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How to Beat Burnout

Published on: December 5 2022 by Travis Marziani

How to Beat Burnout

The above is a brief introduction to How to Beat Burnout.

Let's move on to the first section of How to Beat Burnout!

How to Beat Burnout

there's one reason that you're burnt out
and if you fix this
you'll never be burnt out again burn out
kills entrepreneurs when I first quit my
corporate job I was constantly burned
out I constantly wasn't working at my
full potential and it took me six years
to figure out what the answer is to burn
out how to avoid it and how to be
working at your full potential and I'm
here in the Philippines I'm actually
visiting my virtual assistant and the
other reason I'm here is to do a 10-day
long yoga retreat which is something I
dreamed about back when I had a
corporate job so let's get into the
ten days later there's one reason that
you're burnt out and if you fix this
you'll never be burnt out again the
reason you're burnt out is because
you're not listening to yourself you're
probably pushing too hard at times when
your body like when your brain just says
I really want to take a break now again
the key to fixing this is learning to
listen to yourself and trust me I'm
someone that's had a very hard time
doing this I'm someone that always
thought you know I don't care about the
the inner child I don't care about how I
feel I need to get stuff done I need to
push myself and I need to accomplish
goals and if you're burnt out or if you
have that repeated cycle of burnout
which I've experienced my life it's
probably because like I said you're not
listening to what you deep down want and
maybe deep down you're saying hey I just
need to take a break I need to go for a
walk but instead of listening to that
little voice in you you're just shutting
it up and you're continuing to work so
let me give you some tactikal tips I got
12 different tips on how you can
actually learn to listen to yourself and
I've spent the last 10 days at this yoga
retreat and yoga retreats and meditation
retreats are perfect for helping you
listen to like your deep down inner self
so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to
share what the daily routine at this
yoga retreat is so that you can
replicate it at home or you can take
whatever tips and tactiks you want so
that you can listen to yourself and so
you can avoid burnout so again there are
12 tips I'm gonna share with you on how
to listen to yourself
and after I do that I'm gonna tok about
part two because just cuz you listen to
yourself that's not enough there's a
second part that is very important to
this that I learned on this yogurt REIT
and it's the biggest takeaway I took
from this yogurt read so even if you're
never gonna go to a yoga retreat let me
share all the tips and tactiks that I
learned at the retreat I usually start
the morning with a walk down to the
beach the beach is just right down over
that way and taking a walk is a great
way to check in with yourself get away
from work move your body and just see
how you're feeling and kind of get
distracted for a second and see you know
what what do I need deep down inside a
way to listen yourself so let's go in
I'll give you a quick tour
the next thing I'll do is come in here
and make some tea and for me at least
sitting in the morning sipping some tea
and it could be coffee for you is
another good way to just take a moment
to take a break to relax to kind of
engage some kind of a sensation after
that and the next thing the next tack
that you use to beat burnout is I'll go
over and I'll meditate over here in the
garden I'll show you so this is a great
spot to come and meditate and if you've
done any research on how to avoid
burnout you've probably come across a
now meditation I think is just one tool
it's a tool for kind of sitting in
silence and connecting with like your
breath connecting with something a
little bit deeper and really like I said
listening taking a chance to listen to
yourself listen to what thoughts come up
what kind of things come up when you're
not distracted by tiknology distracted
by a bunch of other things so I think
meditation can be very powerful but
again it's just the tool and it does
help me a lot with silence and if you
are someone that experiences burnout
definitely try it out
so after meditation maybe later I'll
show you some of the garden over here
after meditation we go up top for yoga
in the mornings and again Yoga is just
another tool you can use to kind of
check in to your body and how it's
feeling and I know in Western society we
often think that everything that's going
on all the different distractions are
all in our mind but sometimes you can
find they manifest in your body as well
and and by moving your body and getting
some energy flowing into it I know I
sound like a total hippie right now it
actually can really help avoid burnout
and maybe you notike something so let me
give you a tangible example maybe you
notike that your shoulders are really
tight and whatever and if you keep
ignoring that eventually that could lead
to burnout but by doing yoga or in all
yoga is is a conscious way of moving
around there's other things you could do
maybe ecstatik dance whatever but by
doing this you notike where there's
tension in your body and you can kind of
actively let it go before it becomes a
really big problem before you get to the
point of burnout one of the most
powerful tools against beating burnout
is really being grateful for what you
have and how amazing like all the little
small things if you're able to watch
this video you've got a lot to be
grateful for and I think it's just
reminding yourselves in the morning so
before each meal here we go around and
we tok about like what we're grateful
for and I find in my life when I do that
I'm much much happier so if you're
feeling burnout come on maybe take a
second you know maybe go for a walk
maybe do all that other stuff but write
down what are you grateful for and then
write down like over and over again
every morning I'm really grateful for
this but it's not enough just to you
know write it down and think about it
you have to feel it which is something
that's been you know very hard for me in
the past but take a moment and think
about just like how grateful you are
deep down and I think if you do that
it's a lot easier to be burnout and so
it's cool because that this yoga retreat
we're staying in all these like little
huts mine is right over there I don't
know if you can see it with the Sun in
the back so one important thing to note
is all these different tips all these
different tactiks it's also about how
you do them if you notiked I was kind of
running around I was kind of frantik in
the last six bullet points and that kind
of led to the mentality I think they can
lead to burnout so make sure that what
you're doing you're enjoying it that
you're actually doing something not not
frantikally like not holding on too
make sure to breathe while you're doing
all these different tips and make sure
if you go for a walk you're not walking
you know with the purpose of I'm gonna
cure burnout because that won't happen
you need to go for a walk with the point
of enjoying the walk itself the seventh
tactik I have for you is eat something
healthy if you're eating junk food your
