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how do i get rid of ads in google chrome

Published on: July 7 2023 by pipiads

Hey guys, in this video I'm going to show you how to disable pop-up ads on your Chrome browser. Let's get started and let me show you the problem.

- Demonstrating how to disable pop-up ads on Chrome browser

- Showing the issue with pop-ups through a pop-up test website


1. Click on the three dots on Chrome browser and go to Settings

2. Click on Advanced Settings and then Privacy and Security Settings

3. Click on Site Settings and then Notifications

4. Remove all websites from the Allow section except for Google websites

5. Disable the option for pop-ups and redirects

6. If you don't want any notifications, unselect the button

7. Remove any unknown websites from the Allow section

- Pop-ups will be blocked for the chosen website or all websites if no Allow section is present

- Demonstrated how to disable pop-up ads on Chrome browser

- Encouraged viewers to enjoy the video and tune in for the next one.

How to block ads on Google Chrome for good 🔥 My top 6 tools

Don't you just hate ads? They can be annoying and invasive, and no one wants their online activities tracked. But fear not, as there are plenty of ad blockers out there to help you fight back and enjoy a cleaner browsing experience. In this article, we'll explore some of the best ad blockers and VPNs with built-in ad blockers on the market.

Ad Blockers:

1. AdBlock

- Been around for over a decade and still considered the best ad blocker

- Simple and dependable browser extension

- Can block all ads or specific ads

- Easy to customize

2. Ghostery

- Blocks ads and trackers effectively

- Great option for the modern internet market

- Allows for customization with opt-out buttons

3. uBlock Origin

- User-friendly option source blocker

- Uses very little memory

- Can effectively block any advertisements encountered

- Offers content filtering ability

VPN with Built-in Ad Blockers:

1. NordVPN

- High-quality VPN with its own ad blocker, CyberSec

- Great at blocking annoying ads and protecting against botnet control

- Supported in all platforms

2. Surfshark

- Similar performance to NordVPN

- Offers its own ad blocking software, CleanWeb

- Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

3. Windscribe

- High-quality VPN experience with R O B E R T, a customizable server-side domain and IP blocking tool

Ad Blockers to Avoid:

1. uBlocker

- Redirects users to sponsored sites

- Not a true ad blocker

2. Hola Ad Remover

- Entirely free, which means you are the product

- They need to make money somewhere

With so many ad blockers and VPNs with built-in ad blockers available, there's no reason to suffer through annoying and invasive ads online. Just be sure to avoid the ones that are not true ad blockers and always support your favorite websites and content creators by pausing your ad blockers when on their page or watching their content. Happy browsing!

how to stop pop up ads and notification on google chrome

Hi friends, welcome to Technical Cheez with Avaneesh Kumar. In this video, we will be discussing how to block or terminate pop-up notifications and ads on the Chrome browser. So, let's get started!

- In this video, we will learn how to block pop-up notifications and ads on the Chrome browser.

Steps to block pop-up notifications:

1. Open your Chrome browser and click on the three dots.

2. Click on Settings and then go to Site Settings.

3. Look for the Notification option and click on it.

4. Block the notification of the sites you don't want to receive notifications from.

5. Click on Block and also block the sound option.

6. Now, these sites will be blocked and you will not receive any notifications from them.

Steps to block ads:

1. Look for the Ads and Pop-ups option in the Settings.

2. Simply click on Ads and block them.

3. Similarly, if pop-ups are allowed, block them too.

4. You can also block the sound recommendation by muting all options.

- In this video, we learned how to block pop-up notifications and ads on the Chrome browser.

- We hope you found this video helpful.

- Don't forget to share this video with others and subscribe to our channel for more such tricky videos.

- Thank you for watching and see you in the next video. Bye!

How To Stop Pop Up Ads And Notifications On Google Chrome Android

Today we will be discussing how to stop pop up ads and notifications on Google Chrome while browsing websites. Pop up ads can be really annoying and can interrupt important tasks. These ads are generated by websites to earn revenue from ads. Notifications can also be bothersome, especially if they are irrelevant or spammy.

Tips to stop Pop up ads and Notifications:

1. Disable notifications from a specific website by long tapping on the notification and disabling the button by the right to block the site from sending notifications.

2. Permanently stop notifications by going to Google Chrome settings, selecting notifications, and turning off the on button at the top.

3. Stop notifications for specific websites by disabling the button for each site.

4. Delete sites from your saved list by tapping on the site, selecting additional settings, and tapping on clear and reset.

5. To stop pop up ads, go to Chrome settings, select pop ups and redirect, and turn off the button to stop the pop up ads and redirects.

6. To block ads from infringing and misleading websites, go to site settings, select ads, and disable the button.

By following these tips, you can stop pop up ads and notifications on Google Chrome, and have a better browsing experience. It is important to note that blocking notifications for all sites may not be recommended as some sites may have important notifications that you need to receive.

How to get rid of ads on Google Chrome | Updated

Title: How to Remove Ads on Google Chrome: An Alternate Route

In this article, we will show you an alternate way to remove ads on Google Chrome. Sometimes, the ad company or ad app is not visible in the extensions, making it difficult to get rid of the ads. We will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to uninstall the program with keywords related to ads.


