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how do google ads work

Published on: December 28 2022 by pipiads

What is Google Ads? How Google AdWords Works in 5 Minutes

to understand how google ads works it's,important to understand,how google works and with google it,always starts with,a person this person has a thought or an,idea,and they have a question of something,they want to search on google,so what do they do they go to google to,try to get this question answered to get,this,pain point solved now this is the key,part when people search on google,they want to find the answer to,something and,this is your opportunity to show your,company to show your product to,show the solution that your business has,to this person's problem and within,google there's what's called the organic,results,and these are the things that google,puts in the search results for free,because it's just really high quality,content and google knows,that it's going to provide a solution,but google puts at the top of the search,results,paid ads and the way to get to the top,of the search results,on these paid ads is through the google,ads platform used to be called adwords,but it sinch,changed its name to google ads so to get,to the top of the search results on,google,you have to pay and i'll explain how,this works in just a minute but let's,recap what happened here someone had a,question,a concern some kind of a pain that they,needed a solution for,they went to google and when they,googled it your company your business,showed up at the top of the search,results at this point you might be,wondering,why use google ads especially because,right below it is the organic,search results which google puts there,for free,wouldn't you rather just be in organic,search results and the answer is,yes it'd be great to be in organic,search results but that is,very very hard to do you have to write,really high quality content,get lots of links pointing to you the,benefit of using google ads is it,accelerates your results and the way it,works is you might tell,google you know what i want my ad to be,on the top of the search results for a,certain,keyword and a keyword is whatever,someone searches in google so for,instance you might tell google i want to,be at the top of the search results,anytime someone,types in the word peanut butter now,google wants to get paid for this,and so what you tell google is i'm,willing to give you one dollar every,time someone clicks on my ad,now you don't pay unless someone clicks,on your ad,now it's a bidding system someone else,might come along and say i'll pay a,dollar 10.,they would go to the top of the search,results and so the more people involved,the higher the bid potentially could be,now it does get a little bit more,complicated than that but the simple,version is,you pay google every time someone clicks,on your ad and the way it works too is,you know,every time someone clicks on the ad it,costs you a dollar if you can make,two dollars on average every time,someone clicks on your ad it makes sense,so a quick example of this is it costs,you a dollar per click,and if on average every 10 people that,click on your website,you make a sale and every time you make,a sale you do 20,in profit you spent 10 dollars to get,twenty dollars in profit,you should do that all day long and,that's how google ads works and part of,the reason why it's so powerful,but it doesn't stop there the other,thing that makes google ads so powerful,is not only can you target very specific,keywords,you can actually target by geography or,what time of the day you want to,show your ads for or what kind of device,someone is using are they using a cell,phone or a computer,so you can get very analytikal and,figure things out,that work for you and your business now,a quick tip if you are selling peanut,butter for instance,you wouldn't want to bid on the keyword,peanut butter because people search,peanut butter for a ton of different,crazy reasons instead you'd want to bid,on a more,targeted keyword like organic 16 ounce,peanut butter because the person that's,searching that is much more likely to,buy your product than someone that's,searching something more generic,this is called a long tail keyword and,is another reason why,google ads can be so powerful another,very important thing to know about,google ads,is you need to split test the message,split test,what's called your ad copy so you might,have an ad,that looks like this but maybe you could,write a better ad and you might want to,try,a second one out so the message and this,is the actual wording that shows up when,someone is about to click on your ad,is very important and google has a,feature that will let you test,different messages and the goal is to,get a message that converts as,high as possible meaning that out of,every 100 times someone sees your ads,how often do they actually click on your,ad you want that number to be as high as,possible,this is called your click-through rate,the better your click-through rate is,the lower google will charge you per,click,so to sum all this up this is what's,called the funnel at the top of the,funnel is,everybody in the world that is searching,peanut butter,now of those people that are searching,peanut butter a small percentage of them,will actually click on your ad and of,those people that click on your ad a,small percentage of them,will actually purchase your product and,that's what's important,you want to try to grow every section of,this as you can,because ideally a hundred percent of,people that search for peanut butter,would go to your website and 100 of,those people would buy your product,it's not realistik so the way to,increase your sales is to increase,the percentage that goes through every,step of your funnel because that'll have,a trickle-down effect,now this is just the tip of the iceberg,for google ads i have a full-on,walk-through tutorial that'll actually,get you down and dirty,in the google ads platform and you can,click right here,to watch that and by the end of this,video right here you will go from a,beginner,to a google adwords expert so make sure,to click that video and i'll see you in,the next video

