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how much is shopify for a year

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

What is the Cost of Opening a Shopify Store?

hey, what is up guys in frenzy? and today I'm going to be toking about the cost of opening a Shopify store. now what I'm toking about? Shopify- this can mean drop shipping, this could mean selling your own products or whatever you want to do. this is the opening cost before any type of marketing. so first off, I would like to tok about the Shopify monthly cost. so it is going to be $29 a month, bare minimum, just the basic level, which is all pretty much anyone needs when their first thing out on Shopify. then you also have your $12 a year Google domains cost. that is going to cover one year, so one dollar a month. if you look at it per a monthly cost, so then $30 a month. or if you look at it at a yearly cost, obviously it's one dollar a month, so it add up to twelve dollars a year for your domain. and now this is before adding any other kinds of apps or plugins to your store. but this is just a bare minimum cost of opening your store and getting products on it and then importing your stuff and getting traffic to your sites where people can actually buy stuff. in this hole before marketing costs, now there are many ways to market your products for free, whether it be through Instagram or Facebook, just putting out video or picture content and then ties up with hashtags to get this show up in Facebook or Instagram search, and that's that's pretty much how search works on those platforms is through hashtags. that's how people find your stuff. or you can also do it through Google SEO. that's another free way. now, SEO takes a lot longer time to develop. I actually really don't know a whole ton about SEO myself, but Instagram and Facebook, you throw down the hashtags and I just free marketing right there. now, always, all most popular marketing platforms that people invest into is Facebook, and simply because Facebook is probably one of the best advertising platforms as of right now, because you're able to really pinpoint who you're wanting to target- you can really hit down on the niche that you want to sell your product through, the people that are going to be most interested in your products. now, obviously, this will cost money. so this is the cost of entry, after the initial cost of just opening your store, which is marketing costs, and Facebook is kind of expensive. facebook wants your money but at the same time, they want your to work as well, so you really have to spend a lot of time testing and figuring it out, and this cost range could range anywhere from, like you know, ten bucks to hundreds of dollars. I know myself I spent two hundred fifty dollars into face before I actually started turning a profit on my site and, yeah, I took it took quite a while, but that's just kind of a cost of entry. if you're going to be doing paid marketing, you're going to have to look at that as a cost of entry too when you're opening your Shopify store. now, as of right now, I predominantly do free marketing through Instagram and Facebook for my store, but my other friend actually is very successful with this Facebook store and is well driving traffic through paid marketing on Facebook. so there's lots of ways that you can do it, different avenues. some products work better on some platforms and others. the way you do your marketing, it really all depends on what comes down to, to whatever you find success with. there's a lots of different avenues to go, but the basic cost of entry, before any marketing cost, is the twenty nine a month for Shopify and I'm the $1 a month for your Google domain and Google twelve dollars a year. so, guys, I hope you found this video helpful for getting your Shopify store up and running. if you have any questions, be sure to leave that down in the comment section below. be sure to leave a like, subscribe to the channel and I'll see you guys in the next one. peace s.

Shopify Pricing Plans Calculation: What is Your Investment?

