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how to add products from cj dropshipping to shopify

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

How To Use CJ Dropshipping On Shopify Tutorial | CJ Dropshipping Shopify

cj drop shipping on shopify. hi guys, welcome back to another video, and in this video i'm going to be telling you how you can use cj drop shipping on shopify. so, having said that, let's just jump into the video. now i'm over here on cg drop shipping and for those of you who don't know what's it, drop shipping it's basically a drop shipper account. it's basically a drop shipper that lets you drop ship with different items with different shipping rates. so one of the cool things about cg drop shipping is it's shipping methods. over here, as you can see on the left side, from china to usa, we have a bunch of different shipping methods, right? so normally, if you are shipping from aliexpress, or rather, uh, you know- warehouses or so websites, usually it would take you around 30 to 50 days, maybe even more. so cj drop shipping uses other shipping methods to you know, lessen that effect and you know you can choose whichever one you want, depending upon a fee, on a certain fee that you pay. so, as you can see, the smallest and the quickest time you will get is three to seven days, which is dhl official, so three to seven days. over here. then we have 5, 15, 8, 12, 8, 12 as well: 7, 15, 10, 15 and so on, so on. so, as you can see, we have different shipping methods with different days that we can use, which is pretty decent and really, really good. if you are looking to use drop shipping now over here, let's let me just show you. so if you're gonna go ahead and do this, we're gonna go ahead and create an account, right? so let's create an account. just simply come over here at the top and just simply click on the register button over here. once you've clicked on the register button, you are good to go. so i'm going to be using a temporary email address over here to sign up on both cg drop shipping and shopify as well. so let me just first sign into shopify and click on start free trial over here, enter in my password and click on create your account. so i'm just simply going to skip all of these questions that they're going to ask us and then just simply enter in my country. all right, so we have now created our store, our shopify store, and we are good to go. now what we'll do is we're going to go ahead and register ourselves on cg drop shipping, and once we've done that, we are good to go, all right. so we don't have an invitation code, so we'll just leave that blank, i believe, and then we just enter in our username and we are good to go. so for the username, i'll just copy the- uh- first letters of my email address and then just enter in my name and then i enter in my phone number. all right, so next, all you have to do is just choose a platform that you're running your store on. so, since we want to connect to the shopify, we'll just choose shopify. we'll just choose shopify and we'll click on submit- what survey? and then, once we have chosen our store, then we just select how many orders do we need per day? so i'll just say maybe zero, because i'm just starting my business- and then click on submit and then what category of product do you mainly market? and in this one we'll just say, um, women's clothing and men's clothing. so yeah, i think that looks good. and then we just simply click on submit and we have submitted successfully. now we are good to go, all right. so, as you can see, we have now created our account. we are good to go. we just first have to verify our email address over here. so it should be over. here we go. so we just simply click over here and we verify our account. and uh, here we go. i believe we have now verified our email address. why did that not happen? that's weird, because this is the link right here. it should get verified. oh well, i guess we can't verify it. all right, but you get the idea. then all that's left for you to do is connect your store. now, to connect your store, all you got to do is come over to my cj over here, click on my cj. all right, so here we go. so, as you can see, this is how it looks like. now, all that's left for us to do is connect our store. so over here, on the left side, we will have a bunch of different options. so what we want to do is we want to click on sourcing, or we want to click on store authorization or print on demand. i believe here we go. so in store authorization, we just simply click on shopify, and then, over here, we just simply click on add store. so to add the store, we just simply have to enter in our store address, which is the domain over here. so your store name will be the name that you put, and then doc, myshopifycom. so we just copy that and we come over here and we paste it right over here and click on authorize. so now all we have to do is wait for it to begin. now it's going to take us over here on to these drop shipping or the store applications website over here and we just simply have to install the application. so we click on. so we click on install app and it's going to install the application and we are good to go. then it's going to go back to drop shipping over here- cj drop shipping- and we should be good to go now and here we go. so, as you can see, pretty much that's it. next all we need to do is just start. you know, importing products. so, as you can see, authorization success, cj will help you make drop shipping business much easier. so we