how I would learn digital marketing (If I could start over)

I started my career in digital marketing,eight years ago and in this tenure I,have worked with clients like prime,minister's office Dubai Sky News Arabia,Nissan Abu Dhabi Emirates hospitals,etisalat and many many more some of,these clients have an annual budget of,10 million dollars and above I have,trained Google support teams all across,the globe for two and a half years I,worked on some training projects with,some prestigious institutions like Amit,University Dubai manipal University,Astro labs and a lot lot more I had a,smooth Journey overall but when I look,back I think that some of the things,could have been even better and that's,what I'm going to discuss in this video,How Will I learn digital marketing if I,could start over the purpose of this,video is not just to tell you what I,think about my career path but it is,actually about answering a lot of,questions which I get through emails and,messages people generally ask me that,how should they learn digital marketing,now these questions generally come from,people who have just started or want to,pursue digital marketing as a career and,want to start from the beginning now if,you go to let's say YouTube or you go to,udemy or any other website to learn,about digital marketing and search for,digital marketing courses you will come,across a lot of things like Google ads,Facebook ads SEO smm programmatik,advertising email marketing affiliate,marketing and it doesn't even stop here,then there is growth marketing,Performance Marketing content marketing,account based marketing ad tik bi,analytiks and I don't know some people,even come up with their own terminology,like drip content strategy and I don't,know what now that being said let's get,started I have divided this roadmap in,nine different steps the first step is,avoid shortcuts and have the right,mindset trust me this is where most of,the people who want to learn digital,marketing get it wrong because when they,go to YouTube Google and all these,resources to learn about digital,marketing they enter this rabbit hole,called how to make money using digital,marketing what happens is when you're,looking for these resources you somehow,end up on the flashy content which toks,about how to make hundred dollars two,hundred dollars with digital marketing,you will end up up on videos which tok,about promises telling you to create,blogs which will make you two thousand,dollars per month within five days you,can start your upwork gigs and whatnot,it's even funny to watch some of these,videos now if all this is wrong if we,have to avoid the shortcuts what is the,right mindset then now I would suggest,to basically research at least five days,to seven days on just what is marketing,just understand what marketing is the,basics of you don't have to go through,the academic books which they teach in,MBA just understand the basic of,marketing probably what is a funnel in,marketing and then you have to,understand why you people use digital,marketing that is the most important,thing you have to just research on why,do people use digital marketing why do,companies use digital marketing what are,the benefits of digital marketing,without anything else just focus on,these topics and at the same time you,have to understand that this process of,learning digital marketing and making a,solid career out of it is going to take,time is going to take efforts it'll have,this path will have some moments where,you'll be frustrated and this is what,you have to kind of understand and,expect from the beginning now once you,are done with that you have a fair,understanding within few days two days,five days or a week then you move to the,next step which is you have to create a,blog or a website now this is very,important because when it comes to,digital marketing ninety percent of the,digital marketing is focused on somehow,taking people to the websites or any,digital property your YouTube channel,your Facebook page but at the end it is,our website now you cannot learn digital,marketing before you understand the,basic building block of the internet,which is a web page now what you have to,do is you can spend like few hours on a,video in order to understand how to buy,a domain from GoDaddy or any other,platform and how to just use a theme and,create a website now you can create a,website as simple as mine which is,Senator V on ads.com where you create a,home page which is which toks about you,just create a contact page to try to add,a form and have the basic idea in this,period you just have to focus on this,how to make your website live for some,people it can take a day a for some,people it can take two days for some,people it might take even four days but,this is what you have to do you don't,have to understand the web development,or anything like that you just have to,be able to kind of buy a domain and,create a website now if you don't have,money to buy a website or a domain which,doesn't cost a lot but still you can go,to resources like Google sites you can,just create a Google site for yourself,now in most cases if your friends and,family have a business and they don't,have a website yet I'm sure if you just,offer anyone that okay I'll buy a domain,for you create a website for free you,just pay for the domain most of the,people will agree even if it's a small,business they'll be happy to have