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how much do streamers make from ads

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

Exactly How Streamers and Youtubers Earn $100,000+ per MONTH from Ads

every creator's income then goes up an average of 20, because that that's that's. it's a flat percentage. but on twitch, if cpms go up 20, 50 or 100, the creator doesn't benefit at all. okay, hello, this is going to be a super important video. i have long awaited toking about ads and how they work across youtube, twitch, in the digital media space. it is an extremely complex topic and i have been nervous to make such a video and do such a tok because it is so complex that i'm not sure that i will get everything right- and i like being right. although i'm not always right, i'm frequently wrong- so i have to figure out how to explain this in a way that um makes sense and so that people understand exactly how much it is that broadcasters and content creators and people in the influencer space can expect to make off of advertisements, partikularly in the context of youtube and twitch. so, uh, there's a lot of stuff that people that this video will appeal to, that you're going to learn a lot about how much money people actually make, which nobody ever toks about, and you're going to learn a lot about how that actually works. so it's going to be super complex and we're going to do it together, and if only i had a resource, like one of those cool infographic things i could make, where you know it just leads you through the video like one of those highly produced shows. but we don't have that damn it. we have just me toking to a camera. we're gonna use notepad to explain this whole thing. what else? so before i get started on this, hey, um, 45 of you that are watching this are not subscribed. i found out, and i cover a lot of interesting topics in the gaming and digital media space, usually from a finance and business perspective. so if you subscribe, i don't ask you for anything, uh, but it helps. what does it help? it helps get this video out to more people, and i never ask you to pay for anything. but if you like, you can hit the like button, uh, and that actually ups us in the youtube algorithm, costs you nothing and gets this video out to more people. so please hit that like button, please consider subscribing or going to discord dot gg slash devon in the link down below, which is where we discuss many things regarding this space. um, okay, without further ado, i'm gonna try to explain how ads work, and i'm gonna try to explain it in the context of specifically like what some of your maybe top favorite influencers or what you yourself, if your content creator, could make off of, uh, off of that, and how it works. so let's begin. okay, caveat that i think i am going to get some stuff wrong. maybe, uh, maybe, it gets corrected in in the co, in the comments, but i, i literally just don't know anyone else in the industry that knows this stuff, like i don't know who else can make this video. uh, it's, it's, it's really tough. okay, here we go. so, to understand how advertising works, we need to really understand a concept called cpm, and cpm is a concept, uh, which is cost per melee, which is like a way to say, a thousand. i never really understood why it's not like cpt or whatever, and and i never really got a good explanation for that, because whenever i think cpm, i think like something per million or something per mile or something, but it's, it's a thousand and it means the cost per a thousand somethings. okay, but in most cases is the cost per 1000 views or cost per 1000 impressions, and this is a really easy way to sort of just generalize over the entire industry what something costs. you could say, well, it's five bucks for a thousand impressions. it's really easy for everybody to understand. it's like you pay me five dollars, i get you in front of a thousand people, and usually that cost per a thousand is when you're when you're dealing with cpm, it's almost always in terms of like, views or impressions or some kind of lightweight engagement. if you have like a heavier weight engagement, then you're dealing with something called cpc, which is like cost per click. a click is a a, a heavier form of engagement. right, the user had to partikipate in a different way. so cpc is almost always going to cost more than cpm, right, like, if you, the cost per thousand clicks on something will always, in almost no circumstances will it not cost more than the cost of viewing it a thousand times. okay, so when we're dealing with advertising, the wonderful world of ads, we are almost always dealing with cpm, whether it be twitch, youtube, instagram, whatever. okay, and for this, for the purpose of this video, i'm gonna explain twitch and youtube. i was almost gonna include facebook in this, but then, like, once, i started doing the research and realizing the vastness of this explanation, this is already gonna be one of the famous devin nash- uh like two bazillion hour videos where we just like very deep dive into this topic. so twitch and youtube will be the context of this. okay, youtube ads. so the way that youtube- actually none of these are easier, but the way that youtube ads works is, um, google runs a service called adwords where brands can bid on keywords and each keyword has a value based on demand, uh and some other factors. so the service that google runs for youtube- i think is called in view or trueview or something like that, and basically takes these bids and uh, these keywords, and it assigns a value to them and