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how to cancel yelp ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

DO NOT USE YELP For Business Marketing | Let Me Tell You Why

harassed, scammed and deceived- 300 in ads and not a single client [Music]. well, welcome back. my name is amanda amanda jamie on youtube. follow me on my socials- if you haven't already, they're right there. but today we are toking about yelp, yelps, deceiving practikes, how i lost money, red flags that you should look out for with yelp, and why you just shouldn't do it. because i'm here, you should live by experience. i already did it. it doesn't work, so i'm saving you. today. i'm just going to tell you why you should not- and i emphasize, like not, should not- do yelp ads. it is the most waste of time, waste of money. nothing in return. if you get anything out of this video and even if you don't even watch the end, i hope that it just resonates with you to never do it. today i'm going to tell you my story. basically, what happened was i just started my business and when i was looking through different places to do my business- different suites and stuff- i went to sola salons and one of the massage therapists there was like you have to do yelp. yelp got me all of my clients, or a lot of my clients, and it is the best thing for business, blah, blah, blah. so while i was looking like that stuff with me, and as soon as i got my place in my business, i didn't have any clients because i didn't work anywhere prior. i was like i remembered her saying: use yelp. so first thing i did, i added my business to yelp. meanwhile i haven't even added my business to google. i literally did that like a week ago, which is terrible, so don't be me. but i added my business to yelp and i was ready. so the first time i did, as with yelp, i spent 300 for the month. i think i did like the bare minimum, because i didn't want to spend a lot of money. what? i didn't have a lot of money to spend. and two, i wasn't even sure if it was gonna work. so i spent 300 in ads and i got nothing. not one client, not one lead. i got nothing from yelp. so i was like i'm wasting money. i deleted everything, deleted all the ads. first of all, i couldn't even figure out how to do it because i signed up for it on my phone, but to be able to remove your ads you have to do it on the computer. so i had to call for tik support to be able to remove my ads and it was just a whole hassle in itself. so that's not all. they have a whole movie called hold on. i wrote it down because i couldn't remember it. it's called the billion dollar bully, so if you haven't watched it already, go ahead and watch it. it's on, i think, amazon prime and it gives you way more information than i could ever give you. but it breaks down all the tactiks that yelp has to scam you and to basically ruin your business. so if you are a yelp user, i should just use stop for personal use, but if you are doing yelp for business, don't even start it. on top of the movie- i thought it was funny as i was researching for this video- there's also a website called um yelp suckscom and you can submit your terrible yelp experiences on there and i thought it was so cool that there's actually a, a place where you can express how you feel. on top of that, they have a bunch of lawsuits against them. so watch the movie if you really want to research or even look at that yelpsuckscom, because these are real people's stories. even if you go onto your facebook pages that are like aesthetiks facebook pages or any business facebook page and type in yelp the threads of them saying not to do it is insane. so if you could just take it from me and learn from my experiences. please do not use yelp, but just for funsies. if you want to know, i set up i believe is three or four red flags. so i'm going to start with red flag number one. yelp filters reviews. so basically what they do is they have a recommended like tab of reviews and a not recommended tap of reviews. so for recommended they, they display them on your page. basically it's taken into account everything that people have said and it calculates the star rating basically based on the recommended reviews. now for the not recommended. those are as follows: so if the review falls under these categories, they can put them under not recommended. and i have them here. the first one is if the reviewer only has one review, so they feel like you're asking a friend a review or whatever. but if that reviewer only made that one review for your business, it's under not recommended, even if it's a five-star review. the second one is if the reviewer doesn't have any profile info, so that's a profile image, any facebook link to their account, email, whatever, if they don't have any of that on there. if they didn't complete their profile, they're in the not recommended. and then one that blew my mind was if the words in the review are extremely positive or extremely negative. when you write a review and it's extremely positive, i don't understand how that can be taken away from you, but it can. so that's another way that wrought yelp rope. that's another way that yelp filters reviews. so for red flag number two, it is so difficult on yelp to remove a bad review. so a story that i heard that was so interesting was- i think it was actually coming from the movie- uh, a business owner had a restaurant, right restaurant. whatever they served, i don't remember what they served, but what wasn't on the menu was steak. nothing on their menu had steak. a reviewer went on to yell and either in bad intentions for the business or a partikular person, i don't know- but they wrote a lengthy review on how terrible the steak was and that restaurant doesn't even serve steak. and you know that yelp didn't remove the review. they didn't find the need to remove the fake false review. so with yelp, if there is false accusations you can report it, but they probably won't remove it. they their thing is. they don't pick sides, so even if you don't serve steak, they won't pick your side, and that review would still be up for