a,website online with their business name,now this leads us to 2.2 now once you're,done with the website what you have to,learn is HTML the basics of HTML I'm not,suggesting to learn the whole HTML,language because it's a world and a,career in its own but to be a solid,digital marketer from my experience,you'll need to be familiar with HTML now,even if you are a non-tiknical person I,don't think it's very difficult to,understand the basics of HTML which you,can do from websites like w3schools now,for example I will even link the,chapters in W3 schools HTML course which,you have to go through which shouldn't,take you more than a day or two and you,just have to understand the basic,functionality because later in your,career when you will come across,tiknologies like add tags and stuff,like that conversion tags it will really,give you an age then most of the people,at that point don't know how what this,is in my experience early in my career,the company actually asked me to do HTML,course and later it was very very,beneficial for me in a lot of ways now,if you have made it to the end of the,second point then you have come a long,way now some people might finish it in a,week or some people might take few weeks,but trust me you have come a long way,and you have created a strong basis so,now it leads us to our third point which,is be an expert and avoid the noise why,I'm saying avoid the noises because this,is where most of the people have faced,problem because as they go and they try,some people tell them okay learn social,media marketing Facebook advertising is,booming some people tell them learn half,marketing some people tell them no,affiliate marketing is the thing you can,start making money from the first day,but if you are here to learn how to,actually be a strong digital marketer,which you can where you can compete with,people where you can have a strong,career where you can even become a,freelance consultant then what you have,to do is you have to avoid all this,noise and become expert in one of the,platforms it can be Facebook ads but I,would suggest to go with Google ads,because from my opinion Google answers,mother of mother and Gateway of all paid,media advertising and why I'm suggesting,any of the paid media platforms is,because if you understand paid media,then affiliate marketing and all those,uh SEO and other things will be way way,easier for you I'm telling you this,people might have different opinions but,I'm telling you this so that's why you,have to choose one paid media platform I,would suggest Google ads for example in,my case early in my career I've worked,on one platform wh

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Stop Wasting Money This Is How Google Ads Works

if you are wasting money on Google ads,and not seeing those results that you,need the problem is not Google ads but,the problem is the way that your Google,ads accounts are structured and the way,that you're optimizing those Google ads,campaigns and the reason for why I know,this is the truth is because year on,year more and more businesses are,increasing the amount of money that they,are spending on Google ads so much so,that by the year 2024 it is estimated,that Google ads will receive over 81,billion dollars in ad spend Revenue,alone and that's the reason why I know,the issue is not Google ads but it's the,way that you've structured your,campaigns or the way that you're,optimizing your campaigns because Google,ads would not continue to grow year on,year if more and more businesses weren't,seeing success with their Google ads,campaigns so because we know that Google,ADS works and that the reason that you,may not be seeing success in your Google,ads campaigns has everything to do with,the way that your campaigns structured,all the way they're optimized in this,video I want to take you through one of,the Core Concepts of how the Google ads,algorithm works and the reason for why I,want to share this is because when I go,through and review different Google ads,accounts time and time again I see a,common error and that is that the Google,ads account and the campaigns are not,being structured correctly so that they,can see success in Google ads because,once you understand this core concept of,how the Google ads algorithm works it,then allows you to be able to step back,and put a strategic pattern into how,you're going to create your Google ads,campaigns but just in case we haven't,met yet my name is Aaron Young from,Define Digital Academy and I'm your 15,000 hour Google ads master and apart,from breaking down a core aspect of how,the Google ads algorithm works I want to,help you a step further just by watching,this video and that is I want to give,you my Google ads optimization checklist,now this is a checklist that I've just,recently updated and it lets you know,exactly how you need to optimize your,Google ads campaigns every 72 hours,every week every month and every 90 days,and if you want to get your free copy,right now all you need to do is to,follow that link in the description,below what you need to understand with,Google ads is that its ultimate goal is,to match the best landing page to the,user search inquiry and what I wanted to,really clarify there is that I said,landing page not website and the reason,for that is because when Google looks at,your website it doesn't look at it as,one big website it looks at it as a,collection of different web pages in,order to match different Search terms to,those different individual web pages and,the reason for why this is so important,because it comes back to that ultimate,goal for Google is that they want the,person to go straight from their search,term right to the exact page which is,going to answer their problem because,Google knows if they can do that more,and more often