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how much are the super bowl ads this year

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Why The Super Bowl Featured So Many Crypto Ads This Year

The Super Bowl is a unique event where people actually want to watch ads, even if they usually try to avoid them. This year, there were a lot of brands, both old and new, that appeared during the game. Two of these brands were FTX and Encrypted.com, both big names in the cryptocurrency world.

Bullet Points:

- The Super Bowl is a great way to reach a new audience.

- Advertising real estate during the Super Bowl is some of the most expensive you'll find anywhere.

- Brands tend to go all out during the Super Bowl, as people are looking to be entertained.

- FTX and Encrypted.com were both trying to reach a mainstream audience with their ads.

Why were there so many crypto ads this year?

FTX and Encrypted.com are both trying to reach a mainstream audience, and the Super Bowl is a great way to do that. These brands have been making major plays in the sports world, buying up stadium rights and logo patches. The Super Bowl is a unique event where people are actually excited to watch ads, so it's the perfect opportunity to spread their message.

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched events in the country, and even if you're not a football fan, you'll likely tune in to watch the ads. Brands go all out during the Super Bowl, and this year, there were even more newcomers, including FTX and Encrypted.com. While we don't know the exact amount of ad revenue brought in this year, last year's Super Bowl brought in over half a billion dollars in in-game ad revenue alone. The Super Bowl is a unique event where brands can reach a new audience and spread their message.

How The Super Bowl Became The Championship Of Advertising

The Super Bowl: The Championship of Advertising

As the Super Bowl approaches each year, football-themed food and products are seen everywhere, making it more like a national holiday than a sporting event. This tradition has turned the Super Bowl into the championship of advertising.


- Super Bowl 18 changed everything when Apple aired their famous Macintosh ad during the game, marking the event as a platform for advertising.

- The Super Bowl has become an opportunity for TV networks to expand their audience and make more money.

- Advertisers pay huge amounts for 30-second spots, with some costing as much as $5-6 million.

- Studies have shown that Super Bowl ads can boost sales significantly, with Budweiser's ads boosting sales by almost twice what was spent on the commercials.

- Despite falling viewership, the Super Bowl continues to command a huge live audience, making it an important event for advertisers.

Tips for Successful Super Bowl Ads:

- Be funny, but not overly promotional.

- Avoid hard-selling.

- Use animals to capture the audience's attention.

- Change plans quickly for maximum impact.

The Super Bowl is an event that demands attention from advertisers. With the pressure to create something great, advertising has become an important part of the event, with commercials and their impact being discussed before and after the game. While only one team can win the game, successful ads can make brands the real winners of the Super Bowl.

Cryptocurrency Super Bowl ads to air during big game

Wall Street and tech companies are in the midst of bonus season, with some workers seeing payouts between $10 and $25 million.

House Democrats are close to banning members of Congress from trading stocks, with a vote potentially happening later this year.

Cryptocurrency companies are buying ad spots during the Super Bowl in an effort to reach new customers and generate interest in buying and trading cryptocurrency.

The cost of a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl is about $6.5 million, with the involvement of cryptocurrency companies potentially inflating the price.

Experts do not expect to see as many crypto ads during next year's Super Bowl, as the success of these ads remains uncertain.

While some viewers tune in for the game, others are entertained by the commercials and halftime show.

This year's Super Bowl ads

The article discusses various advertising campaigns and commercials that use creative and humorous approaches to engage the audience. From forming a political party to promoting new products, these ads use a variety of techniques to grab attention and leave a lasting impression.


- The Bud Light Party: A humorous political campaign that plays on the idea of bringing people together over a common love for beer.

- Ketchup and Taco Bell: A commercial that teases a new, top-secret product, using humor and mystery to generate interest.

- Butterfinger: A bold advertising campaign that uses daring stunts and celebrity endorsements to promote the candy bar.


- Contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms: These informal language devices add humor and personality to the ads, making them more relatable and engaging.

- Bullet points or numbered lists: These formatting options make the information more digestible and easy to follow.

