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How to add running text to any websites without plugin or apps ✅ Add running text in WordPress

Published on: December 20 2022 by Foysal Ahmed

Adding running text to a website can be a great way to grab your visitors' attention and keep them engaged with your content. However, many people assume that you need to use a plugin or app to achieve this effect. The good news is that it's actually quite easy to add running text to any website, including WordPress sites. In this article, we'll show you how to do it.

Step 1: Decide on your message

The first step to adding running text to your website is to decide on the message you want to convey. This could be anything from a promotional offer to a call to action or simply a catchy phrase that will get your visitors' attention. Once you've decided on your message, you can start thinking about how you want to present it.

Step 2: Create your running text

There are a few different ways to create running text for your website. One option is to use HTML code to create a scrolling marquee. This involves using the tag to wrap your text and then specifying the direction and speed of the scrolling motion.

Another option is to use CSS to create an animation effect. This involves creating a div or span element to hold your text and then using CSS keyframes to create a scrolling or bouncing effect.

Step 3: Add your running text to your website

Once you've created your running text, it's time to add it to your website. If you're using WordPress, you can simply add your HTML or CSS code to a text widget or a custom code block.

If you're not using WordPress, you may need to add the code to your website's HTML or CSS files directly. This can be a bit more complicated, so you may want to consult with a web developer or designer if you're not comfortable working with code.

Adding running text to your website is a simple and effective way to make your content more engaging and attention-grabbing. Whether you're promoting a special offer or just trying to spice up your website's design, adding running text is a great way to do it. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily add running text to any website without the need for plugins or apps.

How to add running text to any websites without plugin or apps ✅ Add running text in WordPress

In this tutorial, we will learn how to add running text or moving tags in our website without using any plugins or apps. We will use simple HTML or CSS code to achieve this. This tutorial will be very helpful for those who want to add running text quickly and keep their website fast and user-friendly.


1. Find the HTML code:

- Go to CodePen account and select the moving text option that you need.

- Copy the HTML code.

2. Add the HTML code:

- In the website editor, add a new section and select the structure.

- Add the HTML code in the selected area.

- Paste the copied code in the HTML section.

3. Add the text:

- Copy the text that you want to add.

- Add the text in the code between the marquee tags.

4. Add a background:

- To make the text more beautiful, add a background to it.

5. Update and check:

- Click on the update button to save the changes.

- Check the updated page to see the running text.

By following these simple steps, you can add running text or moving tags to your website without using any plugins or apps. This will help you to keep your website fast and user-friendly. If you found this tutorial helpful, please like and subscribe to our channel. If you need any help related to Shopify, WordPress or web design, you can contact us for professional services.

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