[Music]. hi, it's june here again from pagefly. in today's video, i'm going to show you how to calculate the shopify fees with a dynamic shopify pricing calculator to help you work out the cost you have to pay when using shopify. if you are already using shopify, it's okay. you can skip this video or learn more about the plans if you want. for those who are considering building your store on shopify, here are the plans and fees included in each plan you should pay attention to before making a final decision. so now let's go to the main part. first off, how many plans does shopify offer you? well, there are three main plans, which are: basic shopify, which costs 29 usd per month. shopify- 79 us dollar per month. and advanced- 299 us dollar per month, which is 10 times higher than the basic. there's also shopify live plan, which is nine us dollar per month, but shopify, which is help add your product and sellers on your website or blog about the shopify plus here. this is for large enterprises. so if you are running a small or medium sized store, i recommend you should focus on three main plans i mentioned earlier. now you can see there are lots of features and categories here, but in this video mostly we're gonna look at the three key factors that can affect the cost when you run your business with shopify. let's look at the shopify payment here. what is shopify payment is a shopify feature that accepts the most popular payment methods like martha card, american express, etc. but right now it's just available in some countries. so you can check if your country is on the list with the link in the description box below. the great thing when you choose shopify payment is that you don't have to pay any transaction fee for each purchase made on your shopify store. next let's look at the listed fees below. online credit card rates will be applied when your customer purchases a product from your store online. the rate will go down from 2.9 to 2.6 to 2.4 from basics to advanced plan, each plus 30 cents. [Music]. the in-person credit card rate. here is when you sell outline. the additional fees here are when you use other payment providers and don't use shopify payment. for each transaction, you will be charged uh two percent, one percent and 0.5 respectively when you go to a higher plan. to help you calculate the cost more precisely, let's use the shopify pricing calculator. it's already included in our blog post, where i put the link in the description box you can check out and use it. now let's do an example here. i'm gonna add my average order value here, 50 us dollar, and my number of orders per month. let's just write 100, and i choose shopify payment. yes, now you can see. the calculator does it for you. my cost per month here, if i use the basic plan, will be 204 us dollar. and if you are in different region and want to know how much the cost is in your currency, you can use this website, xccom, to change the currency. so here i want to change it to euro. [Music]. it will be around 173 euro. it's easy, right, and here, if you choose no, it will calculate the transaction fee for you right away. there is also a benefit of shopping discounts you should pay attention to in each plan if you use dhl express ups or usps. so basically, that's how you calculate the cost for each plan. there are some optional payments you should include in the calculation. if you choose to buy your own domain by theme or using apps from shopify, the cost for the domain is not that high, just around 17 to 30 us dollar per year for the theme. they are mainly free or a one-time purchase, so you don't have to worry about monthly charges. but for apps they're to charge you monthly. so please choose your apps wisely if you don't want to add up too much cost now. have you found out which plan fits you the most? if not, we recommend you to start with the basic plan first for a few months, then upgrade to higher plans when your business grows or to make sure whether shopify can help your business or not. you can try the 14 day free trial first. i'll put the link in the description box below. you can also watch out tutorial on how to use the trial shown at the end of the video. if you find this video helpful, click the thumbs up or leave a comment to discuss more. and please remember to subscribe to our page fly channel. click on the bell icon to get a notification on the latest page flight tutorials and shopify videos in the future. thank you for watching and see you next time.

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How This Brand Makes $60M/year on Shopify (COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH)

