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How I Get Consistent SALES With Google Shopping ADs | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

How I Get Consistent SALES With Google Shopping ADs | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

The above is a brief introduction to How I Get Consistent SALES With Google Shopping ADs | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial.

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How I Get Consistent SALES With Google Shopping ADs | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

yo what is going on everybody shri
kanasi here so how do i get
consistent sales with google ads now
consistency is
one big thing a lot of dropshippers have
trouble with and it is not really their
fault because achieving consistency with
drop shipping takes a lot of time effort
and energy
and it also takes the right strategies
in order to even achieve that in the
first place i personally know this
because it took me roughly two to three
years before i kind of found any type of
with shopify drop shipping but one thing
you want to understand is that once you
are able to find the right formula and
the right strategy in order to be at
least a little bit consistent
month in and month out it becomes a much
easier process for you to then continue
your shopify drop shipping store so in
this video i want to show you exactly
what i personally do
in order to make my google ads drop
shipping store
very very consistent or at least not
have too many big fluctuations
throughout the months but without
wasting any more time let's just jump
right into it and find out exactly how i
remain consistent
profitably month in and month out so the
first thing i would like to show you
before i actually jump into the google
doc is the my order metrics for the
specific shopify drop shipping store now
if i
go ahead and look at this specific year
we can see that this store has done
roughly 579
thousand dollars so over half a million
dollars in sales
for this year but if you just look at
the past 30 days we can see that it has
done roughly 56
819 dollars within that time period if
we scroll down just a little bit
until we get to this chart right here we
can see exactly what i'm toking about
when i say consistency as you guys can
clearly see this graph has a lot of ups
and downs
there's this very very weird dips and
also these weird spikes up in terms of
but overall if you kind of just graph a
linear or a straight line through this
specific graph you'll see that it is
somewhat straight besides looking at
this specific chart right here where
sales did drop to some things which i'll
mentioning in this video very soon
overall it was very very consistent so
exactly how can you stay consistent
despite the month it is despite what's
going on in the economy
or despite what's going on in the world
but now that i've kind of got this aside
let's jump into the google doc to see
exactly how i can get so consistent
sales with google ads month in and month
out the first thing you'll actually have
to do
before finding success with any of the
things i'm about to mention
is just gently destroy that like button
down below just kidding but hopefully
you do destroy that like button down
below it will take just two quick
seconds okay hopefully i've done that
let's start by toking about exactly
what consistency
means with google ads one thing you want
to understand is that google ads as a
whole is very very inconsistent now what
do i mean by this exactly well
if you think about it every single day
there are new users
entering the market while the old ones
are exiting the market meaning if for
example you're selling wireless printers
there's only so many people that will
want a wireless printer
on any given day for example if i'm in
the market for
a wireless printer and i see that your
store is selling it and i buy from you
there's a very very low chance that i'll
come in tomorrow again on
google and type in wireless printer
because i already purchased one i really
don't need any more wireless printers so
what that means is that within a span of
a day
i not only entered the market as a new
user but i also
exited the market which is why google
ads is somewhat inconsistent in that way
in addition to that
every single day there are new people
popping up on google shopping ads or
google search ads and old people
exiting because their stores failed or
they were unable to find any types of
because maybe they didn't follow my
videos just kidding but whatever the
new competitors instagram leave the
market every day this causes a big big
in the auction that google shopping ads
puts your products into so keeping this
in mind you can expect a little bit of
inconsistency with google ads in that
as well but the third and most important
thing is there are a lot of big brands
for a lot of the most popular products
and because of this a lot of the times
you'll face a lot of inconsistencies
because these big brands
a lot of people trust those brands much
much more than just your random drop
shipping service so because of that
you're bound to face more
inconsistencies but that does not mean
that it is the end of the world that you
can't use google ads profitably
as i just showed you guys on my order
metrics i've been doing it successfully
this year and i've done over half a
with 99 google ads if you want more info
on this store
i actually did a case study a few weeks
ago on the store which you can check out
i'll leave the link in the description
now that we've kind of toked about
exactly how google ads works let's go
ahead and start toking about the main
point which is
how do i personally maintain consistency
so the first thing that i like to start
toking about is the products
because believe it or not the products
is the meat of your business
what that means is that without the
proper products without you consistently
adding more products
your google ads store is not going to be
consistent period and a lot of people
do find success with only 20 products 30
products but
the problem is that success is very very
limited in terms of the time
simply because within a few weeks to
maybe even within a few months if they
get lucky
those products will eventually die out
that's just how e-commerce works there's
not a single product in the world
which is going to sell forever so in
order to really battle this
what should you be doing and what do i
personally do to maintain this
what i always recommend and what i
always do is that every single day