others to see. what their suggestion is, though, is that you respond in a professional manner to make your business in a nice light. instead of just helping you out and removing them, they rather just leave it there and whatever happens happens. i feel like a lot of millennials are like to use yelp. they like the quickness of seeing how people feel about a certain place or restaurant entertainment, whatever. because it's so biased, in my opinion. i suggest just stop. just stop using yelp. if you want to go for reviews, do google reviews. they're much better. they're a lot less filtered. um. another example that i heard is that, um, the- the people on the phone, so their representatives- they can also alter your reviews. they can switch things from recommended to unrecommended. i heard one story that a person cursed out a representative at yelp because they just wanted to stop their ads. they wanted them to stop calling them and harassing them every single day, and that person went to bed, woke up the next morning and all of the positive reviews were not recommended, so they went from like a four or five star rating to like a two. so these are real life examples of what yelp does. and the third red flag is they have multiple class action lawsuits against them based on their sales tactiks. but in the movie they tok about how it's the yelp's algorithm or the way they have the website set up that moves reviews from good to bad or whatever the case may be, and because of that they've won almost all of their their lawsuits. but i just wanted to make this video for protection for you and if you're starting a new business and you're looking for a great advertising avenue. yelp is not it and i hope you take this as a warning so you don't lose money like i did. so i want to thank you guys for watching this video. i hope it was informative. i hope you make the right choices when you come when it comes to advertising, because the amount of money you can spend in advertising is sickening. it is really really sickening, but if it does bring in the clients, it's a good thing. i suggest going through instagram ads, facebook ads, google ads if you want to spend a little extra more money, but if you can help it, please do not u.

If You Run Yelp Ads Fix This Right Now!!

hey, what's going on everybody? uh, in today's video, i'm gonna show you something that you need to change right now if you are running yelp ads currently. so i've been running yelp ads for a client of mine for the last four months and when, for the first three months, we were targeting keywords that didn't make sense whatsoever. now, if you didn't know yelp ads, they generate all of your keywords based off of the business profile that you set up. so, for our business information, if you go in right here, you can see that we have categories, we have contractors, kitchen and bath, interior design, and there's all these sub categories within these main categories. so when we set up yelp ads, yelp creates a list of- and these keywords are honestly a joke and i'm super disappointed in the automated process for setting these ads up. so the all these keywords right here were keywords that we weren't targeting. so, um, we definitely are not shopping. we're definitely not screen door repair. we're- let's see there's one on here- furniture stores, no. so, um, the rest of these are more just like handyman jobs and not something that a general contractor would want to bid on. it's not worth their time. so we have some of like higher aov services up here that we want to go for, and then i had to manually uh x all of these and it brought them down here. so if you're running any sort of ads on yelp, you want to make sure that you check your keywords, and this was something. when we originally set this up, the keyword list looked pretty good. but if you come in here and you change anything in your category information, um, it's gonna reset your ads list, your keywords list, which is completely ridiculous. and the first month that we had ads running, we only had two categories set up. so these first two months right here, the keyword list was pretty good. and then we added a category, and that's when it added a bunch of keywords so that our ex, we reached a lot more people. they were very unqualified, um, and we got a lot of junk actions, so junk visits, junk leads, junk calls. then we went into the settings and we realized that, uh, you know we're bidding on furniture store and screen door repair and window replacement. so then, after we uh took those keywords out, ran ads for another month, now we uh, our reach was still really high- i think it's just because june's a really good month for this industry- um, and got a bunch of really quality leads. so that's the one thing that you want to make sure you stay on top of when you're running yelp ads. and it's really easy to manage it: you scroll down, manage keywords. the one other thing is that your location radius- yelp is going to go above and beyond this radius. as you can see, the radius i have here is 17 miles around laguna hills and we were hitting people all the way out in the moreno valley, los angeles. this is where our circle is, but we were still hitting people all the way out here. so if you're running yell pads and you have a really tight defined, uh targeting or really tight defined service area, i would recommend shrinking that um by like 10 miles and uh, because yelp is still gonna go beyond that chances are. you don't have a crazy big budget anyways, so you want to have this as defined as possible. i shrunk mine down and we're still within an ideal size, so look out for those two things. if you want to see any more yelp advertising tips and tricks, check out my other videos on the channel. also, make sure you leave a comment below on if you have any questions or if you had any feedback on the video. i just started making videos, so all the feedback i get is much appreciated. uh, like the video if you liked it. dislike it if you don't like it too. all the feedback helps. so thanks for watching. have a great rest of your day.

