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how much for radio ads

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

Selling Radio Advertising - How to sell ads on a radio show

how to sell ads on your radio show so I,got a great question for my YouTube,viewers love you guys our B radio show,who wrote in with a question to say good,video I had the real brother radio show,and I do have video ads that I've run as,commercials on my show I want to know,how to sell more ads this is a great,question and I have a radio show and I,have YouTube channel and I have a,website that had ads before so I know a,lot about selling ads here's the thing,okay here's my two tips,my two best nuggets of advice for you,number one stand for something it has to,be really clear what you stand for and,who you're selling to right so for me if,you look at my channel you look at,anything I do you can tell that I,believe in entrepreneurs so if you are,selling something that relates to,entrepreneurs and you want to connect,with somebody who knows entrepreneurs,I'm the guy to tok to,I'm one of the best people in the world,to tok to if you're gonna sell anything,else I'm not the guy to tok to right,there's only a there's only a handful of,companies if you look at how many,companies there are in the world there's,only a small percentage who care about,entrepreneurs and those guys come to me,because they know that I help,entrepreneurs if you're selling plants,if you're selling makeup if you're,selling statues if you're selling cars,all this other stuff I can't help you,and I'll tell that to people like if you,are not selling to entrepreneurs there's,no point in working together because I'm,not gonna get results for you so it has,to be really clear who you're helping,who is your target market right and if,you're pitching somebody or if you are,even writing to me right you're telling,me about your show what is the real,brother show all about who do you serve,who's your audience right that,moves out of everything that you do make,it super clear so then I can even tok,about you and I can refer somebody to,you if I know you're looking for a,certain market and I run across somebody,I can say hey you got a listen to this,show that's a great show check it out,right make it easy for people to tok,about you so that's number one stand for,something and,two is a little tougher to swallow,number two is make your show better,here's the thing okay I never go out and,sell anything I don't sell any,advertiser on anything and yet I've,worked with the biggest brands in the,industry for my industry I work with,American Express and Google and,Microsoft and Dell and major banks and,major telcos I've worked with all of,these companies but I've never reached,out to get a sale here's the reason why,okay this is really important it's their,job to know what's happening in the,markets that they're selling so if I'm,working with American Express there are,people who are at American Express whose,job it is to know what's happening in,the entrepreneurial market right they,are actively looking for people who are,influencers who are getting an audience,who are building traction that happens,when you build a great show you have to,have people coming away from your show,saying that was the greatest show I ever,heard,that show was for me I can't wait to,listen in next week and tell all my,friends about it right if somebody's,listened to my show I want them to say,that was a great show and anytime I meet,an entrepreneur I'm gonna tell them,about that show right that's what,happens with some of these videos right,you like the videos you comment you,share it it builds traction at this,moment and that's how people find me I,just came back from speaking in Malaysia,I had a keynote speech was about social,media for entrepreneurs I don't know,anybody in Malaysia I have no,connections there I've never been there,how did it happen they found my videos,on YouTube and said wow we need to bring,this guy to our event that's how it,happens because my videos now are good,enough my show is pretty good I'm still,working on it I like it there's still,things to improve on it right so your,show has to be better your show has to,be at the point where people can't wait,to call in can't wait to listen to the,show next week can't wait to tell their,friends about tuning into this thing and,if you get that you get that momentum,going,then the advertisers will come and you,don't have to worry about selling them,on anything because they're pre-sold to,say this is the guy who you have to go,to to reach this certain community your,shows not there yet and that's okay but,here you are you're gonna be investing,your time your energy your resources,your thought process into doing,something that you love hopefully which,is making your show better and making it,have a stronger impact with people,versus going out and doing something,that you don't love which is selling,advertising I've never had you think,about it I'm gonna go on a little bit of,rant about sales now you think about,sales right you're thinking about,following up with people and you're,calling people and following up and,following up and fall I don't do that,okay I don't follow up with anybody,people write to me I'll write back to,them I'll give them a proposal they need,it but I never follow up after that,because the people who you have to,follow up with they're never gonna be,good customers for you think about the,people who keep following up with you,write some goodies trying to get you to,buy a car or insurance or whatever it is,and they follow up and they follow up,and they follow up and they follow up,are you ever happy with that person no,right like the guys there Derek they're,gonna be companies who love what you do,who say this guy is the best of what he,does he's an expert he helps me reach my,audience I need to work with him and,they can be other companies who just,don't quite get what you do and you have,to sell them and convince them and,follow up with them who's gonna be a,better customer and who's gonna take,more of your time toking to right so,instead of wasting your time when the,guys who don't get it who you have to,followup with constantly spend it on the,guys who love what you do and create a,product create a service create a show,that people can fall in love with make,your show better and you'll get a bigger,audience you'll feel more fulfilled and,you,advertised notike to follow belief those,watching like the video thumbs up below,let me know what you think comments,questions down below in the section if,you ask the question of a video response,I really love seeing those comments come,in they really make my morning everyday,when I'm eating my breakfast so please,leave a comment and subscribe to the,channel if you want to see more click on,my face thank you so much and I'll see,you soon

