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How to Advertise in PUBG: Tips for Successful Promotion

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

Hey there humans, hippies, Earthlings, or whoever you may be and wherever you may be doing, welcome back to our channel. Today's video is proudly sponsored by Bungie Mobile and it's all about hip firing and ADS-ing in PUBG Mobile. We'll break it down for you and give you a golden rule to help you get things done. We'll also talk about the tiny details that you need to take into account to improve your gameplay.

The Golden Rule:

Whenever you can, ADS. That's the golden rule. But there are positives and negatives to the situation. When you ADS, your accuracy goes through the roof, but your mobility is severely limited. So, you need to weigh the pros and cons of ADS-ing before you do it.

Different Weapons, Different Strategies:

Different guns require different strategies. For instance, bolt-action sniper rifles don't need to be ADS-ed, as they're pretty accurate even when hip-fired. SMGs, on the other hand, become very different beasts when hip-fired versus ADS-ed. So, you need to be mindful of the weapon you're holding in your hand.

The Tyranny of Distance:

The range also plays a crucial role in deciding whether to hip fire or ADS. At a range of 50 meters, the target becomes difficult to track, and the bigger the scope, the easier it is to lose sight of the target. So, if you're using a big scope, you need to be mindful of the range.

TPP vs. FPP:

TPP and FPP also require different strategies. In TPP, you can ADS a lot more in the early to mid-range stages of a gunfight than in FPP, where it takes a moment to snap. So, be mindful of your gameplay style.

To sum it up, the golden rule is to ADS whenever you can. But you need to weigh the pros and cons of ADS-ing before you do it. Different guns require different strategies, and the range also plays a crucial role. Lastly, be mindful of your gameplay style, whether it's TPP or FPP. We hope this video was helpful in improving your gameplay. Like, share and stay safe on the battlefield.


Title: Tips and Tricks for iPhone and Low-Spec Phones in PUBG

Hey, guys! It's me, Safarimas, and welcome back to my channel! Today, I'm going to share with you my personal tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile, specifically for those who use iPhones or low-spec phones. Before I got my iPhone, I used a slow phone, so I know the struggle. I will teach you how to adjust sensitivity for better gameplay.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Setting Sensitivity:

- Go to Settings and select Sensitivity.

- Adjust your sensitivity to your liking.

- Select ADS Sensitivity and Gyroscope Sensitivity.

- Practice shooting and adjust your sensitivity until you find the right one for you.

2. Sensitivity Training:

- Find a small tree and shoot at it.

- Aim for the bottom part of the tree.

- Adjust your sensitivity until you can hit the target accurately.

- Move to the middle and top parts of the tree and repeat the process.

- This will help you train your sensitivity and aim.

3. War Techniques:

- When your enemy is around 40 meters away, spray and stand.

- If your enemy is 50 to 100 meters away, crouch while spraying.

- If your enemy is farther than 100 meters, lay down and spray.

- This will help you avoid headshots and hit your target accurately.

Those are my personal tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile. Remember to adjust your sensitivity to your liking and practice shooting to improve your aim. Use the right technique for different situations and always stay positive and humble. Thank you for watching and see you in the next video!


- In this video, GamingProvision discusses sensitivity and aim downsights in the game.

Sensitivity and ADS:

- ADS (aim downsights) refers to the action of aiming through a scope or sight in the game.

- Sensitivity refers to the speed at which the player's view moves in response to their input.

- Sensitivity and ADS can be adjusted in the game to improve gameplay.

- Different types of sights and scopes have different sensitivity requirements.

- Snipers require different sensitivity settings due to their unique gameplay style.

- GamingProvision recommends a specific sensitivity setup for snipers.

- Sensitivity and ADS are important aspects of gameplay in the game.

- Players should experiment with different settings to find the best fit for their gameplay style.

- Snipers require unique sensitivity settings to maximize their effectiveness.

- Follow GamingProvision for more tips and tricks in the game.

How to USE SCOPES & ZOOM in PUBG (ADS)(PS4, PS5 & Xbox)

In this video, Tim from Your Sixth Game teaches us how to use a scope and zoom in on PlayStation or Xbox in PUBG.

Using a Scope:

- Press L2 button to aim and look over your shoulder

- Quickly press L2 button once to use your rifle scope

- Press and hold L1 button to zoom in further

- Cannot do this with multi-scope level rifles

- Can hold your breath for better aim

Changing Controller Settings:

- Press Options and go to Controller Settings

- Try different button controller presets

- Default Type A has L2 button as aim down sights

- Customizable buttons available

With these simple steps, you can easily use a scope and zoom in on PUBG while playing on PlayStation or Xbox. Don't forget to subscribe to Your Sixth Game for more helpful videos.

How to use AIM - It definitely serves a purpose - PUBG

- In this video, the topic is about aim and its benefits in improving accuracy in hip firing.