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hey guys. so if you're visiting this page or this video, you're probably wondering how to get rid of your Yelp account. so this video is going to show you just that. I'm going to go over how you can remove your personal account from Yelp. I'm also going to go over how you can remove a business account and, in addition to all of that, I will also tok to you a little bit about the reasons why you might not want to remove a Yelp account and the things that you can do to begin managing your online reputation. so let's get started. okay, so the first thing we're gonna do is we're going to close our personal Yelp account. so if your Yelp or you're going to begin by locating the login button, once you go to Yelp comm, you click login. once you've logged in, what you're going to want to do is look at your profile and you can look at some of the reviews that you've already written. you know, if there's any information that you want to take down from your Yelp account, you could do that now: remove any pictures. not that it's necessary necessarily, but this might be just good practike to do prior to closing your account if you don't want any information to be left. you know under your name, you know for any businesses. okay, so the next thing you're going to do is go to account settings and, as you can see, there's really no way that you can remove your Yelp account in account settings. if you scroll down, there's nothing. so what you're going to want to do is, from there you go to support and again here it still isn't easy to find- um, you don't see anything that says: you know, you know account closure. so what you do is what I do- is you go to the search support and you type in closed account and one of the first things that comes up and you just I do, I close my account. you can click on that and since you are a Yelper and you want to close your account, you click on the submit and account closed closure with us. so again, what will happen is it's going to ask you why you're closing your account. so we'll just say: I don't use it. you said: or I don't want it, what one or whatever your reason is. so I'm just putting: I don't use Yelp that often and I'm going to send it and it says: we're sorry to see you go. a confirmation message has been sent to your email address, click on the link in that message to confirm that you wish to close your account. so now I'm going to go to my email, so now you're going to just click on this and you have then. now you're going to close your yep, to close your Yelp business account. you're going to do essentially the same thing. you will scroll down to the bottom of the page when you're on Yelp calm and you will find the support hyperlink. click the support hyperlink. you will be redirected to a support page. in the search bar at the top of the page, enter the words closed account and hit the button to the right which says search support in the search results that come up, then click on how do I close my account. you will then be taken to another page under the section that says business owners. you can click the hyperlink that says unclaimed page. although this does not actually remove your business listing, it does remove your ownership of the business listing. now, if you want to remove your business listing, you're going to have to appeal to you. this can be a little bit of a tiresome process, but sometimes they will grant you the right to remove your business listing if you are a local business owner, removing your Yelp profile could mean forfeiting a whole lot of your online presence. sure, the bad reviews may not be there anymore, but you wouldn't have as much visibility online with or without bad reviews. Yelp draws attention and traffic to your business. you can see some of the mind-blowing metrics for yourself by visiting Yelp comm forward slash facts sheet. Yelp had approximately a hundred and seventy six million monthly users as of June 2019. this is a very big deal, so why not focus on managing the bad reviews instead of getting rid of Yelp? with reputation management services, bad reviews can be managed in a way that supports your business. so if you want to gain control of your online reputation and leverage the traffic you can get from Yelp, online rep management services might be a good choice for your business. I hope you learned a lot from this video. whether you choose to delete Yelp or not, it is definitely a personal choice. however, maybe you could make a more informed decision now that you know the value of having a Yelp account. you

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Yelp Advertising - How It Works, Is it Worth it? and for WHO?