How to write a radio commercial script

[Music],radio you have a huge audience,sitting behind a wheel waiting to hear,from you,so how do you write a radio script even,if you're not going to write a script,yourself it's a good,idea to know what you can do and what,you can't,and the difference between a good script,and a bad one,how long should your commercial be well,what you say is limited by how much time,you have to say it,for people who are not used to writing,to a time length,this takes a bit of getting used to you,can only squeeze so many words into 30,seconds,speak too fast and the words just get,lost so,speak too slow and it sounds a bit dull,so a good pace for 30 seconds is 75 to,85 words,that's about eight sentences you can buy,air time in any length but,a 30 second spot is the default radio,commercial length,very often companies will buy a mixture,of 15s and 30s,to get more bang for their bucks so for,the same money they can have more spots,you then write your 30 second spot and,then cut it down to a 15.,if you get an ad agency or a radio,station to write it for you the process,looks like this first the radio agency,will write a creative brief,this document outlines the goal of the,communication the deadline any,mandatories,that need to be in the script like a,telephone number your opening times or a,website,even and also what the budget is how,much money that the creative process has,got to play with,there's a link in the description if you,want to find out more about,that the creative brief is given to a,creative team,and they write a bunch of scripts the,client is shown,the scripts and then picks one the,agency goes to a production,studio with a sound booth they bring in,professional actors to record the voices,and a sound engineer adds music and,sound effects and does his magic and,mixes,everything together then they send a,file to the radio station,so how do you fill those eight sentences,it doesn't sound like much time does it,a simple structure for a 30-second,commercial,to go something like this one you,present a problem that your listener is,having,you then offer a solution to that,problem from your brand or company,follow that up with some proof points to,make the solution believable,then finish with a call to action,directing the listener to where,they can find out that solution phone,number website,address etc you have to remember that,phone number or web address,looks very short when it's written down,but takes a long time to say,each number is a word now that's a,simple structure for a script,if you want to make the commercial stand,out and let's face it if your commercial,runs,in a commercial break there is a lot of,competition and you want it to stand out,getting on air is one thing but getting,people to actually hear what you have to,say,is an entirely different thing you have,to make it,worth listening to you don't want people,to,switch off while waiting for the next,song or even worse switch stations,that's when you use sound to conjure,images in your listener's mind,you write with your ears your script is,based on the sound you hear,you can use sound effects and music as,punctuation marks,or to add emphasis like champagne cork,signifies a celebration,if you then use a professional voice,they can speed up or slow down their,voice by fractions of a second,they can make sure your scripts fits,perfectly,they can add excitement and emphasis,where you need it,you can then take it even further and,use actors who can play roles in your,script,sergeant major a farmer even an elvis,impersonator whatever you need,anyone with a distinctive voice that,will help you make your marketing goal,in a creative way that gets notiked,start with an idea,how can you get your point across then,work out your structure,your intro your offer and then your call,to action,write the ending first with all your,mandatories,time that and then see how much time is,left to deliver your message then write,with the sounds in your head,imagine what the listener will hear if,you have any questions,drop them in the comments below thanks,for watching


