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How I Made $3,506 On Shopify YESTERDAY (Tutorial)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

How I Made $3,506 On Shopify YESTERDAY (Tutorial)

How I Made $3,506 On Shopify YESTERDAY (Tutorial)

hey what's going on everyone welcome
back into another video if you are new
here my name is hayden bowles and on
this channel we tok a lot about
business primarily ecommerce real estate
and post some fun stuff with
cars now in this video specifically i
want to actually kind of challenge
myself and purposefully
make this as short as possible because
the end of the day this
really is what we're about to tok about
very very simple
it's not easy to do i want to clarify
the stuff that goes into me being able
to do this kind of like you know bread
and butter
just super fast took four years took
spending millions and millions and
millions and millions and millions
literally and millions and millions of
on ads to figure this out to constantly
adapt every time
facebook changes to understand their
algorithm changes and to be able to do
this quickly
along with all the other components that
go into it the product research the ad
we're going to tok about three simple
things inside of here you focus on these
three things
and by the end of the video you're gonna
understand properly how to execute on
those three things and get them going
for yourself
it is simple there's a lot that goes
into it that's why
so many different videos on so many
different topics i just try to give you
as many live examples as possible
this right now being one of them okay
i'm gonna throw up the screenshots so i
don't have to worry about blocking out
the store name
but thirty five hundred and six don't
forget about that six dollars that's
almost chipotle money right there
thirty five hundred dollars in sales
yesterday on shopify i wanna tok about
these three things
one two three let's make it as simple as
possible make sure to drop a like on the
video by the way
and let's get into it number one make it
as simple as possible
your product okay there's three main
things we're gonna tok about in here
and number one is your product now
you guys if you haven't even seen the
last video that i posted on youtube
after this video check it out because i
tok about what niche i sell in on
that gives you a great idea on what
products i sell
versus what products i will brand and
branding means long term it means
putting a lot more money and a lot more
time a lot more focus on those products
so i give you some good recommendations
on product research at the end of the
you do not need a phenomenal product you
need either a product that is a true
need that people need to buy and if you
can offer it where it's easy for them to
get it it's a reasonable price
and you have a really cool ad which
we're going to tok about in a second
that can be a great way to sell it or if
you look for a product that has what's
called a wow
factor i will throw up an example of one
product i've sold out of many maybe i'll
put up a few screenshots
of things that i've sold electronic
lighters where you don't need gas or
crazy wall clocks i've sold all sorts of
random phone cases
right when all the wireless charging was
coming out i started selling those
little circle discs and it didn't really
work that well back then i made money
but you know it was still so new so a
lot of people didn't have the phones
with the tiknology
but i've tried all sorts of products
where people be like whoa they would
kind of stop in their tracks
and take a moment to look at it whether
they're gonna buy it or not you get that
extra attention and that's truly what
you need in marketing that is your edge
now number two is your ad i have slowly
more and more attention on this and i
don't feel like that's ever going to
slow down
because the further that we go in the
e-commerce industry
the more crowded it is now i actually
have friends who blame
me partially but personally blame me a
little bit
for this because i post videos i try to
help people i have a training program
linked below that shows exactly how to
do what i do without really holding
anything back because there's no need to
now my philosophy is simple and this is
my rebuttal to them i can put it out
there whether it's free or paid for as
many people as possible
but especially when it's free people are
not properly going to take advantage of
maybe a few will and that's awesome and
that's the people i do it for
but a lot of people won't you know
you'll there'll be a lot of current
business owners who do use it
and they use that to help themselves
grow but that doesn't hurt me
so i just want to put stuff out there
because i was kind of a lost
soul searching for information four
years ago when i was first starting an
now how that relates to your ad okay
the ad is what gets someone's attention
it's the first thing
example a billboard whatever you see on
a billboard that's the ad
a commercial on tv that's the ad you see
an instagram influencer post something
that promotes freaking iphone cases and
they're holding it like pretending to
tok on the phone
that's an ad right it's what they're
seeing so the reason this is more
and more important you need a high
quality ad and if people are selling the
same product you're kind of just pulling
off a regular e-commerce sourcing site
like aliexpress
or something like that a lot of people
tend to use content that's not
theirs so i always recommend ordering
the product taking your own pictures and
of it and then with the pictures you
have run those as carousel
ads you can run multiple pictures those
can be great for super simple
but what you should do and this is what
i've been recommending to people
primarily was for students and clients
because this is just something i
personally do
take those photos unique photos you can
do this with photos that aren't yours
and it would work
but ideally with your photos take that
use viral ecom
ads to get an animation off of that
so for an example i toked about this in
the last video because i have nothing to
hold back
i sell a lot of stuff like a lot a lot
of stuff
inside of the health and orthopedic
space a lot of that has to do with bone
joints and a movement inside the body
with different ligaments different
so a really cool thing that we do is
we'll take a picture of the product on
someone or
someone using the product and then we'll
get an animated version of that
where it kind of flashes the different
muscle the tendons inside of it
it's kind of like that 2d and 3d
animation where it
shows directly kind of what that purpose