this shopify brand made over 60 million dollars in 2021 after just four years of launch. today, we have such an amazing episode where i'm going to be breaking down exactly how this brand was able to do so in such a short time frame and the exact strategies that they were using to rapidly grow. [Music]. hey y'all, it's your favorite digital marketer here, chase chapel, and over the last seven years, we've been helping brands and influencers successfully scale their businesses using tiktok and facebook ads. we've collectively generated over a billion dollars in sales for our clients and have been very successful at doing so over the years. so today i'm going to reverse engineer a website, their marketing tactiks and exact strategies they're using with their products to be able to successfully scale with facebook ads and on their website. and if you haven't figured it out yet, the brand is called jackson, and let's get into it. as you may know, jackson was founded in 2017 by josh diemer and josh pierce. before josh diemer got married, his fiancee wanted to give him a simple piece of jewelry, but found most men's pieces were too dotty or expensive. in 2017, diemer teamed up with his friend, josh pierce to launch jackson. josh schumer, serial entrepreneur, who created brands throughout high school and college reached out to college classmate josh pierce, who had just left red bull as a marketing manager in new york city. the two agreed on the vision. the following day they bought a handful of chains, shot photos and opened a shopify website, and from there the rest was history. the overnight decision and swift execution in 2017 helped diemer and pure scale their business to new heights, and today jackson is the leading men's jewelry company in the us. online and backed by odell beckham jr of the los angeles rams. the company expected sales north of 60 million dollars in 2021 with their shopify store. now, from someone who has worked with some of the largest brands in the world, i can tell you how much i appreciate the action that they've been taking because, as i say this already, action takers are the money makers in this business, and the ones who put in the effort and execute on the results are the ones who reap the rewards. so, now that we've broken down a little bit of the history of jackson, let's go ahead and jump into their website and look at what they're currently doing and executing, so that way, you can learn some of the marketing tactiks, the conversion rate optimization edits that are being made in the website that are allowing them to actually convert customers into dollars and be able to scale with their overall ads to maintain such a high volume of growth every single year. all right, we're on jackson's website now and you can quite literally see. the first thing that pops up is their actual banner. they're running a father's day offer right now, which is a free engraving, which is pretty cool. give a one-of-a-kind gift this father's day. good thing about this is, anytime you actually have sales or offers coming up. if there's specific days that you could promote or, you know, actually launch a special offer, do something around a specific event or holiday, it's very effective because you're able to get new customers at a lower cost per acquisition and get returning customers to come back and buy from your brand. so it's an obvious thing that you should do for your brand is just being able to promote around specific holidays. but let's get into the more evergreen content that is, you know, actually allowing this store to be able to scale up consistently over the years. first thing we'll notike at the very top is going to be their actual banner: italian made chains. that's a specific callout that they have and it plays into the overall story. take our chain style quiz. that's another thing they have. that's really unique because people can take a quiz, find out what jewelry piece best fits them and they have the 20 000 reviews up here as well. so it's always sliding and changing. you always want a actual banner at the very, very top and have a top bar, because that's going to help increase your conversion rates. we see that all the time with client stores, whether it's free shipping, whether it's a special offer, some form of a call out at the very top just allows information to be delivered in the easier way for potential prospects visiting your website that could become customers. as we scroll down on their actual site, we can see that they offer their best selling men's chains. this is really important because a lot of times people will literally have on their shopify store all of their products at the you know initial spot, or they'll show a bunch of different images or go into the actual story before actually showing their best-selling items. if you have a best-selling item, you always want to show your best sellers first. because they're best sellers, they're more likely to convert. it means that on average, a broader audience is more likely to convert with the best seller. if you have an item that is sold over a thousand- you know pieces- and then you have another item that's only sold about 50. you shouldn't be showing the one that's only sold 50. always show your best-selling items first, because it's going to increase your conversion rates. so definitely on the first page, always make sure to show your best-selling items first and then show what other people are you know potentially buying or what's trending up at the time. and then another unique thing that they're doing is they have these actual call-outs, these pop-ups that say number one gold chain, number one silver chain. it's giving even more reasons and making it's basically removing the decision-making process for a prospect to make a purchase. because of this, it's much easier for somebody to actually purchase and buy because now not only do they know it's a best seller and people really like it, but it's the number one gold chain, so it's much easier for somebody to make a buy. next thing you'll notike is they're not showing any models in these initial images. i know that might seem like a small thing, but it's been proven time and time and again with data that if you don't have a model in your image, you're going to convert more. we've proven this across hundreds of stores and ad accounts. anytime we're actually running an actual ad to a product landing page, you always want to show the item on a blank background or canvas first, before you actually show it being used with a model, and most importantly, that means a white background or, you know, a subtle background to where the focus is purely on the product. the reason for this is because whenever you're running ads, you want people to know immediately what you're selling. if you have a model in your actual image, the first thing people are going to be drawn to is that model or their eyes. and if you have to have a model in your image, always remove their eyes, because that's how human psychology works is the first thing people are going to look towards is looking at their eyes and then actually looking into that person before they realize what is even being sold. so if you want to give a boost in your overall conversion rates, just go ahead and show the item on a blank canvas first and you're going to see a lift. next thing you'll notike is they're looking to get sms opt-ins and they also had a pop-up on their site when i first visited was asking for an email. so if you get their email. you can get on their actual email list. that's going to increase conversions. emails are an easy way to consistently get sales. and then they're also asking for sms and getting 20 off. so they have a call out. they're offering a specific percent off and getting people to sign up both email and phone number. this is really good because not only do they get this information to actually remarket to these people for free through these other apps they have on email and sms, but they're offering an incentive for people to do it. and not only that, but if you're running fa,

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How much Money $$ Developers make from Shopify + Agencies ?