Radio Advertising (Pros & Cons) Everything You Need To Know

and he's a real party pufa if you know,what i mean i need somebody on standby,absolutely we've seen it all over the,last 67 years and can solve any plumbing,problem we promise to be prompt,professional and pleasant wow i'm so,glad i called yeah call us anytime kobe,brothers at,916-975-9898 that's,916-975-9898 hearing your own ad on the,radio is freaking awesome,radio advertising works that's why we've,done it and that's why we'll continue to,do it all right so by the end of this,video i want you to understand the pros,and the cons of using radio advertising,to grow your business whether it's a,graphic design business web design,business motion design business so let's,head back to the office and i'll tell,you more about it,[Music],all right,radio,advertising i've got a lot of experience,on radio advertising i've got multiple,ads hundreds of probably adds a total,now run on the radio and it's something,that i'm super passionate about,something i'm really excited to share,with you before i get into the good,stuff i want to tok a little bit about,the bad stuff because there are some,cons to radio the industry is changing,the industry's been really shrinking for,a long time and it's really important,that you understand the good the bad and,the ugly radio so let's go ahead and,jump into the cause the first con of,radio is that it can be pretty expensive,now the range varies just depending on,the type of station you're listening to,and the reach of that station but the,cons is it can be really really,expensive depending on if you're running,nationally or running locally that cost,can vary significantly it's also a lot,less targeted than online marketing you,can target so many different details,about a person they call those data,points with online marketing which is,why it's exploded and growth the way it,has and why facebook's had to take away,a lot of the targeting options because,it really got into people's personal,lives and privacy so now you have,something like radio which is less,targeted you can target by the type of,station so some stations cater to more,conservative people versus more liberal,people like npr versus fox right so,there's really a big difference business,stations versus christian stations,there's some targeting that's available,women versus men but the detailed,targeting of how many kids they have in,the household things like that is a lot,more limited so those are some of the,cons one of the other cons is,if you're really on a low budget then,you're only going to be able to,advertise locally and some of those,smaller local stations don't even get,ratings so you don't really get stats of,how many people are hearing your ads and,some of the information is just kind of,a guess so not having that local,targeting not knowing how big your,audience is and not having some of these,stations be rated uh the nielsen rating,as it's called can really impact and,affect your business so i'm just curious,have you ever been on a radio show have,you ever had a radio ad or have you ever,had your own radio show i'd love to hear,about it if you have if you have,experience with radio definitely drop a,comment down below and if you'd like to,be on a radio show also drop a comment,and say i would love to be on radio,drop that comment down below because i,always have opportunities coming up for,you to get spots if you're interested in,toking about your business or what it,is you're doing if you want to be on my,show so drop a comment down below and,let me know,all right so now to the important stuff,the meat and potatoes of what you came,here for is understanding the three,different types of airtime that you can,buy on the radio the first type of,airtime that you can buy are commercials,most commercials do not go more than 60,seconds but sometimes radio stations,will do promos and they'll sell 15,second and 30 second spots the 15 second,spots we're going to tok about in a,minute but i want to stik to the 