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How This Student Bought 4 Cars And Makes 7 Figures Dropshipping!

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

How This Student Bought 4 Cars And Makes 7 Figures Dropshipping!

The above is a brief introduction to How This Student Bought 4 Cars And Makes 7 Figures Dropshipping!.

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How This Student Bought 4 Cars And Makes 7 Figures Dropshipping!

hey you know what is going on everyone
hating you're coming back at you with
the brand new video and as you can see
we are joined today by a guest and a
good friend of mine Olaf I'm gonna go
through let him introduce himself a
little bit about what he does his story
and some of the cool assets not
liabilities assets that he's been able
to acquire recently little background he
was actually one of the very first
students that I worked with this was
actually not one of them very very first
but yeah December of 2017 so I'm gonna
let him take it away but think about
that time for him the last seven months
what he's been able to do so feel free
it's okay what stuff from I get to cause
and I get through all of it in like
first two days boom and then first day
was the first day my first advice would
be like you have to really commit like
work 15 hours a day how many hours did
you spend in those two days always time
to eat often yeah really I like that and
now I have Tony to keto diet with
intermittent fasting you can google it
up and now you probably think that I'm
totally [ __ ] up to do this because
it's like I can do the most strict diet
Martis but I chose to do the results it
boosts your productivity maximizes like
your brain power you're basically like
after doing a healthy version of drugs
yeah yeah so if you got inside the
e-commerce program back in December I'll
know exactly what day went through it
all that's a lot of content to go
through two days third day makes the
first sale is that on Instagram or on
Facebook Instagram instead I only focus
on Instagram in the beginning yeah yeah
that's what we were really focusing on
in the beginning back then so that was
the strategy starting with that and
transitioning to Facebook which as we'll
tok about that's what he's done
yeah yeah you have to definitely listen
to the post don't try to make things for
yourself because you lose money I always
tell people that yeah I didn't even miss
I tried my favs at the beginning I was
like nah forget I stik to the coast
I would like fall stik to the coast and
it worked like birthday curse say boom
there you guess what happens we kind of
model off something so tok a little bit
about kind of when you transition into
Facebook and that's what a lot of the
content on this channel now is that's
the entire 2.0
it's called ecommerce Master 2.0 the new
program which is a lot more than just a
course just focus on Facebook ads which
is what we do now so tok a little bit
about you know where you got to with
influencers I know as we're toking
earlier today we were just driving on
the hole in whipping through the poor
she's got jumps crazy I almost lost you
on the highway you barely keep up we're
gonna quick hundred yeah I didn't want
to get the message okay excuses all I
have to do when I'm driving is outrun
him don't get him not me no but yeah no
we were toking about influencers if you
want to touch real quick before we tok
about Facebook on just kind of the
numbers were able to do if you want to
share some of that with influencers yeah
so I struggle with Facebook for a lot of
time I did only influencers for like
three months and I actually run out of
influencers in my nature so I had to
focus on Facebook finally but in the
influencers phase I made around 10 to 15
km month which was like 18 to 70 percent
was profit boom eight seventy to eighty
percent margin then I started combining
it with some email marketing because it
was easier yeah and I finally nailed
down Facebook Ads
starting from the retargeting it was
kind of easier for me yeah cuz he
already had the data which is why we
toked about that whole structure is you
obviously know now starting with the
Instagram getting the cash flow as well
as the data on top of obviously knowing
what's working if the products good and
all of that so that's what you focus on
now is just Facebook guys you do a few
influencers and what now yeah I do it
further sometimes because it's for me
it's a faster way to test products
I usually take products that I know it's
a win
not after first shutout yeah and by
doing it on Facebook I would have to
wait a little bit longer so I just do it
for speak
yeah and just for entertainment purposes
what was one of the craziest returns
you've ever seen from influencers it was
like 20 times satellite 20x and what was
the scale like you made multiple
thousands off of that it was like 5k you
made 5k x six hours and you spent how
much on the influencer couple under 300
300 into five grand and what Brian
other-- to three hundred dollar product
costs aw no it's been more than that's
more than 20x yeah I'm bad at math do
that job he dropped out too he was into
somewhat of one of the top business
schools in Europe yeah it's uh so yeah
tok a little bit about now what you
transitioned into I know now you started
another company you've acquired a couple
of cars which are not liabilities in his
instance they're assets which thing
about that keep this in mind he has he's
gonna go through to explain the cars we
went through and did the conversions and
looked at what he paid versus what is
here he's paying almost three times the
amount of money as you would bet here
like what I'm gonna pay for my next car
which is a supercar is how much he paid
roughly for the m4 which is one a car to
let you explain the other yeah I still
make money on it still makes money I