[Music]. hello, in this video I'm going to show you how much money shall fight developer and should wait agencies are going to make out of show fight. this is going to be a short video, so I'm going to try to show you some of the companies that are going to build up and some of the shockwave agencies all the way to make money. so I will show you practikal example of them. so here we go, if I come to the shop while you are here. so in the episode there are a hundred and thousands of small apps that are fixing some of the missing feature in Shopify. of course, most of software clients need to have, like a smart website, so that's why they are going to use these apps to fix those issues that so if I don't give you. there are so many missing feature in Shopify, so maybe one of these apps can be yours in the future. so for now I will show you two apps here. one of them is popular and the other one is a little pricey and you might be surprised how many people install them and use them despite the fact, like, how much they are pricey and how easy it is to make if you are a developer. one of them is called product filter and search. this app is popular and I like it because this is going to give you a nice search feature. it is like Al gulia. so what the app is going to cost, I'm not going to see how the app is going to do so- the app will cost $90 per month. if you have 1,000 product, it is good. if you have, let's see, mm, mm. 2500 product, then you must use the other prong, which is $29, and I'm sure if you have a store- most of them, most of the time you are- products might exceed more than 500 thousand. that's why most people use this one and imagine how many people are going to it for the app. if, let's say, 498 of them give review, I think 50 percent of people give reviewed. other one do not give any reviews. so let's see how many people they have, how many customers they have who are using the store and you are making a lot of money out of their app. so all they have to do is just support their app and they are going to generate money for them monthly, which is a lot of money and it is not I'm payment and like word, please, some of WordPress plugins. so this is one of the popular apps and Shopify. the other one is not too popular, but this is very pricey. this is called full sixty- shockable in a serum. if I scroll down to the pricing, it costs $50 per month, and this is for one side and this is not all the features. if you are going to use the complete feature, you have to be 300, and I have seen some of our clients. they are using this, the complete plan here, and they are paying 300, which is more than shop five monthly payment, but it still they use it because they need it. it is not too difficult. all it is going to do is it is going to bring some of this shoppable Instagram post through your website. and there are some other feature analytiks. if you're a developer, that is that is very easy to make, so, but these people have made the app and there are a lot of customer who are using their app. so let's come to the next section, which is going to be the themes that people are stealing. you might check out themeforestnet. they are selling shop fighting for $60 maximum, like they have $30, $20 also so. but there is a website called out of the box, they are shocked by partner and they are selling their team on four hundred and fifty dollar. 350, 350, that is Shopify team and every license is four hundred and fifty dollar and this website is so popular. I think they still more than 50 item lists, the 50 team per day. I'm not sure and just just as estimation, but they are selling a lot of product I am sure and that's why, like, if an historian, Shopify is going to make least a 20,000 per day, 400 is nothing. they are going to pay for a team if the team is worthy of that. so how about Shopify agencies, the people who are making team from scratch, from start to finish? those team are going to cost between 20 to $50,000 and I'm toking about US dollar. like some Shopify stores it cost. like, if you want to build a software store for any brand, it will cost fifty to seventy-five thousand dollars to build them. you know I have built websites for $300 in the past for people. 300. yeah, that has nothing. using WordPress, you just do a little customization and basically stuff. but I have not seen people charge seventy five thousand us dollar for Shopify is tours. the reason: brands, big brands- are going to pay money because they want a unique product. that's why it is very important for them. so if someone is making a team from scratch for any client- and that is going to be a very customized team- that will cost between 20 to $75,000. and if someone is going to customize anything, let's say you buy a team from any store and you customize it. of course, the teams that you are going to buy it does not have everything out of the box. you will have to add more features, you have to configure it with the app. those themes cost between 10 to 20 thousand dollars, just the customization, and you know how much money that is. that's why I see developers. we make a lot of money. why you are not one of them? so you can be a Shopify app. developer apps are good, like they have the freedom to do anything they want. but teams are a little different. so if you are developing a team, you have to find the customer that you want for the apps. they are already in the software market also. software has a team market that you can sell your team. so I'm going to show you how to build Shopify team from start to finish. also, I'm going to show you how to build shop for apps. I'll show you how to build show fire app. we using level and view G's, which is going to cover everything you need to know about shop for API: how you can access them, how you can install them and how you can charge the user. everything you need to know about creating your basic shop way up. once you learn everything, you can start creating your own app and then you can start selling them and put a price on it. I will see you in the next video. Shopify team development.

Top 10 Winning Shopify Dropshipping Products For January 2023 [$100K+ Potential] 🌟