are good to go. so now it's going to take us over here back to the main website and we should be good to go, and then all we need to do is start importing products now. now the way cg works is basically it has all the products that you would find on aliexpress. it doesn't have as many products, but most of the products that you would find over here can also be found on aliexpress as well. so if there's a certain product that you find on aliexpress and you want to ship it, you can come over here and you can search for it over here, as you can see. or you can put the url of that product over here into the search bar and just simply click on search and it's going to find you that product. so all these products that you see over here, these are some of the popular products that people are using to drop ship on their accounts and using it to make money. right, so we can also do that. so importing the product is very simple. all you got to do is simply hover your mouse over a certain product and then simply click on connect. so, for example, if we come over here onto jewelry and watches, we can see what we want. so alright, so, as you can see, we have some jewelry options over here, so let's go ahead and do that. so, for example, if we want to, let's say, import this bracelet, all we'd have to do is hover our mouse over it and click on the connect button, and what it's going to do is: it's gonna, you know, put our store, it's gonna add this product within our store. so let me just sign in over here. i don't think i had to, okay, sorry about that. i forgot to verify my account, but, uh, now i have. that's why it's not gonna sign me out again. so let's move on and show you how you can import different product, as i was saying that we can import different products, right? so we tried jewelry, but, uh, let's go with the. okay, let's go ahead and import some clothes into our store. we're gonna go over here into the women's clothing and we're gonna find some nice clothes. so let's just see over here. all right. so now that it's loaded up, so let's go ahead and import a product. so let's just say that we want to import this, you know, this dress. all we'd have to do is simply click on the connect button and it's going to take us over here where we can go ahead and import it into our store. so it's taking us to my cj, which is our dashboard. all right. so now this is the product, right? so this is going to be the product from cg automatik matching. all right. so over here, we just enter in the sku or the product name, which is this one, right here. so let me just actually click on the product and over here we select the store that we want. and then we come over here and let me just copy the name of that product and we'll enter that over here. but we already have that. we just simply have to select the store and maybe then we just simply have to. and then, but since

Dropshipping in Ghana (Chapter 4 - Setting Up Cjdropshipping)

hi guys, and welcome once again. after almost 10 months, we are back again to continue our series. a lot has changed with shopify dropshipping, and if you haven't watched the previous videos on the channel, please do. a big welcome to everybody, especially those that have joined us from tiktok. today we are going to look at how to build your shopify website. a few things that we need to consider, though, in building our website. first of all, we need to consider the products you're going to put on the website to sell. we'll look at where to find them- how to find products, because not just every product is going to work or not just every product is ideal for selling. two, we are going to look at the design of the website itself: how to keep things simple and straightforward and to keep your site fast and make it easy for people to shop. third is apps that are going to be essential for your website in order to help you do well in your dropshipping journey. the last is to focus on the settings in your shopify dashboard, which we'll look at- sorry, the last but one. and then the last is the payment processor, which is either your pay stack or flatter wave in this instance. i've already done a video on how to set up a stack on the channel. please do all to check it out, okay? so let's jump in. just a quick recap. if you haven't created a shopify account yet, quickly create one by entering in your email and following the steps. so i'll run through it with you. i created an email address specifically for this, so let's. and then the name of your store and then click on create store. my store is meant to be a store for um homes, home products and home interior products, so that's hence the name. you usually want to pick a name that is very close to the goal you want to achieve or the products you want to sell on your store. so don't go picking random names that may not necessarily relate with your brand, so that will take a while to set up. now over here it's just a quick uh questionnaire: shop. if i ask you, um, usually i prefer to go with i'm not selling yet. current revenue zero, just getting started. what industry mine is going to be in? uh, let's see if there's any home furniture electronics. uh, i'll just go with other for now and then skip this. the sorry, don't check the last one. click next and then you fill in your details. so here you need to fill in your actual name and your actual details, because this will be tied into you getting paid, as you can see here. so i'm going to quickly run through that filling and then go to the next step. it will take a moment