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how to change ads to hold in apex

Published on: August 5 2023 by pipiads

Hey, what's up, you guys? It's Yeti here. Today's video is dedicated to everybody who has been commenting on my settings video and talking about hold vs toggle ADS. ADS stands for aim down sights, by the way. So, this is a very big topic in the FPS community because Valorant is one of those games that allows you to either toggle or hold, according to your personal preference. Siege does the same, but CS:GO forces you to use toggle, as far as I know. I want to make a video to go over some of the thought processes behind why I pick mine and also to explain to you that this is purely a preference and it does not actually mean that one will be better compared to the other.

- Hold vs toggle ADS in FPS games

- Personal preference and its impact on gameplay

Thought processes behind hold ADS:

- Preference based on past gaming experiences (Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2)

- Feels better and more familiar

- No need for extra actions

Snipers and hold ADS:

- Snipers also preferred on hold

- Works smoothly with the Marshall

- Misconception about hold ADS and the operator's zoom levels

- Toggle zoom level setting allows for quick swapping between zoom levels

Tips for using hold ADS:

- Bind toggle zoom level to a thumb mouse button for easy access

- Consistency in zoom levels and actions

- No sacrifice in functionality

- Hold ADS is a personal preference

- Understanding the thought process behind hold ADS

- No disadvantages in using hold ADS

- Thank you for watching and subscribe for more Valorant content

Hold To Aim Vs Toggle To Aim (ADS)

February was a compact month for me, as I conducted research both online and on-site. Initially, I was excited to find information on a topic that interested me, but I was ultimately disappointed with the results. However, I didn't let that discourage me from doing my own research.

I attended a seminar called Razend Robotics where I learned about the work that SBK Service is doing in the field. It was fascinating to see how robotics are being used in various industries. I also realized how much time and effort goes into developing these technologies.

One of the highlights of the seminar was the demonstration of the Hubble telescope. It was incredible to see the images it captured. I was amazed at how it can capture such detailed and beautiful pictures of our universe.

During my time at the seminar, I had the opportunity to try out different tools and equipment. One of my favorites was the Desq Roll Apoort, which made working with media much easier. I also tried out the ABCmet de Tent, which was a unique experience in the classroom. It allowed me to interact with the content in a new way.

One of the most interesting discussions at the seminar was about the use of Machspeed and Dexter in the classroom. These tools are revolutionizing the way we teach and learn. They provide a more engaging and interactive experience for students.

Another topic that was discussed was the use of media in education. The speakers emphasized the importance of using media in a way that is effective and meaningful. They also highlighted the need for teachers to be mindful of how they use media in the classroom.

During the seminar, we also talked about the benefits of using string instruments in education. String instruments not only teach students how to play an instrument, but they also help develop important skills such as discipline and teamwork.

In addition to the seminar, I also had the opportunity to visit a few interesting places. One of them was the Barry on the Board exhibit. It was a unique and immersive experience that showcased the history of skateboarding.

I also visited the Stringan Urgent exhibit, which explored the concept of urgency through various art forms. It was thought-provoking and made me reflect on the concept of time.

Overall, my experience at the seminar and the various exhibits was eye-opening. It made me realize the importance of incorporating new technologies and methods into education. I also learned the value of taking risks and trying new things.

In conclusion, my time at the seminar and the exhibits provided me with valuable insights and experiences. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of using technology in education and reinforced the importance of being open to new ideas. I am excited to continue exploring these concepts and incorporating them into my own teaching practice.

DON'T Switch to HOLD! (Toggle VS Hold) | Valorant Guide

Recently, there has been a debate among Valorant players about whether it is faster to use the hold or toggle function when scoping in. Many players, including well-known streamer Shroud, have mentioned that holding to scope is faster than toggling. This claim has led to a lot of players switching to hold. But is this really the case? In this guide, we will explore the pros and cons of both hold and toggle, and answer the important question of whether hold is really faster than toggle.

First, let's test out the scope speed of the Operator, a popular sniper rifle in Valorant. Surprisingly, the scope speed of both hold and toggle is exactly 13 frames, which is about 220 milliseconds. This means that there is no difference in speed between the two.

