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How Many Products Do You Need To Start Shopify Dropshipping?

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

How Many Products Do You Need To Start Shopify Dropshipping?

The above is a brief introduction to How Many Products Do You Need To Start Shopify Dropshipping?.

Let's move on to the first section of How Many Products Do You Need To Start Shopify Dropshipping?!

How Many Products Do You Need To Start Shopify Dropshipping?

what kind of oversize my fridges like is
that not just unnecessary but I love
food so not complaining it's freaking
the size of my arm span I'm six-two good
morning to everyone coming back at you
with a brand new video I've literally
just been working on one of my Shopify
stores all morning for like the last two
to three hours I'm up in my kitchen
right now if you couldn't already tell
just been grinding away with that it's
been long days I'm loving my sleep
schedule actually as up as this
is gonna sound I'm going to bed at like
3:00 a.m. and they're waking up at like
9:00 or 10:00 today I woke up like 11 so
I've been working on my store for about
four hours got a call in like two hours
with this guy I'm not going to say his
name just for privacy purposes but he's
really big in the credit industry and a
little birdie told me he's doing 68
million a month so I'm trying to lock
him down as a client for some social
media stuff so that should be
interesting just thought I'd share that
with you guys but let's get down to
business in this video and that is how
many products you actually need to start
your Shopify store now I know a lot of
people have been asking me this and even
if you didn't ask me I'm sure you're
wondering you know it's a common thing
that people tok about their courses
I've gone through multiple different
courses if I ever build one I'm
definitely gonna tok about this but a
lot of people that kind of over
complicate things and I know I made a
video like a week back toking about
things that people overthink and this is
definitely one of them so to keep it
really simple this is gonna be a short
video take four to eight products get it
set up on your store and run with it
you're gonna be rotating through new
products testing whatever doesn't work
kick it out and keep moving up with the
template in the layout I use on my basic
stores like they're so so simple just to
blow your mind if you actually knew like
how simple it was to get this going it's
one main product you know that's it
highlights one main you my best-selling
product at the top and then there's
complementary products under that they
kind of build off of that
so for mobile what its gonna look like
on your phone at least the way I setup
I'm just explaining my stores and how I
do it one main product and the three
rows with two products so six more below
it and one of those inside of the six is
the one that's up top so six products in
total that's it and then I run I've done
less I've done more I've started a store
my first store had like 50 products I
definitely spent a little bit too much
time I did work like 18 hours a day got
it done in three days but that's too
much you can start super simple
obviously not if you have a general
store members in each store and each
store can have a lot less so that's a
whole nother topic for another day but
you just want to keep it super simple
you don't need to over complicate things
you want to get it going as fast as
possible because then you can run with
an experiment do your Instagram
shout-out to move into
which if you guys didn't know that's how
I do things I'm gonna build pixel data
from Instagram and then do look-alike
audiences on Facebook about a month or
two later but I just focus on getting my
good pictures a good description which
is super important having everything set
up looking good I get it up on the site
I'm actually launching a new site right
now literally had it set up in two days
I spent like probably three hours each
day for two days you know and got it
fully set up and just bought my domain
so get in everything rockin and rollin
with that it really doesn't take too
much you guys just don't want to over
complicate things that's honestly the
biggest issue that I see people make
that's the biggest mistake by far it's
gonna freaking kill you if you try and
spend eight hours every single day for a
month trying to set up your store never
run any traffic never figure out what
actually works and what doesn't that to
me is just complete idiocracy why would
you waste your time doing that not
necessarily waste your time because yeah
you are building a store something you
can use but it's just not the most
efficient use of your time but like I
said on mobile how my sites look with
the one main product and six below it
you know three rows of two on desktop
it's gonna be two rows of three so it's
just super super simple you know 95% of
my traffic comes from mobile anyways but
I definitely still make sure that I a
desktop set up just because you know
some people do come through there and
especially with like you know following
up with people through email on the back
end a good chunk of those people are
gonna come on their desktop you know the
world is shifting to a more mobile
platform personally for me I don't even
check my email on my phone I always do
that on my laptop so I don't know
exactly what people are doing but you
know it's statistikally most people are
coming through their phone I only target
mobile traffic what I'm doing Instagram
with Facebook Ads so there's that so I
just want to make sure I'm optimized for
both but I definitely focus on mobile so
you guys can go back and look at my old
videos on exactly how I pick products
and do that but really just take four to
eight products get set up and run with
it no excuses no time wasting no
nothing just get it up running
testing traffic and go that's all I got
for you guys today again super short
video just trying to get this content
out every single day if you didn't like
the video be sure to drop a like and let
me know in the comments below with that
being said I will see you guys the next
one peace

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