to set up and there you go. so the first thing you want to do is to select a plan and add your credit card details. so you want to go with a shopify basic plan? i'll do other videos on alternatives that are cheaper, but shopify is a 29 a month subscription, but for the value they give you in terms of the platform and the apps and everything, you'd eventually realize that it's a great offer or it's a great option. i'll do videos on other cheaper plans for those of you on a much tighter budget, so don't worry about it. i mean other cheaper alternatives. so click on choose plan, scroll down, select monthly. i'm gonna use paypal with this one, or should i add credit card? okay, i'll go with credit card and click start plan. now, the reason why you want to do this is because if you don't do that, you can't publish your website. now the next thing you do is to verify the email address which you linked with your store. all right. so once you've done all of those things, the next thing you want to do for the products, in order for us to be able to import products, is to go to apps, and we are going to install two important apps. we are going to click on explore apps and it's going to open the shopify app store for us. now we want to install two apps. before in the previous video, we set up obelo, but this time we want to add to app cj. we look for cj drop shipping. if you don't find it here, i'll show you how to set it up, because i think they have. yes, so you have it here, free to install. click on it and then click add. that should install for you. they will ask you to create an account and then you can just follow the steps and it will redirect you. but okay, so my sign up was successful. so go back to shopify and then, on the apps, i'll just reload and you should have cj drop shipping here now. the other app you want to install now will be theses dsers: do a quick search for that. come here, okay? it's a bit hard to find that. let's search again. okay, we'll come back to that. so once you have cg drop shipping installed, you want to click on cg drop shipping. it will open up in a new tab and then you sign in and you should have a dashboard like this. so, because this video might be long, i'm going to break it into two or three parts so that it doesn't become overwhelming for everyone. so i'm going to show you how to import products. now, before you import a product, there are a few things you need to know. so you want to set up your store, or usually pick what we call a niche or a niche within which to sell. now, what's an issue in niche? it's just basically a group or a collection of things that has a passionate group of people within that, uh, collection, you know. so we can have a niche of people who are interested in fishing. we can have a niche of people who are interested in cooking. we have a niche of people who are interested in our niche that's focused on household appliances, so a niche that's focused on well-being and fitness, you understand. so you want to pick niches or products within niches so that it's easier to target the people within those niche, and sometimes browsing through websites like this help you figure out some of the niches that are available here. so what you want to do is to click on cj drop shipping and then over here you have categories, right, but sometimes within those categories you can find niches that you can work with. now one thing we want to do is to make sure that our shop is linked properly to cj drop shipping. now, cg drop shipping is a platform that allows you. unlike ali experts, they have various warehouses around the world, so when you purchase products from them, they're able to ship to your customers much faster compared to aliexpress. so you want to come to authorization. click on shopify. we're just going to make sure that our site is linked before we go ahead and do anything. so over here, you can see that it's linked and it's activated. so now you want to go back to see your drop shipping by clicking see your drop shipping, and because my store is in the home niche, i want to go straight to home and garden. click on it. i'm going to browse through a little and see if i find anything interesting. now, if i find anything interesting, i'll just need to click on list or r2q. so one thing you can do is to sort by the warehouse of the country that you intend to target your market into. so in this case i'm going to choose us warehouse and it will load products that can easily be shipped from the us so that if i decide to sell to us people- which is the largest e-commerce market er in the world anyway- it will be easier for me to ship. so i'll fast-forward through this section as well, so you can add to queue when you find a product. that makes it easier for you to come back later to it and then to list them. so i found a few products i thought were cool. i'm going to add them from cj drop shipping and later i'm going to add a few from aliexpress as well, mainly because i'm unable to find them on cj drop shipping. so i'm going to click on q after adding the items to my queue. i'm going to skip this and then i'm going to select all the the items here and i'm going to go up and click on start listing and i'm going to select my store and the drop down. i'm going to make sure i'm charging tax, product type, i can add new so i can add home, confirm, then confirm and then, over here, select home and then collections. you want to select home page collection. i'll create more collections later. shipping method: you want to make sure that?