what's going on, guys, I know why you're here, you know why I'm here, so let's do this. finding when he thrives to sell as a beginner can be one of the most complicated and stressful things when starting off Drop Shipping. that's why, in this series, which I do every single month, I hand pick and analyze the products that you should be selling right now. I'm going to be covering the selling price of the products, some marketing angles that you should be running on your ads, and I'll even have some examples of ads that are doing really well right now. so make sure you're watching closely because you're not going to want to miss any crucial information. all right, let's get right into the first product on the list. so the first product that I picked out is in the productivity Niche. it is tiknically a kitchen timer. right, it's a smart timer, for, I guess mainly marketed or used in the kitchen space, I guess, right. so when you're cooking your food and you want to set a timer and you don't have a timer on your microwave for some reason, or your oven, then you get like a separate kitchen timer, but this one just looks nicer. it's more modern. how I want to Market this product is actually by marketing it through productivity. so I've actually seen a lot of tiktoks and where people are using this and people keep asking where they got it because it just looks so nice. it's really minimalistik, it's modern and a lot of the text in these videos have it set up. so it's like 15 minutes of work followed by five minutes of the break where you can go on your phone or whatever and then repeat, and it's only three dollars and 22 cents with 3.79 shipping. so it's fairly cheap. it's about six bucks. and I actually found this tik tok. it says you're getting distracted again. make those dreams you have come true, right, so you can really hit a large audience size people that need motivation, people have goals for New Year's resolutions. you just scroll it, hit the timer and then work for 25 minutes, take a break for five. that's the whole idea. but I think people just like it just because it looks so cool and it's- you know, I guess- like unique. it's really nice to have on your desk. this video got like 6 300 likes. let's just go on to their website and see what they got going on, see how much it costs. there's some this kitchen timer specifically for 34.95. so it's a pretty big Market, but they're marking it up about five times. I think that's a little bit overpriced, to be honest, for this timer. I'd probably sell this for like 19.99 to 24.99 Max and then probably trying to make up some of that extra average order value with some upsells, all right. so the next product on the list I actually found on tiktok as well. it's a really cool product. I I think I'm going to order one myself. honestly, I say that about a lot of products, but I really like them. so this one is a mini Bluetooth compatible music Tesla coil. but it's really cool. I just have to show you what it is because it explains itself better than I would be able to with words. it's like this little box that shoots out these little electronic pulses. but the thing is, with this it's really cool because it connects to Bluetooth where you can play music and it'll match the beat. so it's just a really cool product to have like on your desk or in your room or buy like a record player or something. it's just a cool product. I found it here in AliExpress for 28.28 with free shipping, so not too too overpriced. I think 28 bucks to Source this product isn't too bad, because it seems like it'd be worth more than that. so this is The tiktok account that I actually found to show me this product. I'm not going to pick one here, that's not the most viral, but I really like it because the guy puts like a fruit on it, like it puts like a peach on it or something, or an orange. let's see what they're selling it for, honestly, because at 28 dollars they're probably sourcing it for a little bit cheaper too. I think that you could probably get this product down to like 20 to 25 if you find a good supplier. this is a weird little link tree thing here. okay, let's just click on this one, all right. so they're selling it for 54.99. so they're only marking it up around two times, which I think is pretty realistik, because I think 54.99 for this product is probably a good selling point. yeah, I'd probably try to Source it for 20 to 24.99, give or take messaging that supplier and then sell for about 50 to 60 dollars, have a little bit lower of a markup, but if you're running organic traffic it's not going to matter too much. your profit margins will still be high. all right on to the next product. I actually found this one on Mania. I like to use it a lot. uh, it's like a product research tool. it shows like the top 10 Facebook ads and tiktok ads. it's really good tool. I check it every single day, honestly, for the new top 10, so which ones are performing the best. if you want to try out Malaya for free and you want to get 20 off premium plans, then check the link down below because I've got a discount code for you. but anyway, this one is like a red light- uh, it's called micro glow. it's like a red light uh therapy thing for your chin specifically, I guess, and also for your forehead. it's a product that's doing really, really well right now on tiktok. it's got 935 000 plays on it. it's basically like one of those regular red light. you know Beauty tools I've toked about before, but this one's got like a nice like curve to it. it's specifically for your jawline. I pulled up their website here. they are signed in for 56.98. great website. uh, there's a couple things could be improved, but it looks really nice to me. I had purchase something from here, so I couldn't even find this exact product on AliExpress, but this is one that I've toked about before. these sell for them anywhere from like 15 to like 25. theirs is a little bit bulkier and bigger, probably got a little more power to it. I'd probably say they're sourcing it for 25 to 30 dollars would be my guess- and they're selling it for 56, so again, only like a two times markup. but it looks like they're really focused on organic traffic coming from tiktok, so that margin is still there. next product on the list is an ice cream machine. so you might be thinking ice cream in January it's not the best time to eat some ice cream, but I'm taking ice cream with a Twist here. so it's an ice cream maker. but the idea is that you'd want to use a marketing angle like Health and Wellness in January for people that have New Year's resolutions and working out eating healthier, and if they still want ice cream and they love sweet treats or whatever, you can Market this as an ice cream maker. but healthy ice cream, right. so I've seen people put like frozen bananas, frozen strawberries and basically mash it up and create ice cream out of the fruits. I'd also make a tiktok page and really actually say nothing about ice cream. I'll just make it all about the health and wellness of the product use. there was a couple different variations that I found on AliExpress and you get this product for like 18.80. this one has 37 shipping, so I think you'd probably want to find a different supplier. it depends on the quality of the ice cream machine. there's like some big industrial ones on there and there's also some like smaller ones like this, but the average price for like the smaller ones was about like 18 bucks to 35 dollars is what I saw. I think that you could probably mark up this product like 50 to 60 dollars is my guess, and it's not like a revolutionary product. but I think that the marketing annual that I just toked about, selling this product as a health and wellness kind of thing, would actually do really really well from like January to April and then even when April comes, then people are wanting to get ready to go to the beach- and it's pool season essentially- and get back in shape, so you could run this up at the same marketing angle at that time as well. all right on to the next like this one I also found on manea, again this one's actually this is a spec.