then, through google's intelligence system, uh, it attaches advertisements to channels that are relevant to your um, to to whatever like inquiry that is. so like, let's say that you have a lot of like finance keywords or you want to do a finance based campaign, you can run finance based ads on targeted channels that do finance-based content. right, you'll see, really interestingly, on one of my more prolific videos that i think it's around half a million views, uh, at the time of this. uh recording is um, the how legal viewbots thrive on twitch and you'll actually get a lot of like viewbot ads on that because it's people running that versus pertinent like, like, versus pertinent channels, right. so, um, cpm on youtube is interesting because it has no theoretikal limits. so the highest cpms i've ever seen on youtube personally is about 55. i i've heard of of like 75 like anecdotally, i don't know if that's true- i've personally seen 55 cpms in mobile games and toy opening categories. this is such a weird category if you've ever looked at this, just real quick aside, super interesting from a cpm standpoint, because you can. i'm going to go on like a different youtube account so that my recommended is not poisoned by this. but if you go and you do like toy opening search on youtube, if you ever want to go down like a dark rabbit hole on this, you'll find these videos with um 265 million views and it's just a pair of hands opening toys. that's it like. that's one of the, and you'll find like there's like so many channels like this that have just four million views, one million views, three point three, but it's it's a trip: 85 million views, and it's like people opening disney toy story, uh, like topics that, or, or, uh, toys, okay, 142 million views. this is a wild thing. i could go. i could make a whole separate video about this and i should. but the short of it is that, uh, the kappa act, which limited advertising in the united states to children, actually completely wiped out these, um, these videos, and that's why you see that almost all these videos were made more than a year ago. uh, because, um, it's now not able to do this, but these, these were collecting the top cpm's on youtube for the longest time- something like 50 to 55 cpm's- because kids would go to their parents and say, hey, um, i want it, i want this toy that i saw in this youtube video. that's how they'd say it too. they'd be like, hey, i want this one. and then they'd be like, hey, give me this toy, give me this toy. the dad that shut him up would be like, okay, they give him the stupid tractor. and that happens 265 million times and the cpm of that video is is out of this world. so they had the highest cpms on youtube for a long time, and nowadays it's the finance category, because um, apps like robinhood, a

NEW Ad Revenue For Twitch Affiliates - How Much Will You Make?

twitch ad revenue is finally coming to all affiliate channels on Twitch, but is it going to be the big game changer that you're hoping for? I'm going to show you how ad Revenue work so that way you can be prepared for it. when it comes to your channel, let's go play. all it's me, it's wild, coming at you for my streamsupport playlist. right, help you become bigger and better. and if this is your first time hearing, you want to learn how to grow and improve your streams and content, make sure you get that big red tik that fell so you know when my vehicle goes live for you. and yeah, just really quick. my voice is pretty much gone from having a fun time at twitchcon, but that won't stop me from creating awesome content for you, so let's get on to the video. no, real quick, before we begin, there is really no publicized way of how ad Revenue will work for affiliate just yet. this is only going to be a hypothesis or snippet of ideas that I think will help you grow or be ready for when they introduced it, because ad revenue is so unique and I'm assuming that twitches ad revenue for Affiliates will basically be implemented in a 7-way. the biggest company out there does it, which is Google in their add scent. so this will all be based off of that road map. to help you understand how add Revenue will go: analytik tools, CPM, CTR and impressions. for your ad is that you'll be serving up to your community or within your channel. now for anybody out there that started a YouTube channel and has been able to monetize the channel, the basic road map for monetization on YouTube is: for every thousand views you get on a video that serves and add, you will earn $1. again, this is just a road map because, depending on what your Nisha, what your focus is on for your YouTube channel, you can have a higher CPM because you could be more valid for your partikular type of targeted demographic in Market out there, for example. yeah, because that's a very targeted Market that are very interested in watching the video, so people are willing to pay more for that adds lot to be served up in front of a very focused Market. know it's really hard to see how much will value Aldi of the lights on their platform. I imagine they'll keep everybody the exact same, which again leads us back to that road map on YouTube. so for every thousand dad served on your channel while you're streaming, you earn 1 USD. which part of this video for all your Affiliates out there that this most likely won't be a game-changer for you. so don't put all of your eggs in one basket, cuz we do this simple math. if you had 10 viewers in your stream missing out you and all of your boss that you might have out there, you're going to need 10 viewers