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how do customers buy from shopify

Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

How to test your store and place an order in shopify!

congratulations. you've pretty much set up everything you need to in the store to start thinking about launching live- and something that i have all of my clients do, no matter how big the store is, no matter how big- and i have multi, multi-million dollar stores that i do consulting for- i always have them go through and do a test order. you will always learn something if you take on the perspective of your customer. so this is so important. let's make sure all those pages- the order processing, the taxes, the shipping, the email notifications- are all set up, and not only just set up, but set up to your liking and customized to your liking. this is important. this is from the customer's perspective and we want an amazing customer experience. remember, you cannot do this from a free trial, so make sure you upgrade your store before you do an actual test order. and also, of course, your test order won't be successful unless you're set up to receive payments as well. so make sure you set up your credit card processor. so if you're using shopify payments, which most of you are to start, we're going to do the order in test mode, which is the easiest, but what i usually recommend to people is actually that they place a real purchase order with their real credit card and then they give themselves a real refund, etc. to make sure they know and understand how it all works. so by placing an order in test mode, you're not going to be charged. you know. nothing's going to go through, etc. the only thing that could happen is if you try to print a shipping label for it, you will be charged for the shipping label. so i don't recommend doing that. so for your shopify test order, go down lower left to settings, and then let's go up into payments, and then we're going to want to click manage under shopify payments, or rather complete- oh whoops, there it is- manage. and then you just cruise to the bottom and click enable test mode and of course, you're going to want to click save. obviously, if you get error messages like this along the way, you need to fix them. all right, let's try that again. all right, test mode is enabled. so you know test mode is enabled because it has this little banner here. keep in mind: when this is enabled, you actually cannot use a real credit card to place an order. so i actually want you to go to your store now. add a few products to cart. make sure you pay attention to the user experience and some things to your liking. let's add this one as well. you're looking at your cart page. you like the way it looks. let's proceed to check out. and here's where the real test order work begins. um, this is where you put in your email. i'm going to fill this out. this is where customers select if they want to receive email updates. so i've entered some of my info and if you want to test your shipping for like a certain area, make sure you use an address for that area you want to test shipping in. go ahead and click continue to shipping and check over your shipping methods. i have a flat rate set up here and you know. make sure you like the way your logo looks and all that. click continue to payment. so here's the deal. um, below this video i placed these. these are the test credit card numbers you want to use to check out. when you're in test mode, you can put your name, make up an expiration date and make up a security code and click pay now and you can test discounts and just make sure it all goes through and you get the emails the way that you want to. you can also test a credit card number. that doesn't make sense if you want to see what a declined transaction looks like as well. so after you place the order, you'll be brought to a page that looks just like this. make sure it looks good to you. you don't have much control over this page and that's okay. they do a really good job with it. and then next you're going to want to come here to orders and you should see your test order in the all orders section. it'll look something like this and it'll say test order at the top. and remember not to print a shipping label for the test order unless you want to get charged, which i'm sure you don't. and once you're done with test mode, you can come back in here to payments, click on manage- i got that wrong last time- and then you want to come down here and disable test mode and always click save. so now you know what you need to fix, or maybe you're ready to go- and if you need help fixing anything- that is the reason why i started the facebook group. there's links to it below most of the videos, and make sure you ask me if you have any questions. so now that we've placed a test order, let's get in there and launch that store, woohoo.

