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How To Achieve Freedom With An Online Business (AS A BROKE BEGINNER)

Published on: December 2 2022 by Dylan Sigley

How To Achieve Freedom With An Online Business (AS A BROKE BEGINNER)

How To Achieve Freedom With An Online Business (AS A BROKE BEGINNER)

how to achieve Freedom with an online
business as a broad beginner what's up
drop services on this channel I show you
how to make money online using
strategies and tactiks from my real
online businesses that get results like
these in today's video we're getting
into how you can go from being a
complete beginner with no money to
achieving complete Financial Freedom
with an online business so before you
achieve building a successful online
business it can really feel impossible
but you know if you have the right plan
and take action on that plan you can
achieve Freedom whatever that means for
you so if you stay until the end of this
video you're going to know exactly how
to achieve Freedom so let's get right
into it before we get into the video
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any more strategies and tactiks that you
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go through comment below any questions
at all and I'll personally answer you in
an upcoming video most people that start
an online business or any business for
that matter want freedom you want the
freedom to do you know what you want
where you want with who you want that's
the main reason any entrepreneur gets
into business for the most part they
have a real innate need for Freedom we
want freedom because it allows us to
control our destiny in every aspect of
life entrepreneurs view having a job as
working on someone else's dreams and
being controlled by someone else's
schedule Freedom gives us complete
control of our destiny and that really
excites us obviously Some people prefer
having a job because they prefer
security and that's fine one's not
better than the other but the freedom
gets us up in the morning and creates
the energy that we need the problem with
this is society tells us it's almost
impossible to succeed in business it's
too risky and we're highly likely to
fail so why Try in the first place only
lucky or privileged people succeed at
building an online business so we should
just be happy with security of our day
job and what Society tells us is really
made to keep us as a cog in the wheel so
Society will work which you know is
important and good for most people
Society needs to work efficiently and
for that to happen most people need to
work a job obviously right so this is
why it is such a big focus on security
and your friends and family give you
weird looks when you say you want to
start a business the reality is you have
no more Security in a job than you do
with starting an online business the
only difference with the job is that you
can be fired at any moment this means
that you know your destiny is in someone
else's hands with an online business
your destiny remains in your hands this
doesn't mean that starting an online
business is easier than having a job
though right obviously it takes a lot of
work and determination to achieve
success with building your own online
business but that's why there are award
for doing so it's so much greater once
you achieve it because you're the one
taking that risk the fact is you can see
examples of online business success all
around you right 80 of millionaires are
self-made meaning they're created that
well from scratch they're not any
smarter or better than you for the most
part so if you're starting with nothing
and want to build an online business you
need a plan if you don't have a plan
you'll be out there searching for years
trying to figure out what works the best
plans come from people who've already
achieved the success that you're after
other people have already gone out there
and you know done all of the failing for
you and tok about it on the internet to
make themselves feel better like me so
you can take one of these plans and
implement it for yourself you can use a
paid plan like the drop servicing
blueprint which I'd really like you to
do obviously but in this video we're
going in depth into how you can build
your business as a broke beginner so you
can use a free tutorial on drop
servicing like this video here I'll also
link another one here that you can see
so you need to organize your resources
though so that you know what you have to
work with starting on online business
takes time money and energy it's up to
you to determine how much of each that
you have to invest in your business the
more the better obviously but something
is better than nothing you need time to
implement the steps money so you can pay
for things like people and software to
do things for you and energy so you
don't procrastinate and be lazy the
great thing about drop servicing for
those of you new to this is you can get
your first sales for free as we show you
in a lot of our other videos once you
follow a plan to build your online
business like we showed above you can
consistently implement it by managing
your resources properly you can reinvest
into your business so follow the plan I
layout in my other videos to get your
first sales for free initially you'll be
investing your time into building your
business then once it starts to get
sales and traction you can then reinvest
that money back into your business to
automate and scale further you can
invest into scaling up your marketing
campaigns so you can put more offers out
there or you can invest in the
automation of your business which is
what we're discussing here and the way
you do that is by using both people and
software to automate different aspects