people will happily use,the Google ad service because they know,when they click on bad it's taken them,to the direct service or product page,that they need which then means that,businesses will continue to invest more,and more in Google ads because,businesses are continuing to grow their,Google ads campaigns because of the,success that it generates for their,business and when you understand this it,makes perfect sense for why Google has,built their Google ads platform with a,core metric called ad Rank and AD rank,has everything to do with user,satisfaction because with Google ads yes,it is an auction but it doesn't function,like other auctions function in that,whoever is willing to pay the highest,price wins that auction because with,Google it's not only the budget or the,amount that you're prepared to pay per,click Google also adds that budget in,with its metric called ad rank to,determine which is going to be the,winning ad for each individual auction,so rather than Google just letting the,business with the biggest budget win,each and every auction Google uses this,formula to determine the winning ad and,that is CPC rank Plus ad rank equals ad,position and let me show you how Google,explains this so Google gives the,example of imagining that you had a,group of advertisers and they had an ad,rank of 80 50 30 10 and 5. and then,Google deems that for that individual,auction in order to show above the,search results so in those paid ad,sections you need an ad rank of 40. so,what this would then mean is that out of,these five advertisers only two of them,meet the minimum standard of 40 or,higher so when you look on this table,that Google gives is it Advertiser a,would win this auction because it's got,an ad rank of 80. Advertiser B would,come second with an ad rank of 50 and,advertisers C and D would have no chance,to appear at the top of those search,results and the reason for that is,because regardless of how much they are,willing to spend their ad rank is too,low to qualify AI for that individual,auction and finally I want you to look,at the bottom of this page where it says,to improve the share of the top or,absolute top of the search results it,first tells you that you need to improve,the quality of your ads and your landing,page experience but notike this is,positioned above the recommendation to,increase your bid,so the biggest take-home message is that,ad rank is more important than,increasing your budget and this is,something that you hear me say time and,time again right here on my YouTube,channel is that the budget that you've,got in your Google ads campaign only,magnifies the current results so if you,want to improve the performance of your,Google ads account you don't do this by,increasing your budget you do this by,increasing the quality of your ads and,the quality of your optimizations and,Google itself also clearly states this,where it says better ads means better ad,rank so now that you know that the core,aspect of seeing better success with,your Google ads campaigns is by focusing,on the quality of your ads and also the,quality of the landing page experience,that you're sending people to when they,click on your ads what I want to do,right now is to break down the Three,core things that you can do to increase,their ad rank in your campaign and the,first thing to focus on is your,click-through ratio and this is because,Google clearly states that it takes into,account your ads expected click-through,ratio now obviously they get that,expected click-through ratio looking at,the past performance of your account so,what you always need to be focusing on,is ways that you can increase your,click-through ratio and the reason for,why your click-through ratio is so,important is because remember Google,gets paid not when someone sees your ad,but when someone clicks on your ad and,if the ads in your account have a very,low click-through ratio why would Google,worry about showing your ads when they,know that it's a very low chance of,getting clicked on Google will always,focus on showing ads that have a high,click-through ratio because this,increases the chances of them getting,paid so in order to increase your,click-through ratio so that you can get,a higher click-through ratio than your,competitors you need to create ad copy,that focuses on the user's search term,so you want to make sure that your ad,copy clearly stays dates and mentions,the keyword that the user has used and,then throughout your ad copy you do want,to give a little bit of extra,information and this is the extra,information that you've got in your,headlines and your descriptions and it's,giving the user that extra confidence,that if they click on your ad they're,going to be taken to a web page which is,exactly what they're looking for whether,that be a specific product or a specific,service and then finally to increase,your click-through ratio you want to,make sure


How Google Ads Works in 2023

