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how do i turn off etsy ads

Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

Finding and Turning off Off-Site Ads on Etsy

In this article, we will discuss how to find your stats from offsite ads and how to turn off off-site ads on Etsy.

Finding Your Stats:

1. Go to your Etsy shop manager.

2. Click on Stats.

3. Scroll down below How Shoppers Found You.

4. Click on See Traffic and Sales Driven by Off-Site Ads.

5. This will take you to your ads dashboard, where you can see the number of times your ads were shown, how many orders and clicks they generated, and more.

Turning off Off-Site Ads:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click on Off-Site Ads.

3. Click on Stop Promoting My Products to turn off your off-site ads.

While it is possible to turn off off-site ads, it is currently free for sellers to use until the end of the month. It may be worth keeping an eye on the cost versus the sales generated before making a decision to turn them off.

Do you need to use Etsy off site ads? How to decide and how to turn them on and off.

In this article, we will be discussing off-site ads on Etsy, whether they are necessary, and whether you should use them. The author has three different Etsy shops with varying settings for off-site ads. We will take a closer look at each shop and the author's reasoning behind their decisions.

Off-site Ads and Etsy:

- Off-site ads are optional until you reach $10,000 in sales in the past year.

- Once you reach this threshold, you must use off-site ads and cannot opt-out.

- Etsy advertises heavily on Google ads, and off-site ads can compete with your website.

- The author's main Etsy shop generates most of their sales, and they cannot turn off-site ads off.

- The author has moved some items from their Etsy shop to their website to avoid paying the off-site ads fee.

- Off-site ads can be found in the Settings section of your Etsy shop.

What are Off-Site Ads?

- Off-site ads are ads that Etsy chooses to advertise on Google, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

- You have no control over what Etsy chooses to advertise.

- If someone clicks on your listing from an off-site ad and buys something, you will pay a fee of 12% (if you are locked into the program) or 15% (if you are using it optionally).

- If someone clicks on someone else's listing in an off-site ad and then comes to your shop and buys something, you do not pay the fee.

Using Off-Site Ads:

- In the author's digital shop, they have off-site ads turned on because they do not have to physically make anything.

- In the author's vintage shop, they do not have off-site ads turned on because vintage items are specific and people can find them on Etsy or Google.

- When considering whether to use off-site ads, look at your profit margins and whether the fee will eat into your profits.

- If you have a website, consider whether you want to compete with yourself in ads.

Off-site ads on Etsy can be useful for some shops but not necessary for others. It is important to consider your profit margins, shop type, and whether you have a website before deciding to use off-site ads. Ultimately, the decision is up to you as the shop owner.

Etsy Ads Explained | Onsite vs Offsite Ads Fees | Etsy Advertising & Marketing in 2022

Hello guys and welcome to another video from Time of Business. Today we'll be discussing Etsy ads and trying to explain the difference between on-site ads and off-site ads.

Main Points:

1. On-Site Ads:

- Daily budget for better traction and awareness on Etsy

- Charged only when somebody clicks on the product

- Properly optimized products are important

- Charged differently for different keywords

- Experiment with different products and budgets

2. Off-Site Ads:

- Etsy places ads on various search engines and platforms

- Two types of fees: 12% and 15%

- Charged additionally to the Etsy fee, transaction fee, and listing fee

- Opt in and out of Etsy off-site ads if under a threshold of $10,000 per year in sales

- Store will be forever opt-in for Etsy off-site ads if the threshold is exceeded

- Raising prices to compensate for fees

In conclusion, it's important to understand the difference between on-site and off-site Etsy ads and to decide which option is best for your online business. Experiment with different products and budgets to determine an average cost per sale. Keep in mind the additional fees that come with off-site ads and make sure your prices are competitive while compensating for the fees. Thank you for watching and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more helpful tips on growing your online business!

COMPLETE Etsy Ads for Beginner Tutorial in 2022

Hello fellow Etsy sellers and marketers! In this video, I'm going to walk you through the step-by-step process to set up and optimize Etsy ads for maximum profit. I'll also be including time stamps in the description section below, in case you want to skip around because we will begin at a beginner level and become more advanced as the video progresses.

