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how to ads on facebook

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

NEW Facebook Ads Tutorial for Beginners in 2022 – FULL FREE COURSE

On-screen right now, I'll teach you how to  step-by-step set up a solid Facebook ads from  ,scratch, and when we do this correctly it'll mean  a new ongoing stream of revenue for you and your  ,business. But...how am I so sure that Facebook  Ads still works? If you just take a look right now  ,on-screen, if I go to the Facebook Report Third  Quarter 2021 Results and yearly financial results  ,they're still seeing year on year growth on their  active user base and advertising revenue so taking  ,a quick look at the ad revenue right here you  can see that there is tremendous year-on-year  ,growth and there's no sign of slowing down yet and  there are almost 2 billion active users every day  ,that we can still reach and let's not forget this  also includes instagram so this is the reason why  ,myself and the team are spending tens of thousands  of dollars every month on facebook and instagram  ,ads across our businesses with a pretty decent  return to this day although lots has changed  ,with the facebook ads since my days working as a  digital marketing manager in the corporate world  ,so let's go ahead and get stuck into the tutorial  see what's different and see how we can still set  ,up great facebook ads and by the way drop a like  and subscribe if you find today's video useful  ,it's always appreciated so the absolute very first  thing you want to do if you don't already have an  ,account is head onto the url business.facebook.com  and then you want to create a new business account  ,first you need to log into your facebook account  and then create a new business account so once you  ,have that done you're going to head on to facebook  business manager this is a fresh account so we can  ,follow along here and this is your ads manager  account and we want to familiarize ourselves with  ,how to navigate this interface so firstly we have  the campaign section so the campaign section and  ,the campaign view is where we get an overview of  everything that's happening all the ads that we're  ,going to set up then the ad sets is the ads the  ads underneath the campaign and then finally you  ,have the ads itself underneath ad sets so it sort  of trickles down and we have a flow on effect from  ,campaigns to ad sets to ads the campaign structure  is very important and i'll mention more about that  ,in a moment we also have the column section and  this is very important in analyzing our ads our  ,performance and getting more detail from all our  campaigns then we also have the breakdown effect  ,so this breakdown column is essentially  giving you again more detail about the ads  ,and more efficiently viewing our data so data  is very important when it comes to facebook ads  ,and then finally you have reports where you can  generate reports and customer reports and then in  ,this section here once we create ads you'll start  to familiarize yourself with the data fields and  ,this is where you're going to see all the ad names  the delivery types the bid strategy the budget and  ,all the other statistiks that we need to know when  it comes to facebook ads now just before we create  ,an ad together the second thing you want to do  is competitor research and we want to run some  ,competitor research because we want to understand  what a good ad looks like in your business and  ,find out some competitors and what they're doing  in with their ads so one of my favorite tools is  ,the facebook ad library and it's literally  that it's a library of ads that we can see  ,you can reach this page on facebook.com forward  slash ads forward slash library but taking a look  ,here you can set let's set this to all so it's a  global and then we can start to find and click all  ,ads and then we can start to find examples of  great ads let's just say we're running ads for  ,phone cases an iphone case so all we need to do  here is type in iphone cases and then click enter  ,and then we can start to see different ads for  phone cases iphone cases specifically and now the  ,best way to do this is to find competitor brands  brainstorm competitor brands within your niche and  ,find them directly in the facebook ad library so  this is a great way initially just to use generic  ,terms like iphone cases to find very generic ads  they may or may not be performing well but it  ,gives you a few ideas of what is and maybe isn't  working well and some ideas for creative and and  ,ad copy and all of that good stuff but the best  way to do this is again to find your competitors  ,so in this case let's type in pure cases i think  it was the first yep it's this one here i believe  ,so i know this is a great iphone case brand and  so we can directly look at their ads and see what  ,they're doing well and a great way to find out the  ads that are working for them even though we can't  ,exactly see all the data and all the performance  data we i usually like to scroll all the way down  ,uh to their oldest ads because if their  oldest ads are still running it's usually a  ,good indicator that those ads are performing well  for them so their oldest ads are in august 2021  ,and so i like to take a look and click see our  details and just take a overall look at what  ,they're doing you know where where the ad directs  to and what the landing page looks like so again  ,this is a great way uh looking at competitor  competitors and getting a good idea of your  ,ads i think this is one of the best ways to start  especially if you're new to facebook ads or you're  ,still a beginner it's to do competitor research  and just get some ideas from there the second  ,tool i want to mention before we jump in actually  create some ads is a new tool actually called um  ,campaign ideas generator now this is a tool  that you can reach at facebook.com forward