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How I Hired a New Virtual Assistant - Step By Step

Published on: December 5 2022 by Travis Marziani

How I Hired a New Virtual Assistant - Step By Step

How I Hired a New Virtual Assistant - Step By Step

today I'm hiring a new virtual assistant
and I'm going to show you exactly how to
do it I'm gonna walk you basically
through my week of what it looks like to
hire a virtual assistant in real time
and I'm gonna use a site called online
jobs pH which is my personal favorite
site to find virtual assistants I
already have two VA s that I found from
there and they've absolutely changed the
game they've absolutely revolutionized
and made it so much easier to run my
business so I'm going back to find a
third one and I'm gonna share with you
exactly how to do it so to get started
there's basically four or five steps you
first you're gonna post your job you
don't have to post it on online jobs a
pH that's personally where I've had the
most success you can post it wherever
there's there's other websites out there
I'm sure where you can find a good VA
step two is send a message to the ones
that seem like they're actually
qualified send a message with them and
give them a sample project that they can
complete now of the people that complete
the sample project you'll interview them
and that's step three and then step four
is hire the most qualified person and
obviously get them up and running with
your job so I'm going to teach you
exactly how I hire a virtual assistant
and share with you all the tips I know
let's get into tactiks
I'm really excited to be hiring a new VA
and this is gonna be my third virtual
assistant and I've been putting this off
for a little while
mostly because I wasn't sure if I had
enough tasks for my VA to do but then I
started brainstorming I started thinking
of all these things that I wanted to do
and I wanted to try out for my business
but I just didn't have the time to do
and I'm like okay it's time to hire that
third virtual assistant so for anyone
that's new to the channel my name is
Travis and my main business my main
passion product is performance nut
butter I sell it mostly on Amazon and
also on my own Shopify website there's a
lot of things I could use a new virtual
assistant for now I'm going to start
doing a weekly vlog like this where I
tok about each week what I'm doing to
grow that company and this week I think
the most important thing I can do is
hiring another person because it's an
extra 40 hours in a week that I get but
of course that's not the only thing I'm
gonna be doing this week one big piece
of news one huge thing I haven't shared
with you yet is I'm gonna be going and
trying out for Shark Tank I'm gonna be
auditioning it's an open call audition
it's not a big deal I'm gonna be going
for a performance and a putter and
Ariana my girlfriend will be going for
her passion product Vino cards which I
helped her release a few months ago the
auditions are next week and we're flying
to Miami to go audition so it'll be a
little travel vlog slash business vlog
so this week I'm gonna be preparing my
speech and my presentation for Shark
Tank I'm also working on the passion
product formula it's a course that I'm
going to be coming out with soon I have
a beta group of around 10 people right
now that I'm walking through the process
of helping them create their own passion
product as I mentioned the first step is
to put up your job post and I have a ton
of tips on how to do that so let's cut
to a screen share and I'll show you
step-by-step how to post your job as
well as some tips to do it the first
step to posting your job is you're gonna
have to get an account and as I said it
is paid I usually just I'd go with the
pro account personally I do have the
premium account because I do post a lot
but for most people out there the pro
account is fine but after you've done
that after you've signed up you're gonna
go to the main part of your account and
just click post a job now I created a
step-by-step guide on how to hire a
virtual assistant you can get that for
free by clicking up over in the corner
it's basically the document that I
follow so obviously you know it has all
the different steps and even has a
sample job post which I'm gonna straight
up copy for the point of this so the
title is gonna be excellent English
writer for social media coordination
blah blah blah and then the description
will be down below here and there's some
things in my description that I did very
much on purpose that I'd recommend you
do as well so you'll notike I obviously
I toked about what kind of tasks
they're gonna be doing that I am looking
for a full-time employee
I also recommend if whenever possible
get a full-time employee I have not had
great success with part-time employees
but if you can you only need them
part-time than a obviously you know do
that I mentioned some of the perks and
for me it's like you can work whenever
you want you can work as much as you
