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how to add shopify to instagram

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

How to connect Shopify to Meta and create Facebook and Instagram Shops and Tag Products

Welcome to this training on how to set up your Facebook and Instagram shops using your Shopify store, So I will preface this training with the fact that this area changes a lot, So even in the last year, we've seen lots and lots of little changes, So if your screenshots look different to mine, if something's not working as it should, please let me know, And I'll update the training Right. The other thing I want to mention is, because there are so many steps involved in this. I've actually put together a little checklist for you, So jump in into the download section of this lesson, and you can download the download, which will be your checklist with all of the steps that we're going to cover off. Now let's dive in. The first thing we need to do is make sure that you have a business manager account. Now here's where things get a little bit tricky, because there's lots of different variables here, So the first thing we're going to do, though, is we're going to dive into businessfacebookcom, So if we just go straight to that URL, that will show us what we're working with. So there's kind of three different things that you might see at this point. So, first off, you might see a screen that looks a little bit like this. Now, what that tells me is that you definitely have a business manager account set up, So you can go ahead and click on the little cog icon at the bottom there and go straight into business settings. So our goal for this next step is to get you with a business manager account set up and into business settings. So, first of all, if this is what you see, go straight into your business settings and then just wait for us, wait for the rest of us to catch up. Now the other thing you might see is the screen here. So this tells me that you don't have a business manager account set up. So I want you to go ahead and click the blue button that says Create account, And I want you to go ahead and create that business manager account. Once you're in there, I want you to click on business settings And, again, just wait for us once we get there. Now, the most common thing you might see when you go to businessFacebookcom is this: So this is business suite and it's like a dashboard. Now, this doesn't mean you don't have a business manager account. It can be hiding behind here. So let's jump in and have a look and see if there is a business manager account hiding behind this business suite. So what we're going to do is look for more tools here on the left. So I'll click on more tools Now. remember, our goal is to get to business settings. so some of you might actually see business settings listed down here. If that's the case, I want you to go ahead and click on it. Now, this is telling me that I don't have a business manager account set up, so I'll go ahead and create that. So once I've done that, I'm going to show you the other thing that you might see if you're in that business suite. Now, first of all, follow me through, if you need to, on how to create a business manager account. Really simple: I'm just going to pop in my details here. So my business is called Quirky Pet co. I'm going to pop my email address in there and then we will have to confirm that. So once I've done this, I'll need to jump into my emails and confirm that I have access to that email address. Great, So I've confirmed my email address and now does is take me into my new business manager account And remember, our goal is to get to business settings. So I'm going to click on business settings down here, and this is where I want everyone to be. Now you may - let's take a step back. You may have gone to businessFacebookCom. It's taken you into your business suite, Stik with me Business suite. You've clicked on more tools, but you don't have business settings down here. If that's the case, I want you to click on Ads Manager. I'm going to get in sort of through the back door, So we're going to click on Ads Manager and that's just going to take a minute to load. Once that's loaded, I'm gonna click on the three lines here on the left, the little hamburger, And I'm gonna find business settings there. so you can see how there's so many different ways that we can get to business settings. But hopefully you've found your way here, because this is where I need you to be. I need you to be in your business settings. Next, we're going to start running through the next steps on that checklist. So the next step is to make sure that our Facebook page is here sitting within our business manager. So we're gonna click on pages, We're going to add a page and we're going to add a page that we already own Now. this means that you need to be an admin on that page. So I'm going to click on add a page and I'm going to search for the page I am looking for There. it is there, and then I'm going to click add a page. Now Facebook is going to recognize that I'm an admin on that page or I own it, and it's going to say, Yep, we'll pop that in there. Now, if someone else owns that page, you'll need to get them to approve that. They'll get a request to say that this business manager has asked for ownership of that page and they'll have to approve it. So we'll close that down. The next thing on the list is to make sure that your Instagram account is within the business manager as well, So I'm just going to jump in there. I also noted on the checklist that it needs to be a professional account. If you don't know what I mean by that, go back to the lesson on how to set up your Instagram account correctly and you'll see how to switch that to a professional account. But I'm going to click on Instagram accounts on the left here. I'm going to go add and see here We need to connect up our Instagram account. so I'll click on that. It's going to ask me to log in. Great. So I'm logged in there to my Instagram account. I'm going to click save info, save information, And now what it's asking me there is which ad account to associate with that Instagram account. So don't worry about that. We'll just click on Finish and then done, Great. So the next thing we need