Next, let's compare the scope speed of the Marshall, another sniper rifle. With hold, the scope animation speed is seven frames, or 120 milliseconds, and the same goes for toggle. The scope out animation is also seven frames long on both hold and toggle. The reason why hold appears to be faster is because you can unscope before the animation finishes, while with toggle, you have to wait for the full animation to finish before you can unscope again. This gives the illusion that hold is faster.

Now let's go over the pros and cons of both hold and toggle, so you can decide which one to use in your games.


- Easier to unscope, as you simply have to let go of right click instead of clicking again.

- More control over your mouse, as the extra tension can make you feel more in touch with your aim.

- Can't double scope with the Operator unless you add another button.

- Can be tiring or uncomfortable when holding an angle for a long time.

- Difficult for CS:GO players to transition to hold if they have been using toggle for a long time.


- Provides more dexterity and flexibility, as you only have to focus on left clicking.

- Allows you to double scope with right click, which is more convenient for some players.

- Easier to stay scoped in for longer periods of time, making it easier to hold and peak angles.

- Slower to unscope, as you have to click twice instead of letting go of right click.

- Reduced tension may cause less control or feel of the mouse.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to hold versus toggle. It is recommended to stick with what you have been using for a long time and have built a high level of comfort with. The most important thing is to scope in before you peek an angle, regardless of whether you use hold or toggle. Don't play like it's Call of Duty, and remember to have fun!

If you want to learn more about using the Operator, check out our in-depth guide in the video linked here. And if you found this guide helpful, make sure to subscribe for more content. Peace!

Why Change ADS Sensitivity Settings? (Apex Legends Low ADS Sens Experiment)

Hey everyone and welcome back to the channel! I think this is going to be a fast video, but once you start editing, sometimes it ends up being a little longer. I've been seeing lots of comments recently asking about why you should change your ADS sensitivity. To define that, it means your aim down sights. So whenever you have your weapon on Apex Legends, whenever you right-click or hold the trigger and you're aiming to be more accurate, the fast answer is really a sensitivity that feels just comfortable for you. If you don't know what feels comfortable for you, don't change it yet. Leave it at default. There's no reason to change it. The reason to change it is to provide comfort and more control by slowing it down for the ability to react or speeding it up to be able to catch up to a target that otherwise may be too slow for your sensitivity.

Now, the next question that we're going to answer, along with the prior thing we just mentioned, is why change your ADS sensitivity? Well, let's go into the science a little bit of this. Most games actually slow down your aim down sight sensitivity, meaning it takes longer to produce a full centimeters per 360. And if you're on controller, it takes longer to do a full rotation. If you practice all day in an aim trainer, then the ADS sensitivity may feel a little too slow. Maybe you should match it to your hip fire for more comfort, since that sensitivity is one that you're technically more comfortable with. This is also huge for controller players using, let's say, a six times magnification sniper scope. It is very slow, but if you go into your ADS settings, you could speed it up to match more of what feels comfortable.

Or something, when you ADS too fast, you can adjust accordingly. Maybe the sensitivity is actually too fast and you actually need to adjust it to provide more precision.

Now, what settings do I use? Well, for the longest time, I personally have used 1.25 in Apex Legends, which matches my 1x and my 2x cents. Because, well, with 1,400 plus hours of aim training, it made sense that what that's what feels comfortable.

Now, why do people aim train hip fire in aim trainers? Well, this is theory time. Your hip fire is your base sensitivity, one that you do when you look around naturally in the game without your ADS or aim down sights. If you improve the control on the base, then your ADS sensitivity as it scales will also improve because a faster sensitivity is naturally going to be harder to control because it requires precision and fine movement. When you ADS, your FOV gets tighter. In other words, your FOV is getting lowered, the sensitivity is lowered to help match what the hip fire sensitivity should organically feel like.

Here's an example. If you kept your hip fire sensitivity and you match it to your six times magnification scope, it's going to feel overwhelmingly fast. The example I always provide is think of your sensitivity like a camera zoom. If you have a wide lens, a low scope on your weapon, it's going to feel like it's a lower sensitivity, but you're still doing the same range of motion. Let's say you had a long lens for your camera, super super zoomed in, that every time you jiggled or moved around, it felt like the movement was dramatic. It's not. Your fingers are still producing the same movement, but it's heightened because you have a tighter field of view.