monday through saturday i add three to
five new products
based on the criteria which i've always
laid out in my other videos number one
over 20 to 25 000 monthly searches
number two
less than five to seven dropshippers and
number three minimum of twenty to twenty
five dollars profit margin if these
three things
you can meet for that product you can
count it as one of the five products for
one of the three products
that you add for the day you want to be
doing this consistently
because without adding these products
consistently you will not be able to
sustain your drop shipping business for
too long and this is mainly because
again as i mentioned
google ads as a whole is very very
consistently adding new products every
day is going to help against the natural
day-to-day fluctuations or
of google ads when one product stops
selling on any given day
you can be sure that if you have 100
other products there will be at least
one to two more products that will
kind of take the first products place
and sell on the second day when you have
more products what happens is that each
of the products that you have
specifically the winning products are
going to kind of bounce back and forth
between sales
and that's exactly what you saw in order
metrics where i kind of went up on some
then it went back down and it went back
up that's simply because the main
winning products on some days
just didn't perform but because i was
consistently adding new products every
day because i had a large amount of
products on my list in the first place
other products kind of came in and
helped me do the sales so that i didn't
go in a loss
on any given day but in general having
more products kind of helps against the
seasonality factor
of certain products because some
products are only summer products or
some products only winter products when
if there are big winning products for
you and they suddenly die out you don't
want your store to just kind of go back
to zero and that is exactly what
happened on this specific store
where some of the biggest summer related
products just stopped selling
hence why you saw that big drop at the
very end but because i have over a
thousand products on the store
the drop is slowly going back up and it
will be back up to normal
once my campaigns optimize again and
once they start showing these other
products which are more
winter gear a little bit more to the
audience but that is the number one
thing you can literally do if you don't
follow anything else in this video make
sure to follow this which is add new
products consistently
the second thing you want to doing and
which i did to maintain my consistency
is that i was excluding bad products
meaning those products which spent over
my profit margins without any sales
or bad keywords meaning those keywords
would spend over 10
or over my profit margin in some cases
without sale simply get rid of them
every 7 to 14 days
one thing you want to understand is that
the more often you do this
the more often your campaigns will fail
now you may be looking at this and
thinking that shouldn't doing this more
often actually help you
and your campaigns and the answer is no
simply because google ads
is a time-based platform its algorithm
basically resets
every time a big change is made on the
campaign and if you exclude
multiple different products if you
exclude multiple different keywords
that is considered a big change in
google's eyes it's going to reset the
that means it has to start back from
zero and basically go through the
products list go through the keywords
list and try to optimize again of course
this time frame right here is
going to be different for each
individual because if you're running
a thousand dollars a day budget of
course you want to be checking much much
more often maybe every two to three days
but for majority of drop shippers who
are just starting out or even those who
are intermediates or experts not
spending over a thousand dollars a day
should be checking every seven days
and for the lower budgets every 14 days
because you really want to let your
campaigns optimize
this is one of the biggest mistakes i've
always done with google ads which is
just getting too anxious and just
changing too many things
that has always led to bad results so
you really want to take caution
in that and not make too many changes
too fast wait again
7 to 14 days but another thing a lot of
people fail to do is that they fail to
up their products they think that if
they have just one single testing
that's all they need to find good
results on scale to millions of dollars
with google as and that is far from the
truth because
one thing you will see is that once you
start adding more and more products
your google general testing campaign is
going to have
a very hard time going through all these
products and testing all these products
in order to battle that you want to have
multiple different testing campaigns
running nowadays in 2020 and for this
specific store
i have four different campaigns running
campaign number one is a major testing
campaign with a high bid
basically this is perfect for high
tiket products or products with a
higher profit margin and when i say high
beta what i specifically mean is a bit
of around
50 cents or so you really don't want to
go above that unless you're selling
products which are very very high tiket
maybe up to five hundred dollars to a
thousand dollars or more each
then you can go up to a dollar per link
click but otherwise stik to around the
50 cent bid
for this specific major campaign
campaign number two
is another general testing campaign with
a medium bid now this campaign has a
very very selective focus the main focus
of this specific campaign
is to divide out those lower margin
products meaning maybe around the 20
profit margin or low tiket products in
general meaning 20
product or 30 products so forth what i
do is that i put all those products
within this specific campaign and i set
the priority of this campaign
too high the campaign priority for this
first campaign is medium
what happens is that since the campaign
priority is high
google is going to favor those products
within this campaign more
than this first campaign so even if the
products are
that are within the second campaign are
also visible in the first it's still
going to spend from the second canon
which is what you want because
this has a lower bid normally what i've
seen is that the lower bid campaign this
one right here
actually is much more profitable than
the first one simply because this is
