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How I Got A 710+ Credit Score FAST & Approved For Anything At 18 Years Old

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

How I Got A 710+ Credit Score FAST & Approved For Anything At 18 Years Old

How I Got A 710+ Credit Score FAST & Approved For Anything At 18 Years Old

you know what's going on what hate you
coming back at you with the brand-new
video and in this one we're doing
something very unique very different
that we've never done or never toked
about on the channel but credit and
taxes seem to be two different things
that people keep asking me about so with
credit specifically I want to make sure
that you know I'm not the best at this
this is something where any information
I'm gonna say right now based on what
I'm doing yes there's multiple different
ways to do it this is how I'm doing it
that is solely based on my own research
and consulting people who know what
they're toking about whether that's
friends just for free giving me advice
or paid consulting that is how I have
acquired my information so I'm gonna do
an unboxing as well for one of the new
cards I have in I have a couple
different cards I'm gonna explain what I
did and kind of some issues that I ran
into so when I was first starting to
build a credit right you have to be
eighteen to build the credit so I waited
until I was eighteen but then when I
turned 18 I was actually overseas for
about three and a half to four months so
unfortunately I wasn't able to do
anything so as soon as I got back to the
states I immediately got a secured
credit card I'm gonna explain all of
this how I started building in all of
that because well a lot of you guys
might be young you're trying to build
credit or maybe you're trying to repair
bad credit so I don't know a lot about
that because I'm not in that situation I
want to make that very clear but I'm
gonna explain how I've done what I've
done and a lot of kind of the data
behind that because it's all about
history when it comes to credit as well
as how you didn't approve for things so
let's just jump right into how I first
started doing it like I said I came back
from being overseas I went to u.s. Bank
which is the main bank that I was
banking at at the time when and got a
secured credit card actually where's my
wallet I don't have it on me but I'll
show you what's that all right here we
go looks a little something like this
for those you can see it's just a very
basic gray card right so this had a
thousand dollar limit from what a
secured card tiknically is is it's no
risk to the bank or to whoever's issuing
that so I put $1,000 down and that's the
limit on a monthly basis I didn't care
about the amount of money personally
most of the money I spent is a business
expense so this is a personal card not a
business credit which is a totally
separate video so I was trying to build
my personal credit and so the thing that
was doing this card every single month I
would put or try to put exactly forty
percent on the card so right around $400
and I always recommend you do this or
recommending I don't tok about credit
but I do recommend that you set your
credit card to auto pay so I don't have
to think about it because I tend to
forget literally almost every single
month at least one of my rent payments
is always like a $175 late fee because I
literally forget my phone bill I just
forget so set it to auto payment as much
as you can for anything you do I do
recommend that but I'm so 40% and the
reason is because at least that
allotment from what I have like that
amount of usage is from what people have
told me that's the best way to do it
building credit is not all about how
much you spend it's about paying that
off and I guess having a good I guess
month a month continuing of that so for
me that's what I was told 40% is the
best thing it's been working extremely
well so what I've done actually is I put
a couple of reoccurring payments I put
one of my phones on there and then I try
and buy food here and there so I'll just
check the balance like once a week just
to see what it is to try and put as
close to that 40 percent as possible
without really going over or under so
that's just something I've done now what
I recently did because that wasn't too
long ago right so I went from no credits
I have about a 7/10 score and we're
gonna tok about the history behind that
and how it's important but I went ahead
and actually got one that has 2,000 okay
so I doubled the secured rights you have
to go apply they have to give you a
whole new card and that's just gonna
help increase it right so what I'm doing
is I'm gonna be paying part of my rent
for one of my places on my personal car
because part of it is a personal and I'm
gonna be able to write off part of it as
well so under the business so this is
where I'm just going through and
building it now what's in the box we're
gonna get to that in a second I'm gonna
unbox it there's actually two different
cards one actually two of these I don't
know which one this is I do know what
type it is but I got two different ones
a personal and a business for this type
of card and you guys if you know credit
you might know by the box I know I
posted on my store and a couple of
credit people hit me up and whatever and
they were like yeah no you got this one
and stuff but I don't know it I just got
it because I'll explain why a box in a
second but what I really realized is
that everything I was doing was on a
debit card and I knew this from a long
time ago I've been making money since I
was about 16 everything I've done is
just look at this it's just credit card
credit card or chisme debit card debit
card where this one will come out hang