to do is create our Pixel. So we're going to click on data sources and pixels and then we're going to add and we're going to create a new Pixel. So the Pixel is the little piece of code that connects up our Shopify store with our ad account and also feed through our products and things. So it's a really important step. so I can just leave it as that is the name. Don't worry about putting the URL in there. We're going to click continue, Cool. And we're just going to say continue managing my business. So don't worry about taking any more steps on your Pixel. You can tik that off on the list. Next thing on the list is making sure that your domain is verified. So what we need to do is go down here to brand safety, Click on domains we're going to add. Now I want to put you to put in the domain of your Shopify store without the www. So this one is QuirkyPetcoCom. We're going to click Add and then that's going to give us a little bit of code. See this meta tag here. So what we want to do is we want to copy that meta tag and we need to take that, And then we need to take that over to Shopify. So let's head on over to Shopify, Right? So now we're in Shopify, We're going to click on our online store and we need to put that little meta tag inside the header tag on our theme. So we're going to click on Actions, We're going to click on edit code. Once that's loaded, we are going to click on our theme, liquid, which is this top one here, And then can you see here where it says head. So there's the start of the header code and if we scroll on down, we should see the end of the header code. See it here Now. I always put the meta tag in the very last bit before the end. So pop a couple of enters in there and then just pop that meta tag in there. So that's what we have taken from Facebook. We're going to click Save and then we need to pop back over to Facebook and we n.

How To Connect Shopify Store to Facebook & Instagram Shop in 2022

hi guys, um, so in today's video, I wanted to show you how you can connect your Shopify store to a Instagram or Facebook shop so you can sync your products automatikally and you can have that shop on Instagram and Facebook so that you can you're able to sell whatever products you like on those social media platforms and integrate the two. okay, so let's get started. so, to begin this, you you first need a Facebook page and an Instagram account. obviously, once you have that and you have your Shopify store, or you need to actually first go to to your business Suite. you need to go create an account and if you're in your business Suite, what you're going to need to do is you're going to need to have a business, your business manager set up and you're going to need to create a Commerce account, and that should be over there. but what you're going to need to do, if you click on your Commerce manager over here inside your business Suite- so your business Suite is very your business manager- is going to to be for your different accounts. so if I click on the account that I'm looking for and I go to Commerce manager, it's going to show me that I have a product catalog already set up and you need this catalog to be able to sync this your products to, from Shopify to meter. and you do that by simply just adding catalog and then running through these, the wizard. so if, for example, you have an e-commerce store and just carry on, next you'll say, connect to a partner platform and you'll select Shopify and then you'll go to Shopify and you would then log in with your Shopify account and that will sync and connect your Shopify store to your commas manager and that will sync your products and and by doing that, you can have your catalog set up on meta. and then, once that is done- if you just go back, once that's done, then you're just gonna have to create, we're gonna have to sync your, your Shopify store, to Facebook or meter or Instagram and you, that will be, you'll be able to display all your products and make it shoppable on those social media platforms. so to do that part of it, you're going to have to go to apps over here and we're gonna have to go to- if you click on- apps and sales channels and then from here we're going to need to add Facebook and Instagram. let me just go back, I just need to search for it, click on here and we're going to search for Facebook in the Shopify App Store and we're going to click on Facebook and Instagram by meta and click on add app. you can click on ADD cells Channel. okay, so now we've added the Facebook and Instagram sales channel to our Shopify store and then from here all we have to do is we're gonna have to follow this wizard over here and we're going to select start setup and then we're going to need to connect our Facebook account to our sales Channel. That's now installed on Shopify. we click on connect account. it will bring up your the accounts that are in your account Center and you can just click on that. click on both if you want Instagram on its own or if you want Facebook on its own. you can select either or or. you can just select both and you can connect. it's going to ask you if you what the sharing preference you want, and I'll just cover the default and I'll say save. and then it's going to ask if you want to connect a Facebook pixel, and we do want to do that so that we can track our conversions. so we can just say connect. if you do not have one already, you can just click on create new and that will create you a new pixel and that will connect to your Shopify store. so I'll just click on connect and I'll select, I agree and submit for review. so once you do this, you can um, it'll take a couple of days for them to review your, your shop and just make sure that you following all the the policies according to Facebook and Instagram, and once everybody viewed it, it usually takes about two to three days and then from there you will be able to get approval for that and then, once your approval comes through, you'll be able to sell on Facebook and Instagram and you'll be able to view your shop and you'd also be able to tag all your products when making posts on Instagram or Facebook. if you like this video, please don't forget to subscribe to the channel. but that's how you connect your Shopify store to Facebook and Instagram. thank you, goodbye.