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Cj Dropshipping (Shopify) Tutorial | Dropshipping

cj drop shipping: shopify tutorial. hello guys, welcome back to our youtube channel, and for today, i'm going to teach you how to use the cj drop shipping to your shopify. so, without further ado, let's get into this. so first is you want to go to your browser and type in cj drop shipping? and before we really dive into this- and we all know that shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps you sell and build your own store via online- and drop shipping is a retail strategy where brands don't directly manage and distribute their product inventories, but instead, when an order is received, information such as the product number, delivery address and order date are sent by the company to the third party to fulfill the order on its behalf. now, with no further ado, let's dive into this. so this is how cj dropshipping will look like, and if you have an account, then you can sign in. and if you still don't have an account, then you could click on register on the upper right, and if you click on that, you just have to input the email password and to confirm your password, and then do not forget to check mark that you agree on the user agreement and private policy. now you have registered successfully your cj drop shipping. and now here, all you have to do is to answer this questionnaire. so, number one: which platform are you running your store now? so for today, we are going to run it via shopify. so click on shopify, and if you have stores on ebay, woocommerce, lazada, shoppi and others, then you could also check that. also here, how many orders you need to process per day. so if you're just starting for business, you can click on zero and then it depends here. if you already have a customers, then you can click here, depending on you. now, what categories of products do you mainly market? so these are the products that you sell. for example, you are selling clothes, so let's check on our like women's apparel. you could go to jewelry, bags, shoes, women's clothing and submit. now you have your own account. so the next thing that you have to do is to verify your email. so you click send here and it will give you the verification code to your email. now you have successfully verified your email, click on confirm and now you have your own cj drop shipping account. so next is here on the upper part, you will see my cj here. you click on that. on the left side, you will see store authorization. you click on that and here you will see the different stores you may connect your cj drop shipping. so let's say shopify, since we are going to connect it via shopify. so here you will see this. you haven't authorized any stores yet, so you add the store here and put your store address. now what you have to do is to go to your shopify account and you will see here your shopify name. let's say dizzy bear. so here you could just simply copy the disney bear and do not include the dot myshopifycom, and then basically authorize it. now here it will ask you to install the app to connect your shopify to your cj drop shipping. so you need to install the app, and now you have successfully authorized your shopify to your drop shipping. so the next thing that you want to do is to sell products. so what you have to do is here you go back to the home page of cj drop shipping and you will choose the product that you want to resell on your shopify account or your shopify store. so let's say women's apparel. here let's find the woman's clothing and here you will see the clothes here that you could actually sell. so let's say, i want to sell this one. so you click on the image that you want to sell, so it will redirect you here. and on the right side here, as you can see, this is a chinese warehouse. so if it's on the chinese warehouse, then on the shipping from, you will click on or you will set it into china warehouse. and for the inventory, let's say you want to use the cg inventory for that and what platform you will sell it on. then let's say shopify, because we will use it as our partnership to our cj account. so shopify, and then you will input the address here of your customers. let's say someone ordered from nepal. then you click on nepal. now for the shipping method. here you will see the shipping fee and the service fee. so if the customer wants to purchase, then they have to pay for the shipping fee and the service fee. now, as you can see, there are very um expensive shipping fee but the delivery time are lesser than those cheaper ones. for example, your shipping method would be the cj packet liquid line. then they have to pay for four dollars, up to five dollars and then the service fee for this amount and then this is the total shipping cost, with the delivery time of 20 to 60 days. so the next thing is: you will see, here is the variety of the products. so it depends on the sizes. so it has small, large and medium. now this is the total drop shipping price that they have to pay, and the processing time is one to two days. so now we all know that the heavier the product, the shipping fee will also increase. so if we add the quantity here, the shipping fee will actually increase too. and now we want to connect this to our shopify, so we want to add it to the list. so click on the list and here you will input this information. so charge tax now. and for the vendor, let's say crop, here you could put the spaghetti strap under the collection of spaghetti strap. now here you will see the different varieties of the or like variants of the products. so as you can see, here there are only three variety because it just differs on the sizes. so it has small, large and medium. for now let's just put it in the same price. so if you want to put it on the same price, then you could go here to the bulk revise. and if, let's say, you want to sell it for, let's say, 25 dollars here, and then, as you can see here the price is now all on 25. now you'll see here on the lower part: ship my order. so most of the america where you are from, ship my orders most to you. input the products where your customers really live. so for the shipping method, you could choose this here now. if you click on ems you can see the shipping cost will actually go price here. now you want to choose a cheaper shipping fee for like four to 4.85 dollars, but the estimate, the delivery time, is 50 to 25 days. now what you want to do now is, if you are now settled with this, you click on listed now. now you're listed successfully. now you could actually view it in the store. so you click on this and here you will see the product. so you can have the description on the product here, the specification or the information, the different images here you could see. let me scroll that on this image here. so these are the photos and information that they could actually see on your store. now you could actually edit the small, large, medium here, the color for that, and you could add another option for the other. what we want to do next is to really give off the vibe that we care about the product and how we give the product to the customers. so the next thing that you want to do is you go back here to your cj and on the left side you will see here the custom packaging. you click on the custom packaging and these are the the different packaging you could put your product. so let's say you want to put it on plastik bags, then you can click on that, and if you want to add stikers, you could also do that, but depending on the products that you sell. so for me, i want to use this customized, foldable, colorful box. so what i like about cj dropping shipping is that you could actually bulk for lesser amount. so let's say you want to bulk buy for only 30, because other platforms requires you to buy around 500 quantity for that customized box or your customized bag for your products. now, here you will see the variety, colors and different sizes for your products to be in. now, if you are not sure you could actually here, you will see chat. here you could actually chat or ask for a consultation on your products. now you could add here your quantity that you want to buy, so you could actually customize your product by adding a de.