30,second 60 second spots for now these are,the go-to lengths for radio ads i've,done both i've done more of the 60,seconds with a 30 second but you really,get a lot of bang for your buck when you,do the 60 seconds because you can fit a,lot of content into one minute and if,you tell a story and you actually have,the right marketing strategy behind,these tactiks which these are you will,have a lot of success on the radio now,the second type of air time that you can,buy are sponsor spots so you may hear,them doing the weather or the traffic,and when they do those they said this,segment is brought to you by,aais insurance right so these certain,segments and these sponsor spots can be,done for certain sections like traffic,weather news radio whatever the,different spots of these radio campaigns,that they're doing throughout the day in,sections of the radio station they,actually have radio sponsor spots so,this is a really good deal it's usually,cheaper and during the holidays and then,major pushes if you listen you can,actually get a really good deal on these,sponsor spots and you can tag in some,actual radio spots with it and this is a,really good type of airtime as well,gives you a lot of branding a lot of,credibility the third one and this is,where i have the most amount of,experience as i did it the longest is,actually creating shows or like new,shows and this is what they call block,programming this is where you buy a,block of time on the radio station,usually it's in their lower non-peak,times of the station where you buy this,block programming time of an hour it,tiknically breaks down to about 50,minutes and they'll quote you anywhere,between a thousand to sometimes five,thousand dollars a month depending on,the size of the station to have that,hour block and during that time it's not,like you can put anything you want but,you can basically create a show or some,sort of content around whatever topic,you want to tok about and you buy that,time you can bring on guests and do,interviews you can do just tok you can,do sermons you can do,all kinds of different things with shows,you can tok about news current events,and make that block programming whatever,you want you can tok about tiknology i,just happened to take mine because i was,on a christian business station as i did,a mentorship christian mentorship show,where i toked about sales marketing,leadership and tiknology those are some,big areas that i have a passion for so i,broke my show into four segments i,toked about each of those during my,show i did some awesome interviews i met,some great people i actually built,myself as an authority versus pitching,somebody to be on my podcast i said hey,you want to come on my radio show it was,an fm radio show and that positioned me,a little bit differently than everybody,else so that's the last one and that's a,big one if you've never done that before,i'd highly look at it highly consider it,because it's a really good authority,building tool for you so if you found,this content helpful so far please do me,a huge favor hit the like button right,down below introduce yourself i want to,know who you are what you do why what,brought you to the channel why you got,here and let's go ahead and roll into,the next section which is important,because i want to validate everything i,just said with some industry data,industry data is really helpful it,brings some facts to the table i'm not,just sharing fluff and my own,experiences but i'm sharing data that,has been collected over the last decade,so as far as industry data goes i want,to read this to you guys all right so,data evaluating the radio market in the,united states shows that in 2020,radio advertising spend in the country,and this is in usa amounted to 10.1,billion us dollars yes that's 10 billion,with a b it is forecasted that spending,on radio ads is going to grow to,11.7 billion by the end of 2024 we're,almost there 11.7 billion dollars it's a,ridiculous amount of money the second,stat that i found that i wanted

