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how much did you first make when you started dropshipping

Published on: February 15 2023 by pipiads

Watch This Before Starting Your First Dropshipping Store

Starting a dropshipping business can be daunting, but with the right mindset and approach, it can also be very rewarding. In this article, we will outline 12 key things you need to have in place before starting your dropshipping business.

1. Solve One Problem at a Time:

When starting a dropshipping business, focus on solving one problem at a time. Your first step should be finding a product, then making a store and creating ads, and finally, running those ads and fulfilling orders.

2. Validate Your Products:

Product research is critical, and you need to validate your products before selling them. Only select products that fit your criteria and have good margins.

3. Don't Get Emotionally Attached to Your Products:

Avoid becoming emotionally attached to your products. If a product isn't working, don't waste time and effort trying to make it work. Analyze the data and move on.

4. Have a Money Making Mindset:

Focus on what's important and urgent. Don't worry about things that aren't critical to making sales, such as setting up an LLC or worrying about taxes before making sales.

5. Be a Problem Solver:

In dropshipping, you will encounter many problems. Stay calm and understand that others have faced the same issues and have overcome them.

6. Choose a Niche:

Select a niche that you are interested in and that has a market demand. Don't try to sell everything to everyone.

7. Understand Your Target Audience:

Research and understand your target audience's wants and needs. Speak their language and use language that resonates with them.

8. Use a Reliable Supplier:

Find a reliable supplier who can provide quality products and timely shipping. Don't be afraid to negotiate prices and shipping times.

9. Use Social Media:

Social media is a powerful tool for advertising your products. Use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to reach a wider audience.

10. Offer Excellent Customer Service:

Providing excellent customer service is essential in dropshipping. Respond to inquiries promptly and provide solutions to problems quickly.

11. Track Your Metrics:

Track your metrics, such as conversion rates and click-through rates, to understand what's working and what's not. Use this data to make informed decisions.

12. Stay Flexible:

Be flexible and adapt to changes in the market. Don't be afraid to pivot your strategy if something isn't working.

Starting a dropshipping business requires focus, research, and a money-making mindset. By following these 12 key things, you will be well on your way to success in the dropshipping industry. Remember, stay calm, be a problem solver, and stay flexible.

EXACTLY How I Made $5,279 My FIRST Month Online (Story) - Shopify Drop-shipping

How I Made $5,000 in My First Month with Shopify

- Sharing personal experience of making $5,000 in the first month with Shopify

- Importance of starting small and scaling up gradually

- Tips and tricks for newbies to make money with Shopify

Main Body:

- Initial struggles with selling random products and bad website design

- Transition to selling niche products and improving website design based on inspiration from successful websites

- Importance of working with influencers on Instagram for advertising and generating sales

- Learning from mistakes with previous influencers and finding success with a new influencer

- Keeping track of advertising campaigns with a notebook to isolate variables and test products and ad images

- Avoiding oversaturation of a successful influencer by changing pictures and ad copy and posting less frequently

- Shopify is scalable and can generate significant income with the right strategies and persistence

- Importance of testing and learning from mistakes to find success

- Encouragement to try Shopify and take the first step towards financial freedom.

How to Get Your First eBay Dropshipping Sale in 24h Hours

In this article, we will be discussing how to get your first sales in the first 24 hours of eBay drop shipping. We will be using cold hard facts to prove the importance of finding products that turn around quickly, are in demand, and at the right price. By doing this, you can improve your sales velocity and metrics, which will result in repeat customers to your eBay drop shipping store.

To find these products, we recommend using Seek Analytics, which is the best product research software for eBay drop shipping. It is important to note that finding lesser-known or obscure suppliers can help you find products that sell quickly and often, as there is less competition. We will be using Costco as an example, as they have their own private label brand, Kirkland, which can make it easier to find other drop shippers on eBay who are selling from Costco.

Once you find the product you want to sell, you need to bring the seller who is drop shipping that product and get their store name. You can then use Zeek Analytics to find high sell-through rates and scan through the listings to cherry-pick the best sellers from each drop shipper. It is recommended to sort through their 30-day sales and go after the products with the most sales to sell quickly within the first 24 hours.

In conclusion, finding products that sell quickly and often is essential to the success of your eBay drop shipping store. By using Seek Analytics and finding lesser-known suppliers, you can improve your sales velocity, metrics, and gain repeat customers. Remember to cherry-pick the best sellers from each drop shipper and sort through their 30-day sales to sell quickly within the first 24 hours.


In this article, we will be discussing the five negatives of starting a Drop Shipping business in 2023 and beyond. As with any business, it is important to research the negatives to fully understand what you are getting into. In this video, we will go through each negative so that you can determine if Drop Shipping is the right business for you.

Negatives of Starting a Drop Shipping Business:

1. Low Profit Margins: One of the biggest disadvantages of Drop Shipping is dealing with low profit margins. You are buying the product one at a time, which can be costly. However, buying products in bulk can help maximize profits.