is and the cool thing is what i do
i won't really run those by themselves
on facebook at least it doesn't work
great for me
i'll take those clips and mix it in with
a video so a picture
could potentially never get run the
picture gets turned into an animation
animation gets mixed in with real video
clips it just makes for a more engaging
video ad
and in my experience it extends that
watch time for an
ad which is going to help you overall
get more customers to your website
people are clearly having more of an
generate more engagement and one of the
biggest pieces you have a bigger
stronger pool of people to retarget
so that's going to be super valuable for
you if you have not yet checked out
viral ecom ads
it is the cheapest way that i've found
to build
these animated ads because i used to pay
hundreds of dollars for them now they're
like 40 50 60 bucks
you can get a whole package of them for
super cheap i leave them down below it
is not my company i always want to say
that i have met the owners i'm great
friends with them
however i have no ties to this company
in terms of not even half a percent of
it's just truly a good company that i
use for my own ads so that's number two
is making sure you have a good
ad creative that also does relate to
your ad copy so making sure your ad copy
under it i have videos on that and it's
broken down in the program below
but ad copy is super important because
that's what's actually gonna push
someone over to your website
so number two put a lot of attention on
your ad number three
your facebook ad strategy and while we
can dive into the nitty gritty of
launching ads structure of ad sets
budgets you know scheduling putting
those into cbs and mixing it
it really comes down to this as you're
testing products
you're going to test as many different
audiences as you can find or as many as
you're comfortable with or as many as
your budget allows
in a small window maybe a three-day time
frame a seven-day time frame
and you're gonna test all those probably
with one video ad maybe two
and if it doesn't work you should move
to the next product keep it going quick
you know we have a specific structure
that we follow for that
but once you find all these audiences
that are working you're going to ramp up
the budgets on them you're going to put
those into cbos mix them together
increase the budgets through duplicates
through directly raising your budget
then you're going to launch look-alikes
and once you get this going to your like
500 a day and that's why i always say
it's so much better to go from 500 a day
to 5
000 than it is from zero to 500 because
once something's working you have a few
hundred sales or sales coming in
you can then go build every single form
of lookalike audience
start running retargeting and you just
go like this you just streamline
outwards with different audiences
and every single thing that pops you can
then start increasing the budget
so it becomes very very quick and very
very easy to scale something fast that's
how you know
the only program i have by the way where
i show what i do is the facebook ad
academy which again you can find below
the whole premise of that program the
reason it was inspired and kind of the
first store it was built off of
like three four months ago was one where
i took it from zero to
seventy thousand dollars a day in sales
in two weeks
in exactly 14 days it's 70k and the
reason for that was
testing all those audiences and then
raising the budgets
and through a whole network of
specifically doing that so you can stay
raising your spending limits there are
other issues and limited variables
but that's the core three things and
people love to over
complicate it i could sit here and
overcomplicate and try to use a
spiraling web to
you know value stack and lead to webinar
and pitch you to this and that
you know but that's not really what i'm
here for so those three things
are something where if you focus on
those and you learn those things
you can start bringing in sales now how
you choose to scale the method of which
you choose to learn is totally up to you
i learned a lot and i still do often
doing things myself
you know i don't purchase a ton of
training when it comes to e-commerce i
do a little bit on google ads
and a little bit on like website
optimization i give that to my team
because i'm just an ad guy
but especially when it comes to facebook
there's very few things that i'll value
because i know a lot of people are just
blowing smoke when it comes to that
however the trainings that i buy are in
other industries right real estates
money movement investments land
development things like that i'm more
interested in like stuff like that from
a learning perspective
when it comes to e-commerce just be
careful with your information a lot of
people like running around in circles
so if you focus on those three things
get money coming in
then you can start buying all sorts of
other stuff that'll help you scale
okay and i've always said i've said it
for probably two plus years
learn from one place first it doesn't
have to be my videos it can be i would
love for it to be
and i would love to help you out if you
have questions dm me on instagram leave
it in the comments below
that's what i'm here for you know my
youtube check here does not
correlate to the amount of time that i'm
spending it's it's completely
irresponsible in terms of my time but
i'm here because i enjoy it
and it's something that i value because
again i was kind of a lost soul four
years ago when i was starting so
i want to keep this as short as possible
if you have questions off of those three
feel free to leave it in the comment
section down below i would love to help
you out and potentially make another
if there's a kind of a lot of
similarities in terms of the questions
in the comments all right
don't forget to check out viral ecom ads
i have a code there so you can just get
a discount that's a great way where you
can start
getting some animated content off of
pictures that i would always recommend
are yours but don't ultimately have to
be and if you take photos that aren't
yours that maybe a lot of other people
are using
they probably don't have animations on
it so nobody can really tell
whose photo it originally was you know
it's kind of its own now
unique somewhat video format piece of
content so
make sure you check that out again feel
free to let me know if you have any
questions hope you guys enjoyed this
video as always make sure to smash the
like and subscribe button
below and i'll be seeing you in the next
video peace

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