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How I MADE $64k In 31 Days With Google ADs | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

How I MADE $64k In 31 Days With Google ADs | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

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How I MADE $64k In 31 Days With Google ADs | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

yo what is going on everybody srikanasa
here so how i made
roughly 64 000 in just about 31 days
mostly with google ads now in these
recent times there have been a lot of
changes that have been happening
with google ads and because of this a
lot of people have actually started to
kind of
doubt whether google ads would be a
scalable platform now the specific
changes that i'm actually toking about
are the changes that have come
with a large amount of audience coming
from facebook ads
onto google because as most advertisers
or most
drop shippers already know with facebook
ads there's just continuous more and
more problems
and lower return on ad spend and because
of this there has been a large amount of
people coming onto google so
what google went ahead and did is they
kind of became more strict with its
rules but also
due to the increased competition a lot
of people started to face these
inconsistencies and these lower ad
spends and lower sales so in this video
i'm going to show you exactly how i was
able to continuously even with these
do roughly 64 thousand dollars
profitably with 98
google ads and also provide you a
step-by-step strategy which you can
personally start implementing
to achieve such results but without
wasting any more time let's just jump
right into it so before actually taking
you guys over to the actual strategy and
going over the specific details
i want to show you my order metrics for
this specific store and order metrics is
an app
which basically keeps track of all the
revenue the cost of the goods
profits etc so as you can see currently
we're looking at last month and
which is july but if we look at this
specific year for this store
we can see that it has done over half a
million dollars with
just specifically google ads most but
for this video i want to focus on the
last 31 days because the last 31 days
were actually a little bit different as
you can see by the red number here
i did much less in sales in the last 31
days than the previous month and all of
this can kind of be connected to the
ending within the entire world as a lot
of people know due to the lockdown there
were more and more people spending time
indoors nobody could really go out
shopping and because of that
there was a large surge in online sales
and online traffic in fact for
this specific shopify store there were a
few days within the past few months
where i was doing over ten thousand
dollars in sales
every single day in fact i've made a few
videos on the store already you can
check them out on my channel but
and within the last 31 days it was a
little bit different because again as i
said the lockdown specifically
ending just caused this shift in what
people were doing before and the shift
in the amount of sales that were done in
fact a lot of people did notike a
decline in sales to the pre-lockdown
after the lockdowns ended but for this
specific shopify store
that was not really the case it was
still doing fairly well compared to
pre-lockdown levels because back in
january when it was just two months when
i started this specific shopify store
it was barely reaching a thousand
dollars a day but as you can see so far
the last 31 days there was 64 000 in
sales with around
38 thousand dollars in cost of goods
only the two percent of the cost of the
goods still need to be inserted but
overall as you can see
we were left with a net profit of around
24 to maybe even 23
000 and this is not counting ad spend
but i'm going to take you guys
over to my google ads account to show
you the ad spent for this
specific shopify store so if we go ahead
and go on over to the google ads account
for this specific shopify store we can
see for last
month i only spent roughly fifteen
thousand eight hundred dollars so
sixteen thousand dollars and keep in
mind that ninety percent of the traffic
comes from google ads specifically if
you look at this year
for this specific shopify store or just
look at all time we can see that roughly
92 thousand dollars in ad spend for a
total of
over half a million dollars in sales
that is almost a six times return on ad
spend that's a crazy number but now that
we've kind of gone over the specific
numbers let's
hop into the google doc to see exactly
what was going on with the shopify store
so the first thing i would like to cover
is the traffic source as i already said
came from google ads while only about
two percent
came from facebook ads as well as bing
ads i'm gonna be going over these
specific traffic sources individually
and what kind of strategy i had
implemented and what kind of campaigns
i had running very shortly but before we
do that let's look at the specific
website layout so for website layout
for this specific shopify store i
literally mimicked inspireuplift.com now
this does not mean i just went ahead and
copied everything they did
i simply took ideas from them and kind
of created my own twist
but what i want to do is i want to show
you guys specifically what i did on the
product page itself because
all of the other pages on inspire uplift
they're pretty much just similar to any
other shopify
drop shipping store out there the main
difference comes on the product page so
as you can see
this is how inspire uplift looks like a
very very normal
shopify store you can even compare it to
a drop shipping store but
if we go on to the product page first
