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How Christian Quit His Job In 3 Months And Made Over $142,000 - Drop Servicing Blueprint Review

Published on: December 2 2022 by Dylan Sigley

How Christian Quit His Job In 3 Months And Made Over $142,000 - Drop Servicing Blueprint Review

How Christian Quit His Job In 3 Months And Made Over $142,000 - Drop Servicing Blueprint Review

awesome what's up everyone i'm here
today with christian he's a member of
the drop servicing blueprint he's going
to tell us a little bit about his story
he's been a member for a long time now
one of our really successful members
he's going to have a great inspiring
speech for you i'm looking forward to
hearing a story so maybe just to shoot
into a christian you could start off
with uh you know where you started out
and kind of your general journey going
through the course and building your
yeah man definitely so
i'm christian jackson i'm from san diego
california well i moved to san diego
recently but um i started out just like
everyone just went to high school
dropped out of college wasn't doing
anything with my life really was working
at a warehouse then i saw
dylan's ad on youtube i just decided to
take it a chance because before that i
was doing i was just javelin with drop
shipping and other businesses that i
never really took seriously which i
believe i could have been successful in
that if i took it seriously but i didn't
and that um something about dylan's
course has really resonated with me with
you know being able to just get a client
and have somebody else do the work and
then you know kind of be the middleman
so something about it just really
resonated with me so i got involved in
i got the course and then like everyone
i'm sure just is very difficult in the
beginning because you don't really know
what you're doing and eventually i just
started i kept failing failing failing
failing and finally i got a client after
you know hundreds of emails sent and
then i used the results from that client
to get my next client and then it kind
of just snowballed from there so i
actually was able to quit my job at the
warehouse and was able to move out to
san diego which i live out now but
before i lived in riverside which is a
terrible city and you know i get to live
in san diego which i love and
it's just been great man i've been able
to leave the job world and work for
myself which has been you know great
yeah that's always the goal and i guess
how long did it take you to get that
first sale once you jumped into the
it took two months two months okay not
so bad i mean like how long from how
long from joining the course did it take
to quit your job
it was three months three months that's
you quit pretty early
how many clients did you have uh when
you decided to quit your job well i made
i was making more than i was at the job
so i was making
at the job i was making 4 000 a month at
my warehouse job and then um i got up to
4 500 in my business and i just i quit
that day yeah when i got that client i
just i called in and they're like what
are you doing and i was like um i
started a business and i was expecting
them to be all angry but they're like
good luck with everything so
that was pretty cool that's awesome that
that's so cool that you ended up you
know quitting your job after three
months you're already making more than
you were in your job and your business i
didn't even realize that part of it so
definitely a legend for that um and tell
us a little bit more about your business
because you decided to go with facebook
ads which is a little bit different um
as a lot of people watching this know a
lot of people in the course go for
animated videos because what they see i
teach mainly so what made you decide to
go for facebook ads um
i just thought that everyone was going
to do the animation so
i just didn't want to deal with the
competition even though i'm sure it's
most likely probably the easiest one to
do because there's so much material on
it but
with facebook ads i just thought that
that could just be my niche right i
could just figure out how to really do
it and figure out my niche within that
which is e-commerce which is you know
online brands that want to advertise
their products online but they don't
really know how to do it so i just
decided to start reaching out to them
and it's that's difficult as well it's
not like every
any one of them is very easy it's just i
just decided to pick that one and not
change from it you know because i i
realized that even with my life a lot of
things is you just start something and
then you quit i just picked
that i said i'm gonna do this and i kept
failing at it so i found it to work so
that's kind of why i did it yeah yeah
that's so important what you just said
as well just stiking with something and
figuring it out because a lot of the
time when you start something new no
matter what part of your life you end up
giving up when things get a little bit
difficult or you run into a few problems
but you've got to remember that there's
always somebody out there that has the
answer in most cases and and most things
in life aren't that difficult to achieve
unless you know you're five foot tall
and you want to be an mba player or
something but most things you can
achieve in life and you just need to
learn and push through and develop it
but the most difficult thing i think
