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how to add a product in shopify

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

Are you ready to add products to your Shopify store but don't know where to start? Casey from Shopify is here to guide you through the process. In this article, we'll show you how to add a product and what important information you need to include to make sales.

Steps to Add a Product:

1. Go to Shopify Admin and click on Products.

2. Click on Add Product.

3. Give your product a name and write a detailed description.

4. Add media files to the product to help customers decide if they want to make a purchase.

5. Set a price for your product and add a Compare at price if it's on sale.

6. Enter the Cost per item to help calculate sales profits.

7. Select Charge tax on this product if the product is taxable.

8. Choose how you want to manage inventory and enter a Stock keeping unit (SKU) to organize your inventory and fulfill orders.

9. Enter the product's weight for accurate shipping rates.

10. Select This is a physical product if the item needs to be shipped and enter Customs Information for Country or Region of origin if you want to sell cross border.

11. Add product options or variants such as different sizes or colors.

12. Preview how your product appears in search engine results like Google and make changes if needed.

13. Select the Sales Channels and Apps where you want your product to be available.

14. Enter a Product type, Vendor, and add the product to a Collection to help organize and filter your products.

15. Add Tags to help customers find your product through your online store search.

16. Review the details you entered and select Active under Product status when you're ready for it to appear on your store.

17. Click Save and your product is now added to the Shopify admin.

Adding a product to your Shopify store is easy when you follow these steps. Make sure to include important details such as a detailed description, media files, price, and inventory management to help customers find and purchase your products. With Shopify, you can easily manage your products and grow your business.

How To Add Products To Shopify | Easy Step By Step Tutorial

Adding Products to Your Shopify Store: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this article, we will be discussing the process of adding products to your Shopify store. We will cover everything from creating a product description to setting up your pricing and inventory. So, if you're looking to start selling products on your Shopify store, keep reading!

Step 1: Setting up your Shopify Store

Before you can start adding products, you'll need to have your Shopify store set up and created. If you haven't already done this, you can start your free trial by clicking the link in the description.

Step 2: Adding Products

Once you've created your Shopify store, you can start adding products by going to the Products section on the left-hand side of your dashboard and clicking Add product in the top right corner. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to add products to your Shopify store:

1. Title: The first thing you'll need to do is give your product a title. This is what will appear on your store and in search results.

2. Description: Your product description is where you can give your customers more information about your product. You can also use this section to help with SEO by adding relevant keywords.

3. Media: Add high-quality pictures or videos of your product to help customers visualize what they're buying.

4. Pricing: Set the price for your product, and if you want to create a sale, you can use the Compare at price feature.

5. Inventory: Set up your stock keeping unit (SKU), track the quantity of your products, and add your product's weight and customs information.

6. Variants: If your product has different options, like size or color, you can create different variants with different prices.

7. Search Engine Listing Preview: Optimize your product's search engine listing preview to attract more customers.

Step 3: Adding Tags and Collections

Finally, you can assign tags to your product to make it easier for customers to find. You can also add it to a specific collection or create a new one.

Adding products to your Shopify store is easy once you know how to do it. With the steps outlined in this article, you'll be able to add products and start selling in no time. Don't forget to optimize your product descriptions and search engine listing previews to attract more customers!

How to Add Products to Shopify from Aliexpress (2023 Updated)

Importing Products to Your Shopify Store with Deezers Aliexpress Dropshipping App

In this article, we will discuss how to import products to your Shopify store using the Deezers Aliexpress dropshipping app. We will walk you through the steps to link your Shopify store to Deezers, connect Deezers to Aliexpress, and import products to your Shopify store.


1. Linking Deezers to your Shopify store

- Go to Deezers Aliexpress dropshipping app website

- Click Try it free and create an account

- Link your Shopify store by clicking on Shopify and installing the Deezers app from the Shopify app store

- Choose a plan for the app (basic plan is free)

2. Connecting Deezers to Aliexpress

- Click on Aliexpress within Deezers

- Connect your Aliexpress account or create a new one

- Authorize the connection between Deezers and Aliexpress

3. Importing products to your Shopify store

- Install the Deezers Chrome extension

- Log into your Deezers account

- Go to Aliexpress and click Add to Deezers to import the product to Deezers

- Check the product description, variants, and shipping info to ensure it meets your needs

- Push the product to your Shopify store from Deezers and publish it to your online store

Using the Deezers Aliexpress dropshipping app is a simple and effective way to import products to your Shopify store. With the Chrome extension and Deezers account, you can quickly and easily import products from Aliexpress and fulfill orders with ease. Start dropshipping today with Deezers!