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How to connect and List products from CJ Dropshipping to SHOPIFY - Shopify dropshipping

hello, in this video i'm gonna be toking about shopify with cg drop shipping. i'm going to show you how to create a shopify store and also how to connect it with cgi drop shipping. here i'm going to use a trial version and here we can select a plan for a beginner is 29, then we have two other more options. but now let's go, uh, on general and let's change the currency. it have to be in dollar. no matter where do you live, it have to be in dollar. now let's go and customize the payment. we can deactivate the paypal. we can add amazon pay, we can. we have to complete the, the setup of payments. so we have many option on how we want to accept the payments. now we go to the apps and go to the beautify and install the theme. here we have to agree with what the beautify asks and we go on installing this tab. here, as we see, we did the alright, install it and we are going to download the theme. we have to choose a plan because it is the trial version. we have to download the theme, add it to the library and then use it as a theme for our shop. uh, we have to install also the add-ons. later on. i'm going to explain you. um, if we can use or not for uh in the trial version. uh, the the add-ons. here we go, we click on bulk install and install and wait until it will finish installing it. now, here we can make a product research. now we are going to connect under authorize. we have to connect the cg dropshipping with shopify. here we put the name of our shop, authorize. then we go to the shopify to authorize it. the same thing that we did before with uh. uh, the beautify installed the app and here, as we see, we did already. uh, uh, the authorization was with success. now we're going to list an item to to shopify, or click on list, select the store. this time we have to select the shopify store. we have to to choose a product type, to write to type a product type, then a collection. if we don't have one, we can create a new here. and vendors is a dropshipping. here we click on on variations and at the price i'm gonna add a, a random price. click on ok, as we see the price is done. we click on list and now let's wait. as we see, listed was successfully. now we go back to the shopify and here are two options on how to create discounts. here we made a discount code. i'm gonna say mother day. then we can have types like percentage, uh, fixed amount. uh, here we can the value discounted. no products in specific collections, specific products. so it depends on us, on how we want this, this discount, to be done. uh, minimum requirements: here we can add the minimum purchase amount, minimum quantity of items, for none of them, just uh, on the price they will get this, uh, this discount. uh, here we can the customers. we can say for everyone or not. then we go on limit number, uh the times that we can use the discount. and here on the summary, we see all the options that we did choose. here we can activate dates so we can make an ending date as a beginning and an ending date. also we can change the time to, as we see here we have the summary of: uh the mother day. so, uh, someone who is going to purchase, i will have these options on how he can get a free discount. here we can create a automatik discount, let's say hot sales, also here it's a fixed amount. or bikes get epsilon. here we can put the, the discount value, let's say two dollar, to off to all products. or we can choose: on bikes, get epsilon, we choose. we can say a quantity of two products. we can add specific products. we click on browse and click to do variations of a product. or we can add to two different variation of two different products. or we can go on a minimum purchase account- sorry amount- and here we say 99.99. we can choose specific collection or specific product. we go on specific collection, we let's say in toys and that's it now. uh, let's go. the customer. let's say that the customer gets two uh items we can make with the discount of 15 or for free. so buy two items and get two items at 15 percent. or we can save for free and they set the minimum numbers of users per order. so buy two items and have two items for free. here we can set, let's say, two or one, or it depends how you want this, this promotion, to be done. and also, here we can set an end date, a beginning and an end date. we, we, as we see here we have the summary of the hot sale and we click on save and this one is is done. now, here we can buy the domain. um, let's go and check if we have. as we see, we have the dot com domain, so we can go and buy it. here we can create a blog post. we can create pages like about us, faq, privacy and policy, and all the pages that we want to create. here we have the menus. now we go on theme and we go on customize. here i'm going to to remove some of of this, just to to create, uh, to give you an idea how to do it. then, of course, that is uh personal. anyone can, can manage or can customize the item as they want. so let's go to create a logo. i suggest you to go to square space. here you can create a logo for free. i will just make an example. and now go on select, because i did create it before we. we click on it, click on it and, as we see, we already have it, the, the logo. here we can change the, the colors if we want to change them. now let's go back to, uh, the main page. here we can select an image. i did select this image, but you