slash  ,business forward slash campaign ideas generator by  the way i'll leave all the links down below just  ,so it's easier for you all to access but with this  tool this is a relatively new tool to get campaign  ,ideas you know if you don't know what type of  campaigns to run this is a great way to start  ,it is very generic though just be wary of that so  all you need to do is say i have a pick your niche  ,let's say you're in consumer goods let's just say  and then i would like like campaign suggestions  ,for you know a specific event or a specific time  in the year let's just say easter in this case  ,and get campaign ideas and what facebook will  do is it'll troll through all its campaign data  ,and give you suggestions for some campaign ideas  it will even give you ready to go ads so you can  ,start to see hey what might work well you can  also download the jpegs and images and start  ,using them as creative don't recommend that though  you want to create your own creative and images so  ,just be wary of that but again it's just a good  place to start because i know a lot of people  ,they're unsure of where to start when it comes  to facebook ads and can be pretty overwhelming so  ,those are the two tools that i recommend that are  directly from facebook themselves now moving on to  ,actually creating the ad itself let's jump back  into our ads manager so this is a brand new ads  ,manager and let's create an ad together the very  first thing you want to do is click on the big  ,green button click create and depending on if you  have a new ad account you may get this warning  ,message as well nothing to be worried about  you can go complete your account setup later on  ,but now first thing you want to do is create a  campaign objective depending on your goal you may  ,want to go with any one of these really depending  on what you're selling and what your objective is  ,but in any case probably the most two common  objectives right here is of course conversions  ,traffic and engagement i'm going to go set up  a conversions ad just so we can push sales but  ,this is very broad it really does depend  on what type of business you are running  ,and if you have

How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (COMPLETE GUIDE) | Facebook Ads Tutorial 2023

ladies and gentlemen you truly are in,for a treat today because for some of,you guys you're coming into this video,with zero facebook ad experience for,some of you guys you might be coming in,with you know a moderate or intermediate,level of knowledge when it comes to,facebook ads so whatever stage you are,at i will take you from that the,full-blown expert by the end of today's,video in fact i've even gone ahead and,broken everything down into timestamps,below so if you want to skip to a,certain section,you can go ahead and do that just make,sure you stay around until the end of,the video because i'm doing a massive,massive massive giveaway you will not,want to miss and on that note let's get,into today's training so ladies and,gentlemen facebook ads master class,step-by-step 2022,here is what we will cover why advertise,on facebook all assets you're going to,need to basically start advertising how,to set up your facebook page how to set,up your business manager how to create,your first campaign how to define your,budget how to value results as well as,how to optimize your campaigns so why,advertise on facebook well it's pretty,simple you know we've got 1.93 billion,daily active users we have 28 billion,total ad revenue every single year and,you're gonna find that you'll spend,roughly one dollars cost per click,and,11.54 cents cpm now if you don't know,what cpm means don't worry,stik around this video and i'll show,you exactly why now why do i advertise,on facebook well that's a great question,and and to answer that you need to look,at my two main companies so iig meter,right there is my advertising agency,that i started at the age of 16 while i,was still in high school to support me,and my mom i've been running that for,five and a half years having an,advertising agency is about as cool as,having an accounting firm really not you,know like a crazy crazy exciting,lifestyle what is crazy exciting about,it is the money that it gives you the,free cash flow because the margins and,the profits are so good from it that i,can you know have my cmo or at least now,after five and a half years of running,it i can have my cmo who runs it i only,need to work four or five hours a week,on it which by the way that's after five,and a half years i don't think you'll,have this in the first year okay like,it's it's not um it's not easy but it's,it's simple to build up and every year,you need to do less and less to attract,higher and higher paying plans but as i,said now five and a half years on at,this point it makes me anywhere from 1.2,to 1.5 million dollars a year profit uh,and with that you can do some pretty,cool things with your lifestyle so yeah,that is my advertising agency so that's,a big reason why we advertise even,though i never touch any of my clients,ad accounts anymore and haven't for like,two years now,um so that's that then i also actually,run the biggest education company on,earth that helps other agency owners,primarily in non-competing industries,start and we help people who literally,just are work in university or have a,day job and they just want a business a,lifestyle business that can help them,have financial freedom location freedom,and time freedom and scale up to 10k a,month we help that subsection of people,all the way from the agencies who are,already doing half a million dollars a,year profit and want to get to a million,dollars a year profit and also just kind,of streamline their system so in that,business we actually don't do a lot of,it pretty much 95 of our business,organic but we still do some advertising,in that business to bring in new,customers ah also to mention at my,agency the way that we get most of our,clients