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How To Build A Successful Online Business If Nobody Believes In You

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

How To Build A Successful Online Business If Nobody Believes In You

have you ever found yourself in a
situation where you're trying to do
something whether for me I know back in
the day was trying to get fit and start
going to the gym or start certain
businesses no matter what you're trying
to do have you better ever been in a
situation where you were attempting to
do that you know you were committed to
it but people didn't support you didn't
believe in you know what's going on if
we're hanging you come back at you with
a brand new video in this one I'm going
to tok about dropshipping specifically
and how I went about doing things but
also a lot of different things around
not necessarily just business but it's
gonna be primarily that a little bit of
personal things just on this topic right
here what to do when people don't
believe in you and I think this is such
a crucial topic so many important things
because most of the time at least with
all this internet stuff your parents
aren't going to support it it's not
because they don't love you or they
don't want you to succeed it's very
simply because they don't understand it
like that's literally what it was my
parents said it over and over and over
and over again for about four years and
now they're not saying anything about
not supporting me so it's because they
just need to see it's working they need
to be explained you know even if you
explain a business they might not
understand it so that stuff is something
interesting before we get into all that
I'm gonna tok about my entire story my
run down and actually some really solid
advice that would help you out so much
like things I wish I would have done it
would put me in such a better position
right now she's all the people I know
friends family everyone so before I do
that for all of you who have been
waiting to get inside of the program for
almost two months now the hacking
shopify drops being the HSD program has
been shut down for nearly two months and
like I said the rumors are true if you
guys were on the live stream yesterday
or are yeah yesterday which is Friday
from when you're watching this or on
Thursday you guys would have been able
to get access to the new it's not even a
course it's not a program it's a
different structure so I'm gonna go
through and actually show you what this
is real quick because a lot of people
who want to learn ecommerce end up
purchasing a course and this is totally
fine this what I added up bought a ton
of them and you know I had the original
HSD program for the course which is on
top of this which you guys are about to
be getting it's called econ remastered
2.0 now I'ma show you guys very
momentarily every single piece that's
inside here because if you guys were on
the livestream state until the end aside
from getting that amazing free bonus on
brand in the store you would have seen
everything that was
included inside of here and it's
literally ridiculous like I flew in
three separate people one of one is from
out of the country to go through and I
had to like pull and pry and punch him
in the face to get them to reveal
exactly what they do but they walk you
step by step and that's not just
dropshippers these are people who have a
very specific skill set and that's on
top of everything else I cover it's very
very much so focused on the high level
market as you're gonna see in a second
with Facebook Ads K covers everything
else but it's just so in-depth on that
all the most up-to-date current stuff
absolutely unreal like if you want to
start marketing any sort of business if
you're selling on Shopify if you're
doing anything with eBay even Amazon I
know some people who do that because all
this product research stuff not
necessarily ripping off modeling which
is a huge thing we like to do modeling
what other people are doing building off
of it being able to see who is doing
what how well it's working all of that
if you're selling any sort of product
online even running an SM MA
literally anything you're doing so I
know it can be so beneficial absolute
game change you guys can check out the
link down below but let me jump inside
of my computer real quick I'm gonna show
you exactly what you're gonna be getting
content wise because the video module
the library is inside of there that's
just such a small piece of it alright so
I can't show you guys to too much about
it but this is simply the back end
library okay this is all the content a
bunch of different modules walking you
through a ton different stuffs there's
actually a pre module introduction
really setting the expectations with
everything inside of here giving you the
outline of everything that's going on
and also giving you access to a
high-level mastermind group a totally
separate one this is something I charge
three grand just for people to get in
okay I've never toked about anywhere
that in itself is two thousand nine
hundred ninety seven dollars if you want
to get in so that's just the
introduction piece then you have module
one peeling back the layers like I said
there's four different layers of ads
that you can run or you're gonna have to
run excuse me I should say like that and
then there's sixteen different sub
category ads inside of there different
strategies you're going to need to be
running inside there to build off that
to successfully complete that sequence
so as you see here I know I mentioned
this I hinted this on my Instagram story
nobody could guess what it was like take
the word unicorn and Facebook ads and
put it into a sentence good luck you
know so if you don't understand that you
need to be inside of your going through
the unicorn strategy explaining all this
different stuff how many unicorns exist
pre structured product research audience
research toking about movie products to
the test tank audience sizing the ad
splits high tiket versus low tiket
that's just leaning into this
launching a campaign let me know if this
would be beneficial for you what about a
video titled what buttons to press
showing you literally everything step by
step all the campaign's the time a lot
of people are always ask me on YouTube
what sort of time it depends on exactly
