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How To Build An Email List For eCommerce Brands

Published on: December 2 2022 by Tatiana James

How To Build An Email List For eCommerce Brands

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How To Build An Email List For eCommerce Brands

whether you're selling on amazon shopify
etsy ebay or walmart this video will be
relevant for you as an e-commerce seller
because today we're toking about email
lists one of the oldest marketing
principles is the rule of seven the rule
of seven tells us that it takes on
average seven exposures to your
marketing message before a prospect will
buy your product
and i think that in today's climate that
number is a lot higher uh i don't know
about you but when i'm scrolling my
facebook page i'm seeing every fourth or
fifth post as a sponsored ad and
eventually i become numb to these
sponsored ads so instead of seven it's
maybe 10 maybe 12 exposures and so it's
less about the number it's more about
the principle of this rule the point is
that you are likely putting in a lot of
time a lot of effort and a lot of money
into marketing your product but the
reality is that most
prospects won't purchase your product
the first time they see it and did you
know that it costs five times more to
attract a new customer than to keep an
existing customer so when we tok about
marketing we often tok about reaching
more people reaching a wider audience
getting more exposure to our product our
listing but the foundation of marketing
you have to make sure you include a way
to collect prospect information collect
customer information shopper information
this is going to be valuable because
then that's how you're going to retarget
them so a few ways you can do this is by
adding a pixel when someone visits your
website you can pixel them or if someone
clicks a link that you share on your
social media pages then you can pixel
them for a period of time and then you
can retarget them with ads you can also
build a social media following it's one
of the organic ways to
expose people to your product your
marketing message several times with
social media you also build a
relationship with them and that's really
important building that trust
so social media is always a great option
for anyone who has an e-commerce
business it takes a little bit more
but you can't outsource that hire people
who do know what they're doing and it
will pay off for you if you're selling
online you can also build an email list
and an email list is something you just
can't avoid if you're selling online
maybe you can skip out on doing a few
other things but you really got to build
the email list because this is your way
to contact your prospects again get
people on your mailing list and then
you're going to be able to reach out to
every day if you want some people i get
emails from people every single day
and i don't mind sometimes if the emails
are of high quality they're adding value
to me then i don't mind opening their
emails every day and seeing what they
have to say
and so building an email list will be
extremely beneficial for you it has been
for me in in all the businesses that
i've started
and it can be a little bit tricky
sometimes to get that email list started
so a few ways that you can build your
email list is by leveraging your website
so adding an opt-in to your website page
maybe this is in the form of a pop-up or
a slide or maybe you have at the footer
of your page or even the header you have
some sort of an opt-in
so your option can be you know you've
seen it before join our newsletter but
you know that's kind of boring and not a
lot of people probably enter their email
to join a newsletter you want something
to attract these people like why should
they join your newsletter what are they
going to get from it and that's going to
be dependent on the nature of what your
business is why are people visiting your
site in the first place
you can also offer a free ebook a guide
a free video so some offer something of
value in exchange for their email
address with my amazon products one
thing i did was i had a little card that
i would insert into the packaging and i
would offer people a free ebook
an ebook with exercises that related to
my product and in order for them to gain
access to that ebook they went to a
website a link and in that link it would
be a landing page and all they would
have to do is enter their name and email
and then they would instantly receive
that ebook they can download it and so
in exchange for the ebook they would
give me their name and email address and
so i would build my list this way
you could also offer some sort of a
warranty for your product if you're
selling a product on amazon for example
if you want to offer a one-year warranty
in order for them to claim this warranty
they go to the website again enter their
name and email address and now they're
on your list and of course you have to
honor that warranty you could also do on
your website some sort of a game like
game of fire website you can do you can
add plug-ins like spin to win one of
those spin to win
wheel of fortune things where
they maybe can win free shipping they
can win 10 off a product
they can win a coupon or something like
that or maybe a free product even
and so that's a great way to collect
email addresses because if someone's
visiting your website and all of a
sudden they see that they can get
something for free or a discount on a
product and it's really easy for them to
just enter they will often do that
and another way is to create a quiz so
you could also offer depending on what
the nature is of your product or service
you can create a quiz where they go
through the quiz and at the end in order
to get the results they have to enter
their email and then you would email
them the results but how do you build an
email list from scratch when you don't
have a website when you don't have a
platform to host these plugins and these
opt-in pages and these slides well one
of the best ways and one of the most fun
ways to go about it is with sweepstakes
so sweepstakes are kind of like
giveaways and you've probably entered a
sweepstake in the past i know i have
it can be done in many different ways
and it's usually a fun way for people to
enter and an easy way for people to
enter and potentially win a prize so
sweepstakes are an amazon terms of
service friendly way to generate buzz
around your product especially when
you're first launching and to help grow
your mailing list
now the sponsor of today's video is
rebate and i've partnered with rebate in
the past because they are one of the
best solutions for launching a product
for the first time again whether it's on
amazon shopify any marketplace they've
got really awesome solutions to generate
buzz around your product and to gain
that reach and exposure and so they have
this new thing called sweepstakes so you
can set up a campaign on rebate and
rebate has
sides to it there's the customer side
and the seller side so on the customer
side you can see what customers would