can go back and you can find free images if you want to add more. now, uh, we have it. let's go back here. uh, we can add- i do that. the cheapest deals waiting for you. also a text. you can edit the text. you can add the link. you can add the button level. says shop now, button link: add collections. but you can change it. so it's always up to you how you want. how will you want this shop to look like? now we go on a featured collection also here we either put a collection kids- we can edit it, we can put another one, we can choose the. the products parallel the rows show the view all button. so we have all of this option. uh, also here we. here we have the footer. on the footer we see the quick links. we can list here the about us, the fact, the privacy and policy and stuff like that. the newsletter: here we can change the background. so now i'm gonna make it black, as i love the black color. and also you can change the. you here have also the, the payment methods that you do already accept for your store. so now let here we can change also the product page. so it's same thing on the header, the product page, the product recommendation. here we have the logo. we can change the menu. so here we have all the options that shopify gives us. so here's the same thing. on the product page, we have the media, we have the size, the product recommendation, i i see it on. so we have to show the product recommendation and the footer as always, have the quick links, the newsletter and the payment method, and that's it. and we can do the same thing with the rest of of the pages that we want to list in our shop. let's go save and here let's go on. we can make also the mobile version. let's go on full screen, and here we have the, the store, let's say a store. so now let's go back on the beautify to use the add-ons. we need to have, um, a, a subscription. as we see, we have the free one, so we can't use any of them otherwise. uh, the shopify was going to look different, but since i have the, the trial version, it won't give it to us, it won't give access to us. so now let's go and add the reviews. we can add the reviews for free of a product from uh, cj drop shipping. click on reviews, click on import, export reviews. let's click here and let's uh download it. and now let's go back to shopify. we click on product reviews, we click on import reviews, and here we have the option to create, to add the reviews for a specif specific item. now let's go on products. on message drop let's go unlisted, and here we're going to uh to see the items that we did list on shopify, on all uh. we go on all stores and click on uh, the shopify store, and here we'll see the items that we did already add here. so i did that some before, just to to to create an idea about it. now we go on products: here we see event result track and the first one it is. now we click on it.

CJ Dropshipping Full Tutorial (2021/22)

one of the essential elements to running a successful dropshipping store is having a reliable supplier. we all know the problems with using aliexpress: long shipping times, suppliers running out of inventory, no branded packaging, amongst other things. so today i'm going to be giving you a full tutorial of what i believe to be the best drop shipping supplier out there at the moment: cj drop shipping. in today's full length tutorial, i'm going to be showing you how to connect your shopify and woocommerce stores to cj drop shipping. i'm going to be showing you how to import products to your stores from cj drop shipping. i'm going to be showing you how to set up branded packaging so that you can drop ship your products with your logo on without having a massive budget, how to source custom content for the products that you plan on selling using cj's videography and photography services, and how to fulfill orders using cj drop shipping. so if you've been looking for a more reliable drop shipping supplier that's going to allow you to offer faster shipping times- usually around 10 days- international shipping- and allow you to go and drop ship your products with branded packaging to give your customers that branded feel, then this is going to be the tutorial for you. so let's get started. so the first thing you are going to do is head over to cj drop shipping. so i will leave a link in the description and you should come over to the cd drop shipping home page now. from here, all we are going to do is click on register. all you then need to do is enter in your email and pick a password, then just go and agree to the terms and conditions and click on next. once you do this, you are now signed up with cj dropshipping. now, the first thing that we are going to do, we are just going to go over to my cj and we are going to go and connect our store. so firstly, i am going to show you how to connect a shopify store to your cj drop shipping account, and then i'm going to show you how to connect a woocommerce store. so if you are running a woocommerce store, you can just skip to the next part of the tutorial. i will leave the timestamps down in the description below. so once you click on my cj, you will come over to the cj drop shipping dashboard and from here we can go and connect our shopify store. so you will see these tabs down the left-hand side, so just go to the bottom one and then you're going to go and click on shopify now from here, just going to go and click on add stores. now, from here, you're just going to enter in your store name. but if you head over to your store, you're