Now, I heard some feedback from the livestream and everyone was impressed with my 3x zoom recoil control. I decided then to have some fun and match my 3x sensitivity to my 2x and 1x, meaning that low sensitivity is consistent. The results I found as I put them in the background testing in the arena was an interesting effect to my accuracy. I was actually a lot more comfortable than I would be. I'm doing this exercise to prove that you can find different comfort with different sensitivity settings. There's not just a one-size-fits-all, and it's not necessarily about muscle memory because muscle memory, I focus on the words how do you improve your mouse control or how do you improve your tendon-muscle because sometimes your hands have more tendons than muscle. How can you improve those to where if you throw anything at your hand, arm, or fingers, that you feel in control?

Now, what is the now? Is this an effective long-term use? Well, right now I'm trying it out for fun, just for the sake of this video. But overall, it proves that changing ADS can be effective in trying new things. You should ask the question, what is your intended goal? If it is precision, then lowering your sensitivity from your ADS is going to be more effective. If you want more speed, then raising it is going to be the way to approach this. Just remember the pros and cons of low versus high sensitivity.

Low sensitivity provides better precision and improved stability as the pros. The cons are it's harder to maintain speed, difficult to maintain flow, you run out of desk space, and also for controller, it can be difficult to track fast-moving targets. But sometimes you may actually find, based on your own biological strengths, that you actually may find it easier to flick better. This also depends on personal preference.

Now let's talk high sensitivity. The pros are it's easier to maintain flow, meaning bouncing between targets and not putting stress on your shoulder or your arm. It's easier to flick at a higher sensitivity just because you don't have to worry about speed and naturally, you're much faster. The cons though is it can be harder to control, it can be difficult to maintain consistency, and harder to hit precise shots. Also, even the temperature of the room can affect that just because blood flow is important because it requires precision. Precision is always going to be a bit more difficult.

Now, hopefully, this video was relatively effective in getting the point across about why changing your ADS sensitivity. Hope you guys found this video helpful. Don't forget to leave a like, comment, subscribe, and I'll see you guys all in the next video.

This SECRET Setting Will INSTANTLY Improve Your Aim on Apex Legends (ADS Mouse Sensitivity)

Hey everyone, Inspire here, and today I'm going to talk about the importance of setting the right mouse sensitivity for ads in games. This setting allows you to choose the sensitivity for every single sight in the game, and I personally find it very useful. If you're someone who likes to play with a high sensitivity but find the default setting too high, this feature will be a lifesaver for you.

Personally, I like to set the first three sights to 0.8 to slow down the sensitivity just a bit. However, for sniper optics, I like to have them a little faster for those quick flick shots. You can adjust the sensitivity for each sight based on your own preferences.

I know a lot of people are hesitant to try this setting because they have already built up muscle memory with their current sensitivity. But trust me, once you get used to it, you will become a better player and hit more shots. I was hesitant at first too, but after a few days of trying this new setting, I could see myself improving.

If you're someone who plays with a low sensitivity and struggles with aiming, you can try bumping it up just a little bit to maybe 1.2, and you'll see a difference.

If this video helped you improve, let me know in the comments and don't forget to hit that subscribe button. We're so close to reaching 10,000 subs, and that's my goal for the end of the year. Now, I hope you enjoy this insane gameplay.

[Video transcript]

- All right, what's up guys, Inspire here, and today I'm gonna be going over the setting ads mouse sensitivity.

- Now, what this does is it lets you choose the sensitivity for every single sight in the game, and I personally use this myself. So, if you're someone like me and you like to play on a very high sensitivity, but the normal 1.0 sensitivity is too high for you, this setting will be a lifesaver for you.

- Now, personally, I have the first three on 0.8, so I like to slow mine down just a little bit, but not too much. And then, for the sniper optics, I like to have them a little faster, mainly for those flick shots. You don't want to be too slow.

