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How Many eBay Listings to do Daily to Make $1000 a month?

Published on: December 3 2022 by Marc Augustine

How Many eBay Listings to do Daily to Make $1000 a month?

How Many eBay Listings to do Daily to Make $1000 a month?

well so this is my video okay what's up
guys mark and Becky right the boss girl
is cyber Mondays and this video is not
about cyber monday is the even know what
type of man is it yeah so I am this
question I this may be like the eighth
or ninth time I got this question in the
past couple of weeks I got it yesterday
again so the person was like this person
was like how many let's say oh no no no
the email was like mark I just joined
the HEV what do you think is gonna
happen if I let 87 journalist easily and
so that's a question from yesterday but
then other people keep asking how many
listen they should listen to me and now
I want to tok about my perspective and
my method of listen and then you could
tok because I think you could tok more
about that quantity right so when my
method of listening I don't know how the
you gonna let it either hundred
items that what you got a long time I
think the most items I've ever listed in
one day was in the UK when I listed like
40 something maybe that's the most ever
like in this six years I've been
drop shipping I don't think I've listed
a hundred items on you right the reason
why is because of the method now I look
for items at fine that sell multiple
times that is what I'm the man
and then sell it for less a lot of the
time it might be difficult to find
enough of those items with margin a lot
of times some of the guys who have good
margins do everything they can to stop
you from finding where they buy the item
so take some time right with my method
of doing things if you use india's
shitty every do it manually I would say
aim for like 10 items at a max right if
you didn't manually maybe 20 I've done
20 nnedi manually and with yeah but
would you say like aim for that all like
I think saying is there - is it too many
listing so they can do it that means
like how many okay he said if 8200 too
many but it matter of all can you do I
do it many as you can do yeah I mean I
don't think when eBay so people have
this freak out about eBay shutting
accounts down right so you get lists as
much as you want the problem comes in
with the seals when your current goes
from zero to a lot of sales immediately
that very problem come in but if you not
get in sales list as many as you can
yeah I would say try to go for a very
minimum of five like a minimum probably
should kind of stuff that anyway with a
new account just because of their
restrictions so what do you mean so if
your account is brand new
you can't sell more than right so they
kind of help you yeah not used yeah not
get shut down
yeah but I mean with my shot you have
always had to try to do a minimum of
five every single day but okay so do you
list every single a yes
at least everyday and but I don't do so
with my method I don't do any research
on like what other people are sending
the item for or whether other people are
selling the item so the like broad
theory of it is let's say with your
methods where you're doing research you
have to find the item and the peasants
wanna hide with like all of that stuff
let's say for example it takes you five
hours to find five items that then sell
I would spend five hours listing a
hundred items but I'm not doing any
research and out of a hundred maybe five
of them yourself so if I spent five
hours yeah but we both found five items
that will sell so that's the kind of
difference yeah why both can work
because if you're not doing research
yeah you're gonna lift a lot of ducks
that aren't gonna sell but also just
from the volume that you're listing
you're gonna have some winners in there
right so how okay so what do you listen
minimum every week letter C do you have
a green you said I used to have like
trying to sell your day and I don't have
a go out but I just list first time I
just live so I end up this did
few hundred a week but I don't said oh
that's specific good when I was starting
out and I was doing it manually my goal
was thirty a day and I struggled to do
40 but I had a full time job or so and
but my goal was thirty a day and that is
if you really like doing optimization
method and you're serious about really
growing your sort of 30 a day is what I
would say to aim for minimum like 15 a
day if you're not doing research then
why would it take you any longer than
right okay yeah and I wouldn't worry
about I know have you had any issues
Alyssa a lot like you tell me like but
then my account was like one I've used
and I'm domestik so it doesn't look yeah
and because I was manually listed and I
wasn't using a hydrometer or like both
poster when I first started naturally my
account grew slowly right I think I did
less than 2,000 pounds and zero so it
doesn't look weird because it's manual
okay alright so hopefully we answer your
questions if you have any more questions
if any of you have questions comment
subscribe to the Channel I'm
like a hundred away from ten thousand
maybe you could get me there by tomorrow
and look who's description for Becky's
channel and appreciate later

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