your level of energy is just gonna be
really low your likelihood
burning out is gonna be really high here
at the yoga retreat I've gotten I'm very
skinny it's gonna have done 10 days of a
raw vegan diet but in my opinion I don't
usually raw vegan diets I think just you
know you know what's help healthy is you
know what good quality food is just put
that into your body number eight I
recommend taking some time to yourself
so I'm gonna take you over to the
library and one of the ways you can take
time to yourself is to read something
and it's up to you if you want to read
fiction nonfiction whatever this has
been one of my favorite activities while
I'm here is just taking time to read
which is something I don't do enough of
back home and when I do go back home I
plan on doing a lot more of number 9 is
exercise and this is something that I
think a lot of people do but it's also
how you do it if you are starting to
feel burnt out a really good way I think
to get some insight is toking on
Wednesdays here at this yoga retreat
they have a silent day and it's crazy
how loud the voice in your head gets so
all the whole day you're silent and you
do what they call a coconut fast you can
only eat coconuts all day and during
that day I didn't tok to anyone and
right around 2:00 or 3:00 o'clock
the voice in my head got really loud and
it it was really easy to start downward
spiraling and what I mean by that is I
started thinking about how I'm not happy
about this in my life I'm not happy
about that and it just kind of the
negative thought turned to a negative
thought turned to a negative thought and
it made me realize how powerful and how
helpful it is to have people to tok to
you because when the next day when I did
tok I found that I was able to get out
a lot of those negative ideas a lot
easier than within my own head now on
Wednesday I was able to kind of
eventually turn it into positive
thoughts so that being said I think a
major way to prevent and eat burnout is
to tok with other people tok about the
issues that are going on in your head in
real life and they might be able to
provide solutions or if nothing else
provides some comfort one of the unique
things they do here at Baja Kylie pie is
something called inner dance and I
didn't have any idea when I signed up at
his yogurt
I didn't know what that meant and
basically what it is is laying down
listening to music and letting your
subconscious kind of like take over and
I think that's a really good tactik for
beating burnout and I'll just call that
relaxing and however you relax is great
as long as you do it from a place of
consciousness like if you just zone out
and watch TV it's probably not really
helping you beat burnout but if you can
lay down and listen to music or even eat
food and just really do it consciously
that's gonna help you a lot and one of
the big things I took away from this
retreat is that when I am eating food I
want to chew the food I want to chew it
it put down my fork and swallow the
current bite before I even think about
the next bite when I am listening to
music I really get into the music and
this is one of the things I will take
back home with me
is this idea of inner dance and maybe
once a week or every so often just
laying down listening some really good
music and letting go completely so
however you relax it's a great way to
beat burnout you last part of the day
and how we end every day here probably
how you end every day too is a good
night's sleep
so make sure you have practikes and this
is something I struggle with and I'm
trying to do a better job at make sure
you have practikes so that when you do
go to bed you know your environment is
clean and that you get a good night's
sleep there's a second part to stopping
burnout and this is something that I
really struggled with for the last six
years since I quit my corporate job
since I started doing the entrepreneur
thing I've done a very bad job at this
and that's loving yourself and I know
that sounds really weird and hippy
whatever but for the last six years I
grind it and I would even if I was in
pain even if my back hurt whatever I
would sit in that chair and I would do
work and it didn't matter and deep down
the reason why is I didn't give myself
enough love so let me break down what
this means I think this is again
something that you hear hippie people
tok about you're like well what does
that mean so what that means to me is
think about if you had someone in your
life that you absolutely love like
unconditional love and they said hey my
back really hurts and I just my I'm not
thinking clearly do I need to keep
working you
No hey go take a break go take a walk go
to the beach go you know get some
exercise in but we don't do that to
ourselves a lot of times a lot of times
to ourselves we say keep ork you know we
cracked the whip and we say keep going
and I think part of the reason why we do
this is not trusting again this is
another thing that I feel like you hear
the hippies toking about all the time
and let me break down what this means if
you deeply trust that once you go take
that walk once you take that break and
come back to your work you'll actually
be more productive if you really believe
that which it's kind of obvious when you
think about it you're gonna go take that
break I there's so many times where I'm
pushing and grinding or at least in the
past I've grinded and I'm just not
getting anywhere I spend hours like
working on something and I don't get
anywhere I go take a walk or I go to the
beach or would do whatever and I come
back and I easily complete the task I
did and this is the secret to success
that nobody's toking about know when to
push yourself but at the same time know
when it's time to take a break in the
only way you can do that is by like I
said listening to yourself and then
loving yourself and loving yourself in a
way that says hey I need to take a break
go do it and I trust that when I get
back the work is gonna get done and it's
probably gonna even be easier so I'm
gonna leave you with one last thought
and during one of the sessions here that
they call inner dance which is basically
laying down listening to music and kind
of letting your brain relax I replayed
the last six seven years of struggling
as an entrepreneur and all the pain I
caused myself it was it was extremely
painful to kind of like remember all the
the hard times but in that session what
I realized is that's part of the journey
that's part of it so no matter what
stage you're at the last thing I want to
leave you with no matter what stage of
the journey you're at whether you're at
the struggle stage or whether you're at
what I think I'm at right now which is
kind of reaping the rewards the
harvesting stage remember to enjoy the
journey make sure to hit subscribe to
join me for tutorial Tuesday where I
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passion product your own online business
and every Thursday I do tactikal vlog
Thursday's where I release a vlog video
that actually is full of tactiks like
this one where I share my journey but at
the same time I give you some tactiks so
subscribe if you're interested in that
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down below about anything any
experiences you've had with burnout and
I'll see you in the next video

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