only entering this part of your name in. so just a bit where before it says myshopifycom. so just go and copy that. you don't need the https or anything like that, so we're just going to go and paste that in there and then you just go and click on authorize. once you click on authorize, it will bring you over to your store and from here it's going to ask you to install the cj drop shipping app. so just go and click on install app. it will then say authorization success. so now your shopify store is connected to your cj drop shipping account so you can start importing products from cj drop shipping and any orders that are made through will be connected so that you can go and fulfill them automatikally. so now i'm going to go and show you how you can go and connect your woocommerce store to your cj drop shipping account. for those of you using shopify, you could just skip to the next part of the tutorial, where i show you how to import products. so once again, i'll leave the timestamps in the description below. so, if you want to connect your woocommerce store once again, you're just going to head to my cj and from your cj drop shipping dashboard, you're going to go to the left hand side and you're going to click on woocommerce. now from here, just going to go and click on add stores. now, once you click on this, there are a few things that we need to follow through in order to connect your woocommerce store to your cj drop shipping account. so just head over to your woocommerce website and the first thing is we're just going to copy the url, so just go and copy this, and we're going to go and paste this in here, but get rid of the https, so it's just going to be your store, and get rid of any slashes at the end as well, so it's just going to be like that. next up, we need to find the consumer key and the consumer secret. so head over to your wordpress dashboard and what you're going to do is you're going to click on woocommerce, then you're going to click on settings, then, under settings, you're going to go to advanced. so click on advanced and then just scroll down and you're going to click on rest api. now, from here, we're going to go and click on add key. once you click on add key, just scroll down and you're going to see description, so you can just go and call this cj drop shipping. now, when it comes to permissions, you're going to want to give, read and write permissions and then click on generate. once you generate that key, you will now see the consumer key. so we're going to go and hit copy on this head back to your cj drop shipping dashboard and paste this in here, and then you're going to see the consumer secret. so, once again, copy this head back to cj drop shipping and paste this in here. and now. once you have done that, the last step is to go and install this shipment tracking plugin. so we're going to go back to our wordpress dashboard. then all we're going to do is go to plugins and click on add new and then, where it says search plugins, we're just going to go and type in shipment tracking and then you're just going to install this plugin here- advanced shipment tracking. so just go and click on install now and then you're just going to go and click on activate once the plugin has finished activating, we can just head back to our cj dashboard and click on authorize. it should then say authorization successful. so now your woocommerce store is connected to your cj drop shipping account. so now we can go and start importing some products. so in order to start importing some products, we are just going to go back to the cda dropshipping homepage. so just click on the cj dropshipping logo and we can come to the home page. now, from here you can go and search for thousands of different products, and cj drop shipping have warehouses all over the world. so wherever you want to ship to, it doesn't really matter. you can import a product and you should be able to go and ship to any country in a fairly quick time. so you can go and look through all of the different categories and think about what type of product that you want to sell, depending on what your store is. and if we scroll down over here, they have some other cool things. so you see some trending products. you'll see some new products that they've just got in hot selling categories, and then you can go and look at the different global warehouses. so they've got a us warehouse, germany warehouse, and then, if we scroll down once more, you can see some products that have some cool videos. you can see that they have print-on-demand products and then they have these over here, which is really cool. so you can see these are trending, viral products. so if you click on internet famous, you will see products that are going viral on facebook and on tiktok and on other different social media platforms. so, for example, if we just click on hot products on tiktok, you will see this category here with some products that are doing really well on tiktok. so once you have found a product that you want to import to your store, you just need to click on the product. from here you will see all of the information about the product, including the price and which warehouse it is shipping from. now, don't worry if it is shipping from the chinese warehouse, which a lot of the products on cj drop shipping will be, because the shipping times are still so much faster than if you were using aliexpress. now, from here, you can see the shipping method. so if we go and click on this, you can.

