-figure amazon business guide. if you have not subscribed yet, hit the subscribe button and click on the bell notification so that you can be notified every time i post a new video. amazon allows drop shipping. as long as the business meets amazon criteria, you can use drop shipping for your business and amazon stores. to use drop shipping in amazon stores, your business must be the seller of record of the products. identify yourself as the seller of the products on all packing slips, invoices, external packaging and other information included or provided in connection with them. remove any packing slips, invoices, external packaging or other information identifying a third-party drop shipper before shipping the order. be responsible for accepting and processing customer returns of the products and comply with all other terms of your seller agreement and applicable amazon policies. what is drop shipping and how does it work? drop shipping is a fulfillment model that allows entrepreneurs to outsource handling and shipping products to a third party. a manufacturer or third party could handle production, storage, shipping and delivery to customers. this business model appeals to some sellers since it can reduce overhead. you handle marketing products and other business operations, while the fulfillment service manages the physical goods, including the fulfillment process. while this drop shipping model commonly appeals to entrepreneurs seeking efficiency and low overhead, but it can come at a cost. this video will cover what drop shipping is and explore how this fulfillment method can work. we'll also look at a few drop shipping alternative fulfillment models. what is a drop shipping business model? in a drop shipping business model, you promote products and provide an online storefront. when a customer places an order, you send the order to the drop shipper and inform customers the products are on the way. the rest of the physical fulfillment process is out of your hands. in some drop shipping agreements, you may also handle customer service, while the drop shipping service manages the physical goods and fulfillment. how does drop shipping work? the exact logistiks of drop shipping depend on your arrangement, but typically the drop shipping process follows this general sequence: 1. seller signs agreement with drop shipper. 2. customer orders online. 3. seller receives order. 4. customer receives an order confirmation. 5. seller forwards the order to drop shipper. 6. drop shipper ships the order. 7. customer receives their product. e-commerce is competitive and while drop shipping may appeal to entrepreneurs looking to sell generic products. it can limit opportunities to build a brand or differentiate products. thus, businesses that use drop shipping may wind up competing on price, leading to low margins. features of the drop shipping model. they include the following: 1. seller of record. as the seller of record, soar you're the individual identified as selling the product to the end consumer. you set the price, record the purchases, revenue and assume responsibility for the sales tax on a partikular sale. even when a third party stoks and ships the items, you're the seller of record because you own the products before they ship to the customer. for amazon sellers, using a drop shipping service is generally allowed by amazon drop shipping policy as long as you're the seller of record and identify yourself as such. 2. manufacturers: manufacturers make products to sell to wholesalers and retailers. you can purchase goods from manufacturers, but the bulk purchase amounts they may require can potentially be a barrier to starting or scaling your business, but there are manufacturers that may offer drop shipping services. 3. wholesalers: wholesalers buy from manufacturers and sell to retailers at a slight markup. they function as middlemen. generally, they do not sell to the end consumers, but may provide drop shipping services to retailers. thus you need to determine which drop shipping providers could be right for you, based on your business model and fulfillment requirements. benefits of drop shipping include overhead costs: since you don't store or ship the products, drop shipping has the potential to lower overhead costs such as maintaining a storage facility or sending products to customers. starting costs: entrepreneurs looking to start a business with minimal investment may turn to drop shipping as they don't need to invest in facilities or resources to process orders. multi-channel selling: you can use drop shipping for your business while selling on your own domain through a store like amazon or social media channels or all of the above operating location. drop shipping allows you to fulfill orders regardless of your operating location, opening up possibilities to work from anywhere. scalability: leveraging suppliers can make it feasible to accept more orders without increasing the inventory you store, package and ship. limitations for drop shipping include competition. given the low cost and investment to get started, drop shipping is a highly competitive field. product quality drop shipping reduces your involvement in the order fulfillment process, curtailing your ability to monitor and guarantee product quality. branding: because the products you sell may not be unique or distinguishable from similar offerings by other sellers, you could have trouble differentiating your offering profit margins. little to no product differentiators means your business may end up competing more aggressively on price. selling at low prices can eat up your profit margin. fulfillment timeline: when a drop shipping service handles the fulfillment process, you do not have control over order selection, packaging and shipment. inventory management- up to the minute updates on what is available in stok may not be possible if a customer places an order only to find the product is out of stok. this poor experience can discourage future orders and damage your brand range of offers. because you don't handle order fulfillment, you may be limited in the special offers and promotions you can run, such as bundling or free shipping. while fulfillment by amazon fba offers similar benefits to drop shipping, it also gives you more control over your brand experience. amazon drop shipping sellers can thus use fulfillment by amazon fba service to deliver their products to their customers. also, it isn't a requirement for these sellers to have an amazon store to use fba, but you should consider selling with amazon stores that have an audience of 200 million unique visitors each month. with fba, you store products in an amazon fulfillment center and amazon will be able to offer quick delivery with prime shipping, manage customer service, take care of returns, notify you when you need to restok products. with fba, you decide the products and quantities you'd like to fulfill and send them to amazon. amazon receives products into their network and store them in amazon fulfillment centers. as orders arrive, amazon picks, packs and ships the products on your behalf. amazon manages customer service and returns on these orders. questions to consider before drop shipping. 1. how do you want to build your brand? your brand is the look and feel of customer facing aspects of your business. building a memorable brand impression can help grow customer loyalty. while you may be able to create a branded online experience, drop shipping gives you less control over product quality, delivery experience and the aesthetiks of the final package. if the products and packaging fall short of expectations, a customer may choose not to purchase from your brand again. drop shipping suppliers often offer little room for product customization. this limitation may make it difficult to set your brand apart from the competition. 2. how much control do you want over product quality? product quality can have a big impact on o.