welcome to my free 10 part Google ads,teaching series called get Google ready,in 2023 and in this video series I'm,going to be taking you through not only,how to correctly set up every single,type of Google ads campaign that you,will need but also showing you the,process of how you go through and,optimize these campaigns and what my,hope is is that throughout this free,teaching series is that I can save you,money and also help you generate more,sales and conversions for your business,so that you can see success with Google,ads in 2023 but before I go through and,show you how to correctly set up all of,the different types of campaigns and,optimize those campaigns the first,important step is that you need to have,a basic understanding of how Google ADS,works so in this first video I want to,break down three core principles that,you need to know about Google ads before,we get into that teaching though just in,case we haven't met yet my name is Aaron,Young from Define Digital Academy and,I'm your 15 000 hour Google ads master,and I've been running profitable and,successful Google ads campaigns since,2010. so everything that I'm going to be,teaching in this series comes not only,from a wealth of experience but also the,most up-to-date practikes that are,working in Google right now and to help,you along the way I want to give you a,free gift which is access to my Google,ads optimization checklist and this will,let you know exactly what you need to be,optimizing in your Google ads campaign,every 72 hours every week every month,and every 90 days and to get your access,today all you need to do is to follow,that link in the description below but,right now let's get into these three,core understandings that you need to,have about Google ads now obviously this,is just going to be a top level,understanding we're not going to go into,all the intricacies but to be honest you,don't need to know all of those exact,things you just need to know a basic,understanding of these three items and,the first thing you need to understand,about Google ads is that it is question,based in that that when a user completes,a Google search Google will quickly run,an auction on all of the advertisers,that are bidding for that keyword and,then display the winning ads but the,good news is is that this auction is not,just based on money so it doesn't,automatikally mean that the business,with a bigger budget is going to win and,let me show you what I mean right now,the first part of this is someone was to,complete a search for iPhone 14 case you,see through here you've got these four,ads which appear before you see the,official Apple website and this is what,happens in an auction so you can see,once someone completes the Searcher you,can see there was millions that may even,be billions sorry I'm not 100 sure of,results and that was all calculated in,about half a second so this auction,happens really really quickly and it,takes in all of the different,advertisers and all of the different,results which are bidding for that,search term iPhone case so we know,that's how the search works but let me,now show you how the auction process,works from here and the good news is,that in Google ads the highest bid does,not always win and the reason for that,is because Google uses a formula to,calculate the number one position and,this works off the formula of your CPC,bid times your quality score and that,equals your ad rank now the reason for,why this is so important for Google is,because Google has a platform ultimately,they want people to find highly relevant,ads and highly relevant landing pages,that are related to their search term,because Google knows that if someone was,to search for iPhone cases and then all,of the ads were for Samsung cases or for,buying a new phone and if people started,clicking In Those ads and it wasn't,taking them through to a relevant ad or,a relevant landing page to their initial,search term that people would lose,confidence in the platform and stop,clicking on those ads so that's why as,an Advertiser if you've got highly,specific ad copies and highly specific,landing pages you can beat the larger,advertisers so with Google ads you need,to remember it's not like a house,auction where the person with the most,amount of money wins in that with Google,ads the auction is based on ad relevance,so a core understanding within Google,ads is that you need to always make sure,that your ad copy and your landing pages,are relevant to the Search terms which,you are targeting the second core,understanding that you need to have,about Google ads is that yes Google ads,is based on search however your,targeting options for Google ads is not,just around keywords and there's,actually four core targeting options,that you can have in Google ads and this,is your keywords your audiences and,demographics your devices and also the,time of the day or the day of the week,and this means that you're able to,Target people not only on this keyword,that they use but also you're able to,Target them based on their demographics,and interests also the devices they're,using whether they're completing the,search on their mobile phone or computer,and then also based on the time of the,day or the day of the week and this is,especially important for if you're,running a service based campaign say for,example you're a plumber or an,electrician and you only want to be,receiving inquiries at certain times of,the day and days of the week you can,Target your ads to only appear between,six o'clock in the morning through six,o'clock at night from Monday to Friday,and right now I'm going to take you,through those other options so I think,most people have an understanding of,that you can use different keywords to,Target your ads in Google ads so for,example in here we've got waste skip,bins and Skip in higher so the other,area that I wanted to touch on is,firstly that you can Target your ads by,audiences and what this means is that,you can go through and add in some,different audiences to your campaigns,and then once you've added in these,audiences you can then come through and,review their results so you can see from,here I've gone through and added in some,different bid adjustments where I'm,focusing in more Budget on the best,performing audiences and the reason why,I've done that here is that because,these are the ones which are generating,the most conversions and I'm happy with,their acquisition costs and what you can,also do is you can also go through and,add in some extra exclusions so if you,see any audiences which are having a,high cost but with no performance and,you can do the same on your demographic,Space