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Published on: December 23 2022 by David Cantero

Sales funnels are an essential part of any business that wants to succeed. They help businesses to automate their sales process and ensure that leads are effectively converted into customers. However, creating a sales funnel can be time-consuming and challenging. In this article, I will share my experience of how I give away my sales funnels to clients.

How I Give Away My Sales Funnels to Clients:

1. Identify the client's needs: Before creating a sales funnel, it is essential to identify the client's needs. What are they trying to achieve? What is their target audience? What products or services do they offer? These questions will help to create a sales funnel that is tailored to the client's needs.

2. Use a sales funnel builder: There are several sales funnel builders available in the market. These builders provide templates and tools that can be used to create a sales funnel quickly. Some popular sales funnel builders include ClickFunnels, Leadpages, and Unbounce.

3. Customize the sales funnel: Once the sales funnel builder is selected, it's time to customize the funnel. This involves adding images, videos, and content to the funnel to make it more engaging and persuasive.

4. Test the funnel: Before giving the sales funnel to the client, it is essential to test it thoroughly. This includes checking for broken links, slow loading pages, and other issues that can impact the user experience.

5. Share the sales funnel: Once the sales funnel is tested, it's time to share it with the client. This can be done through email or by providing access to the sales funnel builder account.

6. Provide training: It's essential to provide training to the client on how to use the sales funnel. This includes showing them how to make changes to the funnel and how to track the performance of the funnel.

Giving away sales funnels to clients can be a win-win situation. It helps businesses to save time and money while providing clients with an effective sales tool. By following the steps outlined in this article, businesses can create and share sales funnels with ease.

How to Give Away Sales Funnels to Clients with Kartra

In this video, the speaker explains how he uses Kartra to package up his sales funnels and give them to clients. He highlights the advantages of using Kartra over other software like Clickfunnels and emphasizes the importance of having all the assets in one place.

Key Points:

- Kartra allows you to package up all the assets of a sales funnel, including landing pages, email sequences, digital products, and calendars.

- The speaker is giving away his entire sales funnel to a client to help her monetize her public speaking business.

- Kartra also includes a help desk and pre-made campaigns with multiple funnels.

- The speaker stresses the importance of email automation and nurturing leads with valuable content.

- He shows how he packages up his webinar funnel, including all the pages and email automations.

Using Kartra to package up and give away sales funnels can save time and money for both the business owner and the client. With all the assets in one place, it's easier to operate and connect the dots. Email automation and nurturing leads with valuable content are crucial for success. Kartra's pre-made campaigns and funnels make it easy to get started.

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