things first for google ads
one of the most important things is
standing out of the crowd and there are
several ways which inspire uplift stands
out of the crown with the ads themselves
but first
looking at the product page right from
the top we can see that just looking at
their specific
text that they have for the prizes for
in stok it's much much different than
average joe schmo drop shipping on
shopify so as you can see
they have the list price up here and
then they have price followed by the
actual cost
of the product and then it says free
shipping right below that they have a
special text which says
you save x amount of dollars with the
percentage off now this is something i
found very very interesting and i
found it so interesting that i just went
on fiverr and hired somebody
to custom code this in for me on my
shopify store because
inspire uplift if you guys don't know is
a very very big branded store
they do almost seven figures every
single month and if they have their
layout like this and this is
much different again than any other
shopify store out there
there must be a reason to it and keeping
that in mind i went ahead and mimicked
inspire uplift in this case
and did something similar on my shopify
store but in addition to that another
specific thing
on their specific product page that
inspire uplift does
is that they have only high quality
images a lot of shopify store owners
often have images with text on them
within this section
and it just kind of lowers the overall
quality of the product page in 2020. if
you look at inspire uplift they only
have two photos of this product normally
i would not recommend having just two
but what inspire uplift does is that
these two photos themselves are very
very high quality
they directly showcase the product so in
that case you really don't need
any specific photo which has text on it
or any other types of numbers or
anything like that and inspire uplift
does this perfectly not just for this
product but almost for every single
product on their specific website but in
if we scroll down they have a very
concise description in fact another
thing that i really liked is that they
play around with that font
and the boldness of their description so
as you can see this specific word right
here car seat organizer bag is fully
the one before that is in italics and
they do this throughout the specific
description doing this for all of the
main things related to the specific
products as you can see
they're doing it over here as well for
all of the specific products which this
car seat organizer can hold so this is a
very very good thing inspire uplift does
it should definitely be improving their
conversion rates because the main things
are directly popping out to the customer
they can simply skip over all of the
other junk and directly go to the main
section which is in bold or in italics
and they will have enough information to
make the purchase now these things may
seem very
very small in fact to a lot of people
they may seem
irrelevant but trust me this is one of
the biggest things you can do to
increase your conversion rate by up to
even two percent
but in addition to that of course you
will have to have other parts such as
the advertising in place as well
but if you scroll down another thing
that i really liked with inspire uplift
which i kind of tried to mimic is that
they have
an ask a question section over here so
when you click on it you can simply ask
a question and directly submit the
to inspire uplift's support team and
then they'll reach out to you so
this is a perfect way to get back those
lost sales because often
not all descriptions you have for your
products will be sufficient
a lot of people will often have
questions related to the product so
this makes it really really easy for the
customer to just reach out to you with
specific questions
and definitely helps with the overall
conversion rates and with the sales but
for the website that is exactly what i
was doing very very simple but
just directly trying to mimic inspire
uplift specifically the product page
as much as it could now let's move on to
the specific ad strategy so
exactly what i was doing with
advertising to do this much amount in
sales and that too
with almost a three times to five times
return on ads so the first thing i'd
like to tok about is the main traffic
source which again
is google ads and before i actually tok
about the specific step-by-step with the
google ads or any other advertising
just know that i've made extensive
videos on these platforms on my channel
in fact i have a whole google ads
playlist which you can check out i'll
leave the link
in the description below but for google
ads specifically i was adding
five new products every single day from
the day i started that store now the
main reason why this is number one
on my list as the strategy and why it's
the most important
is because google ads is literally a
number scheme the more products you have
the more chances of you finding a
winning product this is not like
facebook ads
where you can simply have one product
and test one product with multiple
and then if it's a winning product just
scale it to the moon via cbo's or
different individual adsense with google
ads you'll often have multiple winning
products getting you those few sales
every single day so if you have 100
products you should possibly have five
to ten products
getting consistent sales every single
day and if you have a thousand products
you should have roughly 50 to 100
getting you consistent sales every
single day that's just the way google
ads works
it's not a platform where you can just
specifically focus really on one product
unless it's a massive winner
and then scale it to the moon and do 10