except for referrals these days,i said once you do something for five,and a half years you build up a long,track record uh is ads so the way that,we bring in new clients who don't know,us is we advertise so we actually,advertise to get clients and then we,advertise for our clients so yeah that's,a little bit about why i personally,advertise on facebook anyways let's move,on here are some benefits of advertising,on facebook first things first sell more,okay you can advertise your product or,service and send people to your website,to purchase you can generate leads okay,so you can use facebook adverts to,collect names emails phone numbers and,more directly from your targeted,customers you can also use facebook ads,to distribute content facebook and,instagram are also the ideal places to,distribute the content you create and,maximize your reach you can also use it,for app installs okay you can advertise,app on facebook and instagram and,generate more downloads because of it,so there are a few different value,propositions first things first is,testing all right facebook is the,perfect sandbox to mass test your offer,whether you're on a budget or you have,venture capital backing up your business,you can get results in as little as a,day and you can validate whether this,product actually works and whether the,market even wants your product next,thing targeting facebook is by far the,ad network with the most information,about their users now this allows us as,advertisers to micro segment our target,and reach our exact ideal customers not,only that but their machine intelligence,works so well that most of the times you,don't even have to use targeting at all,since it already knows exactly the type,of users who are most likely to respond,to your ads,then we have cpc now the real beauty of,facebook is that they only charge you,once you get a click and you can get,clicks for as low as one cent although,you know that's not very common average,cost per clicks we see is anywhere from,you know 30 cents all the way up to two,dollars depending on your market and,country and last thing is predictability,on facebook when you dial in your funnel,and your offer you can consistently put,one dollar in and get two three five,hell even ten dollars out with,predictability as the saying goes the,most dependable and consistent way to,generate wealth is to turn advertising,into profit so let's tok about the,assets you're going to need to actually,start advertising first things first is,business management now a business,manager is the container that holds all,of your business assets so within your,business manager will live the ad,accounts the pages the pixels as well as,the payment methods now below your,business manager we have ad accounts,right so you'll have one business,manager and inside your business manager,you can have five ad accounts this is,where you create all of your campaigns,and as i said you can have multiple ad,accounts per business manager,then we have your page right so the,facebook page is where your ads will,actually run from then moving on we have,your domain now facebook now requires,you to verify the ownership of your,domain in order to drive ads to it,moving on pixel now the pixel is simply,a piece of code you put on your website,that will track all the visitors actions,for you so you can actually track what,sort of results your ads are yielding,then we have payment method simple,enough now if you already have all the,assets set up you can actually skip to,the following time stamp for the,campaign creation step by step but if,you don't let me run you through it so,let's tok about creating a facebook,page,now i will leave the link in the,description for page creation as well as,the guide made by facebook on how to,create it the key here is to use real,brand information as well as giving,facebook as much info as possible about,your business because this way you're,creating more trust with them and,letting them know that you are a real,and serious business and this will,really help you down the line because as,you may know these days it doesn't take,much for facebook to decide to disable,your ad account so the more virtue,signaling you can give facebook the,better now you know having your ad,account disabled is very very comm

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The ONLY Facebook Ads Course YOU Need

Over the past few years, I've built and scaled multimillion-dollar e-commerce,companies utilizing Facebook advertising.,And in this course, I'm going to teach you absolutely everything,that I know about Facebook ads.,So you can also find that level of success for your brand or your agency.,All that I ask is that you can hit this like button on this video,as a really helps out my channel.,Along with that, subscribe with notifications on if you're into,advertising and e-commerce, this course is brought to you by pondir.com,,which is an artificial intelligence platform for Facebook advertisers.,They have tools that can write your copy, perform creative,analysis, optimize your ads.,They offer courses, research studies and so much more in fun fact, I'm,actually the founder of pondir.com.,So with that said, definitely go check out pondir.,We've got everything you need.,And here in this course, I'm going to give you the education completely free.,So if you want some tools to help you out with your Facebook advertising journey,and your road to success, go ahead and check out pondir without further ado.,I hope you enjoy this Facebook ads course, and I cannot wait to,see the level of success that you find using all of our strategies.,Let's get into it.,What are Facebook ads in?,What is Facebook advertising?,That's an actual question.,I'm asking you right now.,And I want you to define your answer of what are Facebook ads.,Since I obviously can't hear you in your response, I'm going to use my,fiance Maggie, as an example of she has never run Facebook ads herself.,So Hey Maggie, what are Facebook