and you're going to need to set up 10 ads for 1 hour. that's not right now. if you have 10 concurrent viewers within your channel might have seen you out and minusing all your box out cuz they won't count. if you have 10 people, that means you have to serve 100 app with in 1 hour to make one us dollar. that's not really worth it because it's not going to be a good impression because you're going to be. now, even though ad revenue for Affiliates won't be a game-changer- most likely for a lot of you out there, it's still really cool and it's probably my favorite announcement that they did it to a little bit of extra cash, which is okay something, but I love to had. but you know you can be more strategic with the ads when they start being introduced to your channel and I've helped a lot of Partners triple their income by strategically knowing how to use ads correctly within their Channel, and so when ad Revenue starts coming out with the Phillies, earn more money, even if it's just a few extra dollars a month, which is still something awesome to have. so if you haven't had an opportunity to make sure you hit that big red subscribe button, okay, if you are the type of learning a little bit more money for your stream so that way you can help out your creative Adventures, I'm going to do you a favor and put a video over here on the side that's going to show you how to make $100 per month on switches platform- the really good videos. I recommend checking that out at the end of this video. once again, my name is Wofford games and I will see you all in my next ring support video coming up real soon. take care, All In.

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MY FIRST TWITCH CHECK: How much do small twitch streamers make

do you want to know how much I made as a small twitch streamer in my first twitch? hey out, I'm gonna show you. just keep on watching. hey, gamers, my name is chanel bike. if I coach pixel online, I share tutorials and tips book, so I freezers with a passion for games. if that's you or what you want to see more videos like this one, then hit the subscribe button down below. I also stream on Twitch. if you want to come and hang out and check out any more of my live content, see you there. so today I'm gonna be showing you view my actual twitch analytiks and my real revenue reports. I'm gonna keep this video very short because I know you guys want to see the analytiks. they want you want to see how much I made. I was actually quite shocked the amount of support that I've been getting on my students recently. I recently got my first ever twitch payout and I am very close to hitting the threshold for the second one. and that is amazing to me, if you think, is very important, because a lot of people go into streaming just to make money. but really what comes down to it is that you have a passion for something and you want to share that online and your goal is to Europe be helping someone creating your best content, and the goal should never be money. but if you are working hard and you are creating good content and you are sharing it to the right places, such as YouTube, Twitter, then you will start to see results. this is a realistik outcome of what can happen when you are a small shroom er that makes YouTube videos that doesn't spend their whole life on twitch. this is my first twitch payout and I literally got affiliated in September 2019 and I hit my fresh hold in December. and the reason I hit my fresh hold in December is because I focus on improving my content or my streams. so in December I did a Christmas tree and I- it's people. if you sub or you get bits, then you can have a bubble in the tree and you could be entered into a giveaway. so that was like a little incentive, but I was still really surprised with the support and people's generosity around Christmas time. I guess, okay, we're gonna jump onto the computer. I'm going to show you my analytiks. we're gonna get into how much money I made as a small Dutch affiliate in my first effort. which payout? oh, okay, I'm in my channel another six, or twitch, which is under the twitch dashboard, and go to channel analytiks, and this is the default display. it's literally just showing me between the 27th December and 25th of January. so to see my actual revenue for my first paycheck, we go back to when I first got affiliated, which was like the 16th of September or so does. she go from September to the end of December and go update. okay, so in this time frame I was able to make about a hundred and fifty two dollars and ninety cents, which is a bit odd because when I go to pay out history, is there any one hundred forty-five dollars and forty cents which transferred into 112 pounds, Tamika separation, but anyway it's close enough. I don't know where the missing dollars are, I don't know where the car was, but that's what I made for my first payout. so this was roughly forty four dollars. eighty-seven paid subs, so that's twenty subscribers at Tier one. ninety-nine, ninety-eight dollars in twitch prime subs. forty-eight sixty nine dollars in gift is up. this is twenty two gifted subs. in my ads I earned two dollars. fifty three cents for about three thousand views, so not much cheering- 46.83, which is really high as well. people like to do cheers, gif to subs and subs. they're all about the same level. as you know, from it over video you get the whole revenue for the bits which is buy. it adds up so much and then gifted subs and paid subs. are they carved and split between twitch? so if I scroll up I can see here how long have a Streamy each day. so when