we got it debit card debit card two more
in here well there's three more so you
get the point
debit cards it's always just been debit
cards debit cards debit cards and what
does that mean I'm paying cash for
everything contrary to what some people
think everything I buy is in cash the
only thing I didn't buy in cash was my
car that was because I wanted to build
credit and I actually bought that when I
was 17 so that is actually building my
credit now because it was under my dad
who co-signed for it so the thing that I
realized is I'm getting no cash back no
rewards no sort of kick back when you're
putting it on debit so if I'm spending
thirty thousand a month or fifty
thousand a month both in business and
personal expenses you could get a lot of
rewards back for that open I guess my
audio just glitched out but essentially
in all these free over here maybe blah
blah blah all these rewards so that's
why I really am trying to now get the
right card set up so I'm just trying to
document this explain for some people
maybe you're young and make it some
money but let's unbox this card so what
is this if you guys are familiar to any
sort of credit cards the different perks
that come with it this right here is the
Amex Platinum okay so I'm gonna go
through kind of what the rewards are and
stuff from this I'm gonna open it up I
know it's gonna show the credit card
number on here actually no it's not
gonna month disregard that there is no
number so I blocked out my address on
top flip it open BAM that is what it
looks like for those of you guys who can
see that right there so this is I guess
that's pretty dope knocking a lot in the
wood so you know pop it out here this
right here for those of you who don't
know this is a very heavy car it's not
too heavy but definitely compared to
just you know a regular plastik debit
card this has some serious weight
difference so right here it is a cool
looking car
I really hope I'm not showing any
information just just for the sake of it
I'm just gonna block out a little number
but yeah so that's what it is I'm gonna
explain why I got this card it was very
simply because I saw the cash back
rewards from it and kind of some of the
different perks for example this one
right here is the American Express
Platinum so I have a business one on the
way as well so correct me if I'm wrong
again I'm not the best on this it's not
a credit card this is more of a charge
card so I do have the business credit
card coming through the Platinum this is
gonna at least some
replace where I'm spending my personal
money so for example I have two of these
coming I don't have the other one in yet
so I'm not currently in California where
it is but the goal out of that for me is
I'm getting rewards for flights that's
one of the biggest things I'm getting
access at least with the card I got to
like Delta Sky lounges and all the
airports I get $200 immediately worth of
travel credit and that restarts it to
beginning of the year so as of right now
it's the end of the year I'm gonna get
200 then another 200 now something like
this instead of me just spending you
know for example I've went and bought a
bed this might sound stupid to some
people and it was I spent $7,000 on a
bed that was a personal expense I'm not
gonna write that off I'm not even gonna
try so seven grand on a bed that was a
personal expense paid for with this card
right here so just a debit card just
threw it down and that's just cash gone
well I would have gotten some back I
believe from this again I believe it's
on certain things you get rewards so
cash back on certain things one of the
biggest things is gonna be ad spend as
well because you know obviously a lot of
what I do is ecommerce it's marketing
based so if you're spending you know 50
grand a month 100 grand a month an ad
especially now reporter for the year
which we are you can go and actually get
a lot more rewards back from that which
is huge to me so my goal is of right now
with this I understand the credit is an
investment so it's something that's
gonna come down the road I know a lot of
people actually about what was the
statistik like 40 50 52 or something
like 50 percent of Millennials don't
even have a credit card so think about
that for a second
if you're not building credit now what
happens down the road you know what
happens in three years when you try to
get a proof or something I'm gonna tok
about how I've gotten approved for
everything up to this point but I want
to do that because I don't necessarily
need my credit for anything right now I
really don't so in two years or three
years if I'm trying to buy something
that I want to use credit towards or
that's something that you know needs to
be shown it will be there and it will
also be there with history so it's not
about you know my 7/10 score right now
that's pretty good I guess for building
it for four months but it's all about
the history that's behind that there's
only so much history because where is it
because the card itself it's it's just
only been there for four months it has a
thousand dollar limit so it's not like
showing you've really spent
money really been paying that back in a
good manner so that's one of those
things for what I've been doing with
credit working towards it now a little
bit about what I've gotten approved for
and kind of how my first apartment which
is on the beach in California haven't
ever said how much that cost but it's
it's it's in between four to five
thousand dollars so that one
specifically I don't really like to tok
but that specifically this was
interesting to me so I woke up one day I
was looking for houses and whatnot and
it wasn't finding anything I liked it