- And you can basically fine-tune this to whatever sensitivity you're working with for every single sight. You can just keep working it down or working it up. Some people like to have it higher, actually, than slower.

- Now, I know this is a setting a lot of people are hesitant to try, mainly because you already have the muscle memory built up with your current sensitivity. But I promise you, once you get used to this, you will become a better player and you will hit more shots.

- I myself was hesitant to try this at first, but after giving it a few days, I'm trying this new setting, I could see myself improving as a player. But I promise you guys, if you give this a shot, it will help you even if you are a low sensitivity user and you have trouble aiming because your aim is behind them.

- You could bump it up just a little bit to maybe 1.2, and you'll just be on target.

- Now, if this video helped you improve, please let me know down in the comments, and also hit that subscribe button because we are getting so close to 10,000 subs, and that is my goal for the end of the year.

- Now, I hope you guys enjoy this insane gameplay.

[Gameplay transcript]

- Come on, sword, run! I'm slow, tape those legs.

- How do you b-hop? That's not even--

- Oh, it's not like it was useful in season one because you could heal while doing it, but now you really can't.

- Just like sliding, it's the best way to move. Yeah, you slide and then jump forward.

- One minute, the ring's not far. Third party! Third party!

- I always take my clips, bro. It was my old dude.

- So low!

- Yeah, there's one left. I got to heal, though.

- Yes, okay, they're not just personal preference.

- I mean, the one times are personally like the hollow sight. The two times is good if you turn your sensitivity up a little bit.

- So close, I have kids all over me.

- How do I get caught out so bad?

- I don't know how I survived there, but I did.

- What does the mobile respawn beacon do? Just-- it's, you can respond anywhere. You just drop it and respawn instead of actually having to go to a spawn thingy hospital over there. Okay.

- But if you're dead, you can't do it. You can't no bell for vives.

- What you can do with your dad?

- What are you inside?

- I don't see anybody in, okay then he's probably not in there yet.

- I told him after the game.

- Contact with target! I think he just ran into another squad.

- I got to back up, I'm gonna die.

- If you can nade those kids over there, you're just getting shrekt.

- Don't worry, I got this. Give me a second, catching myself up.

- Shooting me, stop shooting me, stop shooting me!

- Yeah, godly shots is in the game, section, yeah.

- There's a whole ass team shooting at you. Why are you focused on me? Stop shooting me!

- Need to recharge my shields.

- For the reviving progress, good. I'm inside the next. You guys can have that.

- Okay, stop it, stop it, stop it!

- I'm just gonna try to finish the squad up because actually, hold on, I got you.

- If I got a gameplay here, my chat's gonna yell at me. So, I need to revive you.

- Two enemy squads left.

- I'll hold them off for now. You guys gotta get loot.

- Making contact with enemy, need to recharge my shields.

- Get loot, brothers.

- Just tell me if you crack one, and I'm gonna go in like a spider monkey.

- Devotion LMG, yeah.

- Yep.

- David from another team, okay.

- I'm trying to--

- Follow me, follow me, follow me.

- We're just gonna reset the fight here.

- Less than one minute, let's go this way.

- Let's go through there, give energy ammo.

- I have a hundred extra.

- Thirty seconds left, uh, I mean I can drop you some here.

- I'm using a-- Yeah, LMG thing goes through ammo fast.

- The I'm just gonna use the wingman.

- Here, I dropped some meds if you need them, and some light ammo.

- Give me a creeper, please, game. Please, please give me a power weapon.

- Peacekeeper. I dropped my shotgun.

- This is gonna be very hard.

- I gotta get close, need to recharge.

- They have a what you call it?

- Got one, I'm going. Enemy, yeah.

- Yep.

- Where's the last one?

- Let's go! Applause.

- That was hectic. I got like two kills. You're fine, dude.

- You got me, bro.

- Carrying a professional Apex Fortnite player in Apex Legends.

- That's my title.

- One kill. Oh, music.

GUIDE: FULL PUBG SETTINGS GUIDE - Graphics/Keybinds/Gameplay settings - Learn the important ones!