I did this I was only streaming about an average of three hours a day. I had a few peaks. this is my average reason I might I get. here's the time I streamed an average about three hours fruit four hours each stream. I click on my revenue button here. it will now show you all the different revenue spikes throughout that whole period. so this was a three month period before I officially hit the one hundred dollar threshold to get paid and then I earned a little bit more before the end of December to get it paid out in January 15th. so as you can see, on my birthday stream I managed to get 22 dollars from sharing. on my other special stream here, which was quite a big one, I got $22 a gifted subs and $3 in sharing, and I've got a lot of gifted subs and sharing just like spread out here. so I managed to get 46 subscriptions and, yeah, this is what you can learn from your analytiks. it tells you pretty much everything I also know from analytiks. if I go to just December 2019, I add a majority of my revenue in that month. this is the month I was actually able to hit the revenue, which was because of these huge Peaks where people were gifting subs and I did change my content and I was very dedicated to my streams at this point, which is why, even though I didn't stream that many days, people saw how committed I was and they were just being very generous. gifted subs was a majority of my income from December. the last thing I just want to say is that this is just an idea of what you possibly can earn as a small streamer on Twitch. I know it's not a huge amount, but even when you can hit that fresh hold every month for two, it's really good because you can put that money straight back in to improving your stream. and I really just wanted to show you guys my analytiks today to see how realistikally extremer who doesn't stream like every single day and it does put a lot of work into their content outside of twitch and on Twitch and with a small following, can still hit the threshold and earn a decent amount of money from twitch. I realized video. I hope you found it insightful. it's not the word, I don't know. I hope you liked it, though. I hope you found it interesting to see how much someone who is very small, has very little viewers, can possibly make if you're creating content and you're working hard with streaming, with youtube. you know all those things. if you liked this video, please let me know they're giving it a thumbs up and supporting the channel by leaving a comment down below. let me know: are you a Twitter affiliate? have you received your first which payout yet? how's your journey? to be a sure, my guy, thank you for watching and please don't forget to just follow your passions and do what you love. I will see you very soon with another video. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music].

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Here's How Much I Earned Running MAX Ads on Twitch || How Much Can YOU Earn?

previously on tos. schedule it up, baby, let's go. [Music]. that this was the only honest point in this, in this ad. by the way, ad starts soon. we're gonna run every eight minutes. the ad length is going to be three minutes long. if you have a turbo or you have a sub, you don't see ads, unless i decide to turn those ads on. five, four, three, two, one happy ass. ladies and gentlemen, we have ad numbers from yesterday. we started our exploration of what we called ad kink week, which was an exploration of twitch's new uh ad manager, which properly should be called ad scheduler, because it doesn't do anything besides scheduling ads. there is no management of ads itself. it just allows you to schedule ads. it's a false name. i don't like it. two days ago- two days ago when we first started doing this ad kink week, we decided to basically push ads to the limit. using this tool, we can run every five minutes. we can run three minutes of ads. now, what that is actually supposed to be is eight minutes of content and then three minutes of ads and then eight minutes of content, from my understanding. but how it functions is five minutes of content, three minutes of ads, five minutes of content. actually it's not even five minutes, it's four, uh, four minutes and 30 seconds of content, three minutes of ads, and so, uh, uh, two days ago we managed to run about because we started it halfway through the stream- we ran nine minutes of ads per hour. that i was live and that was, yes. two days ago we had, uh, no ads for subs and there was a lot of gifted subs that were given around, so there was, uh, you know, there wasn't a ton of people who were actually seeing the ads. our total revenue was a dollar 41.. yesterday we decided, based on chat vote, you guys decided- it wasn't my choice, but we decided to keep ad kink week going, but this time to the extreme. we pushed it as hard as we could potentially push it, putting it into the fifth gear and running it into uh, uh, ad ads extreme. we turned off, uh, ad free for sub. so if you were a subscriber to the channel, you got ads. the only reason that you and we also disabled pre-roll disabling, so usually when you run ads, it disables your payrolls. we turn that off. uh, the only people who did not get ads- which supersedes all of this, is twitch turbo. if you had twitch turbo, you did not see ads. yesterday, the 14th, which was two days ago, when ads for subs weren't on. this was what we had. we had 21 minutes of ad breaks, roughly nine minutes. this is when all the gifted subs were given and we made a dollar 41 in total ads- right, so that's, that's two