What is Shopify and How Does it Work [Shopify Explained]

Are you interested in selling goods online? Are you writing the next great e-book? Or could your new hobby become your next big side hustle? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ve probably come across Shopify. But what is Shopify exactly? And- more importantly -, how does it work? Well, no need to fear, because we’ve put together the ultimate guide to this all-in-one e-commerce platform so YOU can take your business to the next level. What’s good, Mavericks? Welcome back, And if you are new to us, please make sure to subscribe to our channel AND click the bell right here (point over left shoulder). Nothing makes us happier than seeing our community of business-minded, tik-savvy viewers grow each week(nodding: yes, yes, yes). So today’s video starts off with the big question: What Is Shopify? Well, Shopify is a cloud-based software that’s packaged as a service shopping cart solution and allows businesses to set up an online store with little to no hassle. For starters, this e-commerce platform provides users with multiple pricing plans to choose from, making it a suitable option for businesses of all sizes. That means everyone, from startups to enterprise-sized businesses, can benefit from using Shopify’s easy-to-use features, AND there are also plenty of integrations to help grow your business, too. So how does Shopify work exactly. Acting as a cloud-based software, Shopify offers its users monthly subscriptions with access to an admin panel where you can enter your store info, add products and even process orders. The software is also extremely straightforward to use and only comes with a small learning curve for first timers. So don't worry--you can get your online store set up and running with just the click of a button. And for those who love having plenty of options to choose from, Shopify has a wide selection of free AND for-purchase design templates to make your store as stylish as you’d like, Varying from clean and modern to fun and vibrant. the platform’s templates can be tweaked to your liking by using any of Shopify’s editing tools now available at your disposal. This makes it easy to customize any theme to best fit your brand. If the creative freedom isn’t convincing enough, we should probably also mention how a subscription with Shopify includes secure, reliable web hosting for your website. So say goodbye to worrying about your site crashing during peak traffic hours or hackers hijacking your transactions. Shopify’s got you covered. Now that your account is made and your template looks great. the next question is: What can I sell on Shopify? Well, for starters, you can provide your customers with Handcrafted goods, Beauty supplies, Home goods, Outdoors gear, Clothing, Digital products, Online classes, Events, Gift Cards, eBooks And much more. But even with its great versatility, Shopify might still not be for everyone. Like with everything, it’s always important to weigh the Pros and Cons before making a decision. First off, The Pros: Easy To Use. - Low Startup Cost. - Beautiful Themes. - Good For Dropshipping. - Lots Of Support Options. The Cons: Limited Functionality. - Costly Add-Ons. - Transaction Fees - Strained Customer Support. If Shopify still sounds like a great option for your business, you’re probably now wondering How to use Shopify. Well, there are 7 basic ways for you to get the most out of your Shopify subscription, and we’ve broken them down for you right here. 1 - Starting with #1: Look into Shopify payments. If you choose to use Shopify’s in-house payment processor, Shopify Payments, you can actually have the transaction fees waived. Sounds great, but make sure you read through the Terms of Service before you count on enabling the feature. If you’re still interested in learning more about the pros & cons of Shopify Payments, I suggest you read our full artikle linked below, And if you need another payment processor, make sure to check out our website for more information. Next comes number 2 - Utilize Shopify themes & templates. Shopify is best known for its ease of use and modern web design, And at Merchant Maverick we are big fans of the drag-and-drop Section’s Editor. But let’s say you want even more control over your site’s design. Well, Shopify lets you change your template design by editing your site code as well. So for any coding wizards watching, feel free to make your Shopify site as personalized as you’d like. Number 3 - Become multikhannel with Shopify POS. When you sign up for Shopify’s eCommerce store, you’ll automatikally gain access to Shopify POS. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar or a pop-up shop, this software will make running your business easy with its in-house POS system. HOWEVER, if you are becoming a multikhannel merchant WHO SELLS IN-PERSON AS WELL AS ONLINE, Shopify is definitely a great option for you. If you’re interested in more specific information regarding credit card processing and how to use Shopify POS, we’ve written a full review available at the link below. And that now brings us to our 4th option: Try selling digital. Selling digital products allows you to benefit from all the perks of selling online, while eliminating one of its biggest downsides: shipping. By using Shopify’s native digital product features, you can sell downloadable merchandise to customers anywhere. This includes marketing your MP3 files and distributing printables, videos or even ebooks to your clientele. Customers can instantly download YOUR digital products directly from your site, taking your business right into the modern age. Coming up next on our list is Number #5: Start A Blog. Maintaining a blog can work wonders for your online store. Not only do regular blog posts boost your SEO rankings, but they also help build your brand’s identity. Fortunately, Shopify is one of a handful of shopping carts that comes with its own built-in blog features. You can write, edit and publish blog posts right in your admin panel, allowing your customers to get to know YOU a little better. However, while Shopify’s blogging capabilities make it stand out amongst the rest, I should warn you that its features are pretty basic. Nevertheless, a few personal posts here, and there are better than none Following. this is number 6…. Tap Into Shopify Customer Service. Shopify is a leader in today’s e-Commerce industry when it comes to free tiknical support. This includes a handful of services like phone support, email support, live chat, written documentation, video tutorials, webinars and even a community forum for larger discussion. And last, by not least, rounding out our list is Number 7: Shopify’s MANY Add-Ons. Make sure you take advantage of them. While the e-commerce platform comes packed with a whopping 3,500 add-ons, and counting the 3 major ones that users are crazy about include ShippingEasy, Ordoro, a shipping solution, and ShipStation. Of course, there are countless ways to make the most of your Shopify experience, like Shopify Shipping or Integrations with Amazon & eBay, But if we didn’t quite cover all of your Shopify questions or concerns and you’d like to discover more, check out our full artikle currently posted on our website And, in case you want to experience all of these wonderful features yourself, you can sign up for the 14-day FREE TRIAL TODAY. Please be sure to leave us any questions or suggestions you may have right here in the comments section below, And, as always, your personal experience using the software is more valuable than any advice I can give. Thank you for watching and see you next week For other POS or eCommerce solutions. check out our playlists or visit.

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How To Fulfill Orders With Oberlo and AliExpress | Shopify Dropshipping 2020

hey everybody, my name is Baird. welcome to a new video for today, and in this video I'm going to be showing you guys how to fulfill your first order. so congratulations. hopefully you're watching this video because you got your first order on Shopify. if you haven't gotten your first order, but you just want to find out how to fulfill in order for when that first sale does come in, so let me hop into my computer and let me show you guys exactly how I fulfill an order. it's a lot easier and a lot more simple than you think, so let me hop into my computer and let me show you guys exactly how it's done. alright, so we are here in my over low for this one store that I'm running. I've started this story around three days ago and we are already getting some sales, but everything else is blurred out. we are only going to fulfill this one order right here, this one work out punching ball. this is a store that I'm currently taking from absolutely nothing- zero sales, zero pixel data whatsoever- to over a thousand dollars in sales. it is day three. we have currently passed a thousand dollar mark. this store is going to be for my course. I'm showing you guys exactly how I scale a store from zero to over a thousand dollars, and I might even scale the store to ten thousand dollars a month. right now I'm just going to show you guys how beautiful fill in order for this one product right here. the product that we are fulfilling today is a workout punching ball. let's go to the product page. you guys can see right, we were getting it for only a dollar and I'm selling it for 2495 with some upsells. so, but anyways, this person only ordered one for 24.95. so let's go into my or below and I'm going to show you guys exactly how I fulfilled this order. so you need to make sure that you have one in Aliexpress account or if you're using overload to fulfill your orders, you have an overload account, what you already do. but for this one product my supplier is on Aliexpress. so I need to make sure that I have an Aliexpress account and that I am logged in to my Aliexpress account. if you're not logged into Aliexpress account, then your over low extension could mess up. it would just switch a little bit. you have to start all over again. make sure you have the Google Chrome overload extension right here- Aliexpress product importer extension. it'll make it a lot easier for you to fulfill these orders when you have that one extension, and you guys will see exactly what I mean by that. but right now, let's click on order