Welcome guys, I'm back with another helpful video and this time I'm gonna be going through my settings in PUBG. This is one of the biggest requests I've had so far since PUBG went free to play and honestly, also something people have been asking for a long time and something that always gets people interested. You want to know if you have the right settings or at the very least, you want to know that you're not using any wrong settings that could mess you up. But before we get started, I want to remind you that you can directly support me by using the code wackyjacky101 as your creator code in PUBG. That means I get a portion of every purchase you make in the game and this obviously helps me a ton and motivates me to do even more PUBG content.

So, the way I'm gonna do this is that I'm gonna go over my settings and I will be highlighting these settings that I think are specifically interesting.

- On the graphic settings page, your lobby FPS is something that is worth setting to 60FPS. This is basically just so your graphics card doesn't overheat or use a ton of power when in the lobby because there's really no need for that. In-game FPS cap, I've always used unlimited and I feel like that works great for smooth frame rate. Make sure smooth frame rate is disabled as far as I know this can increase your input lag to the game and you do not want that.

- Brightness levels, I have this set to 69 for all maps because 69 is a good number. I have render scale set to 100. If you increase this, it makes the game look sharper and better, but it also takes a huge toll on your performance, so I don't recommend using a high setting here unless you're running on a 1080p resolution.

- Your field of view, it's a preference. I prefer 103, however, 90 is fine, just don't go below 90 as that makes your game too zoomed in and can inhibit your ability to spot enemies in your peripheral vision.

- Anti-aliasing, high or ultra. If you put this low, then your game will be very flickering and that means it's gonna be harder to spot moving targets. I know a lot of pros still use the very low settings or low settings since this is one of those settings that will increase your performance if you reduce it. However, I have done plenty of tests and for my own preference, high or ultra works the best for me due to my ability to better spot moving targets.

- Post-processing on medium is the right balance here. There's no need to go super low or super high on this one.

- Shadows, I use this on low. This is one of those settings that I only put to low because of performance. PUBG still isn't the game that performs the best in terms of FPS, so I've chosen to put this to low.

- Textures on ultra because I do enjoy that the game looks good. I don't want to compromise too much on the graphical appearance of my game in order to gain FPS. Also, textures from my test, this doesn't really affect my performance so much as long as you have enough VRAM on your graphics card. However, what I should also mention here is that having this on very low is an advantage in PUBG as enemies will stick out more from the background.

- My effects are on low. Even though having it on a higher setting will make the muzzle flash more visible, especially if they're shooting from within a building, and that can theoretically make it easier to spot an enemy who is shooting on a darker light setting. However, if you put this too very high, there's also the problem that the lightnings that are in the edge of the blue zone will be very, very bright, so I just have this on low but that is mainly because of performance.

- Foliage on medium again, a performance setting. No need to go super high or super low, it looks bad, so I just have it on medium.

- View distance is one of those settings that I like to have pretty high. It does reduce performance, but I like that I'm able to see buildings, trees, and optics high up when I parachute. It just makes my parachuting more accurate. I feel like you can use the map, but especially as a newer player, I recommend putting this pretty high.

- Sharpening, make sure you have this enabled, especially if you are using a high anti-aliasing setting because this can make the game feel a little bit blurry. That gets evened out pretty well by using sharpening.

- V-sync, make sure it's disabled, adds input lag. Unnecessary motion blur, disabled. You don't want to risk having something blurred out where that could be an enemy.

- DirectX, I use DirectX 11. However, you can go to enhanced or DirectX 12. I've tested these so far, it has not improved my performance. In fact, it's been worse with these two settings, so I recommend just leaving it on 11.

- In audio settings, the only two settings here that are really good to look at will be weapon sound effects, which is entirely preference. I like the legacy sounds, that is the old sounds for certain weapons. But the setting that is not preference and the one that is the most important audio setting in the game is HRTF (head-related transfer function). Enabling this will make it significantly easier to hear the directional audio of gunshots. Make sure you enable this. I think this might be enabled by default, but at the very least check that it is indeed enabled.

