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How I Made My Online Store FREE In 2022 (DONT USE SHOPIFY!)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Baddie In Business

How I Made My Online Store FREE In 2022 (DONT USE SHOPIFY!)

How I Made My Online Store FREE In 2022 (DONT USE SHOPIFY!)

what's up you guys i am the ceo of
baddie cool and today i'm going to teach
you guys how to make a free store
completely free you do not have to pay
any monthly fees or sign up or give your
card information this is literally like
if you're wanting to test your handmade
products you want to test a drop
shipping store you want to test just
literally anything this is the way the
only thing that you do need is just a
good way to promote which through tik
tiktok literally promotes it for you
i haven't posted in like
two weeks you get to this point where
like you don't even have to post tik
tok will keep showing your post it
almost like snowballs and you don't even
have to really be on a like tight post
schedule to get views and to get people
on your site so today i'm going to show
you guys the basics and just walk you
guys through the process of creating
this free website i think my website
looks pretty good and it does the job i
do not believe in spending a bunch of
money on shopify and wix when you're
first starting out there's really no
reason to it's better to invest that
money that you're gonna be paying
monthly into your product so you can
have nice products or have nice shipping
supplies or have nice packaging so let's
jump right into this video and i will
show you guys how to create your free
website in under 10 minutes
all right you guys so we are going to
start off on just my website itself so i
just want to show you guys how my
analytiks looks and how useful this for
this can be free i do pay 10 a month to
have more items but you have all the
same features even with a free account
so if you take a look at my analytiks i
just want to show you guys my analytiks
i started this business in august and
i've only had it for five months now in
august when i first opened my tiktok
page and i promoted only from tiktok i
do have an instagram for my business but
it's not as useful as tiktok and i
just have i do have a lot of followers
on my instagram but that's only because
it's my old account it was like my old
personal account that i switched to a
makeup account which then i then
switched to my business account which i
don't recommend doing i recommend just
starting a brand new instagram so you do
not have issues with algorithm or
anything like that
going ahead here so you're gonna
so you can see my business was super
duper popular in september because this
one i had more viral videos along with
december as well so i made from five
months i made twenty four thousand
dollars that is not profit because you
have to remember all of the shipping
supplies the products that i bought and
the materials that i use to make some of
my products it all adds up so you do
have to remember that's not the actual
how much that you actually made so we'll
go to my orders the orders are here the
products are here
you can edit your products in different
so you can kind of see like how you can
set things that sold out you can set up
how many products you have so yeah i
don't even have 25 products but i do pay
10 a month which i think is so
affordable even if i see i don't make
any sales for one month like that's only
ten dollars whereas shopify and wix they
charge so much so like you don't want to
lose money you can also add discount
codes as well
so let's go into i'm gonna log out and
we're gonna just do this together so
we're gonna just start a brand new shop
together so you're gonna sign up click
the sign up button here
and they're going to show you pricing
literally just five products free no
credit card needed click sign up free
then you're going to put in your email
address i'll just put in my spam email
gmail this one might even be used
so you're gonna put your email your
and i'm just for this purposes i'm just
gonna put batty full
at bakerdale.com so you guys will see
the shop url will be battyfullbackup
bigcartel.com i know that's lawn but
don't worry you guys can actually change
this it's i think like if you want your
own.com i will show you guys in the next
video you can get your own um
like dot com literally for like ten
dollars for a year and you don't have to
have that like even anyways if your link
is in your bio on tiktok people
really aren't going to be worried about
how it looks like the link like if they
really want to buy it they will go and
buy it like and to me personally this
looks more professional than an etsy
store and etsy takes more
fees from you so if you're promoting
your own business use this i just don't
understand how people don't have a shop
this is literally the easiest way so
you can add your products you can pick
and customize your theme here you can
set up your checkout literally
everything's here for you it's super
duper easy to use so i'm gonna show you
guys how i
made my website so i'll show you guys
how it looks and even though i have a
dot com you can still do at
bighortel.com and it will still come up
the exact same way so you'll always have
that url so
this is how my website looks i'm
actually really happy with this i have
seen shopify stores that don't
even look as good as this so just
because you have you're paying a bunch
of money for shopify doesn't mean that
your products are gonna still come out
looking good so i really do i'm happy
with how this looks so you can see how i
set up my theme this theme was free it's
included in the free um
plan as well so you can have it in the
free plan my wi-fi is so bad in here so
i'm very sorry but obviously this would
load just fine it's just my wi-fi and
this room is horrible but anyways you
guys can see all my products i love how
they all look super square it's all even
you can see what's on sale and what's
sold out it just looks really nice to me
and i'm really happy with big heart
health i have no interest in starting
shopify because this makes the money
that i need to make so this is
completely fine you can either link your
paypal or your stripe account which i
never used right before so i just made a
new stripe account super easy to make so
you can customize your theme i'll show
you guys how i customized my theme to
look really nice and clean so
let's go to v so you can add a slideshow
so you can pick whatever pictures that
you want to add the slideshow for
and then
let's see
you can add your twitter facebook tumblr
instagram pinterest url as well which is
super cool so let's go back up
so the theme that i used was the neat
theme it's of course included in the
version of big cartel so then once you
have that you can add a slideshow so let
me go back
and for video purposes i'm just going to
look up a background
on google
so that's going to be like your
slideshow and then you're going to add
your you can add a logo here so right
now it just says your name once you get
like a logo customized you can put the
logo there it looks really professional
so i like the white look i'm very basic
i just like black and white so you can
um change the fonts as well here you can
choose any font
that you want that you think looks good
