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how much do instagram ads cost

Published on: December 27 2022 by pipiads

How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost? IG Ads 2022

In this article, we will discuss the cost of Instagram ads, how much you should spend on them, how long to run them, how you get charged for them, and how to pay for them. We will also cover some basic information on Facebook ads and Instagram ads.

Campaign Types:

- In the Facebook Ads Manager, you will need to select a marketing objective or campaign type.

- There are various types of campaigns to choose from, such as brand awareness, traffic, and video views.

- Some campaigns allow you to choose how you are charged, while others have it set automatically.

Charging Options:

- The way you get charged for Instagram ads depends on your campaign type.

- For brand awareness campaigns, you get charged per impression, which is every time your ad is shown to someone.

- For traffic campaigns, you can choose to be charged per impression or per link click.

- For video views campaigns, you can choose to be charged for ads that are played to completion.

Budget and Schedule:

- In the budget and schedule section, you can choose how much to spend and how long to run your ad.

- You can choose a daily budget, lifetime budget, or start and end date.

- The pricing of Facebook ads is based on an auction system, where ads compete for impressions based on bid and performance.

The cost of Instagram ads varies depending on your campaign type and budget. You can choose to be charged per impression or per link click. It's important to keep in mind that your budget is the amount you want to spend, while the amount spent is what you actually end up paying. By using the Facebook Ads Manager, you can create and run your Instagram ads efficiently and effectively.

How Much do Instagram Ads Cost RIGHT NOW?

In today's video, the focus is on determining the cost of showing an ad to everyone in your market one time. If you're watching on YouTube, you're in luck because you'll get a visual tutorial. The first step is to access Facebook Ads Manager, where you'll create a new campaign. Choose Traffic, and then select one ad set. Set the location to any country or countries, the age range, and gender. Be sure to turn off the Advanced Detailed Targeting feature, which can skew your results. Narrow down your audience by selecting a sub-niche related to your market. For example, if you're in the fitness industry, search for CrossFit. Choose your language preferences and placements, and estimate your audience size based on the lowest estimate.

To determine the cost of showing your ad to everyone on Instagram one time, use revealbot.com. The cost per thousand impressions for the past week on Instagram is $9.99. However, the cost can vary depending on the industry. Use an industry-specific cost-per-click chart to get a more accurate estimate of the average cost of ads in your market.

For example, let's say you're selling badminton paddles. If you narrow down your audience to those interested in the Badminton World Federation, you'll have a more targeted audience of active players. Based on an estimated audience size of 1.9 million people, the cost of showing your ad to everyone one time is just under $19,000. However, this is a high estimate and may not be accurate. Narrowing down your audience can help you get a more accurate estimate.

In conclusion, determining the cost of showing an ad to everyone in your market one time requires accessing Facebook Ads Manager, selecting a sub-niche related to your market, estimating your audience size, and using industry-specific cost-per-click charts. Narrowing down your audience can help you get a more accurate estimate.

How Much Does It Costs To Advertise On Instagram?

Are you a small business owner considering advertising on Instagram, but unsure of what to expect and how advertising costs are calculated? Look no further! In this article, we'll cover all of that and more.

- Over 50% of small businesses are using Instagram to market their business, with over 920 million users.

- Instagram ads can be a great way to promote your business, find new customers, and help you reach your marketing goals.

Factors Affecting Advertising Costs:

1. CPC (Cost Per Click): This measures how much it costs to generate a click through your Instagram ad. The average cost per click ranges from 20 cents to two dollars.

2. CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions): This measures how much it costs for you to deliver your ad 1000 times. The average cost per thousand impressions for Instagram is about five dollars and fourteen cents.

3. CPA (Cost Per Action): This refers to how much it costs for any specific action that you're measuring, such as messages or emails or conversions. The average cost per action hovers around four dollars.

4. Ad Relevance Score: Instagram wants your ads to be as effective as possible, so they measure the overall quality of your ads and their relevance to your audience. Your relevant score is shown to you in your account and it's measured on a scale from one to ten, with 10 being the highest.

5. Estimated Action Rate: This is the engagement that Instagram thinks your ads will get from your target audience. Instagram uses data from similar businesses in your industry to give you an idea of how your ads are doing compared to theirs.

6. Bid Amount: This is the maximum amount that you're willing to pay for every user that clicks on or views your ad.

7. Competition: If there are a lot of similar businesses in your industry bidding on similar audiences, your average cost to advertise will likely increase.

8. Time of Year: Advertisers can expect their ads to cost more during popular advertising times like Black Friday or the holiday season.

While there isn't a specific dollar amount that you should spend on Instagram ads, understanding the factors that affect advertising costs can help you lower your costs over time. By improving your ad relevance score, providing valuable content, setting a reasonable bid amount, and targeting audiences effectively, you can achieve great results on Instagram.

How Much Should You Spend On Instagram Ads?

In this article, we will discuss how Instagram ads can help small businesses achieve their marketing goals. We will cover topics such as the benefits of using Instagram ads, the cost of running ads on the platform, and how to set up and optimize your campaigns. Additionally, we will provide some Instagram ad best practices to help you get the best return on investment (ROI).