- Explanation of what will be covered in the video

Set up Etsy Ads:

- Two types of Etsy Ads: off-site ads and search ads

- Enrolling in off-site ads

- Understanding search ads and how they work

- Setting a maximum budget for Etsy ads

Select Listings to Advertise:

- Choosing listings to advertise based on high conversion rates and profit margins

- Turning on/off listings for advertising

Optimizing Ads:

- Checking search terms to see which keywords are being used to find your listing

- How title and tags are important in optimizing Etsy ads

- Using search terms to optimize titles and tags for better ad performance

- Weekly optimization of Etsy ads for better performance and sales

- Importance of optimizing titles and tags for organic sales and better ad performance.

Should you turn off Etsy Ads

Should You Stop Running Etsy Ads?

As an Etsy seller, you may have heard of the promoted listings and Etsy ads, and how they can help your shop to gain visibility and sales. However, with the recent changes in the Etsy algorithm and the rise of competition, many sellers are wondering if it's still worth it to keep running ads. In this article, we'll explore the pros and cons of running Etsy ads and help you decide if it's the right choice for your shop.


- Ads can help you get seen in front of a different audience that you're not quite ready for yet.

- Ads can help you experiment with keywords that you're not ranking for in organic search.

- Ads can get your name out there and improve your brand awareness.

- Ads can lead to return customers and positive reviews, which can improve your shop's quality score and ranking in organic search.


- Ads can be expensive, and you may not see a positive return on investment in the short term.

- Ads may not always lead to sales, and you may end up losing money on them.

- Ads may not always be effective, and you may need to spend a lot of time and money to find the right keywords and targeting options.

- Ads may not be necessary if you're already ranking well in organic search for your target keywords.

So, should you stop running Etsy ads? The answer depends on your individual shop and goals. If you're struggling to get seen in organic search and need a boost to your visibility, ads may be a good option to consider. However, if you're already ranking well and seeing good sales without ads, you may not need to spend the extra money on them. Ultimately, it's up to you to weigh the pros and cons and decide if running Etsy ads is worth it for your business.

How to turn OFF Etsy offsite ads

- The article discusses Etsy's off-site ads and their impact on sellers.

- The author received a request for information about off-site ads and decided to make a video explaining them.

What are off-site ads?

- Off-site ads are ads run by Etsy off the Etsy site.

- Etsy deals with clicks and charges sellers a fee only when a product is sold.

- The fee depends on the revenue made with Etsy in the past 12 months.

- The ads have been around for a while and have been shown on Google, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Bing.

- Etsy recently expanded their off-site ads to include publishing sites and social media influencers.

- Sellers are automatically opted in and have to opt out if they don't want to participate.


- Etsy upset sellers by automatically opting them into off-site ads.

- Sellers have no say in which items are listed or where they are listed.

- The fee is on top of regular Etsy fees, which could result in high fees for some sellers.

- Some sellers are close to the $10,000 revenue mark and are doing everything they can to stay under it to avoid the fees.

- Etsy did not inform sellers about the opt-out option and did not give them a choice to opt-in.

How to opt-out:

- Sellers can opt out by going to their shop dashboard, clicking on settings, and then clicking on the off-site ads page.

- There is a button that reads stop promoting my products.

- Sellers must confirm the opt-out, but once it's done, they are no longer included in off-site ads.

- The article advises sellers to try off-site ads and make up their own minds.

- The author is not a fan of off-site ads but acknowledges that some sellers benefit from them.

- Sellers should be aware of the fees and the lack of control over which items are listed.

- It's important for sellers to diversify their sales channels and not rely solely on Etsy.

How To NOT lose money on Etsy Ads

- The number one fear of Etsy sellers when running ads is losing money.

- This article will teach you how to avoid losing money when running Etsy ads.

Tips for Running Successful Etsy Ads:

- The purpose of Etsy ads is to drive traffic to your shop, not necessarily bring in sales.

- Only promote items that have proof of concept and are already selling well.

- Focus on one to two products at a time to allow Etsy to collect enough data.

- Overspend the value when first launching an ad to give Etsy time to figure out which keywords work best.

- Use search terms to see which keywords are actually bringing in traffic and turn off any vague keywords.

- Increase the budget when introducing new products to avoid diluting the budget.

- Running ads can help increase organic search and solidify product visibility for potential customers.

- If not seeing sales from traffic, look internally at pricing, pictures, and product offerings before blaming Etsy.

- Running Etsy ads can be a great investment in your store's traffic.

- By focusing on best-selling items and making necessary edits, Etsy ads can help sellers understand what is working within their store.

- Take the time to analyze your store's performance and make necessary edits to ensure success.

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