Asking Shopify Millionaire's For Business Advice

so shopify actually invited me on a invite-only yacht event here in miami. the reason i got the invite to this party is my shopify store does at least seven figures and i bet there's a lot of people on this boat that do a lot more than me. so in this video, we're gonna ask business owners what they do, how much revenue their business is doing, what's their best-selling product and all that kind of good stuff. so, stik around. this is going to be an awesome video. so what's your name? i am, uh, kimmy b. jimmy b, and can we be? what's your business? uh, i'm kimmy b of kimmybee bags. so i sell luxury handbags- luxury handbags, super cool. how much revenue, if you mind, would you do you make to get invited to this cool shopify event? over seven figures a year, seven figures a year, cool. and what would you recommend to anyone who wants to start an e-commerce this year? start today. don't waste a minute, don't waste a second. you do not need to know anything about it. watch the videos. start today. and what's your business's? instagram or tiktok, whatever you want- uh, tiktok, i'm kimmy bags. and then on instagram, i'm kimmy b, underscore b. and what would be your biggest tip for growing on social media for your business. be authentik, be your organic self and just show up. show your face. now something crazy that blew my mind about kimmy b is she goes live on tiktok and actually has a show where she sells the bags and she told me she's done up to sixty thousand dollars in just one night of going live on tik tok. i'm for sure gonna start implementing that in my business. what is your name, sir cole, henry cole, chad health, chad and guys, what is your business? spans, but kc consolidated is the holding company. and what product do you sell? main main brand sells apple wash bands. and how much revenue do you do in a year to get invited to the shopify event? you know, we were wondering what. we were wondering what that was the whole time. so we don't. we don't really know, but we're going to guess like five mil this year. i don't know. we're at two mil today. today, two mil a day on the way to five mil, cool. so what would you recommend to someone who wants to get started in ecommerce today? what would be that number one tip you would give them? don't sell apple watch bands. that's number one. i would say drop shipping is the best way to start and learn what you're doing. but once you figure it out, pivot into something real. start with drop shipping, as you said, and start a brand that's something worth fulfilling, a passion behind something you're gonna love. and do it, because if you're working on a brand that you have no passion behind, you're gonna burn out, you're not gonna like it anymore and you're gonna just get pissed off. where we're at right now, firsthand experience- that is gold advice. quick update: met with a private equity firm that potentially wants to invest in my company. so super cool opportunity to meet awesome business owners, people with a lot of money. so let's keep toking to people and see who else we can find. all right, sir. so what is your name? ivy tiger lee from the south china sea tiger lee. what is your business? i run pirate fashions, the world's largest pirate store in the seven seas. so pirate stuff or pirate apparel, pirate gear. and what inspired you to get into this business? hi, i was down the midlock and my, my best friend, he says: hi, would you like to come with me and shoot pirates? well, he ran a company called pirates for hire and he got paid to flirt with women and drink rum and i said that sounds pretty damn good. so that's how i got started: awesome, awesome. and how much revenue do you do per year? i do just under a million, just under a million selling pirate gear- hi, well, tiknically, pirate carb, pirate garb- cool, okay, cool. and what advice would you give to someone who's new in e-commerce and new in business that wants to get started? find a niche, a unique niche, where you can be the king of that niche. don't be just: oh, i sell a little bit of everything to everybody and you know i compete with everyone. no, that's not the way to do it. you heard it here first from tiger league: pick a niche. clearly you've picked the niche and done super well. thank you, man, appreciate it. we met some super interesting business owners, a lot of super cool tips. i think my biggest thing was i learned that you just got to try something. you got to try something, fail and maybe it can become a super big business. if you guys want more business and e-commerce tips, like and subscribe to my channel. i'll see you guys on the next one, peace.