hey, this is ryan from web eminence. in this video I'm gonna tok about Yelp advertising. if you're watching this video, you probably have a listing on Yelp and you might be getting phone calls from Yelp salesmen trying to sell you upgraded profiles or some form of advertising on Yelp. so I'm just gonna spend a few minutes to explain real quick how Yelp works, what the advertising entails and who I think would benefit from Yelp advertising. so, first things first, if you don't have a Yelp free listing, you should probably grab one. if you are some sort of service business, ting go to Yelp comm and you can search to see if your business is listed and then try to take ownership of it. but any local business, like restaurant service businesses, like roofers, contractors, home cleaners, landscapers- there's delivery businesses- can be listed on Yelp. so you do want to get a free listing there at lease. but, like I mentioned, once you get a free listing they're gonna contact you about advertising. I just want to show you some of the advertising that is available and help you understand if it's a good option for you, and I'm gonna use a business that I help manage- it's a local business- to kind of illustrate what the options are for advertising and if it's a good fit for you. so the business that I help manage is called the diathesis, so it's like a shared office space in Bloomingdale, Illinois. so if I search for shared office space in Bloomingdale, here's what shows up. first of all, we do show up in a Google ad because I'm running Google ads for this business. so that's the first thing. I want to mention that for most people, before you spend money on Yelp advertising, I think it usually makes sense to try Google ads first, and this is because a lot of searches for any local services do start on Google, and although the Yelp listing is down here you notike, the Google ads is showing right at the top. so it makes a lot of sense to maximize your your spend and spend advertising budget there first, because most businesses are gonna see better results per dollar with Google ads- at least that's been my experience. but there's no reason you can't do both, so you might want to just maximize your spend with you Google Ads first. you could do that by going to ads dot googlecom to get started. I do manage Google ads for clients, so you can contact me if you're interested in getting more information about that, but I'll also link to this post that I wrote about Google ads costs in a short case study and it toks about if it's worth it for small businesses. got some videos about how to advertise in Google ads so I'll link to that and make sure to go check that out. but getting back to Yelp, so if I do that search, usually for a lot of local searches you will see a Yelp link out in the first page and that's why it's so important to at least have a free listing. so if I click on this it says the best 10 shared office spaces in Bloomingdale. currently I'm not advertising this business on Yelp, but I should see it somewhere. and yeah, it's in number 10. so way at the bottom of the page. you'll notike there's not a lot going on in the listing. I don't have any reviews. I did add some images a while back but all these people are listed ahead of me. some have reviews and you'll notike that. these sponsored results are showing first and it says business owners paid for these ads. for more information, visit Yelp for business owners. so you'll notike these ads. first of all, they're at the top. most of them do have reviews. they're able to show some features here of their business. and then below those ads are the organic results in Yelp. so if I was to click on my listing for this business, on my listing there's actually sponsored results, so those advertisers show in these two spots and then down here would be my reviews, if I had them. and then these are photos. so again I have a free listing for Yelp. we've never paid to advertise this, but let me show you what advertising would do for this business and then what it can do for your business. so here I am, logged in to Yelp for business owners and it'll show me my activity for this business listing and it says 28 customer leads. people click that- just people clicking on the website or asking for directions, things like that, and that's, in the last 12 months, 69 user views. so that's for free, but it's not a lot. it probably would get more activity if I did ads. so first of all, with Yelp ads you can pay per click and set a budget. so you might set a budget of 200 or 500 dollars per month and then you would be eligible to show in these sponsored results. so you'd show up at the top here in in this section for any categories that match your business. and when I click on the ads ask me to choose a photo- looks like text- and then set my budget. let me just click through here to see what it looks like. so you write a text ad, set your budget- so it looks like they do a daily budget per day- and you can upgrade to enhance profiles and business highlights. so that's how the advertising works. pretty easy to get, get it started and then the other upgrades are done on your page. so it it just mentioned that, but I'm like page upgrades. let me click on that and show you what that would be so here you can highlight some aspects of your business. this allows you to edit your slideshow so that first one is $2 a day, this one is $1- $1 a day. you can hide competitor ads on your listing for $2 a day. and again, what that would do for me if I paid for that is: when people go to my page it would hide these sponsored ads that are showing them other competitive businesses. I can add a call to action button which would then go at the bottom of my page. that's two dollars a day. and then there's also business highlights that you can pay for to add some of these different icons to your listing. I should point out these ads over here on the right side. these are actually Google ads as well. so that's another reason to make sure you use Google ads before Yelp. these ads can show on Yelp as well, because Yelp is a search partner. so if you enable search partners in your Google ads campaign, you can show here. so I just want to point out that these are not Yelp ads. these are actually run through Google ads. so I think the benefits of Yelp advertising is pretty obvious. just from seeing this, I would probably benefit, or this business would probably benefit, from doing some advertising. one of the main benefits, in my opinion, to doing Yelp ads is the ability to get reviews. so even if you were to do Yelp advertising for, say, six to twelve months for a business, because you'd get more exposure on Yelp with Yelp users, you'd have a better chance of writing or getting reviews written, because you'll have people who are active on Yelp- searching, finding you and then using your business- and then they're naturally going to be writing more reviews on Yelp than people who are just finding your business other ways, like on Google Ads. so you'll be more likely to get reviews and more likely to get reviews approved, because Yelp often does not list reviews unless they're, you know, people who are very active on Yelp. so that's my opinion of Yelp ads. since you're looking into Yelp advertising, you're probably interested in Facebook, or at least wondering about Facebook ads. so you might want to check out my video on Facebook ads versus Google advertising. so I'll link to that video so you can kind of continue down the road of investigating advertising and we'll see you on that next video.