days ago. yesterday we had 55 average viewers. we had 37 minutes. in my 2 hour stream we had 37 minutes and 30 seconds worth of ads. that's a lot of ads. we had more chat engagement, 1 300 messages and we had 11 less people watching on average. so the big question was: how much money would we actually make here? the number was a dollar 41, but that's obviously limited by the number of of people who had subs that didn't get ads for that. twitch turbo didn't get ads for that, and disabled pre-rolls, which didn't get ads for that, and again, we only did it for 21 minutes. doubled- not not in fully double- we increased the amount of ads by 80 percent. we lost uh, uh, 10- 20 of viewers, uh, and. but we also increased the amount of ads that would actually get seen by people who are subs. what do you guys think that we made, ladies and gentlemen? [Music] four dollars and 47 cents. four dollars and 47 cents. one third of the stream yesterday, roughly, was ads. 55 people watched it and you guys were engaged in the ad- the. the ads was the content. you were and you wanted to see the ads. you wanted to know what was coming next. uh, and we made four dollars and 47 cents. now we can do some quick extrapolation here. let's say you had 500 viewers. well, you're making 40 dollars a day if you run the max possible ads you possibly can, also annoying all of your subscribers and also not having disabled pre-rolls. if you had 5 000 people watching, you make four hundred dollars a day to piss off every single person in your audience. five thousand people makes four hundred dollars over the course of a, a, a two and a half hour stream. so what's that? work out to 200 per hour on 5 500 viewers on ads that you have rammed down their [Music] throat. no one would do this, by the way, it's absurd to believe. yeah, four dollars and 47 cents. it's absurd to think that anybody would ever do it. uh, the more likely thing is, a- you're going to disable it for your subscribers and b- you're probably not going to run anywhere near this amount 37 minutes of ad breaks. by the way, if you break that down by the hour here, uh, it works out to 16 minutes and 33 seconds total. so one quarter of the stream was at. more than one quarter of the stream was ads. and if you had 500 viewers, a lot of people like: if you get to 500 viewers, you've really made it on twitch. like that is like upper, upper echelon of total viewership in terms of all live streamers, like you are doing exceptionally well. at that point, most people kind of are like: hey, 100 is is pretty [ __ ] good and it is uh, but 500 is kind of like upper tier, like that. that's. that's the point where you're actually like: oh okay, this could actually potentially become a a full-time income, but it's clearly not going to be on ads. the ads just aren't, at least for the cut that streamers get. it's not worth it. by the way, yesterday- and this is another uh interesting piece of of information- yesterday, when we were doing this, everybody was writing the ads that were that. they got in the chat, uh, and we we found a couple other interesting factoids about ads on twitch. uh, ads can range from five seconds to 60 seconds long. the five second ads were pretty sparse. there wasn't very many of them. i i went back through the chat and the chat logs and read through all the messages to track what everybody was saying. uh, seems like the most common was 15 to 30 seconds. that's roughly the the length. a lot of 20-second ads as well. uh, the second thing that we learned is that there is some geo-targeting. there is some, there is some ads that were only for specific areas and it did seem like some ads like ikea in partikular. ikea seemed to be advertising everywhere. it was in everybody's ad feed. everybody seemed to get that, uh, that ikea event ad. if you watch any kind of broadcast tv generally, how it works is every 15 minutes you get three to five minutes of ads. so roughly there's there's 15 to 18- 18 minutes in an hour on tv. that's generally how it plays out. some have a little bit more, some of it a little bit less. uh, i said, the difference being is that they give you at least 15 minutes of content before hitting you with six minutes of ads. ran my entire stream yesterday in five minute segments before the three minutes of ads, and let me tell you it has no place on twitch. it shouldn't be an option. it's it, it's not. it shouldn't be an option. and granted- and as i said here, i understand it is optional. there's no nothing forcing or compelling any streamer to actually run it. that many ads in that short period of time, but it doesn't really make sense. there should be more education around the, the, the scheduler. there should be more education on what the best practikes actually are, and i personally believe it's one minute and 30 seconds of ads every 30 minutes. that disables your pre-rolls, that gives you the best chance of of of not turning somebody away when they come to your stream for the first time, because then they don't get hit with ads right away. and also, it's not fully annoying. it's still annoying- you're still getting three minutes of ads every hour, but it's not as terrible as it potentially could be. and uh, what's interesting here? well, i wrote. i. i wrote the fact that it existed. all suggested to me that there's a disconnect between the ads team and how people consume live content, and we actually got a response from the one and only mikey minty. he is the- uh, the vp of monetization at twitch. he is the dude in charge. uh, he wrote. no disconnect seems like we didn't handle.