by age gender and household income,so for example in your household income,if you were to see that there's a high,level of spend and a high cost per,conversion in different areas you can,then once again go through and edit the,bid adjustments or if you wanted to you,can even go through and exclude a whole,income bracket from that ad group or,campaign and just so you know this is,where Google is getting the data from if,you go to,myadcenter.google.com you can actually,see these are the different audiences,which Google has about me and what this,is based on this is based on my previous,search history and you can see through,here that I've been doing some searches,around about mobile phones I've just,recently changed my mobile phone I'm,also looking at updating my computer,computer because it's coming up to the,holiday season at the time of recording,this video we've been searching some,different flights and also different,hotels and resorts to stay at and then,it just continues to go on as we go down,the list so they're the options that you,have in your Google campaign is that you,can go through and add in these,different audience segments so that,you're not only now targeting people who,complete certain searches you're also,targeting people who are completing,searches who have different types of,search histor

Google Ads Tutorial 2022 [Step-by-Step] Adwords

so in this complete tutorial i'm going,to walk you through step by step showing,you how to run and operate google ads,now whether you are a complete beginner,uh or maybe you've already run ads on,different platforms this video is going,to be all inclusive for anyone and,everyone looking to run ads through,google's services uh and i know this can,look somewhat intimidating at first i,know certainly when i first started,running ads i actually had to watch,similar tutorials to this one and it,really helped jump start the process it,ended up saving me thousands of dollars,because i was able to uh you know learn,things that maybe would take much longer,if you try to do it on your own so the,goal here for this video is to teach you,every step of the process uh get you,running your first google ad then we'll,tok about different types of conversion,rates we'll tok about target conversion,rates we're going to tok about the ad,styles that google has and then we'll,also tok about keywords how do we do,keyword research how do we find the,right keywords to target,and then how do we set up more ads after,that so that we can do split testing a b,testing don't worry if i'm just kind of,speaking like some different words that,you don't know don't worry we'll explain,all of those later on throughout this,video,and if at any point you feel like i'm,toking too fast you can always go back,re-watch it or just slow it down to 0.75,speed i know sometimes i get a little,bit excited i love doing this and so i,tok a little bit fast by accident so,let's go ahead let's get started with,this video um and so the first thing,that you're going to want to do is,you're going to go to,ads.google.com i have my computer right,here and i'm going to walk you through,every step of the process now once,you're on ads.google.com you can go over,and sign into your google account i'm,assuming that you already have a google,account if you don't you can just make a,gmail very quickly,and if you want to follow along,throughout this video i would suggest,that but you can certainly just watch,this and then go ahead and try to,replicate this and make your own google,ads after this tutorial uh maybe,consider taking out a pen taking out a,piece of paper writing a few things down,just so that you don't forget them so,let's go ahead let's sign into our,google account and then we're going to,jump into this process so we're going to,go ahead and sign in right here all,right and we're going to create a new,google ads account i'm assuming you,probably don't have one now so we can,just click on new google ads account,and now we're going to,be prompted with this this interesting,thing that google's been doing in the,past couple of years where they now try,to kind of like throw you through this,gauntlet of like different questions and,they try to set you up to make your own,ad because they know that their ad,platform is a little bit confusing,that's probably why you ended up on this,tutorial because maybe you looked at and,said this is a little bit confusing um,and so instead of doing all of this and,going through what google wants us to do,we're going to scroll down and we're,going to find switch to expert mode,right here and the reason why we're,doing this is because if you go through,google's little thing that they want you,to go through i find that people end up,spending more money because google they,make money when you run ads on their,platform so they're going to convince,you to spend more money than you have to,i would suggest just switching to expert,mode so that you can skip most of that,and just get started running ads and,don't worry i'll show you every step of,the process here so let's go ahead let's,click on switch to expert mode,and once we do that we're going to see a,variety of different options for what,type of ads we want to run and what,we're really going for right and so,typically i end up just clicking on,website traffic you can certainly you,know if you are looking for just leads,and you're looking for someone's phone,number perhaps you're looking for,someone's email and maybe a real estate,agent or,you are a plumber then maybe you want to,go for leads you can go for sales,website traffic right product and brand,consideration uh you can go for local,store visits and promotions app,promotion brand awareness and reach,which is like a just very general thing,i personally would suggest going