How to Generate Leads free from Yelp : Even works If you are just Starting a New Business (Tutorial)

hey guys, mark from tribeca beverage company, today i want to go over how i get organic and free leads from yelpcom. and what i mean by leads is they come to us. it's not us prospectinggelpcom to find the businesses or customers. literally get free leads from yelpcom. if you're in the service industry- like a doctor, a contractor, partikularly business to customer type relationship- in our case, a water delivery service- it would be crazy for you not if you're not already using the skills with the help, or if you're not already getting the free leads from me up, it'd be crazy for you not to take advantage of this. on a side note, if you're wondering, yep, this is our shirt, official tribeca beverage. so look guys, if you like making money and you're in the service industry, stik around for the entire video. i'm going to show you the most valuable piece of yelp for our business and how it can really help your business get easy, organic, free leads. if you think this method will work and get you some leads, please don't hesitate to hit the like and subscribe button. really helps with the youtube algorithm. so now i just want to dive into it. we're going to take you to the screen right now. right, right, right, right now. okay, guys, now that we're on the computer, let's dive in, if you will, okay, all right, so if you haven't used yelpcom for yourself, i i really want to show you what it looks like, just from the customer's point of view. i know many of you have. so this might be slightly repetitive and i'll try to be as quick as possible, but i just want to give you an idea of what it is like, what a customer sees and what their point of view is. so if you look, here you have the fine option. we'll type in water delivery and it happens to be new york, new york. here we have the sponsored results, all of this good stuff, and then here we have the normal organic results and oh look, what are the chances? here we are at the top. so that's pretty cool. so what i wanted to touch upon briefly, right from the customer's point of view right, is when they go to your yelp page. right, they have the option to visit your website, get a phone number or all this other stuff. but the big thing here that i really want to focus on and, from a lead standpoint, that i really want to tackle, is the request a quote page or the request a quote tab, which is both on the both on the search results as well as on the actual page itself. and what's unique about this? and in my example- and i'm going to show you two examples of the page- it shows us the number one. it doesn't really matter, it certainly helps that on number one, um, i think, i think response time is huge. i think that's really helped us excel and i think we get definitely more. we we definitely get more traffic because we're at the number one top page of yelp, but that isn't the most important thing. to, right off the gate, starting getting free traffic- and i'll show you in a second here- is when a customer comes on a response for a quote. that's their attempt to message you. but as you dive deep into it, so we'll just put in a zip code as an example and i'll put water as what we're looking for. you hit next and then would you like to compare quotes from similar businesses? so this is huge, right, this is huge, uh, in the sense that people that are messaging other companies other than ourselves, i might get multiple quotes because it's automatikally checked. yes, and it's huge if you're a brand new business, because it allows you to partikipate, even if you weren't the business intentionally messaged at that point. so if we go back to yelpcom and we go to yelp for businesses, uh, this is where i think this is where- well, this is where you'll see the opportunity to have incoming leads as quickly as possible. now, when i hit that, i i'm auto logged in. but the big thing i want to focus on is if you do not have a yelp business page one, if you've been around for a while, there's a good chance yelp might have made a business page for you, or somebody else did in that capacity. and if you are new to yelp, if you are new to yelp, that's totally fine too. it's really easy, it's really simple. it's not that difficult to make a business page at all- all right. so when you are, so when you are on yelp yourself, if you are logging in for the first time, or you have a business page already, or whatever the case is, the big thing here is, if you go to business information, you definitely want to make sure- and again, this is kind of the most valuable piece of information that i feel like we're offering today's video- is to get messaging leads. you definitely want to have that turned on. uh, once that's on, you'll really have the ability to receive requests from customers, rather to come in and just request the services that you're offering. so if you scroll down a bit right, and we've actually obviously had the yelp page for a while- probably past 24 months- but what i want to show you, if you look in the last year, we've had 3189 page visits and 963 customer leads, and that means a number of things and when we click on it it kind of dives into a little bit deeper. so we've had people bookmark the page. we've obviously had people visit the page. we've had 84 people actually call our business, which could have resulted in a number of things. could have been an existing customer asking