Twitch Is Playing EVEN MORE ADS.. but how much do they pay out??

hey, what's up? hey, before we jump into this crazy twitch ad stuff, i want to let you know we released a brand new stream beats track this week. so it's a piano version of what if? and it has foosley singing on it, just like she's saying on the original version, like a year ago on the rock album, but it's released on spotify, apple music, all the music services also. we've completely revamped the discord server, so if you're looking to find some gamer friends or you just want to take part in the secret streams i've been doing over on the discord link to both the discord server and the new stream beats track in the description down below twitch ads. twitch is planning a complete overhaul of the ad experience on their streaming platform and that consists of two main differences you should be aware of: number one, how much the streamer is getting paid, and two, how many ads the viewer is going to watch. well, i did the math for you, which was surprisingly difficult. not because math is hard, guys. i took calculus. if you think math is hard, you probably just have strengths in other areas that make you unique and awesome, and math has zero bearing on your value as a person. you're fantastik just the way you are. but this math was hard because twitch kind of refuses to give out all this information. like, twitch is kind of notorious for this stuff. for example, youtube gives out 55 of its ad revenue to the creator. twitch gives out, but we have no idea because they won't tell us until today. because i did the math. so, look, hit the like button. it's free and it helps out the video a lot. and also, while you're down there, hit the subscribe button. if you haven't already. let's do some twitch ad math. i'd like to thank the sponsor of today's video, surfsharkvpn, who have given me- and hear me out here- an 83 off code plus three months free. so if you've been meaning to pick up a vpn, now might be your time. surfshark is a trusted vpn to help you protect your privacy online, whether that's protecting yourself from malicious websites or if you're on a public wi-fi connection, you can keep your info on lockdown. surfshark's clean web feature blocks ads, trackers, malware and phishing attempts, allowing you to surf the web safely. plus, it lets you change your virtual location. so if there's an anime on netflix that's only available in japan, guess what? you're in japan. or you want to use disney plus, but it's just not available in your country yet. no worries, you live in the states. everybody knows that, except nobody knows that, because you're protecting your info with surf shark. so pick up surf shark at the link down in the description below and use code alpha gaming to get 83 off and three months free. oh, and they have a 30 day money back guarantee. so there you go, cool. so let's give a cliff notes version of what these ad changes are. very soon, they'll be rolling these out to not only all partners but also affiliates. twitch will be increasing the ad revenue share from whatever they've been giving to creators up to 55, which i'm assuming they're doing it to be on par with youtube. however, the caveat here is that in order to get the 55 percent, you have to enable two things: one, you have to run three minutes of ads per hour and two, those ads have to be automated. if i can be real with you, i think on twitch we're about to see a lot of clutch gaming moments ruined by automated ads like this wouldn't be a big deal. i actually think three minutes per hour is a bit excessive, but it would be fine if the creator could choose where it goes like. i think creators should take a three-minute break every hour, go and grab a drink of water, go to the bathroom, whatever, play an ad while they're doing those things. it makes a lot of sense, but in order for this to work, in order to get the 55, it has to be automated, and that's a problem. but is the problem worth it? are the streamers making enough money to offset the inconvenience of these ads? let's go over the math and, by the way, all the math we're doing right now is entirely based off what we can extrapolate from the offers that my viewers sent me during my live stream this morning. if you didn't know, by the way, i stream on my personal channel here on youtube, youtubecom, harris heller link to that in the description down below. i stream like monday, wednesday, saturday. i'd love to see you in there, but i had you guys send me screenshots of either your offers or offers that you'd seen, so i could see what the offers were. i could also see how many hours you'd stream by looking up your channel on twitchtrackercom and we could do some math there. there are going to be some variables. people got a lot of different offers, but one creator in partikular sent me a lot of information. it is our friend of the channel, nutty, and he so kindly gifted me all of his private ad info so that i could do some math for you and we could all learn from it. so you can see, if we look at nutty's offer here, this is what twitch offered him to run ads on his channel. that