kind of a medium bid
campaign which is much lower than the
first campaign and the lower the bid
usually you'll see that you're making
more money but sometimes if it's too low
you may not get enough traffic so you
want to kind of be taking caution with
that as well but let's move on to the
third campaign and this is
one specific smart shopping campaign now
with this smart shopping campaign
the main thing that i'm doing with it is
simply testing products
which failed in my other testing
campaigns what i've often notiked is
products usually fail if the bid is not
correct and this could be because the
bid is maybe one cent
higher or one cent lower so because
there's such a small
room to wiggle in i really like giving
some products a second chance so this is
what the smart shopping campaign
is for usually the products that failed
in the other campus often end up failing
here as well but
i've had times where products that
failed in the other campus actually
really took up within the smart shopping
and they did majority of the sales
that's where the smart shopping campaign
really shines because it has all of the
control over the
bidding and keywords and what keywords
it ranks for etc so that's one great
benefit of having a smart shopping camp
and the fourth campaign which i run
and i recommend you run as well as a
general testing campaign with a very
very low bid that's exactly what i did
for this store right here which is why i
was able to keep it consistently going
and this specific campaign
runs at a bit of around 10 cents this is
a very very low bid
and usually you can expect very little
traffic but
this campaign is great at catching those
low hanging fruits because
not every product does really well with
high bids some products do really well
with low bids and with a low bid
what happens is google is forced to go
out and find only the highest quality
traffic possible so
because of that only high quality
traffic comes on to your website and
they end up purchasing
because they're very high quality
traffic so that definitely helps as well
but this is kind of the general layout
i'm doing for this specific store to
really stay
consistent throughout the month but in
addition to that you should also be
doing feed
optimizations and that is exactly what i
did for the store as well now what do i
mean exactly by feed optimizations
well if you're using the shopping feed
app by semprosis or any other
shopping feed app which does the task of
pushing your products onto the google
merchant center
you can directly go on the shopping feed
app and within that shopping feed app
simply edit the products now here is
what i edit
within the shopping feed i go within
that specific product
which could be a potential winning
product meaning it has at least got me
one sale
and i choose a google product category
for that given product what happens is
when you provide a category for your
product google finds it much
easier to just go right into that
category because you are the one who
provided it
and start ranking within that category
i've often notiked that this increases
sales tremendously and it's a very very
simple tweak to do but in addition to
i start inserting keywords within the
shopping feed app sometimes i do it
directly from
my shopify store within the product
editing section and basically insert
keywords that got sales
and remove any bad keywords which i had
originally put inside the product page
but they ended up not getting me any
sales just spend a lot of money i just
removed them
and replaced them with the good winning
ones meaning those that got sales
in addition i put all those winning
keywords into the tags section now the
tag section
is the section on the right side of your
shopify product editing page you want to
simply copy and paste
all those winning keywords into the tag
section as well because those tags
are read by google's algorithm the final
thing you want to do is you want to
a product type because nowadays this
product type is becoming very
important and ranking on google ads in
fact google is not
showing the product type if you have it
on directly on the shopping ads
so this is really beneficial and
something you definitely want to do for
those winning products again what i like
to do here is i simply like to
put my main winning keyword as the
product type so for instance if you're
selling wireless printers and your main
winning keyword
is a wireless printer go ahead and put
wireless printer as the product but this
is one amazing way to get those sales
coming in even faster for longer periods
of time to maintain that consistency but
that is not enough the last thing you
really want to be doing in order to
remain consistent
is duplicating the product and trying
out different things because oftentimes
the specific product page that you have
may not be enough or may not be
as good as it could be so in this case
what you want to do is you want to
simply duplicate that product
which is what i did for this shopify
store in order to really remain
and i tested different main images for
the duplicated product
and i also tested different titles for
some of them keep in mind that you can
create multiple different duplicates of
the product that's winning so you can
two three four but i recommend that you
don't go above four so within these four
duplicated products be sure to test
different images as well as different
you want to test one thing at a time so
that you know exactly what is working
and what is not working but
in addition to that another important
thing you can do and what i was doing as
is testing different prices you can test
both lower prices you can test higher
and what you're trying to do here is
you're trying to find out exactly what
is going to get you those consistent
sales long term because you don't really
want to price it so high that you're
making a lot of profits but you're only
getting a few sales on any given day and
some days you're not even making any
sales you want it to be where you're
getting decent amount of profits but
the sales are coming in very very
consistently on a daily basis that
is your main goal with this strategy
right here of duplicating the product
but these specific things are exactly
what i did on this shopify store
in order to remain consistent throughout
the weeks and throughout the month
if you found any type of value in this
video smash that like button and smash
that subscribe button
and i'll see you guys next time

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