ads?,And what does Facebook advertising?,Facebook ads are advertisements that you see, they come up on your newsfeed,that are products that I'm from here is what I was expecting as an answer.,And that's what I was expecting for your answer to be as well.,Now, let me rephrase this in a way that hopefully it brings some,more clarity to why I expect you to say that when I ask you, what,are these, what are apple AirPods?,You're probably going to say their headphones.,They play music, but let's break this down.,There's a driver, there's plastik there's coils, there's software there's foam,ear tips that produced the headphone that produced the music, the music, and,the listening is just the end result.,And when you're scrolling your newsfeed and you see a sponsored,post appear, that's the end result in order to efficiently run Facebook.,You first need to understand what Facebook ads really are.,What are Facebook ads more than 2 billion people use Facebook every,single month advertisers bid to show their ad on those people's devices.,Facebook advertising is simply an online auction.,Each time.,There's an opportunity to show someone an ad, an auction takes place to determine,which advertiser will have the chance to show their ad billions of auctions take,place every single day across the Facebook family of apps and network of websites.,When we as advertisers create ads, we tell Facebook who we want to show our ads to.,By defining a target audience, a person can fall into multiple target audiences.,For example, one advertiser targets, women who like skiing while another,advertiser targets all skiers who live in California, the same person in this,case, a female sphere who lives in California could fall into the target,audience of both of the advertisers.,So now when there's an opportunity to show that single person an ad, and,there's multiple advertisers targeting them, those advertisers will now enter,an auction where they will bid to show their creative on that user's device.,So how do you win an auction to ensure that the winning ad maximizes value,for both people and the business, the winner of the auction is the,ad with the highest total value.,And this is extremely, extremely important to take note of the highest total value,is a combination of three major factors.,Number one, the bid, the bid is placed by an advertiser for that ad placement.,In other words, what is the advertiser willing to pay, to,achieve their desired outcome?,And there's actually multiple ways to manage your bid in an ad auction.,We'll discuss this later on in the course, but for now the first key,of a highest total value is the bid.,What amount is the advertiser willing to pay, to show their,ad to that user on their device?,Number two, estimated action rates, an estimate of whether a,partikular person engages with or converts from a partikular ad.,In other words, the probability that showing an ad to a person leads to,that desired outcome of the advertiser.,For example, if your goal is a purchase, what is the estimated probability that,if Facebook shows your ad, that user will result in a purchase, finally,,number three, add quality ad quality is a measure of the quality of an,ad as determined from many sources, including feedback from people viewing,or hiding the ad and assessments of low quality attributes in the head, such as,withholding information, sensationalized, language and engagement bait.,And the big takeaway is that engaging in clickbait and engagement bait,does not improve ad performance.,So together these estimated action rates and ad quality measure the ad relevance.,In fact, Facebook subsidizes, relevant ads in auctions.,So more relevant ads actually cost less and see more results.,In other words, an ad that's relevant to a person could win an auction,against ads with higher bids.,And this is a big trend that we've been seeing over the past few years with,Facebook, after they got in some trouble with the government and came with the,Cambridge Analytika scheme, they became quote unquote more transparent with their,users and a big piece of that was making the user's experience on Facebook better.,And so as advertisers, by creating a good experience for the user and a,good experience through to Facebook by driving results, it's a win-win,and Facebook will actually charge you less to show your ad more against,people that are trying to outbid you.,So how do you know if your ad performed against those three mentioned criteria?,So there's actually a way to view in the ads manager, but once again,,we're going to get into that later on in the course, as you just learned,,there's a lot more to Facebook ads, Facebook ads, aren't just the posts,that you see advertising a product on your news feed or in your inbox.,There's so much more beneath it.,And as a future advertiser or an existing advertiser, it's extremely,crucial that we know the inner workings of how to feed the Facebook system and,algorithm with exactly what they need to drive industry leading results.,now it's time to actually get into the Facebook advertising ecosystem.,So go ahead and grab a cup of coffee and get your computer because we,are going to dive straight into it.,Before we jump into the Facebook ads platform, you need to understand,why you're clicking the buttons.,And when it comes to building a business manager is actually extremely vital that,you understand the structure beneath it in order to build it correctly.,So before we actually go into the ads platform on your computer, grab a,notebook, I highly recommend a whiteboard.,If you have 50 to a hundred dollars to invest, this is my favorite favorite tool.,And let's go through what a business manager actually is.,So what you see here is one business manager.,And I want you to take note of that.,This is the structure that I'm about to run through is only one business manager.,And that's what you're going to be building here in the,next four to five minutes.,So for my business, which is called pondir, you can put your whatever,name, your businesses are preparing to launch whatever the name is.,This is Potter's business manager.,So we create the business manager and then underneath of it, every single business,manager can have multiple ad accounts.,For example, pondir's business manager now has 15 ad accounts attached.,So the ad account ad accounts are the child of a single

