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How Much Do Pinterest Ads Cost?

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

In this video, Mariella shares her experience of testing Pinterest ads for her small business with the help of a Pinterest marketing agent. She spent almost a thousand dollars on the ads for two weeks and shares the results in this video.


- Pinterest ads were not profitable for Mariella's business.

- She set up three different campaigns, including a lookalike campaign, keyword campaign, and interest-only campaign.

- She spent a total of $902 on the ads.

- The cost per click was low, ranging from 25 cents to 71 cents.

- She received over 200,000 impressions and 1200 outbound clicks.

- However, she only made four conversions, resulting in a total of $145 in sales.

- Mariella was disappointed with the results, especially since she worked with a Pinterest marketing agent.

- She also tested Facebook ads and made some changes to her website, which increased her conversion rate.

- She is considering testing Pinterest ads again after making changes to her website.

Mariella's experience with Pinterest ads shows that even with low costs per click and high impressions, conversions and sales are not guaranteed. Testing different advertising platforms and making changes to the website can help improve conversion rates. It is essential to have realistic expectations and work with professionals when testing new advertising strategies.

My Last Conclusion On Pinterest Ads! Are Pinterest Ads Worth It?

Mariella's Final Conclusion on Pinterest Ads: Is It Worth It?

Mariella has tried Pinterest ads twice before and did not get good results. She was convinced by a Pinterest marketing agent to spend over a thousand dollars on Pinterest ads, but it didn't convert. She decided to try Pinterest again, knowing that she now has a good website and a good converting website. She shares her final conclusion on whether Pinterest is worth it or not.

What Mariella Did Differently:

- Did more research into Pinterest ads

- Started with a very small budget and let it optimize

- Created three different campaigns with a budget of $5 each

- Left the campaigns running for about two weeks without looking at them much

- Increased the budget gradually for the campaigns that showed potential

- Used the same creatives that she uses on Facebook and TikTok


- Spent a total of $326 on four campaigns

- Got 91,000 impressions, a cost per click that is dirt cheap, and a CTR that is pretty great

- Got seven conversions with a total order value of $422, which is not profitable because she spent $326

- One campaign was profitable with a ROAS of 2.11

- The campaigns are not the most profitable at the time but have potential for future sales, especially with Pinterest's 30-30-30 attribution settings

- Pinterest is great for generating traffic and brand awareness

- Mariella will keep using Pinterest to get traffic into her website and retarget them on Facebook and Instagram

- Mariella will do brand awareness across all platforms and use Facebook ads for retargeting

- Pinterest is not the best platform for conversions, but it is good for building a following and driving potential customers to her website at a cheap price

- Mariella will not spend much time and effort on Pinterest ads anymore

Final Thoughts:

- Mariella hopes that her experience with Pinterest ads helps others in deciding whether to try it or not

- She encourages viewers to try it out and come back to share their experience with her

- She will make another video explaining her strategy in more detail

Pinterest Ads Costs for e-Commerce Stores

Hey, what's up, you guys? Welcome back to the Crucial Media YouTube channel. My name is Adriana, and I help Shopify ecommerce stores and influencers drive traffic and sales utilizing paid and organic Pinterest strategies. In today's video, we are talking about different Pinterest ads costs for your ecommerce business. So, we're going to talk about which type of budget you should be using based on which type of campaign. We're going to talk about how the campaigns charge you as a business as well, and so much more. But before we dive in, don't forget to hit the big red subscribe button and to hit the bell to be notified every single time I post a new video here on the Cordial Media YouTube channel. As well, please give it a big like because it really does help support my channel. Without further ado, let's dive in to the different Pinterest ads costs for your ecommerce business.

Types of Campaigns:

- Consideration Campaigns: What are they? They were formerly known as traffic campaigns. How are they charged? Well, they are charged based on the amounts of clicks that you're getting. So, it costs less to run a traffic campaign because they're only paid every time you get a click. Do I recommend utilizing consideration campaigns? Absolutely, I do, especially if you're only looking for traffic. These are really, really good as well. They're great for utilizing as a retargeting strategy, to, for example, re-target your website visitors or your add-to-cart audience, because you can maximize your profit and get charged the least amount possible.

- Conversion Campaigns: These campaigns are charged per thousand impressions. So, you're charged every thousand impressions. It's a little bit more expensive to run and therefore you might need a bigger budget to run these types of campaigns, but they're super effective in getting you the conversions you're after and usually become very profitable relatively quickly enough too.


- Consideration Campaigns: What kind of budget are we looking at when it comes to running a consideration campaign? You can really start as low as five dollars a day for a consideration campaign all the way up to as much as you want, really. But if you really have a small budget to work with and you only want to spend five dollars a day, then I definitely suggest you go the consideration route.

- Conversion Campaigns: If you're after conversion campaigns, you might need to up your budget a little bit more. A good rule of thumb for conversion campaigns is to four times your cost per acquisition. So, that should be like about the budget that you're going after. So, for example, if your cost per acquisition is thirty dollars, then your daily budget should be a bit about four times thirty dollars, so your daily budget should be about 120. If you don't have 120 to spend daily, then your budget can be lower, but you will want to optimize for add-to-carts instead as opposed to checkouts. And the reason being is because it costs a lot less to go after add-to-carts than it does check out. And then as you build your add-to-carts, eventually you'll be able to increase your budget and therefore go after checkouts.

- Catalog Sales Ads or Shopping Ads: Catalog sales ads or shopping ads are charged also per thousand impressions. They can get away with a smaller-ish budget, so you can start with something like low like 15 a day, especially if you're retargeting. But ideally, you would have a healthier budget like 30 dollars to up into however much you want to spend.