How To Start Amazon Dropshipping As A Beginner in 2023

in this video, i'm going to show you the exact step-by-step blueprint that you need to follow in order to succeed, as a beginner, with drop shipping on amazon in 2020.. be sure to like this video because i'm going to go out of my way to show you all of the steps that you need to take, all the software you need to use and the product research methods that i personally use in my drop shipping business on amazon. and if you like what you hear, also be sure to subscribe to this channel and hit the bell notification so you can be notified of every single time that i launch a video like this, so you never miss one and you get all the important information that you ever need to see. a little bit about myself. my name is tom cormier, ecom tom. i've been dropshipping on amazon for over two years now and i easily hit over 5 000 to 10 000 profit a month on amazon, depending on how much effort i'm putting into it every single month. i've notiked over time with teaching amazon drop shipping that a lot of people get confused as to what to do and also think that amazon is this big bad wolf that's going to come out there. ban your account if you don't know what you're doing. oh, this could be true. i do want to put some nerves at ease, because a lot of beginners are overly cautious and overly worried about amazon, when in reality, i do think a lot of it is to do with just people over hyping how bad amazon really is, and this in no way, shape or form means that you should go out there and just have no idea what you're doing when you're getting started. so that's why i put together this video for you. so be sure to watch it all the way until the end, because i'm going to show you every single thing that i do with my amazon drop shipping business: how to get started as a beginner, and how you can also do so as well. i'll see you inside my computer, all right. so the number one step that you need to follow is actually just opening up an amazon account. although it's pretty easy to do, it's not as easy as starting something like an ebay account, so you do need to put some time and effort into it. i also do have a video linked up above that i can share with you guys on how to get started. i've made that whole video for you already, but you have to realize that every so often, every few months, amazon does change the way that you sign up for an account, and i can't keep a constant video up to date on to how to do so. so you do want to come to the amazon, become a seller website right here, and you just want to click sign up. after you click sign up, you want to make sure that you're signing up for a professional account. yes, a professional account does cost 39.99 a month, but you must realize that in order to actually get the buy box- which is something we will tok about in a bit- you will need to have a professional account no matter what. so if you sign up as an individual seller first off, if you sell more than 40 items in the first month, you literally are losing money compared to having a professional account. this is because individual sellers get hit with an extra one dollar fee on every single transaction, when professional sellers do not actually get that fee. so you want to sign up. you don't need to have a business, you don't need to have an llc. you can sign up as an individual or just as a human being. but one thing to realize is that the more legitimate you are when you first get started. you will really benefit from it later on down the road. so if you actually have an llc, a business bank account, a business location and everything like that business phone number, it's much easier to get started and it's going to help you out. so you don't have to change things later on down the road if you become more legitimate in your business. so all you have to do is go ahead and sign up, and after you sign up and have an account, we'll go over the next steps that you need to take. all right, so an optional second step that you might want to take is something that people call seasoning your amazon account. so when you first start an amazon account, one of the hardest things to do is actually get that account off the ground. amazon will sometimes hit you with some form of a suspension, saying that your items are illegitimate or anything like that, even though they really aren't, and that's just really trying to stop bad sellers from frauding people right off the beginning and also just trying to clean up their marketplace and their act a little bit. one of the things that a lot of professionals- and, you know, actual coaches of amazon drop shipping- teach is to season your amazon account. this means starting with amazon fba. if you're buying the items in bulk up front and there's no way that you could have been selling illegitimate products to begin with- although they could still hit you with some form of illegitimate error or something like that- it's very rare that it will happen. there's tons of videos on youtube on how to actually do this. i don't actually have any at the moment, but i do plan on putting some up, because i do do amazon fba at the moment, but i just got started with it, so there's tons of videos out there. all you need to do is usually go to a local walmart or a retail chain store or something like that, go find items in the clearance section or something like that that you know you can make money off of based off amazon's price, and that's