Why Instagram Ads are Worth it for Your Business:

- Facebook's advanced targeting options

- High engagement rates

- Popularity of Instagram stories

- Focus on video content

Facebook's Advanced Targeting Options:

- Custom audience option

- Lookalike audiences

- Uploading customer lists

High Engagement Rates:

- Vary by industry and content type

- Stories and reels have high engagement rates

- Vertikal video is becoming a staple

Popularity of Instagram Stories:

- 500 million people use stories daily

- Third of story views are for small business accounts

- Full-screen mobile experience

Focus on Video Content:

- Prioritizing video content

- Live video and shopping options

- Vertical video is becoming a standard

How Much Instagram Ads Cost:

- Cost varies based on multiple factors

- Ad goals impact cost

- Starting budget recommendation for small businesses

How to Set Up Your Instagram Ads:

- Facebook Business Manager

- Custom audiences and lookalikes

- Uploading customer lists

Instagram Ad Best Practices:

- Use high-quality visuals

- Include a clear call-to-action

- Use relevant hashtags

- Test and optimize your campaigns

Instagram ads can be a valuable marketing tool for small businesses. With Facebook's advanced targeting options, high engagement rates, and focus on video content, the platform offers a unique opportunity to reach your target audience. By following best practices and optimizing your campaigns, you can achieve a strong return on investment and grow your business.

I Spent $500 on Instagram Ads to Promote My Song.. this is what happened

How to Effectively Advertise Your Music on Instagram

Instagram and Facebook marketing are popular ways to promote music through sponsored posts, but simply posting a screen recording of a song and sponsoring it is lazy and ineffective. This article will provide tips on how to create an attention-grabbing advertisement for music on Instagram and Facebook.


- Use a real person in the ad who speaks directly to the audience for a more natural feel

- Create a short and direct ad to quickly capture attention

- Incorporate an overwhelming or shocking factor to grab attention

- Ask for feedback instead of overselling the product

- Conduct a trial run or test campaign before spending all of the budget

- Connect Instagram to a Facebook account and create an Instagram business account

- Choose age demographics, language, and interests that match the target audience

- Pick specific interests for the campaign, not just broad topics

- Focus on the genre and music aspect, but also consider other interests that may appreciate the music

- Use a swipe up link to direct users to the streaming service, and consider using a link tree for multiple platforms

- Track conversions instead of just link clicks for more accurate data

- Test different types of ads, such as story and feed ads


After a 24-hour test campaign, a traffic campaign yielded 76 link clicks with 7,728 people reached and a 95% result rate. However, a conversion campaign may be more effective, as it tracks successful conversions when users swipe up and click on a link in the link tree. A simplified campaign with specific interests and location targeting may also yield better results.

Creating an effective advertisement for music on Instagram and Facebook requires attention-grabbing tactics and targeted marketing. Conducting a trial run or test campaign can help determine which type of campaign will yield the best results. By incorporating these tips, musicians can effectively promote their music on social media.


Title: Facebook Advertising Cost vs. Instagram Advertising Cost: Which is Better?

Hey guys, it's Heath from Lead Guru and in this video, we will be discussing the difference between Facebook advertising cost and Instagram advertising cost. When assessing cost, it is important to first determine what you will be measuring. In this article, we will be discussing the various ways to measure cost and which platform is better for your advertising needs.

Measuring Cost:

There are different ways to measure cost. You could measure cost per click, cost per action, or cost per thousand impressions (CPM). We tend to think of cost in terms of CPM because it tells us how much it costs to get our ad in front of someone on a particular platform. Quality advertising determines other metrics like cost per click and cost per action.

Facebook vs. Instagram:

Three to four years ago, Instagram was less expensive across the board due to less advertiser competition. However, more advertiser competition on Instagram has made it more effective, leading to an increase in cost. In terms of CPM, Instagram is slightly cheaper. Different demographics may cost more on Instagram, but for the most part, we see lower CPMs on Instagram. Cost per click and cost per conversion are equal across platforms.

Using Both Platforms:

It is easy to advertise on both Facebook and Instagram at the same time. After a week or five days, take a look at the data and see which platform delivers the best results. Adjust your campaigns accordingly and deselect the platform that is not delivering the best results or is too expensive.

In conclusion, both Facebook and Instagram have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to advertising cost. It is important to measure cost in terms of CPM, cost per click, and cost per action. Use both platforms and analyze the data to determine which platform is better for your advertising needs. Thank you for watching and please subscribe to our channel for more useful videos.


- Spent $500 on a Facebook ad

- Have experience with Facebook and Instagram ads

- Boosted ad for Gold Coast event

Why I Spent $500 on a Single Facebook Ad:

- Boost option at the bottom of ads manager

- Boosting for more reach for Gold Coast event

- Promised reach between 200,000 to 500,000 people


- 300 dollar ad reached 102,000 people for a cost per through play of 3 cents

- 500 dollar ad reached 90,000 people for a cost per through play of 3 cents

- 500 dollar ad underperformed and fell under initial 250 dollar ad

- Tried to contact Facebook with no success

- Be careful when spending money on Facebook ads

- Facebook and Instagram ads are still worth it, but not always reliable

- Seeking advice on what to do next

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