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How Much Money Does It Take To Make $1,000 FAST?

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

How Much Money Does It Take To Make $1,000 FAST?

The above is a brief introduction to How Much Money Does It Take To Make $1,000 FAST?.

Let's move on to the first section of How Much Money Does It Take To Make $1,000 FAST?!

How Much Money Does It Take To Make $1,000 FAST?

that's the other gold one you might have
seen all right I am on my way right now
to one of my favorite little cafe spots
down here near the beach I'm gonna grab
a little bite to eat and get a drink or
something and yeah start the day off
Friday I got a grant cardones little
millionaire booklet in my pocket with
the Pens they're gonna do a little bit
of self studying and kind of observing
how the the last week went so should be
fun super hungry so excited all right
and I am back from getting food actually
just worked for like the last three
hours or so it is almost noon I'm headed
out right now to film some super funny
ads actually to get people inside of our
program so if you guys don't know about
the private community we have we don't
really tok about it too much
only through ads like once a month but
that's where we teach people ecommerce
we show them exactly what we do how we
build both stores and brands taking the
six figures very quickly and have a
seven figure income stream through that
you guys can leave I'll leave some of
the resources down below if you want to
check it out but we've got a ton of like
different styled examples to say the
least not content examples going into
the program soon so that's what we'll be
opening up access to all the current
students already get all that stuff for
free so super super cool community very
good environment inside of there but I'm
headed out now I am I don't know why but
it was extremely cold this morning which
I don't really like so it's wearing this
big fat hoodie but it's nice out I guess
so gonna go outside and film some ads in
my car that's extremely dirty and she's
gonna have a good time then I'm headed
over the office all right now we are
headed to the office got done with
everything I had to do in Newport in
Laguna finished up a little a little
meeting there a little brunch
like and now we're driving through like
a mountain range honestly I don't know
never gone this way because I was never
down here on the way to the office so
yeah see you guys there
hike he just left this guy in the dust
and now we randomly ran into each other
at the gas station I have never once
seen a line at my community what the
hell is this eating noodles out of a cup
whoo and it is another day okay this is
what happens when you don't sleep that's
literally how it works for me so not fun
but we've been getting a lot of stuff
done I'm trying to get some stuff done
in advance so that I can actually spend
some time with my family during
Thanksgiving that is the goal right now
aside from getting to add on a ton of
other stuff so we literally god I can't
show you much but like an entire war map
outlined right there on both sides of
the big whiteboard so I'm gonna jump in
my car real quick I gotta go do some
work at Starbucks and then I'm gonna
tok about how much money you actually
need just to make your first thousand
dollars I'm gonna explain more about
that once we go over there and do it but
there's kind of two different ways you
can do it there's like thousands of ways
in each but there's like two ways you
can think about it you know so let me
explain all right so let me explain this
a little more what do I mean by a
thousand different ways but off of two
main categories so if you want to make
money what's the first thing if you're
15 what would what your mom tell you get
a job right okay so that's usually the
route there so if you want to make a
thousand dollars it doesn't cost you
anything except I'm equity to get a job
if you want to work at a any little
store a little shop you want to whatever
you know mop floors at McDonald's you
can do that you're not gonna make a lot
of money because you're not bringing
that high of a valued skill and for most
people watching this I don't know what
your skills are if you're younger no
offense you probably haven't developed
much that is actually worth money you
know so you could go into a sales
position which is some
I'll tok about in a moment where you're
only commission-based now certain
companies won't even hire you without
references or without you know any sort
of real skill backing that up and
results however there's not also
necessarily a risk for them because
they're only paying you if you would
make money right so they're making money
other way I do want to point out there's
a absolutely gorgeous Aston Martin I
believe a DB eleven behind me it could
be wrong but gray brand-new that is just
gorgeous I just notiked that while I was
filming but um yeah G wagons everyone's
crazy I love it here but uh so the job
is one route okay so that's one thing
you can do and so if you want to get a
job it's a fairly easy way make to make
a thousand dollars it's not going to
cost you money
now the second Avenue will dive you know
deeper into both here in a moment is
doing it yourself so this could mean
making your first thousand dollars
profit as a business owner this doesn't
mean you need you know like an LLC or a
legal structure set up I mean you could
start an e-commerce store okay you could
do that if you make your first thousand
dollars profit boom now you have a
thousand dollars if you get a client
paying you to do something or if you
learn how to design a website and you
charge $500 and you do it twice boom
thousand dollars okay so your only cost
there on something like website design
if you want to do it as any hosting
software's you use or anything like that
now with the e-commerce you've got some
ad spend you've got expenses for certain
things so that's something you're going
to want to think about now with
something like let's say social media
marketing that is skill based so the
clients paying for the ads most likely
depending on how you structured your
agency now you do have to build the
skills which is kind of what I want to
switch the focus here to and I
just have to point out because this
amazes me every day look at how gorgeous
of a day out it is like that's the water
right there I'm on PCH for anyone who
knows California just a beautiful
gorgeous downtown I love it so the
Avenue with the business end of things
is where I want to stray you away from
and this might seem unique but you don't
necessarily need to start your own thing
if you just want to make a thousand
bucks you know and so that might be
tough to answer because people don't
want to get a job but if you just need a
thousand dollars for something go get a
thousand dollars go mow lawns that's
what I would recommend something where
you don't need a business but you're
kind of working for yourself you're