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Facebook Ads in 2023: Brand NEW Secrets, Strategies & Pro-Tips

I'm about to show you eight really,powerful hacks secret strategies and pro,tips designed and proven to get your,Facebook ad performance to look,something like this in 2023 if you apply,any of what you learn here in this video,you'll put an end once and for all to,wasting money and that idea that,Facebook ads just don't work because,they do and to help me prove that I,reached out to some of the smartest,Facebook ad experts I know Amanda Bond,Adam erhart and Salome shellac to hear,directly from them what's in their 2023,Facebook ads Playbook so that you can,steal from the best don't worry they're,totally cool with it and duplicate their,big time results by using what's working,amazingly well right now so between the,four of us we've run tens of millions of,dollars in Facebook ads so trust me this,is the stuff that works and if you stik,with me till the end I'll let you in on,my proven start to finish Facebook ad,funnel that's perfect perfect for any,service based business out there so,Facebook ads have changed a lot over the,past few years first we have the,adpocalypse with the iOS 14 update which,basically put a stop to being able to,track people who've been to our website,so that we can retarget them with ads,thanks apple and this past year we've,seen Facebook problem solve their way,toward correcting that so they've,simplified targeting and the objectives,you can choose and they've given us a,few brand new options too what's working,best in Facebook right now that's,digital marketing expert and fellow,YouTuber Adam erhart and this guy knows,what he's toking about when it comes to,Facebook ads is really adapting and,understanding the changes that have,taken place with tracking and privacy,and all the policies around there so,it's like obviously everybody's familiar,iOS 14 came and just like decimated,everybody's tracking so we've got to,understand the rules and then play,Within them meaning that we can still do,retargeting we can still build,incredibly effective highly targeted,audiences so essentially the best thing,that we've done is start to transition a,lot of our custom audiences stay away,from email lists and away from website,visitors more to like lead form engagers,ah lead forms specifically Facebook's,new and improved lead form ads I'm gonna,kick this off as my number one strategy,because all three of my expert guests,were really into lead ads as something,that you should be using this year back,in I think it was like 2015 the lead ads,came onto the scene and I remember,trying them out and dismissing them at,first like years about this is Facebook,ads expert Amanda Bond AKA Bond and,she's been featured in places like,Forbes Inc magazine you know no biggie I,was like oh my God these lead ads like,no thank you they're not you have to,integrate them with your email,autoresponder there's like a few more,steps you couldn't design the experience,to be very cute back then you're,terrible like they were just they were,so bad and we would get uh we would get,like 10 cent leads but they'd all be,garbage and so I just dismissed it for,years and years we're have tried them,again this year and in one instance we,were able to cut our lead costs from,like 50 down to ten dollars in the first,instance Facebook did some really good,work with the algorithm and with the,targeting with the way that they're,they're sort of delivered and the way,that people engage and interact with,them and I think pairing that with the,way that people now feel more,comfortable sort of using lead ads,they're starting to become really,effective and then another example like,another angle of creative we were able,to get those leads down to three and,four dollars with lead ads so why are,lead formats cheaper than if you were to,do it the old way you know sending,someone back off to your website to fill,out a form there I think people staying,on the platform Facebook is really,enjoying so they're giving us cheaper,Impressions and anyone who clicks over,to that form directly on Facebook is,retargetable because we're not leaving,the platform at all and you don't even,have to set up a landing page anymore,like you could just do it in Facebook it,take it took me like 15 minutes from,start to finish to get one live so I'm a,big fan of lead ads again so I remember,the big problem that I used to have with,lead ads was that you'd get more people,and they would definitely be cheaper but,they're also kind of like they were,worse leads like they just weren't as,likely to convert into customers so are,you saying that's not the case anymore,no I mean we're tracking it pretty solid,and and they're they're solid humans,coming through engaging taking actions,on the back end so we're like in what,we're seeing especially when you go from,50 leads down to three and one way that,Facebook's increased the lead quality is,by offering us this option when we go to,create our lead ad form so you can,either select more volume or you can,choose higher intent if you check that,option there's one more step that leads,have to go through if they want to,submit their information so that's going,to result in fewer but higher quality,leads who are more likely to turn into,an actual customer or client and sure,you can use lead ad forms to have people,schedule an appointment or a,consultation but there's actually a,better use for them which brings us to,Facebook ads 2023 Pro tip number two and,that's building your email list this is,saloni Shellac Salome is the