what you're doing and when and where the
pixels at but I go through and break all
of that down inside of here all this
different stuff birthday ads your stuff
that people don't actually see all these
secondary elements toking about data
what stuff you should look at
duplicating killing scaling which is
absolutely massive you know like this
screenshot right here scaling from zero
to three thousand dollars a day in just
18 days on the live stream I showed an
updated version of this k so it's from
this into this boom that's an updated
version I explain what happened it was
actually we got Facebook Security
verified that she took two days then I
went back through and built everything
up so fairly quick process that's
another six figure months store it there
it'll hit like 92 92 this month so so so
close to a hundred K but it definitely
will be this next month that's just you
know building off all this stuff
understanding how to do the ads
extremities look-alikes retargeting we
got one of our experts on here with
funnels another four hundred thousand
dollar-a-month background strategy which
actually gonna be extremely valuable for
you guys especially those you who are
running an agency or doing marketing for
something that might be different than
Shopify that's huge
on the flows of email marketing because
I've ever wanted to learn email
marketing that's huge we do so much
money we actually almost double our
business on the back end not just
because we send out email offers but
because we have a full sequence flow
that actually pushes them through
different things with different purposes
so it's literally huge that's what we do
on the back end that's why it's so
effective and you guys are also getting
access to the HSD content a lot of this
stuff I actually went through and hand
selected a ton of videos from inside of
there which was the original program so
for those who never got inside they're
gonna be getting the very key elements
from that into here because this in
itself builds off of it so much like
there's so much you guys are gonna be
getting that I'm gonna be unlocking
automatikally which this is normally
gonna be two thousand dollars extra to
go through get those seven figure
modules the three extra modules with
those three guests I had each one record
their own module that's gonna be
unlocked for these are the same bonuses
that I'm giving to you the YouTube
family as I was on the live streams
isn't the last time the only chance you
guys gonna be able to get this so hit
the link down below check it out you can
be the mastermind group all access to
this all the content I just
you plus those modules with the extra
guests inside of there and you guys are
also gonna be getting free okay this is
something that's three hundred and forty
seven dollars a month free product
research delivery every single month I'm
going to send you two products not just
hey here's to winning products you know
like randomly like okay they're just
random no I'm gonna explain why they're
winning why I found them how I found
them so again I already show you how to
do the research I'm gonna do it for you
can give you more updated live examples
that'll help you pick what's trending so
taking all of that and then I'm gonna
build off of it I'm gonna give you the
optimal price points the desired
suppliers the ad copy the ad post go
through give you examples of all that
even the description and show you how to
find the Facebook interest for that
specific product each okay there's two
so if that's valuable you know that in
itself right there is what like the
price of the program is after a few
months so it's just absolutely crazy
what is inside here the value is unreal
if you guys have ever been serious about
building an e-commerce business this is
literally how I do everything and
there's a reason it took five months to
create I do apologize for those who keep
trying to get in the course and they
were messaging me every single day for
the last two months while it's closed
but it's closed it was it was closed
okay that original one still is this is
a different structure I didn't rush it I
didn't care to rush it you know this is
one of those things where I spent
hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of
hours using white boards like this and
the really big ones over there going
through and map and everything out
filming refilm and really wanting to
nail all this down to get the right
structure for you guys I show everything
to you live you're looking over my
shoulder into my computer so definitely
check that out the link is down below
you guys can get full access to that
resource the price is gonna be almost
tripling almost tripling once this opens
up to the general public and we're
running ads to it so just to give you
guys a reference point now I threw my
marker onto this this is gonna be just a
couple minutes topic because this is
absolutely massive so this is one of the
things where I had to face a hardship
myself because I was making a little bit
of money I don't know if you guys are
working a job or doing anything I was
mowing lawns and this is really
interesting because I had I was one of
those kids work you know how to get him
out of cash flow is just kind of in the
summer you know four or five months but
a thousand to two thousand dollars a
month so I was making multiple thousands
of dollars a month reinvesting every
dime back into the business you know
business ventures just failure after
failure after failure people telling me
I'm stupid they never believed in me so
here's one thing you have to be willing
and able able and
willing to spend your money okay or do
whatever you have to do to get the money
you need to start a business invest into
something do whatever you have to do to
learn and actually start doing that that
is huge okay that's something that's
helped me so much and I never really
cared what other people thought
thankfully and I guess it paid off if
you will you know people have different
opinions of you know whatever their
their end goal is so it's definitely
really interesting to see I'm starting
to progress a little bit and going up
and now people don't really say too much
who were the beginning so aside from
that this is the biggest piece of advice
I would give you on this if people don't
believe in you it's actually a really