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How to Enable Instagram Shopping for your Shopify Business | Product Tagging & Shoppable Feed

how do you enable instagram product tagging for your shopify business and sell products directly from your instagram shop? [Music]. hi everyone, i'm lydia, and on this channel we tok about social media marketing for business and how to grow online: instagram, pinterest, facebook and other social media marketing strategy. if you're interested in these topics, make sure to subscribe before you leave. so if you don't know, instagram product tagging for shopify business is a bit different than for any other business, because the catalog creation is being made by shopify, so you won't need to create a manual catalog. shopify does that automatikally for you. so before you even think of applying for this feature on instagram, what you need to do is make sure that you don't have any errors in your products in your catalog. so in the products that you've listed on shopify, on your shopify page, make sure you have a title, a description and photos for every single one of your products, because that will allow your catalog to have no errors and the application for instagram product tagging will go a lot smoother. so now the first thing that you need in order to get instagram shopping on your instagram account is to have a facebook page for your business and make sure to do the setting that that button on your facebook page leads people to shop on your website. as well as that, make sure to have a profile image, a cover image, and grow your facebook page a little bit before trying to apply, because facebook wants to see activity on your account. the next thing that you need is an instagram business account, so turn your account into a business one, and after that you also need to grow your account a little bit as well. there isn't a set number of followers that you need to have, or of posts or stories posted, but you do need to have your account grown a bit because otherwise your risk of getting rejected on the motive that you don't have an established presence on instagram. so instagram says that you need to have an established presence on the account. so basically engage with your followers, have activity on your account and basically be credible as a brand on instagram. after you have that on your instagram account and you connect the two through business manager, through facebook business manager, by going to facebook business settings and accounts and connect your facebook page there and your instagram account, also make sure you are an admin for both of those, so you are a partner with your unique facebook account there for your business as well as an admin for your page. after that, what you'll be needing to do is to verify your domain. so to verify your domain you have to go to your facebook business manager, brand safety and domains. there you will need to add your domain without the www extension, so just add incomingsuccesscom. i usually use the third method of verifying the domain, which is adding the head code in an app in shopify. so you'll need to get that code, copy it and then go to shopify app store and install the head app. just type in head, and this is the app that you need to install. once you've done that, you will need to start the free trial. you have three days free trial and, don't worry, they won't charge you. but you can start the free trial and then go to special pages- all pages, site wide- and add your code there. once you save it, you'll need to wait a few minutes before facebook will find the code in your website. so wait a few minutes. then go back to facebook business manager, refresh the page and click verify. this is what you should be seeing: that your domain is verified and that the little round circle next to your domain is now green and says verified is no longer red. another thing i want to mention about domain verification is that you cannot apply for instagram product tagging if you have a domain with the extensionmyshopifycom. you need to purchase your own domain, and you can do so from shopify or you can go for a godaddy domain. the website is down below. they have a bunch of domains you can choose from, and here is how you add that domain to shopify after you purchase it. to add your new domain to shopify, all you need to do is sign into your shopify account, go to sales channels and online store and then click on domains. after that, you'll be able to buy a new domain, transfer an existing domain or connect an existing domain. so if you've already purchased a domain from godaddy, all you have to do is click on transfer domain and write the domain you want to add. after that, you'll be given instructions on exactly how to transfer that domain to your shopify account. after your domain verification is done, what you need to do is to apply for product tagging, and there are two ways in which you can do that. the first way is by going to your instagram account. just simply, as everyone else does, go to settings business and set up instagram shopping from there, you'll be asked to add the facebook page, the facebook account that you have, the catalog, the domain, and you'll be asked to agree with their policies. after that you'll be able to submit your account for review. another way you can apply for instagram product tagging on your shopify store is by going directly in shopify to the facebook sales channel app and just connect your facebook account there, connect your page, and then they will ask you to review the shop and they will ask you to apply to have a shop on instagram. usually, if this works and instagram improves your account for shopping, in a few days you'll get a notification on your instagram account saying you can start tagging products now and add a shop. option will be shown on your profile. if that doesn't happen and instagram doesn't approve your account, there are two ways in which you can appeal their decision. the first way is by going to your instagram app, to settings, business and shopping, and there you'll see the option of requesting another review and the reason which they didn't approve your account. so before you even think of applying again or requesting another review, make sure to take note of why they didn't approve before and