2. Competition: Dealing with competition and competitors undercutting you in price can be a headache. Branding your store and specializing in a specific product can help set you apart from the competition.

3. Fulfillment Issues: When it comes to Drop Shipping, someone else is fulfilling the orders for you. This can lead to fulfillment issues such as sending out the wrong item or an empty box. It is important to choose a reputable supplier and monitor any complaints.

4. Shipping and Delivery Times: Shipping and delivery times can be longer when using a Drop Shipping supplier. This can lead to customer complaints and negative feedback.

5. Inventory and Stock Issues: Inventory and stock issues can arise when using a Drop Shipping supplier. It is important to stay on top of inventory levels and communicate with the supplier to avoid any issues.

Starting a Drop Shipping business can be a profitable venture, but it is important to understand the negatives before diving in. Low profit margins, competition, fulfillment issues, shipping and delivery times, and inventory and stock issues are all potential downsides to consider. However, with proper research and preparation, these negatives can be minimized and a successful Drop Shipping business can be built.

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping For 1 Week (REALISTIC RESULTS)

In this article, we will be discussing a successful Shopify dropshipping strategy using TikTok and Instagram reels. The author shares their experience of trying out a specific product, how they marketed it, and the results they achieved. The article highlights both the successes and the mistakes made along the way.


1. Set a specific goal for profit per month.

2. Research and find a product with potential.

3. Purchase the product from a reliable supplier.

4. Create engaging videos featuring the product.

5. Post videos on both TikTok and Instagram reels.

6. Optimize the website for conversions.

7. Post consistently at a specific time.


1. The author achieved a profit of $160 from selling the product.

2. Videos featuring the author's brother performed better than videos featuring the author.

3. Instagram reels performed better than TikTok for this product.

4. The author did not make any sales videos, which could have increased their profits.


1. Not making any sales videos.

2. Overthinking the website design.

3. Posting videos at the wrong time.

By following the above strategy and avoiding the mentioned mistakes, anyone can achieve similar results in dropshipping. It is essential to research products thoroughly, create engaging videos, and post consistently on both TikTok and Instagram reels. Additionally, making sales videos can significantly increase profits.

Beginner Dropshipper Makes His First $2000

For over nine months, I have been trying to learn how to Dropship. In my last video, I tested a product and had my first ever profitable day, making almost two thousand dollars in sales. This article will detail how I did it.

Finding the Product:

- Went on a website called minia to look for a new product

- Found a newer version of an already existing winning product with positive comments and good reviews

- Found it on CJ Drop Shipping for extremely cheap, leading to high profit margins

Creating the Website:

- Created an original website and made unique ads for the product

- Ran the ads on TikTok with a simple 50 pound CBO strategy

Analyzing Data:

- Visitors were not turning into sales

- Cut percentage was low, indicating that my offer was not good enough

- Realized competitors offered an option to pay in installments, leading me to lower the price

Profitable Days:

- After lowering the price, got the first sale

- Raised the price and had back-to-back profitable days

- Tried a new campaign targeting only countries with the most sales

- Tried Snapchat ads, leading to success

Mistakes Made:

- Raised the budget too quickly, leading to the ads not spending

- Tried to run an art card campaign alongside the conversion campaign, but it didn't work

- Had an ad account issue with Snapchat

Advice from a Mentor:

- Focus on one strategy instead of testing everything

- TikTok organic is a huge opportunity

Overall, my success in Dropshipping came from finding the right product, creating an original website and ads, analyzing data, and focusing on one strategy. While there were mistakes made along the way, I learned from them and received valuable advice from a mentor. TikTok organic is a promising avenue to explore for future success.

How To Make Your First Sale Online! (Shopify Dropshipping for Beginners 2020)

Hello everyone, it's Tanner here with another video on how to make your first sale online with dropshipping. In this video, I will be sharing some tips and tricks on how to get started with Facebook ads and what you need to know to make your first sale within the next few days.

Main Points:

1. Product Research: The most simple way to do product research on Aliexpress is to go to any category and choose a subcategory, then sort by order. For example, mobile phone accessories have a big market online and phone cases and covers are a great product to start with. They are cheap, simple, and easy to sell.

2. Store Setup: Once you have chosen your product, you need to set up your store. While this is a lengthy process that requires a separate video, I am offering a special discount of 50% off my pre-built store packages in the description.

3. Facebook Ads: The most important aspect of dropshipping is creating effective Facebook ads. You need to understand your target audience and use compelling images and copy to grab their attention. Some tips include using emotional triggers, showing the product in use, and highlighting benefits.

In conclusion, dropshipping is a business that requires time and effort, but with the right fundamentals and strategies, you can make your first sale and more to come. By following these three main points of product research, store setup, and Facebook ads, you will be on your way to success. Don't forget to let me know in the comments if this video helps you make your first sale!

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