good thing because not only is there
gonna be funny as hell and make them
feel really awkward and uncomfortable
and you should definitely do this in
person once you actually make it this is
the biggest thing stay low-key this is
what I did a terrible job at and I'm
telling you if I had done this properly
my life would be completely different
right now and I wish I wish that my
entire family like I cannot possibly
fake it I've tried to convince them that
I'm broke
I wish that they thought I was broken
just barely making it okay and it's
really an explained why here in a second
but it's tough to fake it because they
figured how to use YouTube you know
they've seen my videos and stuff but if
this did not exist you can bet your ass
I would do some sort of thing to
convince them that I'm broke and it
really just provides that layer of you
know people sometimes get jealous
I can't I've had that happen multiple
times and I'm not saying my family is or
friends or anyone but you know certain
people it happens yeah that's just human
nature so they get jealous or they start
despising you because of it or they try
and pull back from the relationship
because they feel bad about how hard
they doubted you in the beginning and
it's really interesting because then
people also try and get more attracted
you I have people both friends and
family who've tried to get closer to me
simply because of the potential which is
not going to exist potential financial
gain in their mind for them not gonna
off like you know like it's really
just not gonna happen so going through
and and really just seen how people
react to it again like I'm just barely
starting like I haven't scratched
anything you know like I'm chasing real
commas here so I want to go through and
build all that stuff on it takes time
I'm young I'm 18 like what do you expect
me to support my family like no it
doesn't make sense so going through and
doing that I just highly recommend if
nobody's believing in you take that and
run with
because it is your advantage it truly is
when people don't know what you're doing
exactly like I wish nobody really knew
what I did like my family doesn't know
too much exactly what I do
they would just tell you social media
but it's always better
it's literally cannot possibly hurt you
it's always better to be low-key that's
my biggest piece of advice and if people
don't if people don't die you if they
support you that's great use that
positive energy in that good environment
I did not live in that good of an
environment for a businessperson if you
were to look out from an external point
of view into my situation growing up
being raised absolutely flawless almost
almost absolutely amazing experience
growing up from a regular childhood
perspective and moving into the teenager
years and the things it was a little bit
not quite as good but you know for a
regular person that would've been
amazing but not to cultivate an
entrepreneur at all like not in the
slightest I got a little bit of freedom
but I paid a hefty price for its it took
multiple years to actually get there so
very very interesting to see you guys I
just recommend you stay low-key people
don't believe in you doesn't matter you
don't need him anyways like I'm gonna
give you something I think it was Russ
the artist who said this them
okay straight up like you know I'm sorry
for custody but seriously that's the
motive that's the mood you need to have
maybe you guys have seen one of those
quotes or something I Instagram toking
about you don't need those people you
know like distance yourself and you can
come back later in life once you've made
it because then they're like okay I was
wrong and if they're gonna remove their
ego from it and own up to what they did
incorrectly then so be you can slowly
start letting them back in your life but
be careful with that put in the word you
guys I would love to be a part of your
success just with e-commerce because
that's the primary thing that's what I'm
an expert at that's what I focus on I
don't teach anything else except for
that that's it there's a reason for that
I do a lot of other things but there's a
reason I only focus on that because out
of all the other things I do this is
what I can really push people into the
highest success rate that's why the
first course did extremely well hundreds
and hundreds and hundreds of individual
students crushing it people quitting
their jobs labor-intensive jobs I'll
throw him a picture right now boom my
homie Olaf okay one of the original
students he bought in m4 I haven't him
for he bought them for after and he's
actually the fourth student now to
purchase an m4 we got a fifth on the way
who let me know he's picking one up soon
and a six right here Quran ok he's this
guy on
I'm trying to remember the photo on your
right inside this photo he had a
labor-intensive job where he would
physically break his back like go into
the hospital because he's injured he was
working in the factory like 12 hours a
day making nothing now I think he's just
tapping six figures a month a month and
he's trying to scare that really quick
to like five to eight hundred use
telling me his whole game plan
absolutely unreal he'll be picking up an
m4 as well simply because like that's
the whole thing we have going on the
kind of social handed thing it's kind of
a running joke now how many M fours can
we get off of dropshipping so shout out
to you BMW start giving us a book
discount but I'm back the whole thing
Olaf which is why I wanted to bring this
he now has this car and this car okay
he's bought two other cars two more
Porsches in SUV and I believe the
Panamera brand-new looks beautiful
immaculate cars making a lot of money
dropshipping so a lot of different stuff
you know that's just you have to two or
three whatever kind of really
interesting ones that stood out there's
thousands more thousands more
screenshots from hundreds of individual
people absolutely unreal this one is
gonna blow that out of the water
completely different structure
absolutely unreal so valuable and I look
forward to seeing you guys inside of
there and communicating with you inside
the group if you enjoyed this video be
sure to drop a like and as always helped
me get to 100k subs and join the family
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price so I'll see you guys inside of