owner of,shine and succeed Facebook ads agency,and the host of this super helpful,podcast the shine Show she spent over,five hundred thousand dollars on,Facebook ads in the first half of 2022,alone like there's no substitute for,building your email list and if you're,in a service based business that becomes,even more important because when you're,making a larger sum of money off of a,fewer number of people having a good,strong email list means you get to help,people you get to teach them you get to,share valuable information with them,that set you up as the authority in your,industry and means the next time you,need a new client,you send out an email and say we have an,opening for a client click here to apply,you are so much more likely to fill that,open spot faster than if you are not,building your list and not adding value,this building is also fairly affordable,if you think of your marketing budget,and you just decide I'm going to set,aside a thousand dollars a month and you,spend that thousand dollars just on list,building you will never regret that,never ever and there are a few reasons,for that first of all the way most sales,happen is through repeated exposure so,your customers need to see you or hear,from your business over and over again,before choosing to spend any actual,money with you and yes you can get that,repeated exposure through Facebook alone,but it's harder and much more expensive,to do it that way than if you were to,pay for the initial Facebook ad that,gets people onto your email list and,then move the conversation over to email,to close the sale and here's the basics,for how this would work first of all,you'd want to create some kind of lead,generator or lead Magnet download that,your ideal customer would want to get,their hands on so this should promise a,result or an outcome not just,information things like quick start,checklists or curated resource lists or,templates even quizzes were great for,this then your ad becomes all about,selling that not your product or paid,service it's all about getting them to,hand over their email address in,exchange for your lead Magnet download,so they fill out the lead form then,email automation takes over delivering,it to them and now you have another,email address from someone that you can,then send a really short nurture email,campaign to helping them with more of,your expert advice tips and secrets and,then this would continue on for three or,four emails and then you can start to,actually sell when

How To Create Facebook Ads that Convert!

learn how to become a facebook,entrepreneur and earn a six-digit income,through facebook company,videos that will make you,wealthy,and debt-free,there this is shinkitan also known as mr,ching positive thank you very much for,tuning in on this channel if you haven't,subscribed in this channel please do,click subscribe and don't forget to,click the bell button,videos,okay today our topic is all about how to,really generate income from facebook,most businesses are right now forced to,go online if online selling pom pinago,pantalega facebook is one of the most,powerful tools to build your online,business,however,most of the online business and,entrepreneurs or solopreneurs,even before they are starting and,advertising their products on facebook,number one,if you are experiencing this right now,you are not alone,however we still need to learn facebook,marketing and advertising because we,know that facebook helps you to build,your brand presence at the same time,facebook will drive traffic to your page,messenger and website on facebook,to find new customers and clients to,sell and also facebook's can help you,secure meetings and getting inquiries,online because this is how you grow you,really your online business now it is,there are two choices that you can make,first choice ball,learn from your mistakes and do it alone,which is costly and expensive,our second,learn from other people who are,successful and already have done it,which do you think is a better choice,you choice number one or choice number,two,probably your choice is good as mine,okay it should be second choice number,two so the good news is you don't have,to do this alone that's number one you,do not have to do trial and error bucket,ball because it wastes a lot of time in,experimenting if others already are,successful you waste money by buying ads,that never works at the same time you,waste your energy on trying to learn it,on your own,me and my team successfully do it well,i've grown my online business by using a,proven facebook marketing and,advertising strategy in fact,we have right now 2.5 million followers,on facebook and 800 000 subscribers on,youtube or and then eating good news we,grew the channel organically when you,say organically hindi pakistan facebook,ads,okay,to bring my online business to the next,level i need to know something new i,need to invest on how to do facebook ads,we've tried it several times but we,failed miserably until until last,reached out to me and then promised me,that he can grow down my business and,grow my ikanga sales using facebook ads,i'm willing to do this with you okay,trials two weeks four,that'd be called ha free,since there was nothing to lose alabama,i partnered with facebook ads as expert,as he claims,to potentially increase my online sales,in just 15 days,i was shocked,i think,this is probably the proof no someone,kind of,hundred thousand and nine hundred,seventy three pesos amazing television,wow it works,that level of portal again online,business facebook marketing and,advertising now my question to you is,this do you want to learn how was i able,also to do it,yes my goodness,we have developed an online course,called facebook entrepreneur how to earn,money through facebook this will be by,demand so you can watch it anytime,anywhere any place,and the good news is,you can watch it for one whole,year uh what will you learn on this,workshop number one we will share with,you on how to sell