I also want to urge you that for every ad group you're integrating within a campaign, you need to increase your budget. So, if you only have budget for one ad group, then make sure that that ad group is as optimized as possible. If you have budget for it to test 3-4, then that's really, really great too.

In case you're wondering how to optimize your ads, I have a complete Pinterest ads cheat sheet guide you can download in the description box below for free that will help you navigate all of these optimizations. Lastly, if you'd like an expert like myself to look over your promoted pins and talk about whether or not you and I are a good fit to work together, you can book a completely free call with me as well in the description box below. If you have a question, make sure you comment it. And on that note, I will see you in the next video. Have a lovely rest of your day. Bye for now!

Are Pinterest ads worth it?

Are Pinterest ads worth the investment? In this video, we'll explore whether Pinterest ads are right for your business.

Factors to Consider:

1. Popular Pinterest Niches: Is your business part of a popular Pinterest niche, such as beauty, fashion, home decor, education, travel, health, and wellness?

2. Running Ads on Other Platforms: Are you already running ads on other platforms, and are they profitable?

3. Ad Spend Budget: How much ad spend do you have to invest in testing properly on Pinterest?

4. Timeframe for ROI: Are you willing to stick it out for 6-8 weeks with only a breakeven return on ad spend?

5. Monthly Page Views: Do you have between 50,000-100,000 monthly page views minimum to start?

6. E-Commerce Business on Shopify: Are you an e-commerce business on Shopify?

If your business meets the above criteria, Pinterest ads could be very successful for you. However, if you're a brand new e-commerce store or don't meet the necessary criteria, holding off on Pinterest ads for a few months and focusing on collecting sales from other platforms first could be a better investment long-term. Remember to book a meeting with a Pinterest expert to discuss if Pinterest ads are right for you.

I spent $1500 on Pinterest Ads. Here's what I learned

Lessons Learned Running Pinterest Ads

- Amari Harebenum shares his experience running Pinterest ads for the first time.

- Pinterest reached out to onboard him and set up two campaigns.


- Two campaigns: consideration (traffic) and conversion (sales).

- Pins were used to drive traffic to two articles on the website.

- Set up 30-40 keywords to target for each campaign.

- Ads were left to run for at least 2-3 weeks to gather data.

Lessons Learned:

- Time works in your favor; don't pause campaigns too soon.

- Return on ad spend (ROAS) averaged 5.5, with some campaigns reaching a 22x return.

- Keep ads simple to start, then experiment with different creatives.

- Use more keywords to target for campaigns.

- Data gathered from running ads can help optimize campaigns going forward.

- Running Pinterest ads can be a great way to drive traffic and sales.

- Set up campaigns and let them run for at least 2-3 weeks to gather data.

- Experiment with different creatives and keywords to optimize campaigns.

I spent $200 on Pinterest Ads...here's what happened (TUTORIAL & RESULTS)

In today's digital world, social media platforms have become a powerful tool for marketing and advertising. Facebook and Google are two such platforms that have revolutionized the way businesses approach their marketing strategies. In this article, we will delve into the use of influencer marketing, advertising scams, and new product launches on these platforms.


1. Influencer Marketing on Facebook and Google

- Importance of influencer marketing

- Benefits of using influencers for advertising

- Strategies for successful influencer marketing

2. Advertising Scams on Facebook and Google

- Common advertising scams on these platforms

- How to avoid falling victim to advertising scams

- Legal actions against fraudulent advertising

3. New Product Launches on Facebook and Google

- Importance of a successful product launch

- Strategies for launching a new product on these platforms

- Utilizing video marketing for product launches

4. Other Topics

- The impact of interest targeting on advertising campaigns

- The use of creative advertising in different cities

- The future of social media platforms in marketing and advertising

Facebook and Google are powerful tools for businesses looking to expand their reach and increase their customer base. The use of influencer marketing, successful product launches, and creative advertising can help businesses stand out in a crowded digital marketplace. However, it is important to be aware of advertising scams and legal issues that can arise on these platforms. By utilizing the right strategies and techniques, businesses can make the most of these platforms and reach their target audience effectively.

How to run ads on Pinterest 2023 | Basic Tutorial

In this video, Thomas gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to run Pinterest ads. Before starting a campaign, it is important to ensure that the tag is installed on the website. The tag is a piece of code that allows Pinterest to track page visits, purchases, and add to carts, which helps optimize campaigns. The process of setting up the tag is simple, and it can be done through the Pinterest app or other platforms.

To start the campaign, the user needs to select the objective and budget. There are three different categories of objectives: build awareness, drive consideration, and get conversions. Depending on the goal, the user needs to choose the right objective. For example, a big brand that requires a full funnel strategy should start with building awareness, followed by a consideration campaign and a conversion campaign. On the other hand, a startup e-commerce store should get straight into conversions.

After selecting the objective, the user needs to set the campaign name, status, and daily budget. It is recommended to use a relatively low budget, especially for those who are just starting out. Then, the user needs to go to the ad group details page, select demographics and targeting, and create ads. To narrow down the targeting, the user can select interests or keywords. It is important to ensure that the audience size is not too big. The user can also select the conversion event checkout and leave the bidding on automatic.

Finally, the user can select pins or create new pins to add to the campaign. After publishing the campaign, the user needs to analyze the data and make changes accordingly. The reporting page shows all the data of the campaigns, and the user can filter down to improve the results.

In conclusion, setting up a campaign on Pinterest is relatively easy, and the most important part is analyzing the data and making changes to improve the results. Pinterest ads can be a cost-effective way to drive traffic and sales, especially for e-commerce stores and bloggers.

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