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how do you change the shopify share image

Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

Welcome back to another video! In this short video, I will be showing you how to add an image to your custom content on Shopify. It may seem difficult, but it is actually fairly simple.


1. Go to the Files section under Settings and upload your image.

2. Copy the image link.

3. Go to the Customize section of your Shopify account.

4. Add a custom content section.

5. Type in img source followed by the image link in quotation marks.

6. If desired, add a link by typing in href equals followed by the desired link in quotation marks.

7. Save your changes.

Adding an image to your custom content on Shopify may seem daunting, but with these easy steps, you can do it in no time. Remember to save your changes and have fun customizing your online store! Thank you for watching and don't forget to like, subscribe, and share with others who may find this helpful.

Speed Up Shopify Store by Resizing Product Images | Quick Shopify Tips 2021

When it comes to online shopping, the speed at which your website loads is crucial to making a sale. Slow loading times can lead to customers leaving your site, resulting in lost sales. In this Shopify Quick Tips video, we will show you how to easily speed up your site on the Shopify platform.

Performance Analysis:

To see how your site is performing in terms of page speed, navigate to Online Store and Themes in your Shopify store back end. Here, you can view your speed score and compare it to others in your industry. You can also click to learn more about your page speed, including detailed information about your homepage, collection page, and product page loading times.

Improvement Strategies:

While some suggestions may not be possible to implement due to theme-specific code or app functionality, there are still ways to improve your site's loading times. For example, you can resize your images to reduce their file size. Shopify allows you to do this easily by selecting a product image, clicking to open it, and selecting the resize option. For product images, we recommend 2048 pixels for zoom-in functionality and 1024 pixels for other images.

Additionally, it's essential to review your Shopify app list periodically to ensure that you're using everything fully and that you still need the app. Removing unnecessary apps can help speed up your site overall.

By taking steps to improve your site's loading times, you can provide a better user experience for your customers and increase sales. Regularly monitoring your site's speed score and taking action to improve it can make a significant difference in the success of your e-commerce business.

[2022 Free] Create CUSTOM File Upload PRODUCT OPTIONS on Shopify - Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial

In this video, Andrew from Ecom Experts dot io will do a code-along with the viewers to help them add files to their orders. This will allow clients to add images or files to their orders, making the process easier. Andrew provides a link to access the code, and viewers are encouraged to duplicate their theme before making any changes.

Steps to Add Files to Orders:

1. Duplicate your theme before making any changes to avoid affecting the live version.

2. Go to online store and click on actions, then select edit code and choose templates. Add a new template called customizable and copy and paste the provided code.

3. Create a new section and name it product customizable template. Copy and paste the provided code in the section directory.

4. Look for the type is equal to submit code and create a new space above the button. Copy and paste the line item property code provided in the document.

5. Publish the new version of your theme to make the changes live.

6. Go to products and select the product you want to add the feature to. Scroll down to the theme templates and select product.customizable. Save the changes.

7. Go to the online store and customize the team settings to remove the notification when an item is added to the cart.

8. Test the feature by adding a file to the product and checking out.

By following the steps provided in this video, viewers can easily add files to their orders and make the process more convenient for their clients. Duplicating the theme before making any changes is crucial, and viewers are encouraged to check out other dev videos on the channel.

How to Change Collection list Images 🌏 Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

Hi there, welcome to my YouTube channel. In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to change the collection list image in your Shopify online store. This tutorial will be very helpful for beginners who have just started their online business with Shopify and are looking for simple tips to change their collection list image or add a collection list image.

Steps to Change Collection List Image:

1. Log in to your Shopify online store.

2. Click on the login button and enter your credentials.

3. Visit your website.

4. Find the collection image that you want to change.

5. Click on the product and then click on the collection.

6. All the collection names and images will appear.

7. Click on the title of the collection that you want to change.

8. Click on the edit button.

9. Click on the change image button.

10. Choose the image that you want to upload.

11. Click on save.

12. You are done!

Thank you for watching this tutorial. If you found it helpful, please click on the like button and subscribe to my channel for more relevant Shopify tutorials. Also, if you need help with your Shopify store, I highly recommend working with Voiceol. He is an expert in both Shopify and WordPress and is all about speed, efficiency, and making sure everything is done correctly.

Add file upload field to shopify product page (Custom fields)

In this video, we will discuss how to add a file upload or photo upload to your Shopify product page using the application Upload Fields.

Steps to Set Up Upload Fields:

1. Install the Upload Fields application in your Shopify store.

2. Click on the application and select New Upload Field.

3. Enter a file name and customize the settings such as color, font, width, and dialog language.

4. Choose where to target the upload button and set the file type and behavior.

5. Enable description text field and minimum image size.

6. Save the settings.

Using Upload Fields:

1. Go to the storefront product page where the upload field is added.

2. Click on the Choose an Image button to upload an image.

3. Crop the image according to your needs.

4. Add the image to the cart.

5. The image will be displayed in the site cart and attached to the respective order.

By using Upload Fields, customers can easily upload files or documents to your product, making the shopping experience more convenient and efficient.

How to add a Background Image to your Shopify Store

In this article, we will be discussing how to add a background image on Dawn theme and Shopify themes. We will be using a rain image as an example.

- First, we need to upload the image to Shopify files.

- Next, we need to copy the link for the image and open the base css file.

- We will paste the code at the bottom of the base css file to add the image as the background.

- We can play around with the options available in CSS, such as changing the size, color, and gradient of the background image.

It is important to note that the image should be of high quality and size to cover the entire screen. We can also add the background image to the header and footer sections.

Overall, adding a background image can enhance the visual appeal of the Shopify store and provide a unique user experience.

Shopify - Change The Gift Card Email Image

How to Change the Gift Card Image in Shopify

Recently, a video was made explaining how to change the gift card image in Shopify. This article will summarize the steps taken in the video and provide additional information.


1. Edit the email template:

- Go to settings and then notifications

- Scroll down and find the gift card created email notification

- Preview the email to see the default gift card image

- Edit the image by changing the source to a new image in your assets folder

- Save the changes

2. Upload the new image:

- Go to online store and then themes

- Edit code and scroll down to the assets folder

- Add a new asset and upload the new image

- Make sure to name the image the same as in the code

3. Adjust the size of the image:

- Preview the image and right-click to open it in a new tab

- Save the image and adjust the size in a photo editing software

- Shopify recommends using an image size of 950 by 550

Changing the gift card image in Shopify is a simple process that can be done by editing the email template, uploading a new image, and adjusting its size. By following these steps, you can customize the gift card image to match your brand's aesthetic. If you have any questions, leave a comment or refer to the video for further instructions.

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