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 1 Week

In this video, I'm starting a new Shopify dropshipping business from scratch without any money. My goal is to make over a thousand dollars in just one week. I'll be taking you through the entire step-by-step process, from finding a good product to sell to creating my online store with Shopify and creating advertisements. I'll be using Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok for this challenge, posting viral videos for free. I found a good product, the cordless hair curler, on TikTok and a supplier, Spocket, for $28.30. I'll be selling it on my store for $59.99 and adding a heat protectant spray for $19.99 as an upsell. I built my Shopify store to look like a brand, added a sales timer, high-quality photos, and customer reviews to build trust. I also added the after-sale app to offer post-purchase upsells to increase revenue. For advertising, I reposted videos of people using the cordless hair curler on social media platforms. In the end, I gained over 100 followers on TikTok and had a lot of engagement, but the business made a profit of only $244.51. While I didn't reach my goal, it was still a successful challenge, and I learned a lot about starting a business without any money.


Importing Products into Your Shopify Store: A Step-by-Step Guide

- In this video, Sari shares how to import products into your Shopify store using the Overlo app and AliExpress.

- He emphasizes the simplicity and efficiency of the process, regardless of your experience level with Shopify.

Step 1: Create a Store

- To start, you need a Shopify store. Sari provides a link for a 14-day free trial in the video description.

- Once you create your store, you'll have a dashboard that looks like Sari's demo store.

Step 2: Download Overlo App

- In your Shopify dashboard, go to Apps and visit the Shopify app store.

- Download the Overlo app, which integrates with Shopify seamlessly.

Step 3: Download Overlo Extension on Google Chrome

- Go to Google and search for Overlo Chrome Extension.

- Add the extension to your Google Chrome browser.

Step 4: Source Products on AliExpress

- Go to AliExpress and search for products in your desired niche.

- Filter your search results by Orders to see which products are most popular.

- Click the blue circle next to a product to import it successfully into Overlo.

Step 5: Import Products to Shopify

- Open your import list in Overlo, and give the product a title and collection.

- Don't add a description because it might glitch and delete your work.

- Choose which additional product images to add.

- Click Push to Shop to import the product to your Shopify store.

- Sari reminds viewers to set a price and write a quality product description after importing a product.

- He also invites viewers to subscribe to his channel for daily videos about Shopify and e-commerce.

How To Add Products To Your Shopify Store

In this video, Hannah Gardner shows viewers how to set up product listings in a Shopify store. She emphasizes the importance of a good product description that answers potential customer questions and overcomes objections, as well as the necessity of high-quality product photos. Hannah also discusses pricing strategies, including factoring in direct costs and the amount of work involved in manufacturing or selling the item. She recommends using SKU codes for organizational purposes and suggests tracking inventory quantity, although this may not work for all businesses. Ultimately, Hannah's goal is to help viewers grow their e-commerce businesses and achieve success.

Shopify Tutorial for Beginners 2022 (FULL Store Setup Guide)

In this Shopify tutorial, I will take you step-by-step through the process of building a professional Shopify store from start to finish. We will cover everything from signing up to Shopify to launching your finished store, including choosing a theme, customizing your store website, adding products to your store, and setting up legal pages, payment providers, and shipping information.

- The goal of this tutorial is to help you efficiently build and launch your Shopify store while also learning how to use Shopify.


1. Sign up for Shopify: Go to medicsmedia.com/shopify or click on the link in the video description to get a 14-day free trial. Enter your email address, set a password, and fill out your name and business address.

2. Choose a theme: Go to Online Store > Themes and preview the default theme or explore free and paid themes in the Shopify Theme Store. Add a theme to your library and publish it to your store.

3. Customize your header: Add your logo, choose to show or hide the announcement bar, and adjust your menu items.

4. Create a slideshow section: Add high-quality images that communicate your brand and products, and add a call-to-action button to direct visitors to your collection.

5. Add a rich text section: Use this space to provide information about your store, products, or brand.

6. Add a featured collection section: Showcase a specific collection of products to highlight a category or promotion.

7. Add a product section: Display your products in a grid or carousel format, and choose to show or hide prices and add-to-cart buttons.

8. Add a newsletter section: Encourage visitors to sign up for your newsletter by offering exclusive discounts or updates.

9. Add a footer section: Include links to your legal pages, social media accounts, and contact information.

By following these steps, you can build and launch a professional Shopify store that showcases your brand and products. Remember to continually update and optimize your store to improve the customer experience and drive sales.

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