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How I Run My Dropshipping Business (All Software Explained)

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

How I Run My Dropshipping Business (All Software Explained)

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How I Run My Dropshipping Business (All Software Explained)

in this video i'm going to cover all the
software that runs my drop shipping
business for me the primary goal of this
video is complete transparency so you
can understand exactly what software
works for each part of my drop shipping
business and why i use it so the first
side of my business runs mainly with
z-drop z-drop is a software that pulls
listings from sites like amazon walmart
ebay and so on and lists them with the
same pictures titles and descriptions at
a markup in price i typically mark most
of my products up about 40
and that seems to work pretty well for
me any software that copies listings and
marks them up like this is a must for
anyone that's trying to scale drop
shipping i currently use z drop to copy
listings to facebook marketplace
facebook shops poshmark and mercari
z-drop copies to a number of other
websites too but i mainly use it to copy
to the ones i just mentioned i also use
e-drop to copy and paste addresses for
me so i can process orders quicker
that's yet another feature then from
there i use list perfectly to cross post
those same listings list perfectly is a
software that will take listings from
site to site and repost them this
software is a complete time saver and
also allows me to list and drop ship on
other websites zdrop doesn't post to i
use it to list to grailed tradesy depop
and kittison as well this gives my
listings more exposure and leads to
other sales for pretty much no extra
work i also have virtual assistants move
facebook listings to mercari and
poshmark using this software after using
z drop initially to help my vas log into
my computer and use my ip address to
avoid facebook flagging my accounts i
use a software called splashtop
splashtop is a software that allows them
to remote into my computers from
anywhere in the world this is crucial
because not only are they now using my
ip address and facebook is super
sensitive to ip addresses and locations
but they can also use my accounts
software password credit cards that
means that i don't have to give them
passwords i don't have to give them
access to my accounts i don't have to
give them credit card information and i
don't have to buy them each a version of
their own software so that they can use
it because all that's already installed
and input on my computer already it
streamlines pretty much every part of
the business and in my opinion it's a
lot safer and i honestly love the fact
that at any point in time i can just
look over and see what they're doing yes
we're in different locations obviously
but they're basically working here in
the office right next to me i then use a
software called interguard to monitor
the productivity and computer usage of
each employee this software has the
capability to track everything they're
doing give me productivity ratings based
on how active they were and has a lot of
data points and has an algorithm that
explains how it calculates this
productivity score and it also lets you
restrict certain applications and
websites if you want to now i barely
ever check this or restrict pretty much
anything but it's good to know that i
can if i want to it's also great if
you're paying someone hourly because you
can literally see how productive they
are in the hours you're paying them for
you can see how much their time working
was idle moving changing pages and the
list goes on and on this is great for
measuring employee productivity against
each other if you're looking to test out
different people or make a new hire it's
also perfect if your va is located in a
different time zone and they're working
at night moving on to the amazon side of
the business now drop shipping on amazon
is a very different approach than drop
shipping on pretty much any other
platform to find profitable products i
start out using a software called source
mogul this software compares products
against amazon's catalog on many
different websites and then tells you
which ones are profitable and which ones
are after i list the profitable ones and
get orders i make order fulfillment
easier by using another copy paste
software called spot and paste this cuts
my order fulfillment time significantly
i also use a software called sku grid to
monitor stok levels on my suppliers
websites and change the stok levels on
my amazon store if a product goes in or
out of stok that way i don't sell a
product that's out of stok i also use
the automatik repricer built into amazon
you don't need to spend hundreds of
dollars on a fancy repricer and i also
use a software called trackerbot to
automatikally input tracking numbers for
me this software pulls tracking numbers
out of the emails i get and inputs them
into corresponding orders on amazon for
me so i pretty much never have to
manually input tracking numbers game
changer one software that i've yet to
mention is a software that helps me make
more sales on poshmark and that is
simple posher this 10 per month software
automatikally shares listings on
poshmark for me and put simply it
automatikally brings more traffic to
your listings and helps you sell more
you won't do well on poshmark without it
all of these are pivotal in my drop
shipping business they save me time and
they streamline pretty much every
process for both me and my va's and i
wouldn't have been able to scale to even
close to what i have without them all of
them are linked down in the description
if you feel that you need them i also
put any deal that i might have set up
with them so that you can either try the
software for free or get some money off
and if you want to learn how to
specifically use any one of these i've
made tutorials on all of them so just
search the channel it's all there but
honestly one of the best places to start
drop shipping currently is facebook
marketplace i obviously drop ship on a
number of places but by far the quickest
and easiest one to start and scale is
facebook marketplace drop shipping so
check out the video linked up in the
right hand corner right now if you want
to learn more about how i was able to
turn six figures in profit in just under
six months dropshipping i hope you
enjoyed the video if you got any value
from it whatsoever please give it a like
i genuinely appreciate it until next

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