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Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles


what's going on everyone I hope that
everyone is having an excellent day so
far I just wanted to jump on here real
quick and tok about a topic that a lot
of people mostly Millennials have been
asking me over on Instagram and I don't
know why or where they come up with this
but that's you know how I handle my
money now I'm not gonna sit here and
pretend like I'm making a ton of
money cuz you know sure looking back
where I was three months ago compared to
now you know blows my mind but it'syou
know now that I actually see the
potential and what's possible out there
what I can do what I'm gonna do it's
nothing so I'm kind of in a position
where you know what I was making three
months ago compared to now I'm like oh
I'm gonna have a car buy that so you
know now I don't have a car I still
don't because I see what I can do if I
just save my money if I reinvest it and
if I'm smarter so I'm sure there's a lot
of people you know my age and even
younger making a hell of a lot more
money than me but at least the way I've
done things I don't really spend money
on things that I don't need I can kind
of validate you know getting to phones
that's probably one of the dumbest
things but it's a long story I'll
probably tok about another video as
well as imma make a completely separate
video on my money and i'ma try and be
very transparent about that where it
comes from the different streams of
income how much I'm making what I'm
doing with it you know where I'm
allocating that cash but my biggest goal
right now is moving out so I'm just kind
of saving my money putting that away and
basically raising my income one thing I
am doing a lot is traveling and
reinvesting you know not necessarily
just into things but in businesses but
as well as into my learning meeting
people networking it's on the 15th I'm
flying out to La Jolla in San Diego
California I'll be there for three days
for an event got a really nice house
there with a ton of entrepreneurs then
I'm gonna be up in Orange County for
about a week with a couple of my buddies
who were doing really really well with
drop shipping more videos to come on
that as well it's something I'm learning
and then I'll be up in LA you know
checking it out meeting up with a few
people so that's how I'm spending my
money you know traveling kind of
reinvest you not just blowing money you
know getting nice cars that rent while I
travel but you know meeting people in
doing the right things so I just want to
tok real quick about like what to do
with the money because if you're
spending your time learning you you're
building a business especially at a
young age where you don't have many
expenses the money will come you know
most kids who are 15 to 18 are probably
making three to five hundred bucks a
month working a part-time job while
going to school
when you start making that in a couple
days or a day or double that everyday
whatever it is that's a lot of money you
know even to the average American was
only making fifty grand a year so if you
can start making a couple thousand bucks
a month you know for me that was my goal
to start making three to five thousand
you know that would allow me to have
money do whatever I want travel I could
get a car you know BMW Mercedes or
whatever it is but now I see why am I
gonna go spend $500 a month on a car you
know which if you put it actually on
paper I make the down payment insurance
front in my parents money because I
can't even sign for you know they're
gonna want six months advance it just
doesn't make sense on paper and then
shipping the car out wherever I move to
that just it doesn't make much sense so
I'm just gonna hold off which I know is
smarter but I've had to do that on a lot
of different things you know traveling
taking trips that were more for fun and
not for business so you know just be
smart with your money you know you have
to be self aware nobody knows your
financial situation better than you and
what you want to do with it sure all my
friends are saying get a car get this
you know get the real version of this
bracelet why would I go spend $5,000 on
a bracelet well first of all this was a
gift so was this watch
you know shout out lead friend thank you
but I'm not gonna go buy that stuff
because I don't care I'm gonna buy that
stuff once I can go spend $30,000 on a
watch it literally does not matter
because I made that back today you know
once you get to that point that's when
you can just be stupid with your money
not necessarily stupid but once you have
stupid money you can spend it stupidly
so you know I've been learning from a
lot of people like Grant Cardone and ty
Lopez just like taking different
principles on what they've said cuz I
know I'm sure they've made mistakes you
know getting cars too soon which I see a
lot of entrepreneurs doing especially on
the lifestyle of you know I'm
trying to sell a course they think
having a car you know they know having a
car is gonna help that it will that's a
fact but I'm not trying to sell
something exactly no at least not now
I'm gonna build a business first you
know something super successful in
multiple different areas you know I have
multiple businesses multiple niches and
multiple streams of income but then I'll
make a course once the businesses are
doing really well you know I want
something to back it up I'm not just
gonna push a course when I'm making no
money and just make my money off the
course that to me I don't agree with and
a lot of people do that so you know
that's just the route I'm taking things
but back on the track of money
just be smart with it you know I'm still
trying to figure out the whole taxes
thing I have a meeting with my
accountant right before I go to
California so got to make sure that
squared away before I start spending
money on stuff like a car you know
depreciating assets liabilities and
honestly you know stuff like a bracelet
a watch or whatever two phones like
those are all depreciating assets you
know things I like to buy that don't
cost a lot of money is you know
traveling which people think it costs a
lot but if you do it right it really
doesn't you know I've now by traveling I
now have friends in like every major
city and all across the world who I can
stay with you know they have nice cars I
can use so I don't have to rent that
stuff or pay for it I just kind of pay
for my food in my travel expenses that's
it you know so like for example books I
buy a lot of books have like two
bookshelves drawers full of it it's one
more here but you know it's 10 20 bucks
a book you know that's written by
someone who made a billion dollars in
their life why would you not want to
learn from them so spend your money on
the right things and just make sure that
you know your financial situation and
you're not just off blowing money on
dumb that you know you're gonna
look back on three years and say you're
really stupid for that if you want to
let's say rent a nice car for a day that
you know you're gonna have to draw the
line you know if you're gonna go spend
$500 in rent an Audi r8 for a day you
can do that if you know if you're making
a few thousand dollars a month and
that's one of your goals because then
you're gonna manifest that in your life
but at the same time that $500 is gonna
get you closer to actually getting the
car so you need to draw that line to
figure out what works best for you
because everybody's different you know I
spend my money different I want to spend
it different I want to make a different
amount than you everybody has different
goals everybody has a different path
that they're gonna go on in life so you
got to figure that out for yourself I am
making a lot more YouTube content I
while I'm out in Hawaii Californians
like 150 entrepreneurs at this big house
for an event I'm at and I have another
big house like 10 minutes down the road
where a ton of us are staying at but you
know people like junior garage Casey
Adams big youtubers like 10 or Fox whoo
man Yuri Tanner J Fox who does a lot of
affiliate marketing to Amazon stuff
Jaden gross you know all these people
I'm gonna try make some YouTube videos
with them you know get content out as
well as you know spending some time with
them I don't want to always have the
camera out but just let me know what you
guys want to see you know drop a comment
below and be
follow me on Instagram and you know just
hit me up