make the changes that they ask you to make in order to get your account approved. then you can write them a reason why you think they should approve your account and ask them to review it again. the second way: if that doesn't work as well, you can go to shopify in the facebook sales channel app and there you will see the option of contacting facebook support directly, or you can do so by clicking the link below. even if you don't have a shopify business and are watching this, you can click the link below to contact facebook support regarding instagram shopping. they will ask you to add in a few details, maybe include a screenshot of what is not working, and they usually respond really fast and are very helpful. so click the link below and contact them. be sure to be signed into your facebook account when you're doing this. now, after you finally get approvals, left for you to do is to start tagging products in your posts, in your stories and, of course, creating and designing a shop that is unique to your brand, and you can do that from commerce manager in facebook. so there you go. this is how you apply for instagram product tagging, even if you have a shopify business. as i said, the process is a bit different, but it should work for you if you have a shopify business. so that was pretty much it for this video. thank you so much for watching. i hope this has been helpful to you and now you know how to apply for instagram product tagging and start an instagram shop with your shopify business. if you've enjoyed this video, don't forget to leave it a like and subscribe down below for more such videos every single week. you can also follow me on instagram for ih tvs with insights on my business and income reports and all of that and also educational reels on social media marketing. thank you so much again for watching and i will see you in my next video. [Music] you.

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How to Add Instagram Feed to Shopify Store (Quick & Easy)

in this video, I'm gonna show you how you can add your Instagram feed onto your Shopify store. let's get started right away. so you want to sign into your Shopify account and you want to go to apps, which you can find right here. so click on apps next up. you want to click on visit the Shopify app store. we're gonna do that. now, once you're on this store, you want to search for an extension or an app, which is called in stuffed feed, and this is gonna help us add our Instagram feed to our Shopify store. this is gonna be a free app, so don't worry about that. so once you're here, you want to find the app. you want to find this app right here in stuff feed slash Instagram feed, buy mints. to do so, click on it, and you don't want to download that now. before I click on add app, I just want to show you that this is indeed free and that the reviews are very good. as you can see right there, it's free. they're also having paid plans, but you can just use the free plan and, as you can see right here, the overall rating is 4.8 out of 5, which is just insane. so click on add app right here and it's then gonna add this app to your Shopify store. so I'm gonna do that. let's just wait for that to happen and there you go. so click on install app and here we go. so right now, we need to connect our Instagram to the actual in stuff Eid app, right, so you can click right here on connect an Instagram account. it's then going to send you over to Instagram, where you need to afford guys, this. so I'm already signed into my account. this is just a random account that I just set up for this video, so you want to give in stuff feed permission and next up, you can see that this account is now connected. now, what you can do: you can customize this so you can add different feed titles so you can say check us out on Instagram, for example, or you can say follow us on Instagram- whatsoever, and you can also do post spacing. so notike that right now there's no space between these posts. you can then click on 2%, maybe hit save, and there's then going to be a small space between these posts. so, as you guys right there, check us out on Instagram, and you have, you have this small spacing. you could also an Instagram. when people click on that seek. you can make it do nothing or you can make it pop up and show a product. that's up to you guys. I would just click on save once you're done. now, once you've got this set up, you want to click on online store right here and you can then click on themes and then, right there, you can click on customize, and what we're gonna do right now is actually add it to a store. so we're gonna add a section with that in stuff feed. so you want to scroll down, click on add section right here and then you should be able to find the insta feed app. so click on it and you can then add the Instagram feed. okay. so if you click on add right there, you could then change and customize all of this with the heading size, beef, eat, with the heading font, any custom codes if you want any, okay. so once you're done customizing this, all you need to do is click on save at the top right corner and it will then at your Instagram feed on air. so, as you can see right there, it's now loading. we'll have to wait for that and once that's done, I can see my Instagram feed. there you go. so it's now right here. check out. check us out on Instagram. you can see your Instagram feed posts. now you can also customize this in terms of the order. so let's say that you don't want one layer with four Instagram posts. you can also change that to, let's say, two layers of free Instagram posts. you can do that by simply going to the app and then customizing that as well. but yeah, I'm pretty sure that all of you will be able to figure that out. so just click on it and right here you can see number of rows and number of columns. now, if the video helped you out, please leave a like on the video. I would really appreciate that, and let me know the comments down below if you're going to use it and what kind of Shopify store you have. I would be interested in that. that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed. have a good day. peace out. if this video helped you out, please consider subscribing to my channel to help me grow the largest how to eat channel on YouTube. I appreciate it.