of your business so the thing you need
to remember is the more of your business
you do yourself the more profit you get
to keep so the more of your business
that you automate the higher your costs
but the more time that you have which is
the freedom aspect right so I recommend
only automating to the point that you're
still consistently hitting your target
income number whatever that might be for
you okay whatever the amount of money
that you need to be able to live the
life of Freedom that you're after
whatever it may be with your online
business perfect your systems before you
automate though you don't want to
automate until you know the system is
working so if you automate beforehand
you're going to Simply automate a broken
system that will fail a lot faster
without you as you scale and automate
your business you will need to
continuously optimize and improve your
business by tracking the results of each
system so as you automate and scale
problems will become more apparent and
this will also give you further
opportunities to improve just ensure
that you've done what you can to make
sure it works in other words it's
getting sales before you take yourself
out of the equation so just make sure
that you also don't wait too long to
automate because you know you think that
you are the only person in the world who
could possibly Implement each part of
the system it's just never true it's
really going to hinder your growth over
the long term and you're going to
realize years later that you could have
automated a whole lot sooner as soon as
you automate you always wish that you've
done it sooner so this is the order that
you should automate your business to
achieve Freedom first of all you should
automate the delivery of your services
that's the whole point of drop servicing
if you're delivering the services
yourself you're a freelancer essentially
so you need to really do your research
on the best freelancing teams to deliver
your service us and focus on making sure
that they can deliver the services to
your standards by going deep into their
past work reviews and case studies once
you've automated the delivery of your
services it's time to automate as much
of the admin and marketing of your
services for example if you're currently
manually you know running your cold
email campaigns you should automate them
with software to generate leads such as
lead fuse and automate the emailing
itself using software like woodpecker
then you can hire a virtual assistant
and train them and how to manage your
systems with drop servicing you can
start businesses where you can sell low
tiket services such as resume writing
directly on your website for a few
hundred dollars so in those cases this
doesn't you know matter so much it
doesn't really apply but if your service
is selling for thousands or tens of
thousands of dollars you're going to
need to do the sales calls which I
recommend you automate last but you know
some do choose to automate from the
beginning that's fine too automating the
cause is awesome I used to do sales
calls though and you know airports
restaurants and one time even in
Disneyland so it's so great once you
automate your sales calls so you can
actually fully enjoy the freedom that
you know you wanted in the first place
in your online business the reason that
you should automate in this order is
because it's ranked in terms of what's
easiest in general to automate and what
is less essential for you to be managing
yourself so to go from completely broke
to achieving full Freedom with an online
business you're going to need to be
disciplined first of all you need that
plan which is easily obtained these days
you have people teaching online business
all over the place just make sure that
they actually show you their results so
that you know they're legit okay and
once you have the plan you need to
consistently Implement that plan by
managing all of the resources at your
disposal if you consistently Implement a
good plan you're going to get results
the first stage of your business you're
really going to be doing a lot of the
procedures yourself a lot of the work
yourself because you need to develop and
systemize everything to make sure it
works so the positive of this stage
though is you keep all of the profit for
yourself but at a certain point you will
be earning so much money in your online
business that you're going to want to
start to regain some of your time and
get some of that freedom and this is
only done through the process of
automation which should be done slowly
and methodically only automating the
parts of your business that you have
perfected the systems for so that way
you can simply plug in a software or
person into your working systems as you
begin to automate you want to keep track
of all of the numbers in your business
to make sure that everything is still
working fine and only automate to the
point that you're still earning the
target income to live a life of Freedom
it's always going to be a balance
between you know how much money that
you're earning and how much free time
that you have but it can easily be
scaled to the point that you have
complete Freedom while easily surpassing
your target income number consistently
now in case you haven't done already
don't forget to like the video it's
really good luck and will make you feel
great don't forget to subscribe and hit
that notification Bell so you don't miss
out on any more strategies and tactiks
that you need for your business journey
and comment below any questions that you
know come to your mind and I will answer
you personally okay otherwise I hope you
enjoyed the video and I'll tok to you
in the next one

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