that a lot of people get into is they're
not really willing to come up with those
creative solutions to novel problems and
by thinking you know outside of the box
and trying to come up with solutions
you're going to do better than 99.9 of
people out there most people aren't
willing to even put in a little bit
extra work um so by putting an extra
work you literally have no other
competition because most people just
give up within you know a few weeks or
if they fail once they give up
automatikally so pushing through until
you get that success is key obviously
not banging your hair to hit against the
wall and just failing over and over
again without changing things but you
have to learn and adapt and look at what
other people are doing and even you know
model off of them or copy off of them
whatever you want to say but try and
develop your own strategies but based on
what's already working out there that's
so important but i guess christian one
thing that would be cool to hear is you
know what was the biggest challenge for
you in building your business before you
got that first sale well i was trying to
this is just me personally i was trying
to send the same email to every single
but once i realized that you know so
many people doing cold email these days
you just need to be more personalized so
like today my emails are so personalized
to the person that it's going after that
you know the first line or the first
paragraph will be me complimenting their
business then the second paragraph will
be me telling what we used to do or
results that we got for another client
and then at the bottom i'll either leave
cold email loom or i'll be me asking
them if they want to see a case study of
how we did the results with the other
clients so it is making it really more
personalized and until i did that i was
getting more success really it's just
for me i don't know why but and it takes
a lot of time to do it that way but it's
the only way that i've seen success
yeah yeah i think that's key as well
because in the course we have so many
templates and obviously you know it's a
course so there's so many different
people doing and so many different types
of businesses they're going after so the
template is quite general
they work in my businesses but they're
not just there really to be copy and
pasted for the most part of course you
can do that and get sales but you're
going to need to send more emails or
make more offers if you're doing
something else like ads you're going to
have to make more offers which is going
to you know usually take more time a lot
of the time so that's why we really do
recommend customizing things as
christian and saying
and putting in a little bit more effort
to come across in the right way to your
client for example if you're reaching
out to the real estate niche tok in
their language or provide something
relevant to their business you know
figure out exactly what they want what
problems they have and how you can solve
them rather than just sending a general
email that could be for anybody that's
always really important when it comes to
cold email and the other reason for that
is with cold email a lot of it relies on
deliverability so your open rates are
going to decrease over time and the best
way to prevent that one of the best ways
is to change up your email copy because
if you're sending the same email copy
over and over especially at a high
volume you know over 200 emails per day
you're going to get blocked or you're
going to end up on a spam list because
that's an obvious thing that spammers do
they send the same email over and over
again if there's no personalization
there you're going to hit those spam
traps so that customization is a good
way of protecting your domain reputation
over time and that way you won't need to
create new email accounts all the time
or stop your cold email accounts and
rewarm them up all the time you're going
to have more consistent results with
cold email by sending less emails and i
think as well that uh it's a little bit
counter-intuitive you know it's
customizing the emails and sending lists
because you almost feel like i should
just be sending more i mean maybe
eventually something will stik and
that's true obviously the more you do
something the more likely that's going
to work but you have to stack those odds
in your favor by optimizing for
conversions so you should be looking at
you know your open rates your apply
rates what emails are bringing in the
most leads you should be looking at all
of your leads and saying okay this email
here it gets a lot of replies but most
of them are not interested replies this
one here it gets a little bit fewer
replies most are leads and they want to
buy right now so that's data that you
should have every single time you get a
reply put it into a google spreadsheet
and come back later and just tally up
you know which ones are getting what
types responses and that will allow you
to optimize a lot faster when it comes
to cold emails specifically so it sounds
like kristin you focused a lot on cold
emails is that still your main uh
marketing channel yes the only way i've
ever got clients is from called email
awesome so that's one interesting thing
as well is um
you know when you start your business
you often will just try everything and
then give up everything really quick and
i remember that's what i did in my