000 per day that's why it's so important
to be adding new products specifically
with the following criteria to your
store the first criteria nowadays that i
is having 25 000 per month or more
monthly searches in total so for all of
the keywords
which you plan to use for that product
now i've made again a video on this on
how to find those keywords you can find
out within the google ads playlist
but in total it should be twenty five
thousand the second thing is
i want products with cost of goods of
about a hundred dollars to two hundred
dollars meaning
if it's on aliexpress for about forty
dollars to eighty dollars
i can easily sell it for a hundred
dollars or more and a lot of people may
think that this is
bad advice because these high tiket
products may not sell as much
and this could cause a lot of people to
not get sales consistently and that is
far from the truth in fact if you take
the total amount of sales
that i've done for last month and
divided by the total orders that i have
which is roughly 600 or so
you'll see that my average order value
was over a hundred dollars and this is
not because of some
upsells and down sales is simply because
i was following this specific criteria
which is
finding those products which are
expensive on aliexpress so that i can
sell it for a much higher price and
one thing i realized and one thing and
why i even recommend this nowadays is
it takes the same amount of effort and
energy to sell a 10
product compared to 100 product with
google out so why not just go
out and specifically find those high
tiket products so that you can get more
sales in fact
with high tiket products you'll often
have less orders which is not a lie
but you'll also have more in total sale
amount and you'll have more in profits
and you'll have less customer service
emails to deal with so this is like a
three-way win situation for you compared
to those
10 or 20 products where you need to have
literally hundreds and hundreds of
to do any type of decent amount of sales
and you'll have hundreds and hundreds of
customer emails just racking up every
single day so that just puts unnecessary
stress on you and nowadays in 2020
this is the specific criteria you should
be following to find those winning
products again if you combine this
with my other strategies you'll
definitely find a lot of winning
products but the third and most
important thing which i kind of changed
and which allowed me
to do this consistently and over half a
million in this year specifically
is that i was making sure that the
products i'm trying to sell are
available on amazon or ebay and a lot of
people again believe that you can't
dropship products from amazon on ebay to
your shopify customers
again that is far from the truth you can
watch my video that i released a few
weeks ago
on how to dropship from ebay and amazon
successfully but
i want to make sure in 2020 and onwards
that the products i'm trying to sell are
not just available on aliexpress but
also on amazon and ebay
because i want to provide my customers a
better experience in fact i had one high
tiket product which was roughly 400
a customer came in and bought just two
of those so i had a total order
value from this customer of around 800
after about 10 days
the product was delivered because i was
sourcing it from a u.s warehouse because
the aliexpress supplier apparently had a
u.s warehouse
with stok for that product that
customer received that product and
within five days
that customer came back and placed three
more orders for that single product so
that's twelve hundred dollars in sales
just from this specific order so in
total they had roughly eighteen hundred
dollars in sales
just for this specific product and the
only reason why they even came back is
i provided the product to them within
ten days this would not have been
possible had i been just doing
normal chinese warehouses and trying to
source the products from there so you
want to really make sure in 2020
that these products are at least
available on amazon ebay before actually
trying to sell them but
specifically toking about the campaigns
i had two general testing campaigns
running again i've toked a lot about
this in my other videos
one testing campaign was low beta
meaning around 10 cents
second one was a high bid for those more
expensive products which was around
a 48 cent bid limit in addition to that
i had one smart shopping campaign
and one thing i do with this smart
shopping cabin is that i put all
products in there
which did not get me sales within the
testing campaign
and or became unprofitable in the
testing cabinet so normally
people would just exclude the product
from the testing campaigns
and that's it they're done with that
product i do it a little bit differently
i want to give it a second chance so
what i do
is i put it in smart shopping campaign
about 5 out of 10 times i notiked that
the product actually begins to sell
really really well within the smart
shopping campaign and that's simply
a smart shopping campaign is very smart
it knows what bit to set the specific
product at and
what bit to enter the auctions at so
when it does that successfully
the product actually turns out to be a
winning product so you want to kind of
be doing that as well in 2020 but
the third and most important thing i was
doing to kind of scale and i'm going to
be toking about scaling very soon
is that i was using a lot of single
product campaigns plus campaigns called
for my winning products a skag is a
single keyword ad group
search campaign basically you have one
specific keyword targeted
within the search campaign but now that
we've kind of toked about google ads
specifically let's move on to facebook
ads and to see what i was doing
to kind of get those lost sales so with