product and fulfill this one order. so I'm gonna go over here. click on order product, wait for Aliexpress to open. it'll add that to the one product page you can see. it selects the variant, clicks on Add to Cart. now it goes to my shopping cart. change the shipping information to that one person. I'm not gonna include their personal details, obviously, but their name is Mauricio Sandoval. and now, once that's already in there, all you have to do is scroll down here. make sure you have the correct shipping time. so right now this is setting 918 days shipping to the US. so actually we're paying an extra $5 79 cents for 9 to 18 day shipping to the US for this product. I do not mind spending an extra $5 79 cents because it gets to their customer a lot faster. I don't want to do 25 days a packet for this one product if I have the opportunity to spend a little bit extra to get it delivered faster, because I care about the customer. the customer comes first. yes, I might lose a couple dollars on the end, but that customer could come back and purchase more from my site. so if I have the opportunity to deliver that one product in a shorter time period, I'm going to do that now. that being said, I also leave a message for my seller saying something like this: I'm drop shipping. do not leave any invoices, QR codes, promotions, blah, blah blah. I am drop shipping. this one product. don't include the receipt for this product. don't include that. it shows that I only spent 688 for this product. make sure that's not in there because I am drop shipping. so make sure you tell your supplier that you're a dropship and make sure you tell them that you are sending this product to someone else. so they don't include that invoices, the QR codes, the receipts, all of that, because that will turn your customer off when they see that this product was only 688 but they spent 24.95 to get it. so once you have all that filled out, you've got your shipping, you've got your message to the seller, you've got your correct information for shipping. then all you have to do is put in your payment method. I have a lipe, so to set up al you pay, you just go into an Express search and Alipay add your credit card and then it will automatikally put in your credit card so you don't have to manually go ahead and type in all your, your numbers, your codes, all that information. you don't have to do when you can just skip that step because it's already put it in there. so once I have all of that figured out, all I have to do now is go down here and click on confirm and pay, and now that it's how you fulfill an order. it's that simple. now it'll process your payment and then, once the updates, I can now go over back here to over low. and once i refresh this one page right here, order number 110- let's go into my orders. let's search it up and boom. right here we fresh the page and now it does not say ordered product like these two. below it says get tracking code. so that means that our order has been processed, it has been put through and Aliexpress has synced with or below, and now over lo has updated. so we have our highly order number right here. we have our product, we have our shipment, we have all of that and now all of our work is done. we just have to wait for an email in a couple days saying your product has shipped and then, once we do receive that email, all we have to do is click on a tracking code. once you click get tracking code, it will update your tracking code and you can either send that tracking code to the customer directly through email or you can have an app that automatikally sends it out to the customer, like after ship or any other app like that I personally use after ship to automatikally send out tracking codes to my customers, because it does it automatikally and I don't have to go in there and send it to the manually. and now I don't have customers in a week or so asking me where their tracking number is. so today's consulting Hall winner is mr best pyro. congratulations, mr best pyro. you commented income. can you explain your thoughts of sales funnels- quit funnels- compared to Shopify? cheers, brother. thank you for your comments. I can definitely make a video toking about click funnels. if you guys want to win a free consult and call with me, all you have to do is one be subscribed to like this video and three comments- EECOM, along with a video recommendation you would like me to make in the future, and you're entered to win a free consulting call. so it's that simple: congratulations, mr vest pyro. you have won today. show me a message on Instagram, give me your phone number and we will tok about whatever you want. it's a free consult and call. so that is how you fulfill an order. it is very simple, very to the point. I made this video because a lot of you guys were actually asking on how to fulfill an order and a lot of Shopify youtubers do not have a video of them actually fulfilling in order. so here it is, guys. I just went through and I have failed in order for you guys. I hope this video helped. if it did, please give me a thumbs up, subscribe if you haven't, and I will see you guys in the next video. peace out.