my first business i tried google ads i
tried facebook ads i tried cold email
linkedin i was kind of going you know
half half stepping with all of it but
once i focused on one thing that's when
i got my first results and then once you
have that one thing working you can
automate it so with cold email for
example hiring virtual assistants and
automating the lead generation process
still going in and writing the copy
yourself of course otherwise it's pretty
much automated when it comes to the
responding to the emails that come in
and adding leads to the campaigns then
you can move on to facebook ads and so
on and so forth that's the best way to
go about it and that's another problem i
see a lot of people going through but
that's interesting christians are cold
emails working really well for you um
what would you say you know once you
started getting those first sales did
you focus at all on automation in your
business no that's something that i'm
focusing on now
um just with facebook ads it's so like
they like the personal touch i don't
know it's just the clients that i'm
getting they like to tok to me and they
like to read get responses from me so um
going in the future i'm gonna work on
automation with ways that i handle it
from the beginning so that they don't
expect me to be there the whole time you
know that's something that i definitely
want to focus on moving forward but up
to this point it's been kind of just
personal and i have my ad guy that i
hired but for some reason he doesn't
like to tok to the client so it's so
annoying so i have to tok to him and
there's certain things that you just
need to figure out for each one of you
you know how to figure it out once you
get your clients to not have to work all
the damn time or excuse my language but
i have to work all the time on the
client relations you know this is
something that you need to figure out
yeah yeah that's true i remember when i
first started getting into the
automation side i had
a project manager and i just had them
dealing with my email inbox so they were
basically toking with clients but under
my name and my email inbox for the
clients thought it was me but later down
the line i gave them their own email and
box and then from there the next thing i
automated i think was the lead
generation and then finally the sales
calls usually the sales calls um you
know if you're if you're decent at them
you know you may as well just keep doing
them because those are the things that
gonna that's the thing that's usually
gonna be the most expensive to automate
um but yeah that's really interesting so
i think that's key too like often you
don't want to automate because you feel
like the clients are not going to be
happy with somebody else dealing with it
and i find that most people even even my
friends have been doing business for a
very long time they're afraid to
automate a lot of things because not
just because you think that you're doing
things better than everyone else that
could possibly do it but more because
you're worried that the client is going
to be unhappy and you're not going to
know about it you're not going to have
control over it so that's the scariest
thing when it when your business starts
working um but yeah so you basically it
basically sounds like you became pretty
successful after a few months i didn't
even know that you quit your job that
fast christian um what would you say you
what what would you say you've you've
done so far with your lifestyle that you
couldn't do before by having your
business well working at my warehouse i
it was
all night right i worked from
4 30 p.m
pacific time to 3 a.m
so it was like a night shift and having
to work all night and you know having to
ask for a day off but working for myself
you know living in san diego i get to do
what i want
my girlfriend whenever i want and uh of
course i take a lot of time from my
business but you know if i don't want to
i can you know take a day off or like
this weekend i just went to santa
barbara so santa barbara was a really
nice place in california and it's just
cool you get to do things that you want
on your own time
yeah yeah obviously there's still a lot
of work involved but it's kind of like
you get to choose the work that you're
doing and you get to choose what you do
with your time and that's really that's
really that first stage that feels
awesome like when you actually have your
business running and bringing in cash
and you kind of decide what you want to
do with your day for the most part and
when you want to go and do something
random like go on a trip i think that's
really important um
yeah that's cool so i think the next
thing would be if you could tok a
little bit more about the course itself
you know like what did you what did you
find um
what did you find most helpful in the
course because it sounds like you got
results pretty quickly so what part of
the course was so crucial in that um
it's just just trying to find clients
that's what i got from the course is
just to find the person to do the to do
the work and then how to find the
clients you know so the the email
deliverability part was very good about
getting my email set up correctly with
the dkm and the spf and then the cold
email or the prospecting part where it's
just trying to find clients we show the
template and how to really do that but
once i found that then i try to make my