want and I'll pay you the more the more
you work flexible vacation if you need
time off just let me know tok about all
the different benefits of working with
me because in a job post it's a two-way
street you don't want to just tok about
what you want from them you want to tok
about what you can offer them so I did a
little about Me section and then here is
the most critikal point to apply to the
job I say you got to change the subject
line and I want you to change it to I
want to work for you and put the name of
my mom who's also a co-owner of one of
my first companies then I have some
further instructions
saying you know write a few sentences on
why'd be a good fit for this position
and then I do some little other small
things like what tok about an artikle
you've written before come up with the
description for this photo for my from
my Instagram the whole point of this is
to filter out people that are just
automatikally posting or that are bad I
want to make sure that I only spend time
contacting people that are a good fit
for my job so that's why I have them
jumped through all these hoops for the
wage salary put whatever you're willing
to spend and remember for the
Philippines four and fifty dollars a
month is a lot of money and I put 450 to
750 because I am looking for an
excellent English or speaker writer
someone that I don't need to check up on
a lot and for me that's worth it a lot
of money as I mentioned I do full time
and then the last thing is you're going
to go through all these skills and just
check all the different skills you want
for instance English writing is
important to me so I'm gonna check that
skill and I'm gonna go through and check
all the other skills I want for this
position to have then just click post
job and from there it's just a waiting
game and you're gonna get a ton of
messages in your inbox so the truth is
after you post your job on online jobs
at pH or any of the different sites
you're gonna have to wait 24 hours for
the messages to come in remember they're
on a different time zone so you're not
gonna get the messages right away
usually and if I sound a little bit off
a little bit loopy I actually woke up at
2:00 in the morning today I haven't been
getting a lot of sleep I've been waking
up really early it's funny because I
know I shouldn't be tired because I only
got a few hours of sleep but I seem
pretty wide awake and it's this thing
where I feel like I should take a nap I
should go to bed but I just don't have
any desire to it's always a little weird
when that happens but eh I've got energy
and I feel good so I guess it doesn't
matter how many hours of sleep I got
necessarily I also blended up a new
flavor for a performance nut butter just
a test in my kitchen and it is
ridiculously good it's a regular
performance nut butter with a little bit
of cacao added and that might be part of
the reason why even though I only got
four hours of sleep I feel pretty good
and I feel like I have a lot of energy
that cacao has some some natural energy
to it there's some big changes some big
things happening with performance nut
butter actually just signed a document
for a deal that I'll tok about in
future episodes it's gonna be huge it's
gonna be a very very good thing but it's
still stressful for me anytime I have to
get lawyers to look at a document sign a
document all that kind of stuff anytime
there's money on the line it's a little
scary for me and in future episodes I'll
tok about exactly what's happening but
there's some nerve-wracking things here
so anyways right now it's pretty much
just a waiting game I have some more
random tasks that I need to get done and
I have a few random fun things that I'm
gonna be doing tonight too to help pass
the time
every week I have a Skype meeting with
both my bas and last night I got some
really bad news one of my VA s decided
to go from full-time to down to
part-time which is almost the same as
quitting because that means I need a
higher to new VA so it's actually
perfect timing that I just put up a job
post that means that of the people that
apply it I'm gonna need to find two
people it's been about 24 hours since I
posted my job on online jobs pH now I
want to see how many applicants to my
jobs how many messages I've got in the
first 24 hours since last night I've
gotten 25 messages so that's 25 people
that applied within 24 hours which is
really cool and what's even better is
all these people are pretty qualified
because they all followed my directions
for the most part this person well yeah
they all pretty much followed my
directions and change the subject line
which means that they're not just
spamming they're not just sending out a
ton of applications so these are 25
people that are pretty decent then
followed the directions now some people
take what I said a little too literally
they kept the quotation marks in there
which is a little bit of a red flag but
I'll read I'll still read their
application and see if it makes sense so