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How To Make A Radio Commercial

and now exclusive insider tips from the,world of advertising think of this as,your secret weapon this is advertising,advice how do I make a radio commercial,that is your question that's obviously,what you're searching out here and I'm,gonna give you the long and short of,that the thing is with creating a radio,commercial there is indeed a method to,the madness of that process it's really,not just oh here let's scribble some,things down on a piece of paper and hand,it to a DJ to read that's not usually,the best approach if you are going for,any sort of effective message nor is you,writing a commercial yourself having no,idea what you're doing with it having,never done it before and then asking,your co-workers your wife your cousin,and your nephew what they think of it,because they're all gonna go oh it's,really good maybe you should have this,maybe you should add that in there you,should have this in there too,chances are they're not professionals at,it either so you're probably also not,getting the most objectionable opinion,on something like that you know would,you go to a completely blind man and ask,them for driving tips if you're about to,go in the Indy 500 probably not it's not,that that blind person's opinions are,invalid or or not good it's the fact,that they've never done anything like,that so then I can be able to give you,many pointers on the topic other than,just random opinions so when you want to,create a radio commercial getting back,to the point at hand here you want to go,to a company that knows what they're,doing and knows how to create them yes,you are listening to a podcast from a,company that does that so I can,certainly help you you're more than,welcome of course do your research out,there but this is something that we do,day in and day out the biggest thing,that we do is we listen to what what the,business owner needs to communicate and,wants to say in that ad we're not just,going to go grab the yellow pages or any,reputable companies is going to go grab,the yellow pages wow that sounds,antiquated yellow pages,or just go to your website is probably,more more today's term we're not just,going to go to your website and create a,script that is but as blind as you,get when creating a script because,chances are your website covers a ton of,stuff uh about your business and is,probably not super focused on one,specific thing maybe it is you know,there's certainly some businesses that,it is one specific thing but a lot of,times I go to a company's website and,it's this and that and that service and,this service and without knowing much,about that business I don't know what,the prioritized services I don't know,what the questions your clients are,asking you most about and that's really,what you want to get in that radio,commercial so we're going to learn that,about your business first of all what do,you want to communicate in this thing,what are the biggest questions what are,the biggest needs that your your,climbers have and we're going to figure,out a way to answer those needs and and,show that you are the solution to them,in that commercial and the only way to,do that is by communicating back and,forth so that is the first step in the,production process or the creation of a,radio commercial we do that through a,little questionnaire form that we send,over to you fill it out you send it back,and then we we create the script based,on that information so you get a script,back and as a business owner what your,job here is to fact-check look at the,phone number look at the website look at,all the the information we're toking,about make sure it is accurate I toked,about the phone number because honestly,I've had times where we've put the phone,number down it's what we've gone from a,call or gotten through an email and the,business owner gave it to us incorrectly,or was copied down so wrong you know,when it was just you know kind of,spouted off to us in the phone at one,point and we put it in the commercial to,get fact checked and then they,completely didn't even look at it and it,gets on the air and it can be a whole,big mess and you waste money on the air,so fact check the commercial make sure,it is accurate and also you know the,content itself make sure you're,comfortable with it you know if you're,looking at something going on I know,about that approach you know ask ask the,writer ask the production team you're,working with why did you take this,approach with this commercial there's,probably a method to the madness maybe,it's something that's worked well for,your genre of business in another market,that they saw and they're trying to take,that information that success that,they've seen and translate it to your,business,or it could very well just be a,scriptwriter that came up with a quirky,idea one day and thought they're gonna,put in a commercial and you know wanted,to see what you thought if you're,uncomfortable with it then they will be,changed it's one of those things where,you want to be make you want to make,sure you're comfortable and happy with,that script before it goes to the,recording process so most companies will,iron all of that out with you we,certainly will we go to the recording,process once you approve that script it,gets recorded it gets sent back for your,review you go over it and this is a big,thing you want to look out for with with,production companies the all-mighty,revision okay chances are you're,probably have one or two revisions in,the production process this is,completely completely normal you make it,well the inflection on this one word I,want it to be said more like this or I,changed my mind,let's say this instead of that you want,a company that's going to be able to go,back and make those revisions for you at,no cost and this is during the,production process not two years after,you've had the commercial during the,production process some places will,nickel and dime you and go well it's $50,per revision you already approved that,script now it's good to have an out as,much as you possibly can to avoid,revisions but make sure you're not,getting nickel and dime from someplace,we do not charge anything for revisions,and our commercials when we're going to,the production process and we want to,make sure that the the customer you are,happy with that commercial by the time,it is complete and it's unlimited,revisions really well I don't think I've,ever done anything more than honestly,think five revisions to a commercial you,know it's what it was somebody really,they they way they were a mind changer,um but you know that's that's really you,know you can expect maybe one or two and,you'll probably have it wrapped up by,then but just make sure it's covered,because you don't want to suddenly go oh,I I want to change this little thing and,you end up spending three times more,that's just not that's not fair in my,book and you don't need to do it so make,sure you ask that question is there a,fee for revisions most the time the,answer should be no unless you have,someone like Alec Baldwin recording your,radio commercial then yeah there's,probably going to be a revision fee,because that production company probably,has to go back at the specific actor in,the studio or there's some very high,paid voice guys out there that's,way when you plant your you're paying a,premium for that and you would certainly,know that in advance of what you know,what you're getting and and what the,caliber is you know for that specific,project there's the outline on how to,create a radio commercial if we can be,of help to you please let me know take,the advice a step further and learn how,to apply it to your business with free,one-on-one advertising coaching pick up,the phone and call area code two three,one four six eight nine nine seven two,that's area code two three one four six,eight nine ninety seventy two or send an,email to the address at the bottom of,the screen

Radio Promotion Companies & Campaigns: Still Worth It For Music Artists?