middle offer is for running three minutes of ads per hour, which is on par with what's required for the 55. so we're gonna run with that one. they're saying if he streams with that number of ads for 48 hours, the next month he'll receive 228. now, given that this offers based off his previous month's streams, all we have to do is take a look at how the numbers differ from this month to last month. do a little bit of math. i've said math too many times in this video, but we're going to do some math and we're going to see what the increase has actually been. assuming that 228 dollars is 55, which it says in there that it is 55, we can figure out what percent he was receiving before, and nutty shared with me that last month he streamed 56 hours and made 72.56. i can also tell from twitch tracker that he's averaged on the past three months, 163 viewers. let's first do some math on the basic principles of how much he makes per ad. so, for example, on youtube we have something called rpm. if you're monetized on youtube and you can see your analytiks, you'll find something called rpm. it's right, front and center and that lets you know how much money you make per thousand views. for me, my rpm is between seven and eight dollars. that's a thousand people watching my videos and considering my average watch length is about fifty to sixty percent of my videos and given where i usually place my ads, that means that a thousand people have usually watched two ads: a pre-roll ad and the first mid-roll ad. those two ads, which probably are about 20 seconds of ad time multiplied by a thousand viewers, are what get us that seven to eight dollar mark. if we look at nutty's revenue for the past 30 days, which is 72 dollars and 56 cents, and we divide that by the number of hours that he's streamed, which is 56 hours, we will find out how much he makes per hour or per three minutes of ads, which is how many plays per hour. so for three minutes of ads, nutty makes one dollar and 30 cents. now that is 163 people watching three minutes of ads. if we were to do a little bit more math and convert that to a thousand people watching 20 seconds of ads, nutty's ad rate compared to my ad rate- which again, mine was seven to eight dollars per thousand viewers- his is 88 cents. and that is with the exact same amount of people watching. the same amount of ads, youtube is paying out seven to eight dollars, twitch is paying out 88 cents. now i know there are a couple extra variables there in terms of whose channel the ads are on, but that's about as close of a side-by-side comparison we can get. now if we compare that to the new 55 rate that twitch offered, which, if you remember, was 228 dollars for 48 hours of streaming- i'll skip the math there- put it all together, it makes that new rate 3.667 times higher than his previous rate, meaning nutty was making 15 of the ad revenue compared to the new 55 percent. remember, this is just one user's experience. that number can fluctuate a little bit, but that gives us a baseline. twitch was paying out nutty 15 of the ad revenue. an.

Is it worth streaming in 2022? How much MONEY do small streamers make

so how much do twitch streamers really make like- not the big ones that make six figures a month, but the small ones. can you make a living out of it in 2022, the next year? well, i'm here to tell you all about that. it takes you only a couple of seconds to like and subscribe, but it means really much to me and it actually boosts my video up. so you find this video useful. i'd much appreciate a like and a subscribe. i do regular twitch streams and announce it on my discord. so if you want to join my discord or twitch, there's always a link in my bio. all my socials are listed in my bio and, yeah, let's get into the video. when you first start off streaming, you don't actually get to get paid. you actually need to get affiliate. so it takes you about a week to get affiliated, but i found a way actually to get affiliate really quickly and get three average viewers on your life consecutively. like your first stream, you would have more than three viewers, that's for sure. if you want to know how i did that, make sure to subscribe and tell me in the comments if you want that video. if you want to know, learn how to grow with twitch. i grew my twitch only through tiktok. so if you want me to tell you how i made my twitch stream go from zero followers to 5 000 to average of 25 viewers in about three months, only through tiktok, make sure to comment down below if you want to find that out. if we just open up my graph, uh, we'll see. the first month of august, when i started, uh, i did five streams in a row just to get my viewers up- 46 average viewers. now that's going to go down. it was the first stream that did well through my tiktok the, the follows. you see it's actually i got a lot of follow about it. if you ever do get follow bottom, make sure to delete those bots because twitch might ban you. so, even though i do have 5 000 followers right now, i got a lot of followers in the first five days just because i got bought it. uh, as you can see, the revenue and subscriptions