the only way that you can get prime buy, or one of the only ways you can get primed by amazon on your listing. from there, you're going to buy some items in bulk and ship them into the amazon warehouses yourself. at that point in time, it's a lot easier to get your account started that way. from there, amazon will see you as a more legitimate seller to get started and then you'll actually be allowed to get started with drop shipping a lot quicker. i personally did not do this, but as amazon gets more strict as time goes on, i do suggest starting and seasoning your account for at least close to a couple weeks to a month. at least maybe get a couple batches into amazon fba. the next step in this process is finding the correct software for the job. although there's tons of different software that you can use for little things here and there, the two main biggest softwares that you need and are going to be the backbone of your business are a stok, an inventory type tool and also a repricing type tool. so first off, the repricing tool is going to price your items after it's given items from your stok and inventory tool. so web scraper app and sku grid are both stok and inventory tools. they're going to check from your suppliers that you've chosen to see if the item's still in stok, what its handling time is, does it fit your metrics and what you want to be doing, and then it's going to send that information to your repricing tool. repricing tool that almost everybody uses is inform dot co. it's very great and it toks with both of these programs: web scraper app and sku grid. i personally use both, but you don't have to use both. you can use one or the other, but the main reason to pick one over the other is mainly because of the suppliers. so if you can see the suppliers on web scraper app, you do have to sign up, i believe, in order to see their suppliers. they cover about 90 different suppliers at the moment, i believe. last i checked- and skew grid itself has a lot more suppliers, but it is a little bit harder to get started and set up than webscraper app. i would say both are great software. skewgrid's cheaper, has more suppliers and is harder to set up. web scraper app is more expensive, has less suppliers and easier to set up. so that's pretty much it. from there, you connect them into inform, which there's a bunch of videos on it, and i have some videos inside of my actual amazon drop shipping course on how to do it- and then you want to be picking actual suppliers. so the number one thing that i can say, besides setting up your account, possibly seasoning it and other things like this, are that you should be looking out and not using the wrong supplier.

How To Start Dropshipping on Amazon WITH $0 (What I Would do Tutorial)

in this video i'm going to be giving you a step-by-step blueprint of how you can start your very own drop shipping business today. now, i've made similar videos in the past. you can check that on my channel- but something i haven't gone over is how can you start a amazon drop shipping business if you have zero dollars- i mean no money whatsoever. lately i've been getting quite a few comments of you guys asking: hey, joey, i'm a broke college student. how can i start this business with zero dollars down? well, great, in this video i'm going to be toking about how i will start one myself if i had absolutely no money whatsoever. i'm going to be toking about everything from making enough money to start the business to running it and how you can scale it as well, and i don't want to waste your guys time. so i put everything in five simple, actionable steps that you can follow in this video to get started today. and, guys, please make sure you watch the whole video all the way through. i cannot stress it enough that you will not want to miss just one part of this video, because if you do, you might end up losing money that could have been easily prevented. so if you guys are ready to learn and get stuck in so that you can start your very own amazon drop shipping business. the only thing i ask is to take one second right now and that's to scroll down and like this video. also, make sure to be subscribed, because you're not going to want to miss more videos on drop shipping, personal finance, investing and so much more, and i know so many of you guys have so many questions, which i try to answer on all my videos, but so many of you just need that extra bit of help. well, in this video, i'm also be helping one of you guys, personal one-to-one. all you have to do is comment down below amazon dropshipping business and, of course, like the video and be subscribed, because i check my analytiks and only three percent of you guys are actually subscribed to this channel, so you have to be subscribed. you have to like this video and comment down below amazon dropshipping business. i will pick one of you at random to build your very own store for yourself and get you set up. okay, with all that being said, guys, let me get on my laptop and get it stuck in with step one, step one, acquire startup funds. so, before you start on amazon account and set it up and everything like that and put products on there. you're going to need some startup cash. remember, guys, we are starting from bare bones, we're starting as if we have zero dollars, so we want to be able to set this up as if we got no cash to start with. so, as opposed to a normal business where you know you have to go out and buy, building