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How To QUICKLY Fulfill Shopify Orders With Oberlo 2022 | Aliexpress Tutorial

the fastest way to fulfill Shopify orders has been revealed. what is up? everyone Shree Canosa here, and in this video we're going to be diving into exactly how you can fulfill a Shopify orders and what is the most efficient way to get that done. but if you're new to this channel, like always make sure to smash that subscribe button down below. it helps you stay up to date with the content I'm putting on basically every week, and there was a little extra content this mean because three videos have come out, and next week it's going to get even better, because the more time I have, the more videos I can make for you guys. so definitely subscribe and stay up to date with the videos that are about to come, because they're going to be epic and game-changing also. in addition, I have a free Facebook group that is full of EECOM entrepreneurs just like yourself. we're trying to get ahead in the game. so if you're interested in joining a free group full of value, make sure to click the link in the description. it is closer to the end of the description and let's jump right into how to get those orders fulfilled. so for you guys, personally, I have created a draft order and this is the exact order that I am going to be using to fulfill the orders. and, just before continuing, just know that I will be using a bare low to fulfill this order and show you guys how it's done. now I personally have started using drop a fight instead of a bare low, just because it's much cheaper- why don't you start getting orders coming in- and also because it's more efficient to use. but for the beginners, obear low is definitely the number one tool that I recommend to start fulfilling the orders. so let's go to our apps section and go ahead and into overload to see what happens when you get an order. by the way, you don't see a new order here because I created a draft order, but I have placed a new order and that is what we're going to be seeing in no bare low. so let's head down to a bare low and open up a bear look. so here we are in our dashboard and, as you can see, to order, it tells you that you have one order over here. whenever you get orders, Oberto starts to show how many orders you have left to fulfill and once you have fulfilled those orders, they get changed into this tab over here which says in processing, which simply means that the orders are getting processed and have not yet shipped, but are currently in process. so they are going to be shipped soon. but just know that once you do order the product, it goes from two order to in processing. so let's go ahead to our two ordered lists and see what I have ordered. so specifically, I've ordered the yoga mat massager from this tester. I've created and I've also input a customer, a test customer, with the test address. of course, this is going to be a specific customer that is someone else and real for you guys, but for me, since I did it, it's a test customer. so a cool thing that you can do with Oberto: you just click on the customer name over here to see all of their details. so, as you can see the name, country, address, etc. it just gives you an overview of who ordered and who you're going to be shipping the item out to. so it becomes easier for you to handle and keep track of. but our main focus is going to be on this section over here. it tells me that I have to install Alex first via uber law, but for this example, I do not have to do that. in this section over here it tells you the name of the product they ordered, a specific variant for the product which they ordered, and whether there has been tracking number installed or not, and what quantity they ordered and the price. so let's go in and get to the main step, which is placing the order. it's really simple with Oberto. all you have to do is click on place order manually and when you click on that, a new link pops up with a link to the specific product on Aliexpress. and since we did click place order manually, we're going to have to manually select all the variants and enter the address and everything. so let's go back and see which vary in the order. so it's 0-2. so in this case it's going to be this one right here. all you have to do is just click on Buy Now and you'll get taken to the address section. now this is where the customer name and info comes into hand, because we get to just copy and paste all of this stuff right into our section over here and, as you can see, it gives you the option of directly pressing copy, choose, copy all of this to your clipboard. but again, it is super simple: just go ahead and enter all the info for the customer over here and when you scroll down while ordering the product, you want to leave a special message for the seller that is going to be shipping out your item and the message is: please do not include any promotions in this order because um drop shipping this product. this is a really important message that you need to have every single time you're ordering something on Aliexpress. it is because Chinese suppliers usually like to include promotions in their packages- maybe a promotion for a specific product on their Aliexpress account or anything else- and since we're drop shipping, we do not want any promotion sent because our customers are going to find out now. we're kind of ripping them off by ordering their items in Aliexpress and they're not going to be very happy about that. so, to prevent any types of unsatisfied customers, make sure to include this message every single time you're ordering on Aliexpress, just to prevent a lot of charge events. as for shipping, you want to make sure a packet is available. I usually do not list any items on my store which do not have you package shipping, but once you've done that, just go ahead and enter your card info and press confirm and pay. once you have confirmed and paid for the order, you'll see that a specific tracking number gets installed to this order. it is the al Express order number, and if it does not get automatikally updated, all you have to do is just click on add and copy and paste the al Express order ID from your orders page to here, and what that does is it keeps this specific order in track to your Aliexpress order. so whenever the order does get shipped on Aliexpress, you can then sync that order info, such as the tracking number, directly to this specific order and it becomes super easy to control from there. but that is the basic process of ordering and fulfilling orders via uber lo for your Shopify store. a lot of people really get worried and anxious about this part, but trust me, it is really easy and once you get the hang of it it gets even easier and faster. so it may be somewhat hectik in the first few times that you do do it, but later on it's definitely going to become easier and, as I just showed you in this video, the process is really simple. so if you guys do find value in this video, make sure to smash that, like mine, down below. it lets me know that you guys are liking my videos and I should put out even more videos just like these ones, and I'll see you guys next time.