see these are people who want to have
good deals on products who want to enter
sweepstakes and on the seller side this
is the side that you and i would join
where we are creating these campaigns
for our products and so you would create
a campaign it costs 29 to set up one
campaign and each campaign is promised
to you know get you hundreds of emails
to collect hundreds of emails you set up
this campaign you
offer a product as a prize in the
giveaway so it would be the product that
you're selling and you can also offer
cash as a prize if you want to offer
multiple products or a product and cash
or maybe you collaborate with another
brand you can totally do that too
because if you offer cash you're going
to probably reach you're going to
attract more shoppers because maybe your
you know it's only interests a select
number of people but everyone likes to
have some cash so if you throw in a 50
cash um you know amazon gift card
that can help you to attract more people
so you set up the campaign and then
rebade will uh launch it and promote it
to their
audience and so that's important because
you can set up these campaigns on a lot
of other sites but who do you have to
share it with if you are you don't have
a customer base if you're launching a
product for the first time you don't
have an email list you don't have a
social media following who are you going
to share your sweepstake campaign with
and so rebate shares it with their
platform and then the people on their
platform can enter
and view and so it gains exposure to
your product and then um you know you
can have as many or as few winners as
you want oftentimes it's just one winner
you can also encourage shoppers to take
additional actions for more entries so
you can encourage them to
add to their amazon wishlist to like on
instagram to share on facebook and more
and so this can create more engagement
for you and your brand and also help you
maybe gain some social media followers
and of course it works for all major
marketplaces amazon shopify etsy ebay
walmart they're all there so whatever
platform you're selling on you can set
up a campaign with your products hosted
on those platforms all right so let me
show you what it looks like now i'm
going to hop behind my screen and give
you an idea of what rebate looks like
and how to set up a campaign and by the
way guys since you're watching this
video rebate has extended a special
offer they're going to allow you to
create your first sweepstakes campaign
for free so you can try it out see how
it does see how it performs for your
product you can go to
tatianajames.com sweepstakes or you can
just click the link in the description
box below
alright guys so here i'm on the rebate
website and just want to show you first
what the page looks like
just to give you an idea they do more
than just sweepstakes it's also a great
way to get in contact with influencers
i've created a video before and i'll
link it in the description box where i
share with you guys how
rebate can help you connect with amazon
influencers for amazon live videos
a lot more
all right
and then over here i want to show you
what a sweepstake would look like this
is an example so you would here have
your picture of the product that you
want to give away or maybe if it's a
bundle you can do
a cool picture graphic where you have
all the products combined this is what
you're giving away the value of it the
number of winners and then all the
person has to do is enter their email
address to enter so we make it easy for
them to enter so that they do enter we
don't want to have so many barriers of
entry and there's a little description
here so this is what rebate looks like
from the customer's perspective so
you can see here that there's
796 reviews on trustpilot they're rated
really well
and this is if i was interested in
maybe getting a coupon a discount on a
product on amazon or maybe if i wanted
to enter a sweepstake this is what i
would look at so i'm seeing here what
all the offers are like here you can see
that this was for free this person had
it for free
for a limited time
you can see here other products you can
choose the category
you can filter and sort
so they have a a customer base they have
a list of people who are interested in
and deals and coupons and sweepstakes
that are actively on rebates website
pursuing these
these promotions
and you can even see here
if we do
sweepstake we can see this sweepstake
someone just set this up
they're giving away this bunny nursery
wall shelf
the value of ninety dollars all you
gotta do is enter your email
now this is from the seller's
perspective so as a seller you would log
in and you could now create a deal
campaign a sweep state campaign or an
influencer campaign so let's go ahead
and create a sweepstake campaign
i'm going to
grab a product on amazon and use that
alright so i'm just going to use this
product from amazon as an example
so it tells you here that at the end of
the sweepstakes the winner will be
randomly selected you'll be notified of
the winner within 24 hours of the
winner's name and address you are
required to send the listed prize to the
winner within seven days failure to
provide the winner with the listed prize
may result in suspension of your account
and then once your
uh campaign is done then it can be
visible on the website and you can also
share it so you can if you do have an
audience or if you ask your friends to
share it on their social media pages
that's always going to help you to gain
more exposure all right guys so to
summarize for you as an e-commerce brand
owner you kind of have to learn to
become a marketer otherwise you might
not have much success with your products
and as a marketer you have to understand
the rule of seven you have to understand
that it's going to require multiple
exposures to your marketing message
before a prospect will buy your product
and so it's not all about exposure and
paid advertising and getting as much
eyeballs on your listing as possible
sure that's important but we also want a
way to collect prospect information we
want a way to collect their email parts
in partikular
so that we can communicate with them and
we can reach them again and we can build
that relationship and that trust with
them so that's one of the keys to
success with any e-commerce business so
if you feel like rebate can help you if
you want to set up your first sweepstake
campaign for free you can go to
sweepstake i'll put the link in the
description box below because i know
maybe it can be a little bit hard to
spell and then you can set it up try it
out and see how that can help generate
buzz for your product and if you're
launching a product for the first time i
would love to hear how it goes uh with
the sweepstake campaign love to know um
if it helped you to gain more exposure
to collect more email leads and to
otherwise launch your product with a
bang on amazon or shopify or whatever
marketplace you're selling on thank you
guys for watching and enjoy your day

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