inventory and everything like that, amazon is fairly straightforward. you do, however, need a small amount of cash to start with, just to fulfill your products and pay for things like software and selling fees, you know. so why is this? why can't we just take the money from our items that sell and use that? well, amazon has an integrated payment system, so they only actually pay you every two weeks, and even a bit longer if you're just starting out. so what can we do to make that money, and how much would i recommend? i would recommend a minimum: 500 to a thousand dollars. i prefer to say a thousand, although you can start with 500. it would just be a bit slower. so, but i really think that thousand would be the sweet spot to start off. if you have more, great, go ahead. but i'm going to be toking about justin that first thousand dollars, his three things that i would consider to be able to get that startup cash. the first is just saving up. so if you have a day job or you know you do odd jobs or something like that, just start saving that cash. if you have savings, great, you can use that straight away. but, honestly, pick up any shifts that you can do some odd work and things like that, just so you can scrape that money together. the second method i would consider is selling stuff around my house or even going to, like flea markets and things like that, selling the unwanted junk. honestly, i bet there's so many electronics or clothes that you don't use anymore that you really don't need anymore, so you could probably sell that and get together, i'm sure, 500. the third method: if that doesn't work and if you don't have things around to sell or for whatever reason, you can't get a job right now, um, i would suggest getting a credit, open up a credit card or getting a personal loan or something like a line of credit. you know that's not always the best method. as you know, it's never good to accrue debt, um, especially consumer debt. but, you know, open up a credit card if you don't already have one. you can open up so many, depending if your credit score and if you are in the us or uk or somewhere, you know that you can easily open up one. that's fairly straightforward. obviously, as soon as you get paid by amazon, you can pay off your car, so that you're not going to keep a balance. um, you can also use things like paypal- uh, paypal cash, i believe it's called- or paypal credit- sorry, paypal credit- and they give pretty much instant loans and you can pay off really, really quickly. just something to get a head start. so those are the three methods that i would use to scrape together the initial 500 to a thousand dollars. step two is setting up your actual account, and this is so straightforward i'm not going to spend too much time on this. um, it literally can be done in about 10 minutes. all you want to go is to amazon- oh, if you can spell it right- amazon seller account. super straightforward, it's probably the first link here. yep, you can see it: seller central, and you just want to sign up. and, guys, please make sure you sign up for the premium account. it is 39.99 a month, but honestly, that will pay for itself. you don't want to get you know whatever. they call a starter account, whatever it is, because you can only sell up to a maximum of 40.. they also charge a dollar per sale. so if you sell more than 40 items, which you definitely will do within the first month, i would highly highly suggest to actually you. i'm telling you guys, you have to get a professional selling account if you want to make decent margins. and so just sign up through that, enter your information. they take time to review. i believe you have to upload a form of identity. um, that changes from time to time, but that's generally how you do it: super straightforward, super simple. another thing i want to briefly touch on is seasoning an amazon account. so with things as to progress, it's getting a bit more strict as time goes on. so i know a lot of people in the drop shipping space are doing something called seizing their account, which means they start by opening up an fba account, an amazon fba, where you send items in yourself and then amazon package and sell off. well, you can seize an account. what that will do is, for example, if you go to walmart, buy some things in clearance, send it in and sell it. amazon will see that and you'll start to build a reputation with them. they prefer that and you'll be less likely to hit with some form of suspension, you know, or disciplinary action. so that's an option. you don't have to do it. i didn't do it when i did it. you can check out my experiment on how i did it on this channel as well. you know, you guys put up that video, but that's really it for you know, step two, step three, is literally just finding products and listen them. so i want to tok about a few softwares. when you're getting started, i used to recommend not doing any softwares. you you can still do that, but it's just so much better and i really, really hope that you guys use the software because it will save you so much time and heartache and mitigate any problems from getting suspensions. you know, if your product sellout or anything like that, you're not going to be stuck with any of those problems. um, you can use two different ones. i- almost everyone who dropships- uses either a web scraper app or screw grid or a combination of both. there's drawbacks and positives to both. um, webscrape app. i.