How to Make Your First Sale: A Marketing Checklist for New Entrepreneurs

so you've just launched your online store and in today's video, i'm going to show you how you can make your first sale. the truth is, you won't be able to attract your first customer if you don't drive traffic to your store. that's why, in this video, i'm going to walk you through the ultimate marketing checklist so you can drive highly targeted traffic to your store, start making money and grow your online business. [Music]. welcome back to learn with shopify. i'm your host, michelle. i've worked with over 100 small businesses and getting them started with their shopify stores and making sales. making sales is all about marketing, so today we're going to go over five strategies on how you can drive more traffic to your website. it's definitely a milestone getting your first customers that aren't your friends or family. early sales from targeted marketing tactiks are a milestone in every entrepreneur's career. sometimes we stand in our own way, though. it's easy to fall into the trap of trying to tweak everything on your store to get it perfect. you might think you're improving by nitpicking your brand colors, going back and forth on font choices and overthinking your prices, but what you're actually doing is you're building a business behind closed doors. real improvement only happens when you expose your brand to an audience. you can't know that you're genuinely making improvements until you look at the hard data as to how your audience is interacting with your brand. instead, you should be investing that energy into the most important activity: getting people to your store. once you start driving traffic to your store, you'll get real data to be able to answer your questions. for example, you'll be able to gauge if there's any interest in your products, if your pricing is too high and if people can relate to your brand. try to detach from overthinking the minutia. if your site is already launched, i'm going to challenge you to focus exclusively on getting people to your site over the next 30 days. download the free calendar in the description box below to keep you on track with your marketing for the next 30 days. make sure you're set up with google analytiks before we do any of these steps. that way, you could see what's working and what's not working. first, let's get warmed up with some low-hanging fruit. here are some free, easy ways that you can start getting traffic to your store. consider offering a discount code to entike people to come to your store and then market it on social media. this jewelry brand offered a 25 credit and posted it on linkedin, where people had to fill out a survey and give their email addresses in order to redeem the credit. if surveys are a part of your lead strategy, take this opportunity to collect important information to be able to improve your business. so, for example, you can ask: do you prefer gold jewelry or silver jewelry? or you can ask: do you feel comfortable with shopping for jewelry online? if you haven't done this already, add your store url to your social profiles. you'll want to include this for your business and your personal profiles, like instagram and facebook. even if your audience size is smaller, you'll still want to do this to increase the opportunities that someone can land on your website. market to your personal network. you likely already have some people in your network that would be interested in your product, and that's why it's so common for entrepreneurs to get their first few sales from people they already know. you can post on your social channels, but i highly recommend sending personalized messages to people in your network that reflect your target audience and would be interested in your product offering. even if they don't buy, they're still the perfect candidates to support you by introducing your business to their network and giving you honest feedback. join online communities. don't underestimate the value of dropping a link to your store in the right place. find niche audiences in forums like reddit threads, facebook groups, linkedin groups and shopify's own community. each of these channels is an opportunity to reach people who have organized themselves around specific interests that are related to your product. make sure you adopt a give before you take mentality and that you're adding value and engaging in genuine conversation with these communities. after you've built up a reputation and created authentik connections, then you can drop a link to your store and share any discount codes. with paid advertising, you need to spend money to make money. the best way to get targeted traffic quickly is through paid ads. the good news is that you can spend as little or as much money as you want, and in some instances, you can start with a budget as low as 10. you should choose your advertising channel based on who you're targeting. if you're marketing globally, do some research as to which advertising channels are popular in different parts of the world, but in today's video, we're going to be toking about facebook, instagram, pinterest and google ads. according to pew research, facebook is one of the most popular social networks with the most diverse user base in terms of age, gender, ethnicity and income. you can create facebook ads to target job title, marital status and interest, to name a few. expert facebook advertisers usually focus