bringing a little more value you control
your schedule a little bit and you're
also learning skills you know I mowed
lawns for six seven years and it's just
a good work I think it made me money I
learned a little bit of sales you know I
would go door-to-door hey you need your
lawn mowed it looks like [ __ ] right now
you know some stuff like that don't
offend him of course but you know it was
definitely a very very interesting thing
and it helped me out a lot so if you
want to make a thousand bucks how much
money do you need tiknically none if
you can get hired however if you were to
go into the business end of things
usually when you're making back your
first thousand dollars you probably will
have spent more than that up to that
point and this is something that might
be hard for some people to hear but I
just want to be completely honest with
you you know if you're doing something
like e-commerce will switch it at this
and then we're gonna flip it to another
one so we'll start ecommerce
you're probably gonna have spent more
than a thousand dollars learning you're
probably gonna spend I've spent more
than a thousand dollars testing there's
two different things
yes you're learning while you're testing
but you know learning with ADD spent you
can spend a couple thousand dollars in
ads without
results so you want to think about that
you might need some money so maybe
getting a job to fund the business end
of things if you would is like a couple
step process first need the job to make
some money you got to put in the time at
the job you got to put at the time to
learn the skills while you're spending
money to learn it and then you have to
start testing them okay now if you want
to do something like let's say you want
to get good at a specific thing let's
say you're building I wanna do something
that's a little more applicable to ever
let's say you're building websites I was
gonna say funnels but websites let's say
you're good at website design okay you
can go on sites like Fiverr upwork paper
hour all these different things where no
power higher for hour something like
that you know these freelancer websites
freelancer comm and get paid a hundred
dollars three hundred dollars a thousand
dollars to build a website okay and now
your cost I don't know because I don't
know what it took you to learn you know
for a website you might be able to learn
how to do that for free for free so
think about that right for free so it's
just gonna take time and then you got to
continuously do it and get better at
that skill but it's not necessarily a
big investment so I want to really point
out to you guys that if you want to make
a thousand dollars and you have no money
there's no reason you have the ability
to do it there's no reason why you can't
do that now if you want to do the
business end of things and you might
only have a couple hundred dollars I
suggest you do the strategies that we
just said on how you can make money with
no money so I recommend getting a job to
fund that because you need money too
many people these days and this this
might partly be my fault
but I
I usually like to think I'm very clear
they think that they can start a
business with next to no money and the
thing for me is that's kind of a problem
because it's setting you up for failure
and you might have spent you're a couple
hundred dollars and now it's completely
gone and you have nothing whereas if you
had saved a little more you could have
made it work so because of the way
people portrayed things online they try
to portray things as easy I never say
it's easy you know certain things are
simple but it gets tiknical okay so you
got to build the skills but because of
that people try and get in with no money
thinking they can you know start
e-commerce with $50 or start a social
media marketing agency and they have 300
ollars to the name and they've never run
a single hat you got to be able to
deliver on results whether that's for
yourself or for a client so if you can
get into a sales position at a company I
think that would benefits you a lot just
from the the purpose of exposure and
learning because sales is such a
universal skill like you will always be
able to make money if you know how to
sell so it's one of those things you
want to consider learning now I want you
guys to ask me some specific questions
off of this in the comments down below
because what I'm gonna do actually is
I'm gonna go ahead and make a couple
specific videos based on let's say a
specific business model how to get
started with social media marketing
maybe how to get started mowing lawns I
want to really get some very practikal
things to help you guys kind of finish
off this year right where you have
momentum you're feeling good and you're
ready to crush it with whatever thing
you want to attack in 2019 and trust me
you need to attack it full-force attack
it because for me I attacked it I know I
keep showing this but this view is
insane like you might not care about
this maybe you grew up with this this
for me is everything like I'm just
driving back and forth and back and
forth back and forth right now making
excuses to not get to the office on time
because this for me was such a big goal
you know and so by putting myself in the
learn skills I spent a lot of money I
had saved a lot of money for mowing
lawns I worked construction I did
roofing gutters I did all sorts of
different things I could to make money I
was hustling okay and I never let any
excuse to get in my way because I knew
what I wanted it was very clear on it I
wanted that so I would love to help you
guys out more if you have questions or
you want to see a specific video made
feel free to let me know what that would
be in the comments down below and with
that being said I post every single day
on this channel so what I recommend you
do is you go ahead and this is free but
you should hit that nice like and
subscribe button down below and
depending on what you guys are watching
this also depending on what I'm posting
it we're doing the seats might be full
so I'm sorry if I mention it and they
are but for 250 people were doing a free
livestream where it's a guided Q&A which
is a little bit different than a regular
qat I'll leave that link somewhere down
below you guys can check it out and jump
on there it's kind of a better spot to
ask some questions and get help the
topic of that hit in half a million
dollars with e-commerce okay so that's a
really good milestone you know some of
you guys that might completely change
your life make your my first half a
million change in my life you know how
would it not so I would love to help you
guys out more let me know if you have
any questions comments concerns
complaints in the comments down below or
video recommendations make sure to drop
like if you like this one make sure to
subscribe and I'll be seeing you guys
tomorrow in the next video peace

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