for more water, or could have been a brand new customer, a new customer at that point shopping around. it could have been an easy opportunity to land the deal. it shows 84 phone calls in the last year. uh, granted, we did not. we did not really put any money into yelp. you'll see, in this one month over here between february and march- or i guess would be marching- an example. but we generally didn't spend much money, if any at all, on yelp and we- fortunately for us, organically. it's really been a blessing: 617 clicks to our websites. what i really want to focus on here is the messages. right when i toked about leads, when i tok about people coming to us directly, it's the messages and that was the quote that i showed you before. you have an inbox up here and what happens is they'll send you a quote and- and it says a quote, but really they could type in a number of things that they might have a more generic. you know, this is what i'm looking for, or it might just be a blank. you know, water delivery, or they might have a very specific situation. whatever the case is, they will send, they will. you will have the opportunity to message them back directly and out of the 225, we've gotten many, many customers from this. i think. right, we didn't spend a single dollar on getting any customers from this at all. um, minus the time that we spent on yelp ads, which wasn't the best experience for us, but the other months, and even probably, i'm sure, even within the month of march, overall, we were getting leads left and right. uh, the messages were, in my opinion, the most concrete. we've definitely spent a lot of time cultivating the messages, and what i mean by that. it's an easy suggestion, i. it's crazy to me that people don't do it. if we go back to the messaging page, the response time is 10 minutes and the response rate is 100. i, you know, if you, if you remember before when we're on the yelp is or on the yelp customer page, it would show you the response time, in which i will show you the response rate as well. it's to me it's crazy not to do that. it's crazy not to have all of those things in there. now, if you're a brand new business, right, obviously we've been around for a little bit longer, you know. we're, fortunately, you know, one of the top, depending on what your location is, sometimes the number one ranking on yelp. but if you're a brand new business, let me show you our beverly hills, uh, california location, because that is a newer yell page that i only made, uh, maybe a couple months ago, and if you look at the past 12 months, it's been 18 page visits but it's been 15 customer leads and if you break it down, that's 11 messages. uh, people have clicked the website. we haven't gotten any phone calls either way. there's not much traffic. i'm sorry, there's not.

Are Yelp Ads Worth It for Your Small Business?

hey, what's up everybody? in this video today i'll be answering the question: are yelp ads worth it? i've been running ads on yelp for a little over three months now and want to share with you my opinion on running yelp ads and what to consider when deciding if ads are right for you. so first let's just go into yelp here and i'm going to tell you why you probably want to run yelp ads. so for this example, i'm going to be going over a client of mine who is a general contractor, so i'm going to type in bathroom remodel in long beach. so right away you're going to notike that the first results that come up are sponsored results. but help doesn't really make it super crystal clear that these are sponsored or paid results. on the map you can see that all the paid ads positions are all coming from in the los angeles area, even though i'm searching for services in long beach. so all of these people at the very top of search for around half of the page are all sponsored results. and as someone who's using yelp, i'm probably not gonna scroll down super far and reach out to all these people. i'm probably just gonna look at maybe the top five and reach out to those. so most of the time, the people that are actually ranking organically right here and below that are the most qualified services that i want to reach out to, aren't really getting that much traffic to their pages. so now that you understand why i started running yelp ads for my client, let me go over the types of yell pads. so here we have the dashboard for the back end of my client. then there's two types of yelp ads that you can run. so the first one is page upgrades. this isn't necessarily an ad, but it's something that you pay yelp to get access to. so the page upgrades that i'm paying for for my client are all of these, and we're not even using one of them yet, and the page upgrades are around 120 dollars a month. the business highlights are little snippets that you can add to your profile and to search results that show highlights of your business, and they take up more spots in the search results like this, which is great for making you stand out. now for the other page upgrades, we have call to action, which, for us, is to send a message: remove competitor ads. this is really crucial because if you get someone on your page, you want them to stay on your page and you don't want them to bounce off your page if they see someone else's ads, someone else's listing, that might have more reviews than yours. the slideshow is great because i get to show the pictures that i want to have the biggest impact and first impression for anyone