so we tok a lot about uh spending money,on ads,on social media and things to boost your,product boost your music or whatever it,may be,um but is it worth paying money for,local radio ads,uh it could be it really,really does depend so radio ads,are older in terms of tiknology,and reach these days too there's not,many people are on,you know listening to radio as would be,on facebook or instagram,um but what i added in as like an extra,ad,um it would depend on the product i,don't know about too many music ads i'd,do it for,maybe if you if you had a concert if you,had enough traction behind,you and you had a concert coming out and,you,knew that you are just like a strictly,country music artist,and here's the country music station um,yeah it can,help okay because they're they're gonna,try to have competitive pricing effects,um and you know we're toking about on a,previous episode the,pricing difference between even doing,like tiktok influencer promotion,uh which we have out now so you guys can,go check that out on rmc.com,you can get your music on a bunch of,tiktok influential channels let's go,um or doing facebook ads,and sometimes it's going to turn out,that it's a lot cheaper to go the,influencer route than the facebook ads,now it might not be as targeted or as,structured but it still might end out,cheaper overall right um so when it,comes to,like trying to do facebook ads versus,local music radio ads you might find,that you're getting a cheaper rate,at the local music radio station yeah so,i,just like we say with a bunch of,advertise yourself test it,test it out see uh the results it brings,i tested in isolation though person okay,so if you did facebook ads um,for one city and you just want to test,out the local ads,i would test those and see the the,difference,in the uh the crowd size and how many,tikets you sold,um because you wanna those are harder to,track,yeah when you do tv ads uh or,uh radio ads it's the the tracking isn't,like you can't,see how many conversions this this and,this ad set got you and all that stuff,so,yeah um that's how you can control that,test,okay but yeah i know,i mean people people still listen,to the radio or you know you can apply,that to podcast nowadays too,yeah so people do podcast ads,um which is like the new radio right um,and then playlists are the songs and you,got your podcast with the tok radio,right um so if somebody's like a big,uh you know stik with the country music,thing somebody's a big country music,uh star they have a big like country,music listeners podcast or something,around,like that subject that you know those,fans would would like,yeah um it's not so much local,um because you know anybody can listen,to podcasts from anywhere,yeah but that's another way to get an,alternative uh ad type okay like into,your,your system there so uh we were i think,we were looking at podcast ads for some,other,um podcast but there was it's not like,huge,music marketing podcasts or some like,you know different channels or whatever,but,the podcast area um,is still like growing in this sector,there's a lot of marketing podcasts,uh like finance podcasts and all that,sort of deal but,um with music there's not as many music,marketing,podcasts so uh that's why at least right,now as of today we don't have any,podcast ads running,on our own uh and we always have like,the youtube channel and all that stuff,which you can do youtube ads for but,um yeah just throwing in like those,extra because the question,goes essentially the question is,alternative ad types,yeah like which alternative ad type,should i do you should test them all,okay um so if you find a podcast that,makes sense,like test it yeah yeah but you you have,to have a different type of control,yeah so that you can get accurate,metrics it's so funny that,the radio has been categorized as the,alternative ad type,nowadays you know it's no longer the,primaries alternative,so i mean it kind of answers the other,question i was going to ask you if you,had to choose between,where to a lot most of your budget your,hip-hop artists in atlanta are you,either giving it to,rap caviar or hot 107.9 which one you're,going for,uh you can't give it the rap cavity i'm,not little but if you could type,[Music],you're saying they both have the equal,audience,do they probably not so i i would guess,well well in atlanta yeah and they're,the opportunity,at 107 points there might be a lot more,opportunity,yeah yeah because 7.9 can bring you all,right yes sir,and then what they do nowadays too,sometimes they have,like a dual thing where somebody's on,the radio and they have their podcast so,you're getting like double oh wow,so like dave ramsey show is one that,is top of mind um he has both his,podcast,and the radio show it's just syndicated,oh wow okay so,okay you can get double impressions,um yeah i mean it might make more sense,with the local station,in this scenario you have to look at,what else they're doing,so if they're just stuck to their old,ways and,like we're only going to do this radio,show we're not going to do any podcasts,and we're not going to try to have a,good social media page,and well then they're going to die out,yeah so,um i wouldn't focus too much on the,people who don't want to adapt,but if somebody's like you know they got,all their other stuff going on too,uh and they also have their audience on,radio yeah and,some people still listen to their radio,station yeah,wherever sure eyeballs are yeah like,facebook just has the eyeballs that's,why,we tok about facebook a lot there's a,bunch of other social medias yeah,uh these don't have as many eyeballs,yeah that's right uh so that's why,facebook's usually the easiest one,um in terms of like reach and tracking,all that stuff,just because they have those eyeballs,right now yeah uh that could change,just like myspace had the most eyeballs,um,you know that could change no it's just,follow the eyeballs,that's what people were advertising on,tv,just because that's where all the,eyeballs were yeah and then more people,started to spend time on their phones,yeah where the eyeball shift that's,that's all you're following that's right,for advertising,so if everything else is constant and,you know you're not going to some dark,web stuff to advertise,like software game yeah yeah good