Under my control settings, you will find my mouse sensitivity. I want to remind you guys that I use a DPI of 800 and a standard Windows sensitivity of 6 out of 11. Also, make sure you don't have any mouse acceleration enabled. This is the pointer precision enhancement setting under your mouse and Windows. Make sure you should not have that enabled.

- My general sensitivity, which is the sensitivity you have when you just look around freely in the game, is 30.

- My vertical mouse sensitivity multiplier is 1.2. I found that this helps me a lot when I do scope spraying in PUBG. There is the downside of making diagonal movements a little bit more difficult in some way, and that is also why this is one of those settings that I am playing around with a little bit down there. But 1.2 is the one I'm using right now.

- Aim sensitivity is your sensitivity when you are hip firing but doing an aimed hip fire of your weapon. This is a 30, the same as my general sensitivity. I recommend having these identical.

- My ADS (aim down sight) sensitivity is 25. I have this 5 lower than my aim sensitivity. This sensitivity is the one you use for non-magnified ADS, so when you aim down sight with a red dot, holographic, or iron sight, this is the sensitivity you use there. I like to have this a little bit lower because I feel like otherwise, it's a little bit too fast.

- My scoping sensitivity, on the other hand, is 30, and I have universal sensitivity for all scopes, which means that PUBG scales the sensitivity across all the different scopes. You can't do this manually, but I don't recommend it. There's just no need for it, I think.

- The other part of your control settings are your input method, which is are you going to be holding or are you going to be tapping. I use toggle on crouch and prone, and then I have hold for walk, sprint, free look, and hold breath. I like to use toggle for cannon side when I peek. That is when you're lean left and right. I prefer to use this on hold because this is just objectively better as it makes you able to faster lean left and right, especially something that is powerful if you are doing some kind of alternating between sides from behind a tree or within a building shooting out of some windows. The reason is simply that you need fewer key inputs to perform the same action, and this really goes hand in hand with ADS on hold as well because, again, one click less. I hold to ADS, I hold to lean, and I can quickly go into a leaning ADS stance both right and left, and I can alternate super quick, which is extremely powerful in this game.

And finally, the map is on toggle and aim is also on hold.

Now, to key bindings. The first one here, which is one of the most important, if not the most important key binding you can do in this game, is jump and vault. Have these on two different keys. They're simply things you cannot do in the game if you don't do this. An example is vaulting inside a moving train. This is not possible without having a specific vault keybind. You might just get yourself killed instead. Also, if you want to quickly get into a window, let's say someone is following you or you're getting shot at, you want to

What Advance Look Controls Settings help with ADS Recoil? - Apex Legends

Hey guys, it's Snapeyuh here with a new video today. We're diving into advanced look controls and how they can help with recoil in Apex Legends. If you enjoy this video, don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!

Let's get right into it. Go to your settings, then controller, and scroll all the way down to advanced look controls. Now, focus on the ads settings, specifically the top two. These are the settings that will really help with recoil control.

The other settings, like ads turning extra yawn and ads turning extra pitch, only come into play when you hold the analog stick all the way to the end. We rarely do this while shooting, so let's focus on the ones that matter.

Next, we'll go into advanced controls and adjust the ads yawn speed and ads pitch speed. Depending on the level of players you're facing, you may want to increase these settings slightly. Just be aware that higher sensitivity can make recoil patterns more difficult to control.

In the firing range, make sure you remove all attachments from your weapon. When you're looking down your scope, the recoil will be easier to manage. But as you move further back, you'll notice that pitch speed becomes more important. Adjust the sensitivity accordingly, applying more pressure to the analog stick.

Take steps back, keep adjusting, and see how it feels. If you're consistently missing the target, increase the sensitivity until you're hitting your shots. Different guns have different recoil patterns, so pay attention to that as well.

For guns like the Flatline, where the recoil tends to dip to the right and left, adjust the ads yawn speed to help control the left and right movement. This will come in handy when enemies start strafing.

Remember to practice without sights, as it will help you learn the recoil pattern and get used to the sensitivity of advanced look controls. You can try using my settings as a starting point, but make sure it feels comfortable for you.

I hope these tips help you with your recoil control. If you enjoyed this video, don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe! Thanks for watching, and I'll catch you all in the next one.

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