your products and,service on facebook page and facebook,marketplace i will also show you how our,team generate ideas and content to,promote your products workshops services,or facebook page to get consistent sales,on session one for session one for we,will teach about facebook basics you,will learn from rather than mr chinkitan,how to sell using facebook page,organically how to create and schedule,contents how to get your products in,front of interested buyers using,facebook marketplace that's number one,okay number two,how to take your business to the next,level using facebook ads and messenger,marketing with again facebook expert,junji,gemaran okay so john g po is actually a,facebook advertising expert and coach,and he made himself very successful he,was the person behind fb ads campaign he,also helps e-commerce and businesses to,earn up to eight figures monthly using,online advertising,on session 2. exciting facebook,messenger with chatbots you will learn,from junji how to set up a chatbot in,your page and leverage with messenger,auto marketing to automate your what,sales on facebook,session number three facebook ads you,will also again learn from junji the,full preview of business manager how to,create an ad account how to create more,uh how to use the tools to promote your,products and services,inside information the step-by-step,basic facebook ad set up panel create,your first advertising campaign actually,and the strategy that he's also using to,help his client to succeed,in facebook ads okay so so anu people,are partikipants who attended this event,minute,enrique de ramos my goodness so solid,nurse grace,sickling,learning sir thank you so much,tina,i'm so happy learning a lot searching,the language,thank you very much for the reviews next,question,these are for realtors or if not the,webinar real estate no,facebook ads or macbook facebook,financial advisors network marketers and,those who want to really get clients,from facebook if you are also an online,shop owner or an entrepreneur or a,freelance digital marketer or even a,virtual,so that's for business people but for,people who are freelance digital,marketer and virtual assistant,and then you can already start charging,per campaign per campaign economics is,set up you can charge from a minimum of,twenty five thousand to a high of,seventy five thousand pesos per campaign,wow,facebook ads facebook marketing that is,it the next question,is this is,investment but yes so question how much,the investment if you can find a course,that will help you to earn 30 000 pesos,a month or,300 000 or 3 million pesos a year,my question to you is this how much are,you willing to invest,let's say again sabine i think 10,i think 10 is a reasonable price so at,30 000 10 percent that's around 3,000 pesos of course you still get ninety,percent,good news and good news we're not,offering this course at three thousand,pesos,of course nato is only for one thousand,five hundred ninety almost fifty percent,on discount but wait we want to make it,easier for you to decide if you enroll,now,instead of 1598,we will give you a special discount of,600 pesos so instead of five nine eight,you will get this right now this course,for only how much,998 pesos yes you heard it right 998,so what are you waiting for so if you,want to become an fb entrepreneur all,you need to do is just click on the link,below click on the link below or if not,type the word called fbe inside the,comment box type the word fbe inside the,comment box so that we will be able to,send you a link so that can enroll and,register this ching tan saying to every,problem there's always a solution if,you're not part of the solution you're,part of the problem always positive,thank you for watching if you want to,keep on growing and to stay inspired,subscribe and hit the bell button to get,notified always think positive,[Music],oh

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2023 - How To Create Facebook Ads FOR BEGINNERS (Step-By-Step)

running Facebook ads as a beginner can,be one of the most confusing and costly,things if you don't know exactly what to,be doing you'll find yourself spending,way too much money on ads that are not,making you any money and not spending,enough on ads that can be making you,even more money and I'm here today to,save you from all of that,now all you have to do is pay attention,because by the end of this video you'll,be able to set up and profitably run,your Facebook ads from scratch even if,you have zero experience hey I have,something special for you guys because,we're gonna be going absolutely crazy in,this video so make sure to smash that,like button get this video to 2 000,likes so I can give you my six figure ad,ammunition sheet to break down,everything that you need to know and,remember while running your ads plus,five winning products that you could be,selling today I'll be putting the link,of this down in the description once,this video reaches 2 000 likes to help,you take off with your online business,and you guys already know that each and,every single week I give out a free,one-on-one Consulting call to help one,lucky winner streamline their success,and get all of their questions answered,if you want to win this week make sure,to smash that like button down below and,in the comment section down below,comment the word Dropship with your,biggest takeaway from this video and,I'll be announcing the winner from last,week somewhere inside this video so make,sure to stay tuned the entire way,without further Ado let's go ahead and,get right into it now like I said,Facebook ads can be intimidating when,first getting started so this is going,to be a step-by-step complete breakdown,of everything that you need to know in,order to get started in the right,direction successfully if you're not,running ads because you don't know what,to do then there is no excuse why you,can't get started after watching this,but before you're ready to run ads you,want to make sure that