How to Setup Shoppable Products on Instagram for your Shopify Store

so if you ever seen those instagram posts when the page owner is actually tagging an ecommerce product in the actual instagram feed post, in this video i'll show you exactly how you can do it too, so let's get right into it. first things first. i'm right here into a shopify account and it's pretty simple. um, straight to the point, we won't lose any time. right here on the bottom, you see what it says: sales channels. you have this button now. i already have facebook added as a tab. but in order to do that, you're just going to hit this plus button here and facebook is going to show up somewhere, either below messenger or below google, but i already have it added in here and when i click it, this is what it pops. so this is the window that it pops up and he says: um, integrate it with your facebook shop, sell your products on facebook, sell your products on instagram. now, in order to do those instagram posts where you can actually tag your products, you have to also set it up with the facebook shop. so i'm gonna click here: start setup. it's gonna ask me to connect the account. i'm gonna hit yes, obviously gonna put your facebook password, gonna hit continue. gonna hit continue as your name, obviously gonna hit okay. and now, of course, you have to connect the actual business manager of that page. so this is the one that i'm gonna use for this account. it's gonna ask you, of course, to integrate your facebook page. so if you don't have a facebook page, obviously you're gonna have to go and create one. i'm gonna scroll all the way down until i find this one. it's a brand new account, dog bandanas. i'm going to hit connect. i'm going to have to claim the page because he's not in a business manager. all right, so we're going to have to go to facebook business manager to add this page to the um to the account. so, as you can see, i'm right here in the business manager, so you're gonna have to come to pages and then, of course, you have to claim the page. so i'm gonna hit add page and, of course, because i own the page, it's gonna add it to the account right away. so i'm gonna hit add page. of course it recognizes both the instagram account that's connected to that facebook page. i'm gonna hit add all because they both have to, uh, be added. so i'm gonna have to log into the instagram account of that page. all right. so, as you can see, we already have it here in the instagram account too, on the facebook business settings as well, right, so keep that in mind if you get this error in here. that's, um, why that happens. so you're just gonna have to go back again. we may need to hit refresh, or, let's see, i'm gonna hit connect again now and boom, it connected again. yeah, we're gonna skip this for now. facebook commerce account. we're gonna have to create a facebook commerce account in order to do this, because we need a facebook shop for this. so i'm going to hit create new. i'm going to create a new commerce account, we're going to review the terms and conditions, going to hit yes and boom. now it says our facebook shop is connected with our shopify account. and now let's do this for instagram. so let's hit start setup for instagram. it says that the facebook account, the instagram account, was not approved for instagram shopping, and i know why. yesterday i did a tutorial where the dog bandana facebook account. i did a test product, so it didn't get approved. so now what we have to do is we have to go back to the facebook shop on facebook and actually, um, appeal the error that happened on that account. so let's go into the facebook commerce account now. what i had to do was i had to actually active, activate the shopify store. so we're gonna have to copy this link. and now we're gonna have to go to the facebook shop and integrate this url with the facebook product. i mean, we have the same product on the facebook shop, but i'm gonna walk you through exactly how to do that. so this is the shopify account, so i'm just copying this link and i'm going