are at zero, but i spent about in one, two, three, four, five days. i did ten hours of streaming if we go to the next month. so this is the first time i've actually earned some money. the revenue was actually 35. i don't know what you expected, was it 35? comment below: what did you expect in a first month of streaming? what type of? how much money would i have earned? an average of 21 viewers that i had? i earned about 35 dollars, if you want to see uh from where the money came from. so paid subs was only three dollars. by most was gifted subs and cheering. so you don't even get from your actual subscribers or ads. people think ads pay the most money, but they don't. they're actually like if you don't get a lot of viewers, you won't get a lot of ad money. i add revenue. i only got 2.78 uh dollars. uh. so from cheering and from gifted subs, in total i got around 35. everything else came from paid subs, prime subs and that's pretty much it. so cheering and gifted subs is where it's at. but guys, if, if you think you're gonna make a lot of money starting off, that's not true. you need time, you need growth. but in my second month you won't believe. so we went from 35 in one month to actually 204 dollars in the next month. so yeah, the first month was just my going in and then the next just it. the ball keeps on rolling. the ball keeps on rolling, as you can see. prime subs and paid subs are still low. gifted subs is where it's at. i got 163 dollars from gifted subs and cheering i got 27. you just have to hope people actually gifting you some subs, which is the cheaper thing than actually subbing to someone. uh, and cheering. uh, you, there's a lot of hype trains. that's when. that's when my thing blew up. i got like a lot of subs and the hybrid just came in and everyone started subbing, everyone started cheering. so this month, as you can see, did actually pretty well. my second month did the best. uh, when you go into revenue, uh, you can see on average on stream i make about what six, three dollars, ten dollars, one dollar that i made here, a hundred and two dollars in one stream, but on average about five dollars per stream i make. and, um, you guys are probably the same like me, college students, high school students- don't have time for streaming. i only stream about an hour to two a day, which isn't the best because i don't have time. i do stream as much as possible, but two hours is about my max. i should be streaming about six to actually make some money. i i just see this as a hobby. i play games. why not stream it and earn some extra money? tok to you guys you get, you get to create a community and everything you know. so if you don't have time to make youtube videos or stream for uh hours and hours, you can use my method of using tiktok through twitch: stream about an hour to a day and it doesn't even have to do. i stream about three times a week for max. so not even i don't even stream every day. you can stream little. this is, this is the smallest amount. uh, how, how much that i streamed in a month? 22 hours, 22 hours in a month, which is doable, it's very doable. every, every stream lasts about an hour, two hours an hour. so about. so, bob, my stream is about an hour and two uh in total. uh, the next month, which is actually this month, i earned only 81, so not as much, not as much, but still something. and, as you can see, gifted subs: 49, cheering: 24. so you want to be focusing on getting cheers and gifted subs, i guess, but it's not about money, just have fun and the gifted subs, the people who enjoy your content, will gift, will sub, will do everything. if you think this is enough to make a living? it probably isn't, but i've been streaming for three months. if i'm gonna be streaming in a year, i'll update you guys- i probably will how that's going. but for extra money, if you, as a hobby, you definitely can, twitch isn't the best platform to promote your stuff. so i suggest you to go to youtube to tik-tok every single thing to promote your twitch. actually make a discord tok to your community as much as you can. the money will go through. but the more you stream, the more you do this, the more money you will make eventually. but not, you have to be patient, uh, don't focus on the money, because if you just focus on the money, you will want to quit twitch streaming. you want to quit streaming at all, because if you just focus on money, it won't happen. you know, uh, one month you'll make a lot of money, the other month you'll make a lot less. it really, it really just depends. it depends. but if you do like this video, make sure to subscribe like it. i will be doing some minecraft hardcore streams on my twitch uh and on my uh and on my youtube. i'll be uploading on my youtube, but comment below what kind of videos you want, my uh, want me to make. i'm back to youtube again. if you want to follow me on tik tok social medias down below, make sure to subscribe and thank you guys for watching. hopefully now you know how much i make. well, a small twitch stream, i'm not big, so this is how much you can actually make in a month. thank you and goodbye.