yeah if you want to give him a rundown
on that and kind of explain uh oh yeah
so that was always my dream when I focus
it off a business because I was always a
car guy and my dream business was sports
car rentals yeah so guess what I started
it was pretty info get some other guys
from the guys I know and I rented it for
Commission and then I get two Porsches
and what's for the seat or you have the
way you have two Porsche Cayenne
yeah and it's in my car it's a macaw
okay so the su mo movie and then you
have the Panamera and those are new or
this brand new Yap on me brand new
two Porsches then you got what the
Mercedes coupe yeah and that's what and
that's all I was gonna say 63 but I
gelatine states it's like half the price
yeah over the each guy actually
considered we're in LA right now you
just flew in yesterday I just drove up
here he's considered moving out here so
he likes it too much too cause I
literally half the price you have like
four hundred thousand dollars the cars
dude yeah at least it makes me money so
I don't yeah exactly you need to drive
the cars for free leave you probably do
put full effort into renting it or do
you just like kind of cover the cost and
then driving for fun I break even and
get some profit but it's not like drop
shipping profits the more if you wanted
to yeah probably
if I like paid full attention and do
this full-time but still it's better
business for me to invest this time in
shops yes you making more money you're
actually good yeah
let's get into cars break even I'm good
drive the car for free he's got the
cleanest m4 I've ever seen white
interior has me so jealous looks like an
Oreo do it it's amazing like he's got a
laptop in there working I'm like damn
him get me jealous man that's basic but
uh yeah if you want to give him a couple
of tips I know a lot of people inside of
here just getting started so he went
through that whole phase he did start
seeing I guess a little bit of early on
success just with those initial moments
I'm like you know that first sale on the
third day which is I don't want to say
that's like uncommon or common because
it depends on the person the knowledge
you're coming in with but it also
depends on where you're started so he
was starting with influencers as I'm
sure you already know that space has
changed everything with influencers so
we focus a lot more on Facebook now so
everything we're like the new program is
just how to get started with Facebook
because it is in my opinion a little bit
better to at least build the pixel with
Facebook so of course there's Instagram
content in there as well but if you want
to give a run-through and kind of you
know a little bit of starting advice a
lot of people maybe they don't even have
a store but just when they're first
started to do market I think like the
best advice and what worked for me is
that I fully commit to it I work 15
hours a day like I said often I didn't
have time to eat and I studied a lot I
have gone through the course in like
three days then I was
it's video everyday and other guys I was
testing everything I could so it was
only business and that's why you get
fast results if you are lazy and spend
like five hours a day on the stall you
won't have results quick I like that I
said lazy in five hours a day a lot of
people don't even work anywhere near
that so it's one of those things would
you agree it's a front-end loaded
business model we've got to learn and
put in the work first
yeah it becomes a lot less yeah and then
we automate it and you like know the
moving parts and then you start more
elaborate products get stored
yeah that's crazy absolutely unreal you
guys seen the progression this I don't
know because not every single one of
them wants to share it with me or just
post it in the group he's definitely one
of the top students it's crazy to see it
in just seven months what were seven
months in it's crazy from like the end
of December gets in and does that so
massive props to you my man that is your
supplier where the flight had the flag
to get go it's gone it comes back with
karate chop that [ __ ] absolutely
insane you have a YouTube channel at all
no one yeah showing all the cars and
documenting the business I'll leave his
Instagram link down below you guys go
check him out in there we might be doing
a video I can't give you the exact title
but let's just say it involves drag
racing and a large amount of money I
don't know
we'll see maybe some shooting yeah we
got some throws you guys let me see in
the next like week or so if we end up
doing something like that so make sure
you stay tuned if you guys are not
inside the new program I'm gonna leave
that link down below and just because
he's here
use the code Olaf Ola f all capitals I
feel like an influencer you guys could
go ahead and get the original disc I cam
and bring it back to the price when it
first launched which is only up for a
couple of days plus adding on all the
bonuses from people like Olaf Olaf is
not in there yet maybe we'll put him in
but I got three other people that I flew
out to help record content just for the
pre-recorded library section so you guys
gonna hold out more check the link out
down below and with that being said I
appreciate you coming on we're gonna go
have some more
driving around and enjoying Los Angeles
because you're here for how long what
three weeks probably for now but you
guys are from Europe try to you guys you
won't come back there you go us over
Europe let us know in the comments down
below what that means said you guys make
sure to drop a thumbs up on the video
and as always join the family joined the
gang we're about to hit 100k subs on ok
Wow I know you're watching me back with
like 10 it's crazy yeah hit that
subscribe button down below you guys and
obviously in you tomorrow the next video

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