for,website traffic we run almost all of our,campaigns just as website traffic get,them to our site maybe it's to a,specific landing page conversion page it,gives us more leeway and it gives us,more options overall when we choose,website traffic but you can certainly,read the different type of campaign,types which we'll tok about each one of,these like search display shopping video,discovery right if we're going for leads,you're going to see they have some,different options there right if you're,going for brand awareness you have,display your video app promotion your,campaign type is app right so you want,to look at the campaign types and what,type of ad you want to run we're going,to click on website traffic here now,this is when we get into selecting a,campaign type this is going to be a very,important part of the video okay because,you want to understand each one of these,different types of advertisements,because this is going to significantly,affect your campaign and the way that,you're running ads so the first one that,we have in the one that we typically,choose is going to be google search ads,these are the basic google search ads,you've probably seen so many of these,it's probably what you think of when you,think of google ads uh just to show you,here let's say that um,i'm i'm going to be,marketing my marketing agency right and,so if you want an example of this search,ad we could say,marketing,agency uh,new york right,and when we do this we're gonna see,these three right up here at the top,these are all basic google search ads,this is the first option here right so,search ads right here,these are going to be the ones right,here we just see the basic text right,and it comes up when somebody searches,in google your ad will come up in one of,these three sometimes there's four,sometimes there's two it depends but,those are the basic google search ads,the reason why i like search ads is,because it's going to give you exactly,what you want for people who are,searching for something very specific so,when somebody searches marketing agency,new york i know that i can come up in,that specific spot versus a display ad,which might pop up um,across the web right so maybe you're,reading a blog or maybe you are,on some news website and you see an ad,that pops up on the side that's,typically what is known as a display ad,typically there's going to be some,pictures there's going to be like this,box you can click on sometimes people,call these banner ads as well,we're not that's not something that i,really do too much of because we like to,focus on search and then what we like to,do is branch out into these other types,of ads and this is what i would suggest,doing as well for people who are getting,started with google ads start with,search then you can branch out into the,others once once you nail down search if,you don't want to do that then i would,suggest nailing down at least one of,these like maybe you want to focus just,on display nail that down first get that,down to a science first and then you can,branch into the other ones don't try to,manage all of these different types of,ads at the same time in the first week,just trust me on that you want to start,with one and then branch out then we,have shopping ads,and so because we're trying to get,website traffic you're not going to see,this one available to us right here at,the moment but shopping ads this is also,something that,for example let's say that we wanted to,go for some organic um,protein powder right,and if we want to get organic protein,powder and we

How Google Ads Works - Google Ads Explained in 10 Minutes

what's up everyone welcome to the,Surfside PPC YouTube channel today I'm,gonna be going over how Google Ads works,so you might have the question how does,Google ads actually work how does it,process all of these different,advertisements for every time someone,goes into Google and they search a,keyword so I'm gonna go through this,today so you can really understand how,it works so when you're setting up your,campaigns it helps you to really,understand some of the things that,Google is looking for when they do,process searches and display,advertisements so let's get into this,right now and we'll get started here,there's three basic parties when it,comes to Google Ads there's the customer,the person searching you can call them,whatever you want to but it's the person,that goes to Google that types in a,keyword there are advertisers so,advertisers are bidding on those,keywords now there's other ways to,target your ads but just to keep this a,little bit more simple the main way that,people do target their advertisements in,Google Ads is by targeting keywords and,then there's Google so Google has to,process the keywords that were typed in,and the advertisers that will be,eligible to show their advertisements,through the Google ads auction so we're,gonna get started here so you start with,the customer in the searcher so the,customer searches keywords in Google so,they come to Google they type in a,keyword here so the example I'm gonna be,using for this video today is let's just,say someone goes to Google they want to,find new farmhouse shelves for their,homes so they come here they search farm,house shelves and they click on Google,search so next what happens is,advertisers bid on keywords in Google,ads so once you set up your campaigns,they're always running in Google ads,until you pause them or if you run out,of your budget,so when you're running your campaigns if,you're an advertiser you select this,keyword to bid on so farm house shelves,the brackets around the outside indicate,that this is an exact match keywords so,there's some different keyword match,types I'm not gonna go through that in,this video you can find other videos on,my channel that go