and professional they literally have so
many customization options and it's like
super easy and by the way this is not
sponsored at all i've been using big
hotels since i had my business when i
was 16 years old it was a different
business than the one i have now
but it's literally just so easy so you
can even choose like products per page
you can do um fit to square is what i
use to keep all my images looking very
clean and nice
you can put in all your urls here you
can show sold out product options to
show that your products are sold out
literally super easy and then if they
even have a css and pages option so you
can edit the css unfortunately if you
want to add anything like super custom
you do have to upgrade just through the
10 plan which is totally fine because
anyways like
if you're editing the css then that's
when like you really want to um include
something which i actually included
apple pay which was super cool so like
after i upgraded the 10
10 month plan i was able to do apple pay
and add apple pay on there as well which
is super cool so you can add that in the
css and big cartel walks you through
that which is amazing so all my products
say apple pay on them underneath which
is super convenient for buyers and
encourages people to buy so go to
products and then you're gonna add a
so we're gonna just upload
so i'm just gonna choose one of my dogs
because i was at the time i do have a
free plan as well for my dog's account
her name is mika i do have a free big
hotel account too for her because at the
time i was selling halloween bandanas
they were super cute but that's a
separate big cartel account that i have
um so then you're gonna put the product
cute dog bandana and of course
capitalize everything
because it's a title then you're gonna
write your description here you can pick
categories you can manage categories and
choose like dog stuff or you can choose
whatever you want and then you can have
here is where it's hidden sold out or
coming soon so like if you're
pre-releasing products you can put
coming soon i do a lot of pre-orders
just because if i know products are
coming and they'll be here any day i
allow my customers to pre-order and i'll
just write pre-order next to it and then
put in the description that it is a
and then i put the price here because
ten dollars and then so down here is
more important so this is the shipping
so you never want to leave this blank if
you're shipping only in the united
states you want to make sure that you do
include that so you'll put how much ever
you want so me personally
i have to pay fees so i put my shipping
is usually 550 because i'm able to get
it a little bit cheaper because i ship
so many things so my shipping winds up
being like three dollars a product
you want to make sure that you put a
little bit more because if for some
first of all it covers the profit
payment processing fees and another
thing is if like you have to resend
something which i've had to do a lot of
times with things where i've broken i
always send them a new one for free
but this is just a little cushion that
you never know that you might need so
it's always good to put a little bit
more on the shipping and as long as it's
reasonable because obviously somebody's
not gonna pay seven dollars for shipping
so you're gonna save it after that
of course i mean obviously they'll pay
seven dollars for shipping if it's like
very heavy but you know what i mean so
going back to so you'll see all your
orders here
and you even hook this up to your phone
like there's an app too which i use the
app more than i do on the the actual
desktop i use the app like literally all
the time it alerts me when i get a new
sale literally everything that shopify
has big cartel does it they just do it a
lot more simple and easy for the um
person that's running it so we have it
in maintenance mode so we'll turn that
and then we just have to add a shop
location so you do have to add your
address here they just want to make sure
that you're not trying to scam people or
it's just a security thing on their part
so again we're going to customize design
and just make our website look a little
bit better so i do want to add that shop
button let's see where that is
oh here we go so you're going to write
so the welcome header is like i have
home of
so we're going to just pretend this is a
dog bandana dog bandanas and bananas
home of dog bandanas
and then the welcome hub subheader you
could say
um welcome to our shop
and this is how it's going to look after
so it looks really cute and then
featured hubs subheaders if you want to
put something else
um and then of course it automatikally
adds the shop now button so it looks
really really nice um so then you can
add the currency sign so if you want to
put the sign of the currency like
literally they just have so many details
that you can add and it literally just
works perfect so at the end of the day
this is really my biggest i've used this
for so many things you guys can see the
i'll add the link to this description of
the video so you guys can see what my
website looks if you guys want to go and
check yourself so this is the actual
what the website will look like so
you're going to say shop now your
customers can see all the products here
obviously they would all be stacked and
you'd see all of them and then when they
click on the product they would see this
now we obviously didn't add a
description or any options or anything
but you can customize like if i had
different colors of the bandana you
could put different colors here and they
could pick out which one and then you
know you would add to the cart it's just
a super simple way of starting a
business and i really do believe in big
cartel i'm so thankful for the platform
because i never wanted to pay like fifty
dollars a month or however much it is
for wix and shopify until i make a
hundred thousand a year on my business i
will not use shopify wix because i just
feel like it's not worth it i'd rather
keep investing in my shipping supplies
and my products and things like that
there's better things to spend money on
so you guys i hope you guys enjoyed this
video of starting up your own website
for 100 free it is free up for five
items in my next video i will show you
guys how to get a custom url if that is
something that you guys want again you
don't have to have that it just makes
your business a little bit more
professional but just starting off just
like i have i for like i think two
months had just baddiefold.bigcartel.com
because i just simply did not care i
really wanted to see where tiktok would
take my business and see how it would do
anyways guys i hope this video helps a
lot if you have any other questions or
if you guys want me to show you any
other things with big cartel or anything
like that please let me know i will be
having more videos coming soon so please
hit that subscribe button and support my
channel so i can keep on making videos
like this and dropping all these secrets
and hints for you guys i believe we can
all succeed and there's no competition
here so i believe in every one of you
guys that you guys can have a successful
business too thank you guys so much for
watching and i can't wait to see you
guys in my next video bye you guys

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