very heavily on interest targeting. interest targeting is where the magic happens on facebook, because you can target a very niche audience. i would recommend this for store owners who have a very clear idea of who their ideal customer is and what they like. a store that sells t-shirts with cat means, for example, might target people that are interested in cats memes and gift shops united by blue uses facebook advertising to promote their eco-friendly products. in this instance, they can target people who are interested in sustainability and are engaged online shoppers. this is an example of a carousel ad where they promote their different collections. make sure you're checking out our facebook ads for beginners video to get started. instagram is good for marketing to a millennial audience. according to smart insights, instagram has one of the most engaged user bases amongst social networks. with instagram ads, you can drive traffic by showing up in people's feeds or stories. for example, beauty brand folene uses instagram ads to promote their free samples and you can see that this ad has been viewed more than 3 600 times. brandlesscoffee uses instagram ads that focus on the coffee's costs and features here. they use a video ad to drive sales. i would recommend instagram ads for fitness, food, fashion and any vertikals with strong visuals. if you have high quality, entiking photography and you want to market to millennials, this might be the right platform for you. pinterest is an underappreciated channel. it's also the one with the most clearly defined user base. according to pinterest, most of its users are female, and hootsuite cites that many of those users have disposable income. plus, you can drive a significant amount of traffic using both free and paid efforts. using pinterest is like scrapbooking: it's used to plan events and curate wardrobes, so keep that in mind when you're advertising. this ad from third love bra company uses a tall image, which is the preferred format for pinterest. users will click on the ad. then they'll be taken to a landing page where they can browse the product further, from promoted pins to buyable pins, pinterest has so many tools to make marketing easy, so make sure that you're not overlooking pinterest as a way to start making sales. the first thing many people do when they're wanting to buy something is they'll look it up on google. google ads show your website at the top of the results page when customers use a relevant search term. google ads offer a few different options. you have text ads and shopping ads. shopping ads show your product photo and price in an e-commerce format. do keyword research to see how many people are searching for t.


well, what is going on, guys? my name is sari, and welcome back to another video. in this one, I wanted to show you exactly how to import products into your Shopify store, and I know that's very basic for those of you that follow me that are, like, very advanced. but I get a ton of questions about how exactly does this process even work? like, how does how do we do this? it's gonna take me forever to import products. well, I'm going to show you exactly how you can do that. it's very simple and actually much, much quicker than you would ever expect. so I'll show you exactly how to do that and what you'll need, and that's it. so if you like this content, if you enjoy the value and if you love learning these type of things from a reliable source, make sure you hit the subscribe button and like this video. with that being said, I'm gonna happen to my computer and stop wasting any more time. let's do it, alright, guys? so the first step in importing products to your store is actually going to be to have a store. so if you don't have a store yet, I do have a link in the description to get your 14-day free trial for Shopify, and then it'll just prompt you to this screen right here and then you just create your store- super, super easy, very simple- and then you get a free store for 14 days, so it's awesome. and then you know, once you have it all created, you'll pretty much have this dashboard right here that I have. this is kind of a test store that I started for demonstration purposes and then it's your source gonna look just like this. so essentially, what you want to do first is go to your apps on the left here and then go to visit visit Shopify app store right here on the top right, and then you want to download the over lo app- so it's just called over low- and then you just click get perfect, and I already have it. so I just prompts me to the app. but once you download it it'll just pop up here in your list of apps and then right here- you just have overlooked. so when you just click that and you know you can't find products like this- and some people do, but they don't have nearly as big of a selection- like look it, they do have some awesome products, but it's not gonna be as efficient. so this is how I would do it. oh, my god, I have so many pop-ups, it's insane. okay, perfect. so this is how I would do it. I would go to Google first. so well, this is how I do it actually. so you go to Google first and then you type, or below, Chrome extension. so you do need Google Chrome for this, but, trust me, you definitely, definitely want to do this. so you go over here, the pops up and then you add the Google Chrome extension for overload. it's very simple and I already have it added. it's actually right