to the facebook commerce account now. all right. so when you go to facebookcom, forward slash, commerce underscore manager is going to ask you to um integrate your partner platform or start a shop from scratch. so i'm going to sync a partner pr um platform and i'm going to say shopify. i'm gonna have to go to the shopify account. i'm gonna have to log in. i'm already logged in, right? so this is gonna actually integrate it automatikally. so as soon as the integration is done, we're gonna have to customize the shop before we are able to activate the instagram shopping. so, all right. so once we hit settings, it's gonna bring us to the actual commerce manager settings account. so we're gonna have to add items to our catalog and, of course, we're gonna add the product that we have from um, our shopify store. all right, we're gonna add manually a product. we're going to grab the files that we just downloaded, gonna hit open. we're gonna say it's a dog bandana. we're gonna place the link from the shopify store. i'm gonna say it's 8.99 if i'm not wrong. we just double check, so it's 8.99. all right, now let's copy the description of it. so dog bandanas, it's actually the um title, and we're gonna go into the description of this and just copy this entire thing, paste it. we're gonna say it's brand new. gonna hit next, next, another, next finish, and this should be all set now. keep in mind, it may take a few seconds. sometimes it may take up to 24 hours. to actually allow you to integrate this product now should allow us to do the integration with instagram. again, it may take a couple minutes to up to 24 hours. sometimes they say in their terms and conditions it can take up to seven days, and then, of course, with all the covet delays and all that. but let's give it a try again and if it doesn't, uh, let us. we just have to wait. yeah, so it seems it doesn't. so we may need to just compact support, but let's give it a shot real quick. what do you want to? i want to appeal a decision about a product. real dog bandanas business manager page. you used to apply to instagram shopping dog bandanas. so what i say in here, it's going to be the actual reason that that happened. so, essentially, the reason that they denied my instagram shopping application initially was the fact that i um copy and pasted the amazon product link into the facebook shop uh website um checkout link instead of putting the shopify. so that was just a rookie mistake, uh, that i didn't realize at the time. so when i applied for the shop, obviously they denied it because you need either shopify integration or you just have to sell the products on facebook and not have amazon as a third party. so i'm gonna just write in here: by mistake, i have added the checkout url as an amazon link instead of using the shopify native integration. i have now corrected it and i would like to get the ig shop appealed and approved, since is a physical product in the dog supplies niche. all right, and now let's see if we can take a screenshot of that. we're just gonna have a simple uh screenshot of this. so let's say: let's see if it still gives us. now, if you run into that issue, i'm going to keep you guys posted, of course, with the appeal. so as soon as this is done- it's probably going to take again a couple- i would say probably a couple hours to maybe a few days- and then, as soon as it will be added here on the bottom, we're gonna see the instagram shopping feature added. so i hope this was helpful to you, especially if you ran into any kind of issues with your application, because pretty much that's what happened here and let me know in the comments. if you do, i'm gonna do a follow-up when we actually do the post so we can tag those products and help you guys out with any other issues that may occur throughout this process. so thanks a lot for watching. guys, don't go anywhere, because in the next video coming up i'll actually show you step by step how you create and then promote your facebook shops. so don't go anywhere, because i'll see you in the next video.