through the different,keyword bash types in Google ads and,what advertisers do is they set bids for,their advertisements so let's just say,an example bid here is $1.00 so an,advertiser is willing to spend $1 per,click on their advertisement so next,what happens is Google is going to start,showing ads in the search results based,on ad rank so some of the different,ads that might show you're gonna see,some shopping ad examples here so for,anything related to products any type of,search that can return an e-commerce,type shopping product you're gonna see,these shopping ads or product listing,ads usually listed at the top of search,results and these are all advertisements,so Etsy Home Depot Amazon all of them,are displaying different types of,farmhouse shelves now these are targeted,a little bit differently these are,actually targeted using a product feed a,little bit more advanced feature of,Google ads but the ones down here so,cherish calm and overstok.com you're,gonna see vintage farmhouse wall shelf,and from overstok farmhouse shelves so,these are companies that are actually,bidding on keywords related to farmhouse,shelves so when I type that keyword in,or when someone comes in they type in,farmhouse shelves these advertisers have,a bid set for a keyword like this,farmhouse shelves and now their,advertisements are displaying so they're,trying to drive traffic to their website,to a landing page on their website so,hopefully someone does purchase from,them that's ultimately the goal of,Google ads now one thing to keep in mind,is Google shows ads in the search,results based on ad rank so if you're,not familiar with ad rank here's a quick,explanation so ad rank is a combination,of an advertisers keyword Quality Score,and their bid so Google takes into,account keyword quality score which is,based on three major factors ad,relevance so how relevant the actual,advertisement is to the keyword that is,searched,expected click-through rate so looking,at an advertisers history and what their,expected click-through rate is for that,keyword when someone types in a specific,search into Google and landing page,experience so on someone's driving,traffic to their website what the actual,experience is on the landing page for,that website so those are the three main,factors that make up ad rank and what,happens is in there's a Google Ads,auction so every time there's a search,in Google if you go to Google right now,and you type in any search that's gonna,display advertisements it's gonna,quickly process this Google Ads auction,which takes into account each,advertisers bid and their quality score,to determine where ads will show in the,search results so this is just a quick,little example,what Google is gonna do is determine ad,rank for all these different advertisers,that are bidding on the same keyword so,let's just say you have five different,advertisers bidding on the same keyword,you can have anywhere from 10 15 20,different advertisers that are trying to,show for the same keywords especially in,really competitive industries,so this advertiser right here is gonna,get the first position in the ads,results because they have the highest,quality score and the best bid for that,individual keyword this last one over,here is gonna get the last position,because usually that means you're either,bidding way too low or your quality,score is too low now Quality Score is a,huge factor so advertisers that have,really high quality scores can actually,bid less and still get the first,position here so you can have a better,ad rank if you have a better quality,score Google will give an advantage to,advertisers if we come back here real,quick that have really relevant,advertisements that have really high,click-through rates for the keywords,that they're targeting and then have,great landing pages for every keyword,that they're targeting so if you see,here there's there's five total,advertisers that are trying to get this,top position here but what's gonna end,up happening is some of these different,advertisers are gonna end up in a second,position the third position the fourth,position and the fifth position just,based on their ad rank so their bid,isn't high enough or their quality score,isn't high enough or some combination of,both so if we come over here to Google,Ads I have a quick example search,campaign so this is gonna be the same,thing the same keyword that I was just,showing you farmhouse shelves so let's,just say for example I click on the,search campaign I come in here what you,want to do is separate your keywords,into different ad groups that's gonna,help you maximize your quality score to,make sure that you're driving traffic to,the best possible landing pages and to,make sure that your advertisements are,as relevant as possible so if we come in,here to this ad group farmhouse shelves,what we can do is see some of the,different keywords that we're targeting,so you can see farmhouse shelves,farmhouse shelving farmhouse floating,shelves over here this is the bid that,we have right now so we have a max CPC,bid for each of these keywords this is,our average cost per click for all these,keywords this is how many conversions,we've driven on our website and if we,come over here so one thing you can do,when you're in your campaign is you can,come over to columns and you can click,on modify columns and if we scroll down,you,see there's quality score right here so,once you start getting more data in your,campaign you can look at your quality,score you can look at your expected,click-through rate your landing page,experience and your add relevance so,this is gonna give you a good idea of,how Google looks at your campaigns so,you can see right here I have quality,scores of 8 out of 10 for most of these,keywords and then farmhouse floating,