How to Use CJ Dropshipping With Shopify For Beginners | Full Tutorial 2022

hello everyone. this is Imran Ali here. welcome back to our Channel. and today we are going to tok about how to use CJ Drop Shipping with Shopify as beginners. so, as you can see, we are at cjdropshippingcom and we can find many things over here, as you can see. but before that, we need to register ourselves on CJ Drop Shipping, right? so I'm just going to register from here. first, click on register. it will take you right over here. enter your email and your password is very simple, right? but if you see right down below, you can see there we have more options like Facebook, Google, Apple and Shopify. so this is what we are going to do, right? and if you are like at Shopify, you can see over here. this is my Shopify Shopify, sorry, uh, you can see there's an option called apps- add apps- right click on add apps and you will find multiple apps over here. but obviously you can cannot see CJ Drop Shipping over here. so what you're going to do, you're going to Shopify app store and it will open up a new tab and will show you multiple more applications which you can integrate to your seat, like Shopify. so we are going to search CJ Drop Shipping over here- CJ Drop Shipping. as you can see, it's over here already and here we are: CJ Drop Shipping- Drop Shipping supplier and fulfillment service from China. so click on CJ Drop Shipping add app and it obviously is going to be like installed in our Shopify App Store, so it will take some time. and after that, click on install app and you can see that. welcome to CJ. having a CG account. you will have better service. link your account now to complete store authorization. so what you can do, like login with your CG account and create new CJ account. so I'm just going with a create new CJ account. so what was going on? that you need to create an account, even though it's showing that, like you can sign in with Shopify app, but it wasn't like doing that, so we created a new account on CJ Drop Shipping. what are we going to do? we are going to understand how to verify our like Shopify account, right. so we are going to click on my CJ and it will take us on a different page. just wait for it. and here we are. so we are going to like authorize our Shopify store, right? so obviously your email has not been verified. verify now. so I just recently registered again and, as you can see over here, like my level is one and if you scroll down from over here, like you can see right down below uh store authorization, click on it and here we are. we have multiple uh stores over here, but we are going over Shopify. click on Shopify and, as you can see, it's activated. this account is belong to my personal account and it's already authorized with my account. so, just in case, if you couldn't find your account over here, what you're gonna do: you're going to add store from over here and you can just uh like, see all this if you want. this is all the steps they are trying to tell you. uh like, how you can do that, like the one I have to showed you from the Shopify, so you can just add store form over here and otherwise, as you can just search from over here like your store. and simple is that. now we are going to tok about product research, image search and warehouse for Drop Shipping. so, first of all, product research for this product, which are like research, like you can just filter out whatever you are looking for over here. like you can just scroll down and whatever you are looking, you can find that, right, it's a Marketplace. so otherwise, uh like something you can. you can find on the internet what you're gonna do. so, what you're going to do like if you have any picture like as a sample, you can also drag and upload an image to search. so it's very handy, in my opinion. and the last one is uh War like a warehouse for Drop Shipping. so if we need to understand and want to find that warehouses like uh from even from China, even from like the United States, we could find that how many products they have in there. you like uh warehouses. so, for example, we are going to search on uh like uh, what does United States Warehouse have for CJ Drop Shipping? so what you're going to do, that you're going to like go hover over like on warehouses and click on Us warehouse. click on it and obviously it will show up. I don't know, my internet is working very slow, so don't mind that. so, as you can see over here, we have multiple things over here and this is the US Warehouse. as you can see over here, you can also filter them out if you want like, you can like sort by best match and everything, just all of you. you can even like check mark over free shipping, so you can just find free shipping products over here also. so just suppose that I want to like understand how much uh shipping cost this cable, right? so I'm just going to click on it and you will find every single detail right over here. so we have service, we we have shipping fee, as you can see over here, and obviously if we uh like make our quantity more, it will go plus by attack and we have Drop Shipping price: five dollar estimated process time. so this is all like you have all information in just three lines and if you hover over here, like including labor costs and everything, they are just letting you all know, like what is going on and why they are charging this fee. so after that, what we are going to know. so now we are going to discuss very important and last thing of this video. so before we go ahead and end this video, which is very important, what it is: ADD product to Shopify. so how are we going to add product to Shopify? so just suppose that we are over here and I want to add this item to my Shopify account. so how am I going to do that? right click on it. it will open up new tab and right underneath you will find that list option. click on list and here we are. you can choose. whatever you are going to choose, uh like over here. it will be like it will end up on your Shopify store. so on the top you can see that it will be from China Warehouse. otherwise you can find more if there are more, and this will go to my Shopify account because we already authorized it, like we have shown you in this video, like some few seconds ago. and what is the product type? you can add new and you can set the selection. you can set the vendors if you want, and price change. and obviously these all prices are from this vendor, right from the channels Warehouse. you can add from over here: uh like for this uh tutorial, I'm just going to write like one dollar ahead for every dollar, like 6.3. so simple as that. and I'm just going to select them. store price is lower than the CJ price- okay. so I hope you get the idea what I'm trying to say and after that, what you're going to do, like you're going to just list them from over here. I'm just going to list them. select the product: okay. product type: okay, product type. add new covers. confirm vendor. um, I don't know, like I don't know, list now. please select the variance, all variants. Maybe store price should exceed to zero. obviously you get the idea, like what they are asking and what they are going to do. you are just going to add some amount over here, every single amount over here, and list them and now list them, uh, from over here. so what it does, that it will end up on your uh Shopify account and that's it. it's, it's very simple, and it will end up in your uh, uh, obviously, Shopify store. so this is how you are going to integrate your CJ Drop Shipping with Shopify. thank you for watching this video. I hope you understand everything I said. if you have any queries, please drop a comment down below. thank you, bye.