Radio Copywriting - How to write a (good) radio ad...

Paul ran hard and Dave Gill Bank have,been writing effective radio commercials,for over 20 years in that time they've,won a bucket load of awards and made a,lot of clients very happy the first,thing I do when I'm writing a radio,commercial or copywriting for a radio,commercial is I kind of do what they in,movies in screenplay writing they have a,term called writing a logline and that's,kind of what I do with a radio,commercial I write a logline and by that,as I keep it really really simple and I,condense the brief down into one,sentence you always go back to the room,so the first thing you do is look at the,brief and and you know you need to get,if we stop put you things on the,keyboard the first thing you have to do,is be clear in your mind clear in your,own mind what is he trying to say if,you're not clear what you want to be,trying to say and then we're hoping how,they're trying to of actually saying of,actually communicating doing boy I don't,know ask Paul called my process for,writing that and it does sound a little,bit pretentious but I guess what I do is,I try and write say three or four ideas,or a write three or four sort of couple,of words that sort of say what of the,idea is so for instance say if it was a,half-price sale I might say you know,something that's quite straight and,straight down the line which is very,simple and focused on that half-price,sale or I might do say for instance like,I say the magician,cutting in half for sale and then I,might sort of say somebody might be,shorter than somebody who's taller and,they might be half the price so just,write three or four different ideas and,they don't find one that might be that,might be good,a lot of writers make the mistake of,focusing on things are really important,you know like the like a funny funny,product name or a funny client name or,strange location you get clients get,copy writers who will make a big deal,about the fact that the business is hard,to find well that's not really a benefit,that's actually a negative in here don't,be dealing with that just focus on what,the benefit is make sure the credit,comes out of that so if they're fast the,ideas got to be reinforcing the fact,they're fast they're cheap the ideas got,to be reinforcing they're cheap if,they're if they're good great service,then the ideas got to reinforce the fact,they give great service and ideally in,that ad you go to substantiate this,claim somehow that's that's an important,tip is you know is to always read your,commercial out to yourself and read it,out to somebody else don't let them read,your script partikularly when you're,given to clients when you're presenting,to clients don't just give them a script,to read perform it out and because,everyone loves a bit of performance and,everyone loves a bit of you know some,media kind of making you know,embarrassing themselves too but but act,it out act script out do a bit of,theatre and let them hear how you think,it's going to come across on the radio I,think that's a that's a quite an,important thing,he's approval means so much to me you,know yeah so here Dave say that you know,honestly first of all is that inside,what you mean by the word good what you,define you terms good good for who good,for the client good for the good for,listeners good for good for the writer,and if you're toking about the client,chances are we probably are toking,about the client what do what do we mean,by that what does the client understand,by that if you don't understand what the,context expectations of good are then,then you're on a hiding to nothing so,it's really important you understand,what what they believe a good ad is and,it's also important than you then have a,dialogue with them and make sure that,they understand what's achievable,because you know they may want the world,and all you can give them is,you