- Avoiding repetitive phrases and unnatural sentence structures: This helps keep the reader engaged and prevents the article from becoming boring or difficult to understand.

Overall, these examples show how humor and creativity can be used effectively in advertising campaigns. By using informal language, bold stunts, and mysterious teases, these ads are able to capture the audience's attention and leave a lasting impression.

Are Super Bowl Ads Worth the Price?

Every year, companies spend millions of dollars on Superbowl ads, and they want to ensure that their ads stand out as the best of the year. But how do they determine if the money spent on a 30-second ad was worth it?

Factors to Consider:

1. Teaser Ads: Many companies now release teaser ads before the Superbowl to generate buzz on social media and amortize the 30-second buy.

2. Effectiveness: It's hard to determine if the ads generated additional sales, but subjective responses can help determine the success of the ad.

3. Cost: Superbowl ads are highly produced and expensive, but companies like InBev, which owns Budweiser, know that not being in the game is worse than spending the money and not generating additional sales.

4. Social Media: Companies like Oreo have shown that real-time responses on social media can be as valuable as spending millions of dollars on TV ads.

Determining the success of a Superbowl ad is not an exact science, but companies must make sure their ads stand out while also associating them with their product. Social media and real-time responses are becoming more critical in marketing, and agencies must adapt to respond more quickly to events happening in near real-time.

Super Bowl Commercials: Why This Year Could Be Known as the ‘Crypto Bowl’ | WSJ

The upcoming SUPERBOWL 56 will see a new trend with cryptocurrency companies advertising during the game. This move marks a milestone for the cryptocurrency sector, as it gains mainstream recognition and acceptance. In this article, we will explore which companies are competing for Americans' attention during the football Sunday and what to expect from these new crypto advertisers.

Companies Advertising:

- FTX is giving away the time in Bitcoin for their ad.

- COINBASE, FTX, and CRYPTOCOM will be running ads during the game itself.

- BINANCE will run an ad campaign around the game instead of during the actual game.

Advertising Strategies:

- Cryptocurrency companies have been secretive about their advertising strategies for the SUPERBOWL, but they may rely on big celebrities.

- FTX and CRYPTOCOM previously featured Matt Damon and Tom Brady in their campaigns.

- BINANCE will be taking shots at other companies, encouraging people to do their own research before investing in cryptocurrency.

Other Companies:

- Budweiser is running an online NFT contest during the game, reflecting the pandemic and America's fight against it.

- Last year, some big spenders like Budweiser did not participate in the SUPERBOWL due to the pandemic.

- This year, companies may return to more normal advertising, but crafting something that resonates with viewers during this hard time is still a challenge.

The SUPERBOWL 56 is set to be a groundbreaking event for cryptocurrency companies as they advertise during the game. While companies like COINBASE, FTX, and CRYPTOCOM will be competing for viewers' attention, BINANCE is taking a unique approach to its advertising strategy. Other companies like Budweiser are also exploring blockchain technology and reflecting the pandemic in their campaigns. It remains to be seen how successful these advertising strategies will be, but it is clear that the SUPERBOWL remains a valuable platform for companies to cement their brand names and reach a wide audience.

This year's Super Bowl ads

Hello, I'm Helen Mirren, a notoriously frank and uncensored British lady. I'm dumbfounded that people still drive drunk. Let me sum it up like this - if you drive drunk, you are simply a short-sighted, utterly useless, oxygen-wasting human form of pollution. You are a Darwin Award deserving selfish coward.


- Taco Bell's newest innovation is so top secret that even the people in the commercial don't know what it is.

- The gaming is green brick, and they might use it for special effects.

- In the battle of the burgers, one man made a declaration of delicious Jack and America.

- What about a snack stadium? It's a stadium built entirely of snacks.

- Butterfinger presents bolder than both - a motocross biker flying over a pool of piranha bots while eating a Butterfinger bar.

- Building on a duet with Billy Eichner is even bolder than bolder than bold.

- Look out for another bolder than bold adventure in our big game ad.

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