who's on my page and the rest of them. they're not that great. um, now let's go into the yell pads portion. so the yelp ads currently spending around 400 a month and we've been running ads for the last three months or so. so, as you can see, since we started running ads in march, started with a smaller budget, then ramped it up because we saw some success. interestingly enough, our organic reach was very low, um, and we didn't really see any of the results or the actions that we wanted, like calls or messages. calls and messages started to um flow in once we started running ads, which is really weird because we literally have the same features on the page. so it's kind of interesting that we would start to get the actions that we want after we started paying yelp. this could be because we are getting higher quality people on the page, because more traffic means it's more likely for people to do the action that we want. but, as you can see, in march we got five calls and no messages and then in april we got three calls and six messages and then it just started scaling up from there: ten calls and nine messages, eight calls and thirteen messages. and after toking to my client, um, she said that the messages that she gets are kind of a mixed bag of quality and not great quality, and usually the calls that she gets are pretty good. all these clicks that go to her website are also really valuable because the way that i set her site up, the conversion rate is pretty decent and they'll either fill out the type form to get a quote or they'll call her directly. so for her niche as a general contractor, she's paying around a six dollar cost per click, um, so just over the first four days of july she's been paying 5.87 cpc, which is actually really good. if you actually go into keyword planner by google, you can see that if you want to be competitive and you want to be towards the top of the page for search, you're actually going to be paying upwards from 10 to up to twenty three dollars for some searches, which is really expensive. now let's go over some of the pros. usually when you're running, when you're considering to run yelp ads, you need to think about the customer journey. so someone who's on yelp is more than likely ready to buy right then and there. so being able to get your listing at the very top of the search results is really valuable for how high of quality the customer might be for this niche. partikularly, and like i said before, most people don't scroll down in search results and i'm basing this off of the data that has been known for google search results. most people don't click on any search result past spot number three and mo, and 99 of people don't go to the second page of search results. pro for yelp is that it's really easy to set up. so your, when you activate your, your yelp ads, it's just based off of your profile, so it's automatikally just gonna set everything up for you with the keywords that yelp thinks would uh, work good. another pro is that there's no cancellation fee, at least for the contract that we're in. it's month to month. we can cancel at any time. i can also come in here and i can change how much money i want to spend on the ads at any time. it's also really easy to manage. it's one of those things where you can kind of just set it up and forget about it and you can just manage the leads that you get, whereas when you run google ads or facebook ads, you need to constantly be turning on and off different ad variants and optimizing the account to get good results, which means that you don't necessarily need someone like me to run your yell pads. you can set it up as a business. there's just a couple things that you want to do if you're going to be running it on your own. the keywords that yelp chooses are based off of the categories that you select on your business profile. so you you want to scroll down here and you want to make sure that the keywords that you're going after are ones that you actually want. so in the instance my client, when it automatikally got set up, she was bidding for all of these keywords, um, which don't apply to her or it's stuff that she doesn't want jobs for. so i had to make sure that her ads don't show up for these types of searches, otherwise she'd be wasting a lot of money there. um, with the yelp you only get charged on the click but? um, so she might not have been getting clicks for these and getting charged for them, but we don't have data on that because yelp reporting is pretty bad, which leads me into the list of cons. the yelp reporting is really bad, so i only get to see this reporting right here, which is cool, but i don't get to know which areas converted the best. i don't get to see what keywords converted the best. i don't get to see out of the uh the page upgrades that i'm using, which uh, which slideshow images that i have up here are um converting. i don't get to see the time on page on my listing. i don't get to see what business highlights convert. well, because some some things that i do is i test different uh, what are they called the business highlights? so, like for this one, they have luxury and free estimates but we don't use those. but that's something that we might want to try um 28 years in business certified professionals. so everybody has different highlights and it would be really nice to be able to test out different highlights and see what converted better. but we're not going to get that and yelp hasn't really said.