1. Click on the three bars on the top right corner of Google Chrome

2. Go to settings

3. Click on extensions

4. Look for programs with keywords related to ads such as ads, companion ads, or advertisements

5. Click on the trashcan icon next to the program to remove it from Google Chrome

6. If the program is not visible in the extensions, go to the Windows Start button

7. Click on control panel

8. Look for programs and click on uninstall program

9. Wait for the list to load and search for a program with keywords related to ads

10. Click on the program and click on uninstall

11. Run through the uninstallation process

12. Double-check Google Chrome to ensure the program is not in the extensions

13. Run Avast and restart your computer

14. The ads should now be removed from your system and Google Chrome

Removing ads on Google Chrome can be frustrating, especially when the ad company or app is not visible in the extensions. However, with these step-by-step instructions, you can easily remove the program with keywords related to ads. Remember to double-check Google Chrome and run Avast before restarting your computer. We hope this article has been helpful in getting rid of annoying ads on Google Chrome.

How to Remove Unwanted Ads from Google Chrome?

Is Your Google Chrome Browser Filled with Unwanted Ads? Here's How to Remove Them

Are you tired of seeing unwanted ads on your Google Chrome browser? Not only are they annoying, but they can also promote malicious products. In this guide, we will show you how to remove all kinds of unwanted ads from your Chrome browser. From changing settings without your permission to unwanted pop-up ads and browser redirects, we've got you covered.

Steps to Remove Unwanted Ads:

1. Remove Malicious Programs from Your PC:

- Check for any malicious software installed on your PC that could be messing with your Chrome browser.

- Open the Control Panel and click on Uninstall a program.

- Uninstall any programs that you don't use or don't remember installing.

2. Remove Malicious Extension from Chrome:

- Malicious extensions can cause trouble on the Google Chrome browser.

- Identify and remove such extensions by clicking on the menu button, then hovering over More tools, and selecting Extensions.

- Remove any extensions that you don't use or don't remember installing.

3. Reclaim Your Hijacked Settings:

- Hijackers can change your default home page, new tab, or search engine to show you unwanted ads.

- Reclaim your settings by clicking on Chrome's menu button, then clicking on Settings, and selecting Appearance from the left side panel.

- Add the URL for your home page and remove any unwanted search engines.

- Remove anything under Open a specific page or set of pages in the On startup section.

4. Enable Pop-up and Redirection Blocking in Chrome:

- Pop-up and redirection blocking in Chrome browser are enabled by default, but a malicious extension or hijacker could disable it.

- Open Chrome settings, click on Privacy and security, and then click on Site settings.

- Scroll down and click on Pop-ups and redirects.

- Use the toggle button to block the pop-up and redirects.

5. Reset Push Notification Permission:

- Malicious websites are now using the push notification service to send you malicious links.

- Reset the permission by clicking on Chrome's settings, then clicking on Privacy and security, and selecting Site settings.

- Click on Notifications under the permissions section.

- Disable the option for sites to ask to send notifications or enable the Use quieter messaging option.

- Remove any websites that you don't want to receive push notifications.

6. Consider Ad Blocking Extensions:

- If you want to disable all ads entirely from the Google Chrome browser, you can consider ad blocking extensions.

- However, we suggest that you don't use them as many content creators solely depend on advertisements.

- Search for adblock on the Chrome Web Store and install the extension.

7. Use a Strong Anti-Malware:

- Always have a robust anti-malware suite with good real-time protection on your computer.

- Scan your PC with an anti-malware like MalwareFox Anti-Malware to remove adware, hijackers, and malicious extensions.

By following these steps, you can remove all kinds of unwanted ads from your Google Chrome browser. Remember to use a strong anti-malware to prevent any future unwanted ads. If you found this guide helpful, don't forget to like and share it with your friends. Stay safe and secure online!

How to Block Pop-ups in Chrome (2022) - Block Advertisements

How to Block Pop Up Ads in Google Chrome Browser

In this article, we will be discussing a simple trick to block pop-up ads in Google Chrome browser without downloading any extension. If you are tired of seeing annoying advertisements on your screen while browsing the internet, this article is for you.


1. Open Google Chrome browser and click on the three dots on the top right corner.

2. Click on Settings and then on Privacy and security.

3. Scroll down and click on Site settings.

4. Click on Notifications and disable notifications for websites that you do not recognize or do not need.

5. You can also add specific websites to the allowed list if you need notifications from them.

6. Scroll down further and click on Pop ups and redirects.

7. Disable pop-ups and redirects to block all kinds of ads and pop-ups on your browser.

8. You can manually add specific websites to the allowed list if you need pop-ups from them.


- Remove all websites from the allowed list that you do not recognize or need.

- If you want to receive notifications from a website, add it to the allowed list manually.

- You can always turn off notifications and pop-ups completely if you do not need them.

Blocking pop-up ads on Google Chrome browser is easy and can be done without downloading any extension. Follow the simple steps mentioned in this article to get rid of annoying ads and pop-ups on your screen. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more helpful videos.

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