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How I Spend 30 Minutes Per Day on my Dropshipping Business

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

How I Spend 30 Minutes Per Day on my Dropshipping Business

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How I Spend 30 Minutes Per Day on my Dropshipping Business

drop shipping on facebook marketplace
and facebook shops is extremely
lucrative it's one of the most
profitable businesses i've ever started
and it's certainly the most beginner
friendly too that said it's not always a
walk in the park and as you scale it
does require a lot more time invested on
your part usually in today's video we're
going to cover seven things that will
make drop shipping on facebook so much
easier the first is buying tracking
numbers let's say that you have a
tracking number that isn't your typical
ups fedex or usps tracking number in
order to keep the customer happy and
make sure that you get paid as fast as
possible one of the best things that you
can do is to buy a tracking number for
that order i personally use track taco
formerly oa genius they make it super
easy to buy tracking numbers to the same
exact city and same rough delivery date
as your customers package is expected to
be delivered in this keeps your customer
from realizing that they never got a
real tracking number and complaining and
it makes sure that facebook still pays
you out in a timely fashion so that you
can obviously put that money back into
more products the next thing that makes
life so much easier when processing
orders is an address copying software
rather than manually typing in customers
addresses every single time you place an
order on your supplier's website you can
use a copy paste address software to cut
your order processing time significantly
now i use z-drop for this which is great
because i already recommend subscribing
to their software for their listing
tools as well so you can consider this
part a free bonus and it might not seem
like it's helping that much for each
specific order but trust me when you're
processing dozens or even hundreds of
orders it saves you so much time another
game-changing software that will save
you a lot of time is a bulk listing
software the first step is manually
copying products from your suppliers
website to facebook the next step up
from that is using a listing copy
software that will copy the titles the
descriptions the pictures obviously and
then mark the price up on facebook so
you make a profit then one more step up
from that is using a bulk listing
software which does this with hundreds
of listings at the same time and you
guessed it i recommend z drop for this
as well i use the drop to bulk list to
facebook marketplace obviously but you
can really see the power of this when
you actually use it to bulk list two
shops this is how anyone can scale a
shop from zero sales to dozens or even
hundreds of sales almost overnight by
bulk listing thousands of products and i
show exactly how to do this in one of my
recent videos so i'll drop a link to
that video down at the bottom of the
description if you want to check it out
now the next thing that will save you so
much time and make drop shipping on
facebook so much easier is an auto
calculating spreadsheet that tracks all
your orders and all your profit this
will make finding past orders processing
returns understanding your cash flow and
even understanding exactly how much
you're really making each month and each
sale a breeze i put a blank copy of my
auto calculating spreadsheet that i use
in my own drop shipping business down at
the bottom of the description as well if
you also want to use that too now i also
recommend that you hire a listener
listing products is one of those things
that you constantly need to do on a
daily basis if you want to make
consistent sales and this can be super
time consuming as well which is why i
recommend that this is one of the first
things that you outsource you can teach
almost anyone to do it with a copy
listing software like z drop and you can
hire someone from overseas relatively
cheap which will also keep your margins
high at the same time now once you are
getting consistent orders you should
also start thinking about hiring an
order processor this is another task
that can be taught relatively easily and
another thing that you can actually
outsource to free up your time so that
you can focus on big picture things and
new frontiers for your business and
honestly it's not as risky as most
people think if you hire somebody that
you trust and train them up a little bit
they'll reliably process orders for you
over and over again on top of that your
card should already automatikally be
input into all of your accounts so it's
not really like you need to give anybody
your credit card information or anything
like that now you can outsource tasks
like this for as little as 25 to 50
cents in order or you can even pay them
hourly another thing that you should
think about outsourcing as well is
customer service customer service on
facebook both on shops and marketplace
is extremely time consuming but it's
also very important facebook is the only
marketplace where customers can actually
message you in real time and you can get
lots of messages every day if you have a
lot of listings up but the good news is
you can hire a customer service person
or you can even assign one of your other
vas to do this as well the ones that
might be listing or order processing
already and just give them another task
i've said it time and time again
outsourcing is one of the smartest
things that you can do to scale your
business but i also get that it can be
very scary if you've never done it
before so i put everything that i
learned spending my first twenty
thousand dollars on virtual assistants
to scale this business into a short
video you can check it out up in the
right hand corner right now if you're
interested i hope you enjoyed this video
if you got any value from it whatsoever
please give it a like i genuinely
appreciate it until next time

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