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How I Make Money W/ E-Commerce While Traveling | Passive Income Ideas To Start!

Published on: December 4 2022 by Baddie In Business

How I Make Money W/ E-Commerce While Traveling | Passive Income Ideas To Start!

How I Make Money W/ E-Commerce While Traveling | Passive Income Ideas To Start!

it's true that money cannot buy you
happiness but what it can buy you is
freedom freedom to live your life
however you choose to live it your
financial freedom can be one crazy
business idea and one viral video away
and i am here to teach you how you can
do the
same got to santorini look at this view
you guys hey buddy family so my husband
and i are currently in santorini greece
it is such a beautiful island here and
we are so lucky we get to stay here for
almost an entire month in greece today
i'm going to be telling you guys how we
continue to create passive income while
we're on vacation by practikally doing
nothing and how essentially this trip is
entirely free yes i said it this trip is
free so if you want some inspiration or
want to learn a couple different ways of
how we make money and how you can make
money as well then keep watching this
video and let's get right into this we
want to share with you guys just not
only this for inspiration purposes but
we want to share this with you guys so
if you're thinking about starting a
business but you're someone that likes
to travel or if you think that having a
business means that you are restricted
from doing anything or that you're going
to be stuck 24 7 working that is simply
just not the case so if you guys know us
you guys know that we do have a couple
different streams of income the first
one that we do is we have our ecommerce
store baddie pool this ecommerce store
is promoted through tiktok and i have
videos about this business step-by-step
tutorials if you guys want to start one
like this on yourself on my youtube
channel so that is the first business
that we have we do ship our own packages
we are not dropshippers we like to ship
out our own packages so right now we
have a family member handling it for us
we were able to kind of train them to do
the packages so they're able to do that
um but if i didn't have family then i
would pay a trusted friend or find
someone that is able to do them it only
really takes two hours out of their day
to go over to our office and to gather
the packages and get them out each day
shipping orders really isn't as
complicated as people may think and my
family member learned it super quick
when i showed her how to do it i have a
whole video about how we ship our
products as well my youtube channel if
you're interested in checking that video
out and right now they're really going
every two to three days and we found our
website that their orders will be
shipped every two to three days or four
days instead of the quicker shipping
times that we typically have when we're
home even if you do have to pay somebody
to do work for you you're still making
profit from that and you're keeping the
business going which is what's very
important we didn't want to close it
down completely because we didn't want
to lose any customers since we are
staying in greece for almost a full
month so our other stream of income that
we have is from our dogs youtube channel
if you guys don't already know we make
youtube videos with their dog she is at
home with her grandparents right now and
she's living her best life while we're
on vacation but we pre-filmed a bunch of
content for her youtube channel and tik
tok that we're able to post throughout
this month so we can continue running
her youtube channel and generating
revenue stream from that but nonetheless
as long as these youtube videos are
being watched every day we're still
generating income so we have that source
of income that's coming in from her
youtube channel really without us doing
anything even if we didn't have time to
create or edit content or to create new
content before we left it would honestly
be fine because she has so many other
videos that are still accumulating views
that are monetized so we're still
getting paid for old videos as well this
is why youtube is definitely one of my
favorite passive streams of income
because not only is it fun not only can
it be rewarding but it's something that
no matter where you are in the world as
long as your videos are being watched
you're going to generate revenue streams
i will be posting a video about how we
grew our dog's youtube channel in less
than a year to almost six hundred
thousand followers and how we grew with
tiktok as well i'm gonna be posting
an entire video about that on this
channel very soon for all my dog owners
out there or pet owners or basically any
niche that just wants to get into doing
this as well they also get paid for tik
tok views as well which because we do
have a very large account for my dog we
have almost 4 million followers so our
tiktok views also are a stream of
passive income for us as well as now
instagram has released for certain users
that they can earn money by using and
posting instagram tvs so we've been
posting instagram tv videos on my dog's
instagram channel as well and that has
also been a smaller source of revenue
for us but nonetheless it is passive
income so this whole time i have been
filming and posting tiktoks on her
business account to also keep the sales
going honestly it's been really fun for
me it's not something that i'm stressing
out to do and to get done we're enjoying
ourselves but i it is something that i
really enjoy doing and i make the videos
really fun so it's cool to get them in
different settings and to have fun with
our audience and of course our business
badifools tiktok also produces revenue
stream because we get paid for our views
via the creator fund if you want to
learn how that happens i have a whole
video about that as well and if you want
to learn how to grow your tik tacs
account for your business i also have a
video about that and i'll leave that one
right up here so one big thing that i
want to tok about today is taxes so the
biggest thing that i love about having
our own business is the fact that we are
able to do write-offs you are not always
able to do write-offs when you work a
nine-to-five they pretty much take the
taxes out of your check for you
therefore there's nothing you can do
per se write anything off or to reduce
the taxes that you have to pay as this
trip is used for business i'm taking
videos of our products and we're
creating content that we are generating