here, this one. I know it's like grayed out right now, but once we are now the Express, it will not be grayed out anymore. so download that and then all you have to do now is simply go to Aliexpress, so Aliexpress com, and right here. this is pretty much where you're gonna source your products, because over licious, it integrates with Shopify so perfectly and there's just pretty much endless products. so let's just pick one from here now. let's just right away pick something that we think is cool. obviously, the best way to do this would be to go follow one of my videos- I probably will link one in the description- for actually finding winning products. but not gonna lie, guys, I have found winners simply by searching on Aliexpress and the best way to do it is to pretty much, for example, go to phonin accessories. this is solely for example purposes, but the ones that have the most orders tip okay. well, what's going on here? it's like not loading anything. so let's just look up fishing. okay, so we looked up fishing quick and here, whatever you look up, it'll pop up on here a cat it like a list of products in that niche or whatever you want to look up, and then right here where it says orders, you want to just click this and it'll filter it by the products that have the most orders. so look at this 300 meter, 330 yards fishing line, but it's got over 20 thousand orders. guys, this is a hot product right here, and I've obviously you might be thinking: well, that doesn't look like a winning product. you don't know that. you have to test it like. please stop thinking that a winning product looks a certain way. it doesn't. I mean, all the waiting product is is a product that's hot and trending and that you know solves a problem ideally, and this solves a big problem, I would. I mean, I'm not to be big fish', so excuse me if that sounds dumb, because it might be. I know this pen, for example. this was a away. this, yeah, this was a huge winning product because it's a little fishing pole in a pen, like: how cool is that, honestly? so that's why you know this. this would be a big winning product, for example, and it's got four thousand two hundred and twenty seven orders. so you know it's turning, it's gotten a lot of orders, so this is something we would want in our stores. so now that we have the overlooks tension on Google right here, okay, all we have to do is go to the product and right here you have this, like I'll move my screen all the way up until the top just for a second and see, see down here, this little blue circle thing. all you have to do is click that. so you click it, oh, and then you see right here where it says product imported successfully. that's how we know it's imported into our over little list. so, guys, now all you have to do literally is click open import list and it's right here. okay, this is the product right here. it's not on your store yet, so bear with me, you just have to give it a title. I would probably just go portable, like copy some of their keywords: pocket mini fishing pole pen, pens with reel, fishing pole pen with reel. okay, just like that. actually, let's not do with reel and we'll add with reel in the description, but anyways. and then we'll just pick a collection. I don't have any collections here, but usually I would have a collection for you know, like, for, like, creative gifts or fishing stuff, you know something like that. so then we do that and then that's pretty much it. you don't want to add a description on here because sometimes overlook glitches when you import the product and it won't like, it won't import the description, and that's happened to me and it makes me really mad, because I spent a lot of time on the description on you and then I imported in. it's completely gone and you're gonna be really mad. so don't do that. and then, right here we just have some additional pics. we can choose which pics we want, so we'll just leave the ones that are in here on default. Bowl will also add a couple more, because I really like these. for example, these are really nice. or that one too, this one, probably because it's being used. I really like when the product is in use. so perfect, we got these imported, so now all you have to do is click, push to shop and now it's in our shop. so let's just go make sure and we go to our Shopify dashboard and you click products right here and then, boom, it's right here. it's the third one, do you see it? so right here we got a our new portable pocket mini fishing pole now. now all you have to do is set a price for it, which obviously we'll just do like $19.99, which is probably expensive to some of you, but like it really isn't, because it has a high perceived value and, essentially, you just want to give it a good description. I'll link the video below of how you can make a solid product description. I just you know this video is about how to import the product, so just go and look at that video. it's exactly how I write my descriptions and it'll really, really work well for you. so just make sure you do that. and this is how easy it is to import price to your store, guys. so if you like this value, if you learned something from this, make sure you are subscribed to the channel. okay, I've dropped videos like this every single day and I'm definitely a reliable source. guys, this month has been my biggest month yet. it's only March. but March 17th and this, these are my numbers for my store: insane right.