there's a couple,things that you should have prepared so,that you can get the most return for,what you're spending on your,advertisements now the first thing is,going to be of course a product that has,the potential to sell to be honest with,you if you don't have a product that,there's a market for you're going to be,running ads for literally no reason you,need to have a product that falls in,line with the trend and ideally solve,some sort of problem and this is going,to be a direct reflection of helping you,get the numbers that you need with your,advertisements and start putting some,serious profit back in your pockets and,I'll show you how to find these products,in this video right here so make sure to,go ahead and check that out once you,finish this video the next thing that,you're going to want to be prepared with,is having an actual Shopify store now,remember you can run ads and have the,best advertisements on the market with,the best product but if your customers,are coming to a store that looks like a,mess you'll be running ads for no reason,every single thing is intertwined when,it comes to drop shipping and are all,going to play a role in how well your,ads are doing for you and whether you're,making money or not making money from,running them and you know me I got you,covered if you need to start a new,Shopify store you can click the link,down in my description that's going to,give you an absolute free trial with no,credit card required in your next three,months with your Shopify store only,costing you one single dollar now before,we head into how to set up and test your,ads you're going to have to have your,Shopify store connected and ready to go,on the back end so that you can even run,the ads in the first place and this,connection process is where you'll be,creating something called your pixel and,your pixel is what stores and tracks the,data that you're receiving on your,online store is a key factor to helping,you make sales while running your ads,it's so important that you get your,Shopify store connected to Facebook,correctly so make sure that you follow,this step by step so first thing you're,going to do is come over here to Shopify,go to apps and type in Facebook and then,you want to download this app right here,called Facebook and Instagram by meta,once you have that downloaded you should,see that in your sales Channel you want,to go ahead and click on it and then,where it says advertise your products on,Facebook you want to go ahead and click,Start setup this is where you're going,to go ahead and connect your Facebook,account and your business manager so you,can start advertising and if you don't,have your business manager set up yet or,your Facebook profile check out this,video right here to go ahead and learn,how but this is what it looks like so,you'll just come over here and click,connect account again that's going to be,your actual personal Facebook account,then you want to go ahead and click on,your business account this is going to,be your business manager so you just,click connect to data sharing you want,to make this maximum so you may be,seeing conservative enhanced I recommend,definitely doing maximum and then this,is where you want to go ahead and,connect your pixel so once you go ahead,and do that you click connect terms and,conditions I agree and then just submit,for review and you're good to go,Facebook has changed with how you,connect your pixel from last year so,make sure to go ahead and re-watch that,section again now that you have,everything connected you're ready to,start running your ads and this is where,things are about to get interesting the,key to running ads is to get as much,data as possible without spending a ton,of money and the way that I like to do,that and I suggest that you do it too is,something called creative testing now,you probably heard all these different,gurus across all YouTube tell you just,go find a winning product and just go,randomly just test it out well you have,to understand that Facebook ads is a,bidding auction and the only way that,you can win the bid is by having a,stronger creative which means that,success and profit that you're looking,for with your online store is going to,be a direct correlation of how well your,advertisement is doing so your creative,and advertisement is everything creative,testing is a testing strategy that,allows you to test out different,thumbnails and different videos against,each other at a lower cost so that when,you actually get into interest testing,you already know which creative is going,to work and which one's going to help,you out Market all of your competition,but the way you should be doing creative,testing this year is with the goal to,get the information that you need back,much quicker with more data so you can,start making sales right from the jump,understanding what ads you should be,running can be a difficult decision but,I guarantee you that my new creative,testing strategy will have you more,confident quicker than ever when it,comes to deciding what ads to run let's,head over to my ad manager so I can show,you how to set it up when you're on your,ads manager the first thing you're going,to want to do is set up your columns,which is going to allow you to read your,data accurately and efficiently let's,set up the columns real quick and go,over which each column is going to mean,to you so first thing you want to do is,hit this little down button right here,you want to go to customize columns and,then you want to take all of this out so,take every single thing out and the,first thing you want to do is do reach,which is telling you how many times your,ad has reached a specific person then,you want to do Impressions because how,many times that certain person has seen,your advertisement then you want to do,video average playtime to see how long,people are actually watching your video,videos played at 95 to see who's,watching a video the entire way through,and then here comes some impor