revenue from this would be considered a
business trip being able to write this
entire trip off of our taxes that means
that everything we do during this trip
is essentially free it's free because
instead of paying the irs at the end of
the year we're using this strip as a
write-off then this trip is almost like
a credit towards the taxes you have to
pay as a business owner so in a way
you're basically getting free travel if
you're a business owner if you think of
it like this as long as you're using the
trip for business in some way this is a
thousand percent legal and many business
owners use this as well obviously a
quick disclaimer i'm not a tax certified
person i'm not a cpa so if you want to
tok to them i do recommend always on
toking to an accountant obviously if
you do start your own business you don't
you can start it and you don't have to
tok to somebody before you start it but
if you see where it's at the point where
it's making over 20 000 in one year or
over ten thousand dollars one year you
definitely want to start toking to an
accountant because your business gonna
going to continue growing so you want to
make sure that you do receive all of the
benefits and an accountant does usually
charge money but it is worth in the long
run because they will tell you ways of
how you can manage your business taxes
and things like that that you are able
to write off at the end of the year and
they will assist you with that which
takes a huge weight off your shoulders
but if you're just getting started don't
worry about taxes right now worry about
making money first and then you can
worry about taxes after the fact always
more rewarding to travel knowing that
it's either we pay to enjoy or we pay
for things for our business or else
we'll owe more to the irs at the end of
the year it's important to do these
things not only for your business to
grow because definitely being here has
helped us to create better content for
our personal brand
and for our business accounts but that
this really gives you a break from life
as well and you are able to go home
feeling refreshed and ready to be
productive again you really do have to
ignore a lot of these negative people
that have things to say about business
owners not having time to do things
because my husband and i we are so so
blessed that we have what we have today
and that we have these businesses
because really if it wasn't for these
businesses we would not be on this trip
and not getting this trip like
essentially for free with our tax
write-offs and it's just so crazy and
just so surreal that all of this has
happened in under a year for us
but i wanted to make this video just to
show you guys the reality of this for us
is the fact that it doesn't matter what
you're doing online if it's creating
passive income that is essentially the
key to financial freedom so if you're
somebody that you don't trust anyone
with your business or you're like really
scared of doing that one thing i really
want to tok about is you just have to
think about like what's the worst that
could happen if you hire someone to
handle your packages for you to ship
them out or if you were to get a family
member or friend to do them the worst
absolute case scenario is that you would
have to refund a buyer you'd have to
send another package out or give them a
coupon that's the worst possible
scenario so when you think of it like
that then it's not as such of a scary
thing to leave your business because at
the end of the day you have to remember
that you cannot always keep an emotional
connection to your business even me i
get really offended if somebody says
something bad about my products or they
say something about about me or how i
look it might be like just stupid stuff
but at the end of the day you have to
that this is the purpose that you
started this business was to invest your
money and to make money so you do have
to kind of release those feelings in
order to have a successful business so
you're able to grow from there you can't
take it to heart if you have to wind up
refunding someone or sending out another
package from time to time it's gonna
happen even if you're doing your own
packages my husband and i we have
mix-ups many times but we don't beat
ourselves up about it and we just either
send out a new product or we just handle
it from there even if your business
takes a loss or if somebody happened to
file a chargeback or things like this
again you can't get too upset about it
because at the end of the day it's just
an investment it's not your heart and
soul but of course being on vacation is
so important as well one of the biggest
things that people regret in life is not
traveling enough so my husband and i
always make it a priority to travel any
chance we get and with the power of
having these businesses we are
essentially able to pick up and leave
whenever we want as long as we have
coverage for our business and as long as
my husband's parents are able to watch
mika which of course they love her so
it's no problem for them to do my
husband also had the same mindset of not
wanting to be stuck with a nine-to-five
job and he felt the same exact way that
he doesn't want to be stuck to a
nine-to-five coming home tired and both
of us coming home tired like what life
is that asking off we also both really
love to travel so it is perfect you
really do have to find somebody that
also wants the same things as you um
because if you are with a person that
doesn't want to travel and wants to you
know have has a good paying job at a
nine-to-five job they may not want to
collaborate with you or support you so
i'm so thankful that we've had each
other to support each other in order to
make these businesses work and grow even
more than as if it was just me running
them i hope you guys enjoyed this video
and i hope this video did inspire you to
want to start an online business or to
want to do anything online that creates
passive income for all my aspiring or
drop shippers out there this would also
apply to you as well especially if you
bring a product with you to take videos
in this beautiful place or to continue
posting tiktoks or business tik
toks or whatever you decide to do while
you're on the road it all relates to
business as you can use this entire trip
or any trips in general as tax
write-offs i hope this video helped to
inspire you of course if you have any
questions comment down below and i'm
happy to help you answer them hit that
subscribe button for more videos like
this one

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