at this stage what I do is I go through
and just one by one read what they wrote
see if they're a good fit and if they're
not a good fit I delete them so right
off the bat I know this person
availability 20 hours a week I'm looking
for a full-time person but I'll message
them and see hey I'm looking for a
full-time person are you willing to do
it so now I'll read the messages see if
they're a good fit and like I said if
they're not a good fit I delete them if
they are a good fit I'll send them a
message so I'm gonna go through really
quickly and read all these messages and
see who's a good fit this point I'm left
with about 10 applicants so from the
initial 25 or so there's about 10 people
that I actually think are good a few of
them these two people I had questions
they don't know in their profile it said
that they wanted to work 20 hours a week
I'm looking for someone full-time so I'm
not sure if that's a good fit but at
this point now that I've got it narrowed
down to the people I want I starred the
ones that I'm in a message with the the
next step what I do is I go over to the
how to hire a virtual assistant that
the guide that I toked about earlier
you can get for free there's a link down
below and email the applicants that you
like that's step three I'm gonna go down
here and I have this new and improved
Skype message and part of what it says
to do here is you take this sheet open
it up and this is gonna be so that they
can book book a time with me
so you'll see take the sheet open it up
in Google Docs and make a copy and then
copy this message well change it up
however you need to obviously this
message is more for me and go over here
and you send it but before you send that
you need to change this link to this
link just change the date actually and
there's and there's really two parts of
this email one is having them book an
interview time but the other one is this
sample project so I'm giving them a
sample project before I interview them
so I'm guaranteeing I'm telling them
that I want to interview you you seem
good enough but then I give them this
sample project which says you know
please email me at this certain email
take screenshots you know do all this
different stuff and and basically what
it does is it test them to see if
they're gonna be a good fit for for my
company now obviously if you're doing
this sample project on your own you're
gonna want to make your own sample
project and switch out the link but for
me this works so I'm gonna go ahead and
send this message let me just copy and
make sure I have the correct message
copy it send I'm gonna send that message
to all the different applicants and
that's it now I sent all those messages
I should be in the next few days getting
sample projects back from these
applicants I should probably get more
applicants within the next 24 hours
coming in as well and I'll just do that
same process I'm planning on doing all
my interviews on Friday so by the end of
this week I should know who I'm gonna be
hiring so yesterday Wednesday I did get
a few more applications for the online
you know virtual assistant position
but honestly yesterday I didn't have
that productive a day at least didn't
feel like that to me I worked on the
SOPs because when you hire a new VA you
got to train them and
I don't want to have to keep training
new v---aids over and over again so I
created a Google Doc with all the steps
to do all the different things that we
do the other thing I did is I met with
my passion the beta group for my passion
product formula and I'm working on a
course teaching people how to create
their own passion products like I did
with performance nut butter and my
girlfriend did the Vino cards and that's
really cool like there's some people
doing really interesting things in the
beta group I'll be giving out more
information about that but honestly
yesterday I didn't feel like I got that
much done and it felt like I just felt
really really lazy not something not a
lot of vloggers and stuff entrepreneur
ecommerce people tok about is the ups
and the downs so yesterday was
definitely a down also so far three
people have submitted their sample
project and I'll show you what the
sample project looks like
by the way was raining earlier this week
for the first half this week and now
it's just absolutely a beautiful day I
lived for two years in Chicago and right
now Chicago is basically colder than
Antarctika and here in Santa Monica it's
blue skies and sunny weather loving it
these are our oatmeal scones are in a
great job making them they're super
they are not glue well I guess they're
gluten-free they're not vegan they're
not paleo they're not keto friendly but
they're absolutely delicious they look
really good they one thing that's been
really helpful for me is I've actually
been writing down what I'm gonna be
doing every day in the morning time and
if you're interested in what I do every
day from like a day to day perspective I
do post it on my Instagram like my to