welcome back graduates to another video. so today i'm going to teach you how to add an instagram feed. so far, we've already taught you how to add this- uh, beautiful parallax feature that supports both video from youtube, vimeo, as well as images, and it also, you know, has a lot of different options: overlay options, animations- go watch the video here. you'll see a video here, a link here to go and see that video if you haven't seen it already. and we also taught you how to add an faq to your, uh, your dawn theme, and this. now, these two sections work on all themes. a lot of tutorials we teach you are that that we're going to be teaching you, uh, work on all themes. there's going to be some things that will not work on all themes, but we'll always let you know. but today we're going to be focusing on this instagram feature where you have, you can display your images, the likes, the comments, so it's gonna be a good, good tutorial. and you also have this little area here where you can follow and, you know, add a little, uh, kind of a message. so, anyways, let's get right to it. as always, we have- i have the files ready for you. i'm going to show you how to do this, step by step by step, so please follow along. if you have any issues, please comment below and i will try to get to all of you out, you know, as soon as possible. it's always, you know, difficult to comment back to all those comments. all right, i'm rambling already. so, as always, we start off in our dashboard under home. you're going to want to click on online store. you'll automatikally select themes and you want to go to the theme that you want to edit, and this is the theme that we want to edit. so i'm going to edit code in a new tab and then i'm also going to have the customizer in a new tab, ready to rock and roll. all right, so here we are. let me close out all these. we don't need these open at all and this is a customized. i'm going to show you that does not have an instagram feed: shopify. you take forever to load. i don't know why we have gigabit internet and this thing still crawls. i don't know. comment below. do you guys have trouble loading your, uh, your online editor? i don't know if i'm the only one. so add section and you'll see that there is no instagram. we got the faq from the last video, as well as the parallax image video. uh, media content section. i need to come up with a better name for that. all right, so what we want to do is we want to go to sections and we're going to call this: eg hyphen, instagram hyphen feed, hit enter. now you're going to want to get your text editor or code editor out, like i always advise you. you should probably get a code editor like vs code or sublime, but notepad will work for this. so you want to get your file. you see this file right here and just drag it over and you want to do is copy this text, paste it in and then smack save, like you should be smacking the subscribe button. please, seriously, it helps. all right, that is there, and i'm gonna tell you. all you gotta do is smash this refresh button, just like he smashes the subscribe or like button or both, and now you go all the way down here and let me show you. let me show you something awesome. we got it. it's here. now you have a few options. you have a lot of options, actually. so you have to add new blocks and you have to select your image. so let's go and select this image and then you can, you can change the height and the width. you can add a link to the actual post. now, this is not an automatik instagram feed, because instagram changed their apis. they no longer can just pull in images. that is something we are working in the background. if you guys are interested, um, you know on, you know, you know working with us to develop something like that, let me know in the comment below. you can also subscribe to the channel and we'll announce when we release these things. we have a lot of different things we're going to be launching this year. i'm very excited for it. uh, we have some. we have, uh, some apps in development. we've got themes in development. we've got a whole plethora of things in development and, uh, anyways, let's keep going here. before i get distracted, so you can add your light council, i have a thousand likes because i'm so popular, 5 000 comments because i'm even more popular, and you hover over it and look at that. how beautiful is that? it looks great, right? so we'll just hit save. now let's, uh, let's go to the actual main settings. now you can change the background color, which is what i like to do. you can wrap it in a container, um, and you can do your. you can change your text color, you can do all kinds of cool stuff. what do we got here? so we got, you know, button colors. you can do secondary, and again, this works on all devices. i mean all themes, sorry. and again someone was asking me about the padding. what does that do it? just what it does is your padding is the space inside of you see how this is a grey box here, like this right here is like gray area. it's the padding, is the space inside here, and then margins is on, is a space on the outside. so if you want to move things down, you can do that. if you want to add space below it, you can do that, and you'll see that there is space. now. if you wanted to make this just thicker, you can do that too. now, what's awesome is the fact that you can go and just we'll just keep adding blocks, add blocks, let's add some more. i'll just fill this space up, right? so what we got here is you can do items for on desktop. so four, if you want to do, you know, like uh, three, you can do that. two as well. and it also works on mobile. so mobile. we can change this up, we can do. you know i wanna have three options per mobile and do it like that. you know it looks kind of funky, but it is what it is, it works. so anyways, guys, i hope you enjoyed the video. as always, make sure you like it, comment, subscribe- not in that order, but whatever. now we do have a facebook group and i would appreciate it if you join that facebook group. it's a community of like-minded individuals. we're all helping each other out, trying to, you know, add new features to our stores and just make them just the best looking branded store ever. so, yeah, do that. i promise you you will not be sorry that you did so. anyways, guys, please comment below, also with suggestions. what are you trying to learn? what would you like us to do a tutorial on? uh, right now we're focused on dawn theme just because it's a. it's a shopify tune up 2.0- uh, free theme and we just want to add features to it. you know, make it a, a well-rounded, robust theme with our cool little code snippets. so i hope this video helped. as always, guys, until next time.