Benefits of using aim:

- Aim can help maintain decent accuracy levels while staying in third person perspective.

- Aim is especially useful when using pistols, as it reduces first bullet spread and ensures high accuracy.

- Using aim with a laser sight on a pistol can increase accuracy to almost 80%.

- Using aim can also be beneficial in situations where high accuracy is needed at a distance of 50 meters or more.

- Aim can also be useful in early game Ironside fights, particularly with weapons such as the Uzi.

Limitations of using aim:

- Using aim with shotguns can result in pellets hitting far below the centerline, so it is better to go ADS or aim a little high.

- When spraying with weapons such as the AKM, horizontal recoil can be a problem when using aim, making single shots more accurate.

- Aim can be a useful tool in improving accuracy, but it should be used wisely and not overdone.

- It is important to consider the limitations and benefits of using aim in different situations.

GUIDE: FULL PUBG SETTINGS GUIDE - Graphics/Keybinds/Gameplay settings - Learn the important ones!

In this video, the creator goes through their PUBG settings and highlights key settings that they find interesting. They also give recommendations for certain settings based on their personal experience.

The creator introduces themselves and explains that they will be going through their PUBG settings in this video.

Graphic Settings:

- Set lobby FPS to 60fps to prevent graphics card overheating.

- Use unlimited FPS cap for smooth frame rate.

- Disable smooth frame rate for better input lag.

- Set brightness levels to 69 for all maps.

- Set render scale to 100 for sharper graphics.

- Keep field of view at a preference, but don't go below 90.

- Use high or ultra anti-aliasing for better spotting of moving targets.

- Use medium post-processing for balance.

- Use low shadows for better performance.

- Use ultra textures for better graphics and performance.

- Use low effects for better performance.

- Use medium foliage for better performance.

- Set view distance high for accuracy when parachuting.

Audio Settings:

- Use legacy sounds for preference.

- Enable HRTF for better directional audio of gunshots.

Control Settings:

- Use mouse sensitivity with DPI of 800 and standard window sensitivity of 6 out of 11.

- Disable mouse acceleration.

- Use general sensitivity of 30 and vertical mouse sensitivity multiplier of 1.2.

- Use aim sensitivity of 30, ADS sensitivity of 25, and universal sensitivity for all scopes.

- Use toggle on crouch and prone, and hold for walk, sprint, free look, and hold breath.

- Use hold for aim and ads for faster response time.

- Bind jump and vault to separate keys.

- Use left and right seat swap keys for drive by.

UI Settings:

- Bind alternate key to firing button for quick marker.

- Enable auto attachment features.

- Enable additional action cueing.

- Enable network debug statistics for ping and network statistics.

The creator concludes by reminding viewers to use keybinds that work best for them and to follow certain principles for better performance.

GUIDE: PUBG - How to get faster ADS

Hey guys, it's your friend Shego here, and I wanted to share a quick tip with you all that I recently discovered. It's a simple trick that can give you a slight advantage in close-quarter combat situations. So, without further ado, let's jump right into it.

The Trick:

Traditionally, when you aim down the sight (ADS) on the default setup, it takes a few tenths of a second extra to close the crosshair gap on the hipfire portion. Then, it proceeds to the full ADS mode. However, by changing the settings, we can completely remove this delay.

But, there is one major drawback to doing this. If you prefer to hipfire certain weapons, like the shotgun or Tommy gun, this trick will remove the ability to hipfire entirely. So, you either have to bind a different key for hipfire or disregard what I'm saying and turn this video off.

However, the advantage you gain by having this quick radius is basically 99% of your fights anyway. So, this makes it worth it alone in my opinion.

How to Do It:

All you need to do is go into your menu controls, scroll all the way down to combat, and change the aim/ADS setting to just DES. Then, go to gameplay, look for aim, change it from hold to toggle, apply, and that's it. Super easy.

Testing Results:

After doing my testing, I found that with the default settings setup, the holo sight took 34 tenths of a second to fully ADS while the modified setup only took 21 tenths of a second. That's a 13/10 second difference, which is pretty big. With the 4x scope on default settings, it took 41 tenths of a second, and on the modified setup, it took 33 tenths of a second. Again, a pretty big difference in those situations where every second counts, even those tenths of a second or less.

This trick is a pretty big advantage if you ask me. It literally is a matter of life or death sometimes. I'm not sure if it's a coding bug that causes this issue and it will be patched out by Blue Hole in the future, but currently, this is something you will probably want to take advantage of. I've been playing with this setup for a while now, and I don't really miss the hipfire. The only thing I've noticed is not being able to hipfire shotguns. The bullet spread seems to be a little bit different when you ADS them compared to when you hipfire. I haven't had a lot of success using the shotguns anymore, so now I just honestly avoid them.

If you guys like what you saw, throw me a like and subscribe. You can also find me streaming on Twitch. Other than that, I'm out. Peace!

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