Do's for the day so you can check out my
Instagram to see that today's Friday and
today's the day I'm doing all the
interviews for the VA so I'm only gonna
be interviewing the VA s that actually
submitted the sample tasks that I gave
them and out of I think the 15 or so VA
s that scheduled an interview only six
are so actually submitted the sample
project one of them actually did a
really bad job on the sample project and
I'll probably won't even interview that
person will probably see email them and
let them know not gonna interview you
but just to update you yesterday
Thursday I ended up going up to my buddy
James in Tommy's warehouse
they both it was originally I think it
was James's warehouse but Tommy's also
utilizing part of the space and James
helped me out a ton yesterday he looked
over my complete like all my Amazon
stuff and told me a bunch of different
tips on how I can optimize it so not
next week because next week I'm going to
Shark Tank but the week after that I'm
gonna sit down I'm gonna do a vlog a
style on everything I'm doing to
optimize my Amazon stuff and I really
think I can bump up sales by 30 40 50
percent like some of the stuff you told
me was really good stuff and I'm gonna
share pretty much all of it with you
guys so make sure you hit that subscribe
button because you know next week's
Miami's Shark Tank auditions which will
be fun the next week after that is gonna
be the Amazon episode and then a few
weeks after that I'm actually going to
the Philippines for a month I'm gonna go
meet my VA my virtual assistant had my
whole team in the Philippines which will
be I think a really fun blog last night
after James helped me we ended up going
to Korean barbecue which have you never
been a Korean barbecue it's absolutely
you have to go you basically you cook
the meat like right at the table and I
met up with Tommy was there and another
friend of mine Eric who I've not done a
vlog or any kind of videos with but we
but we ate so much that I ended up not
getting a very good sleep last night and
I woke up again at 3 in the morning or
so so that's why I came out here this
morning to the park to just get a little
bit of Sun film film this video
obviously and I figured I'd take the
opportunity to write down some of the
tasks that I'm doing for the day and as
always follow me on Instagram if you
want to see the kind of stuff that I do
from a day-to-day perspective but today
I'm going to show you what kind of
questions you should ask a VA when
interviewing I'll show you someone like
my top top secret questions and as
always if you want to get access to
those questions you can get the VA you
know success pack VA hiring pack
whatever I'd call it I'll put a link up
here and down below but I've got an
interview scheduled most today today I
got some other tasks that I'm gonna do
as well but I'll show you some snippets
of some of the interviews in question
for you if you could have a conversation
with anybody alive or dead who would it
be and why so where do you see yourself
like in five years like what do you want
to do like what's your goal five years
from now ten years from now like what do
you see yourself doing for work or do
you want to still be working then
where'd you learn English I mean
obviously in the school system there's
English but your English seems to be a
little bit better than most people's
English what's your what's your goal in
life like really now that I'm done with
my interviews it's time to figure out
who I want to hire and ultimately hire
them and I'll show you some quick clips
of what it's like their first day on the
job and some of my comments on how I
like to introduce V A's and start
working with them I'll be doing that
Sunday night my time because that's
Monday morning their time but first I
got to enjoy a little bit of the weekend
ultimately I ended up hiring three new
virtual assistants but one of them when
I gave him the task he was a little bit
overwhelmed and really I was unsure if I
wanted to hire him anyways and so he he
quit basically right away so I ended up
hiring two new virtual assistants and
one to replace my old VA which is going
to part-time and the new one like I had
wanted to this entire process is made me
realize that I need to work on my SOPs I
need to work on the whole workflow of
what happens when I hire a virtual
assistant and next week obviously I'm
going to Miami but the week after that
I'm either gonna be working on Amazon
like I was planning to do and or working
on my virtual assistant SOPs over
although I think hiring these new
virtual assistants is going to be one of
the best things I could possibly do I'm
really excited I already have a hundred
different ideas of all the different
tasks I can give these VJs so I'm
excited for that
make sure to comment like and subscribe
down below so you can see what I'm doing
next week and the week after that to
grow my business and other than that
most importantly remember to enjoy the

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