facebook ads nowadays in 2020
i only do retargeting i try to stay away
from facebook
as much as possible because to me it was
a lot of work
stress and just low profits compared to
what google does
and i just didn't want to waste my time
anymore so i just specifically do
retargeting with facebook and with
facebook specifically for retargeting
i have the following audiences set up
for this store so the first one is
three day meaning three-day view content
or added to card but no purchase
of course you want to also do three day
added to cart but not purchase you can
do this within the catalog
sales but also i do this the same way
for the following specific time period
so three day
five days seven day fourteen thirty
sixty and
i test all of these specific audiences
within each
individual ad set what i'm trying to
find out is which specific audience
within these
is actually profitable and which one is
not profitable because even though it's
retargeting audiences not every single
one of them will be profitable so
you want to kind of give this a few days
to test at five dollars a day and that's
exactly what it is for the shopify store
and basically these are now running on
autopilot i checked them once a week or
so and i don't really make any changes
to them because again they're just
retargeting but
the third platform i did use was bing
ads specifically and nothing
too crazy with a bing i had just one
testing campaign running
at a bit of around 40 cents and one
thing i would actually recommend that
you do differently in case you want to
use bing is that you actually set the
bid limit a little bit lower
to maybe around 30 to 25 cents because
not a lot
of advertisers use bing compared to
google in fact you can expect only about
5 to 10 of your total sales coming from
bing so again bing is something i just
let run in the background
and i just imported my main general
testing campaign from my google as
account onto my bing bing ads account
and this is the high bid campaign
which again is run at 40 cent bit but
those were the three specific platforms
let's now tok about scaling because
scaling is often the most hardest and
difficult part of google ads because
again google ads works only on
search intent if nobody is searching for
a product or a niche your products in
total will not sell period so exactly
how was i scaling my specific store to
do these kinds of numbers so i was
raising budget on every campaign which
was profitable
every seven to 14 days by roughly 30
percent to 50
now a key note here you don't want to go
crazy and become greedy
and change the budget by up to two times
or anything higher than two times in
50 is the max limit you should be
changing your campaign by so if your
budget right now for a winning campaign
is a hundred dollars a day change it to
a maximum of
150 and then do the same thing again
every seven to 14 days don't go crazy
and change it from a hundred to a
thousand because you will lose a lot of
and your campaign will become
de-optimized which is one thing you
don't want in addition another way to
really scale and something i was trying
to do all along for my products is
i was increasing the product price every
time i could based on what my
competitors were doing
and at the same time i was trying to
lower the cost of the goods meaning
find another sourcing agent maybe use cj
drop shipping maybe find another ebay
seller and a lot of people don't really
pay attention to this but this is also
another way to scale because if you
simply increase the product price and
then also decrease the cost of the goods
you're tiknically scaling without
raising your ad spend and you're
not going to be losing out on many sales
if any at all and
have more profit in the end so that is
kind of considered scaling but in
another way i was scaling was through
these skags campaigns
which is again single keyword ad group
campaigns those are very very powerful
i have a video on that you can check out
on my channel as well but but something
else that you can really use to scale
your campaigns is doing single product
with the optimization target ross target
roads may not be the best way to scale
and in fact
a lot of the times you'll notike that
target robust actually lowers your ad
spend to get it to a bare bare minimum
meaning you'll barely even spend
possibly five dollars a day
but with whatever ad spend it does do
it's gonna get you
a very very high return on ad spend but
this is kind of something i really don't
do as much or recommend because again
this could really limit your scaling
ability yes it will increase your
profits but if you
lower your sales from 100 a day to a
only 10 a day
with targeted roads it's not really
worth it so you want to kind of test it
out but if it's not working just go back
to the normal scaling methods but
in addition to that another thing i was
doing was i was adding similar products
to those
winning products so for example if i had
a wireless printer
which was getting me tons of sales it
was clearly a winning product
i went out on ebay or amazon or
aliexpress and i tried to source
multiple different wireless printers to
show to the audience
and oftentimes you could find a lot more
winning wireless printers
with this method as well and the final
method that you can use is
in general just scaling to other
specific platforms in this case bing ads
or you can do facebook pinterest etc
that depends on your skill level but
are the specific scaling methods which i
have all used for this specific shopify
and this is exactly how i made roughly
64 000
in sales in just 31 days if you found
any type of value in this video
smash that like button and smash that
subscribe button and i'll see you guys

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