was the same situation as when I was
looking for a house in LA and then I
ended up traveling because I didn't find
anything I like so I went overseas for a
few months and so I've just decided to
get a place in the beach I was like you
know I like this vibe let me try and do
that and I went looked at like 13
different places that day I did a whole
video about it but 13 different places
and what happened is every single one
wanted to check income of course they
wanted to check you know do her credit
check a background check
bla bla bla now the last place I looked
at out of those 13 was the place I
currently live in and it was the most
expensive as the nicest place and they
didn't ask for anything they asked me
how much money I make absolutely no
verification did not look at credit I
could have been making $18 a month and
they would've had no idea as long as I
could have paid right away so I did the
deposit paid the month bla bla bla I've
been there for a few months down like
four months so that was kind of
interesting to me again it's the income
like they ran it through their system of
course and if something to come back
with a red flag they would have needed
to look into it further and get approval
but for me at least with everything I'm
doing now I can show income which at
least to a degree substitutes credit so
for an example if I'm trying to get a
house a lot of people like how you get
in a house you know I do have a house
but saying how do you get that if
someone wants to show credit like if
you're renting right some landlords are
very strict like that they're not gonna
rent it even if you say you make you
know X amount of money a month it's just
astronomically higher than the rent some
people just want good credit because
that's like a good faith in you know
making the payment okay there's ways
around that pay six months up the front
pay the whole year upfront if you want
now I understand that can deal with
tying up capital but most people as long
as you can really show it down
income to the rent or whatever payment
you're trying to make that in itself
will help make up for the lack of or no
credit so that's one of the things you
want to think of this is really a dope
packaging I really do like this this is
a shout-out to Amex for this this is
really don't welcome to platinum I like
that I'm gonna go use it but yeah I want
you guys to go ahead ask any questions
down below if you have questions about
credit again I'm not an advisor on this
is not my strong suit this is not what I
do it's actually something I don't wanna
say it don't enjoy doing but it's one of
those things where I'm just not the best
at it I've not read a crazy amount on it
thankfully I was able to ask some people
get some advice for business partners
and just you know people have built
their credit yada-yada they know about
all the cards all the rewards and yeah
so that's kind of my experience so far
as credit building a score again I just
made that payment every single month I
have my car also which is separate from
this card I don't exactly know how that
one's on there but it's listed under my
credit as well so it's building that
because I'm as far as my knowledge I'm
an authorized user or whatever some like
cosign on it so that's one of those
things where that's just how I'm doing
it you know it's nothing crazy it's one
of those things where I do recommend you
go get a secured card if you're above
the age of 18 you're not gonna get not
approved for that because you're putting
$1,000 that's the whole thing about it
being secured you're putting $1,000 up
front first so what happens there is
there's no way they can lose money
because you can't spend more than $1,000
in the card so think about that I would
do that as far as I know so far based on
what I'm doing and it's working I would
recommend putting 40% on there and set
it to auto pay every single month that
will definitely help accelerate your
credit growth so I'm sure there's gonna
be someone in the comments roasting me
for this that's totally fine I again I
already don't know the most about it but
it is working for me and that's again
one of the things I'm investing into
into the future so I did put some time
got approved for a few things I apply
for a couple more things like a sapphire
reserve and a couple different cards
that maybe I'll make some more videos on
this and I'll probably actually be doing
a video on the card I use for ad spend
because you know we get 3% back through
that card on adspend
so that's pretty in the form of Airbnb
and traveling miles so that's one of
those things that's huge if you guys
want I guess some more videos on this
stuff I might do a video on taxes it's
not my strong suits but I do want to
tok about
because it is relevant it is important
and it does play a role into the
business end of things how I do my money
how I conduct you know just my finances
because it's a part of life so I hope
you guys enjoyed this video hope it
answered some questions because I keep
getting hammered with credit and taxes
they seem to be very popular topics
right now so if you guys enjoyed this
video make sure to drop like down below
if you're already building your credit
if you want to expand on a topic or
start a conversation feel free to drop
in the comments down below I would love
to go back and forth with you guys there
and if you have not already make sure to
join the family we're a little bit past
one hundred and three thousand
subscribers that's crazy thank you very
much make sure to hit the subscribe
button down below and with that being
said obviously you guys tomorrow in the
next video peace

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