changes to go ahead and you know find
the right way for me
to find the clients with the using the
templates and using my own way
so it's really just the whole concept of
finding clients and then having someone
else do the work
but of course i've still been doing a
lot of work but
it's just that
that part individual
yeah yeah it's always like that as well
when you go through a course there's
going to be some things that you find
more useful than others even though
there's a lot of information in the
course it might just take a few things
here and there for you to start getting
results and then you can always come
back later and check out other aspects
like the automation modules and the
email marketing and all of that sort of
thing too
so that's really cool to hear and i
guess the the next thing would be you
know what are your what are your goals
moving forward with your business what's
the next big thing for you
so i wanted to
so right now i do facebook advertising
right i want to add tik-tok
advertising and google advertising and
eventually youtube advertising and then
charge more for each one so i can get
profit per client instead of like
you know charging 1500 to 2 000 per
client i can get up to you know
hopefully 4 000 5000 per client and then
i just want to get the qualified clients
for those and then get as many clients
as possible so you know the ultimate
goal would get 50 clients with all
services attached so that's the goal now
and also to automate more so i'm not so
involved in my business like right now
yeah yeah now i think the best way of
doing that is always going to be being
efficient in your client generating
process because you know like you were
saying before customizing your offer and
honing in on who your client is makes it
a lot easier for you to find those few
clients that are going to be worth a lot
more to you in the long run um so once
you get to that point where you're ready
to deliver those services it's going to
be very easy for you to jump on a call
with your clients and say hey you know
facebook ads are working well for you
why don't we try youtube ads now it's
crushing it for x y and z uh customer in
your niche if you're doing all the same
niche so if you get also if you get one
client who signs on to an additional
service and they're in the same niche as
your other clients it's going to be
really easy to get all of your other
clients to jump on board too because you
have that case study so that case study
is usually the most key thing and the
way to get there is just to tok to as
many freelancers as possible so you can
get as many case studies from as many
freelancers as possible as well
so not just generating case studies from
your own business but also utilizing
your network of freelancers to provide
those case studies for your additional
services but it all comes down to the
client relationship you know building
that client relationship as you've been
doing you know interacting personally
with your clients which is really key
question and then once you once you're
ready to start delivering additional
services all it takes is an email or a
phone call to get them to sign on to
something else and you can even give
them some kind of special offer or
whatever for clients to get those first
few clients on board then once you have
those you can say hey we're doing this
for a few other clients behind the
scenes do you guys want to jump on board
as well they're getting result x y and z
it becomes extremely easy and there's
none of that resistance as well to when
you're signing up a new client they
don't really trust you fully they don't
know what it's like working with you
those clients that you have know like
and trust you already so they're good to
go for any additional services you have
and that that's one of the top ways to
really boost your revenue quickly so i
think that's going to be the next thing
for you because i think you already have
a pretty good system for generating
clients it's just about maximizing that
client value moving forward
and even maybe expanding your volume of
clients that you reach out to through a
little bit of automation and your
i think that's something we can tok a
little bit about
and yeah i think i'm really excited
about your business because it's growing
pretty fast considering that you know
you're still relatively new in this
you're still learning a lot um and i
think that you're going to build this
pretty big from what i'm seeing so far
so excited to see that yeah man i
appreciate it appreciate you making the
course as well and i hope that people
take this inspiration from the story and
kind of just apply to themselves and not
quit right
it's a it's very hard in the beginning
and i know that you know it's so easy to
just quit and do something else but if
you just stik with something long
enough and you learn from your mistakes
and you can really make it work
yeah yeah that's so true awesome so if
anyone has any additional questions you
can comment those below thanks so much
for doing this call with me christian
i'm glad i got you here i know you're a
busy man and uh when you get to that
next uh level where you're doing 100k a
month we'll jump on a call together and
do another one of these interviews i
look forward to it
yeah definitely thank you donna awesome
man tok to you soon

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