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how to choose a dropshipping product

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

Picking A Product To Dropship | 2021 Strategy For WINNING Shopify Products

all right. in this video, we're gonna be toking about something that I've been getting asked about a pretty good amount, and it's a topic that I want to kind of freestyle- I will hopefully be throwing in some screenshots of examples along the way- and that is finding the right product. now, this is not going to be a product research video. I have those on the channel as of recently in the last few months, where I show a little bit more and some more criteria on what I look for in a product. well, we're going to tok about specifically- and this applies to even if you're making a lot of money- actually one of my friends who does probably, if I had a guess- I don't know exactly everyone's income, but revenue between half a million to a million a month- he does pretty well in the e-commerce industry. we're just kind of shooting the toking about products, toking about you know, high tiket, low tiket, what the sweet spot ranges with, how Facebook optimizes nowadays, and so I want to tok about the price point. so, even if you already have a store with the product that you're running, you could add in another product to that store or you could create a completely new store and find more products based on this pricing criteria. so one thing I want to outline is for those you who are just starting, please understand. I always say this, I will say until the day I die: the first product that you pick will probably not be the one that makes you X amount. whatever that is, it's probably not gonna be your first winner. so it does take a little bit of time, just understand that. and that's totally okay, because that first product is going to be a great learning experience. now one thing I do want to say more so for the beginner side of things, if you're just starting, finding a product that is in a lower price point range might be advantageous to you, and let me explain why. it's gonna suit you a lot better if you have a smaller budget. so this all depends on how much money you can spend on marketing. for myself, I love products that are in the 30 to 40 dollar range. if I can sell it exactly in that and I get it for under ten, I'm golden, because I'm really that. for me, that's how Facebook optimizes really well. I can be at a consistent 3 plus row, as- and usually they're super, super scale. one thing I also like about it's not necessarily a low tiket product, but kind of that slightly lower to medium range. thirty to forty dollars- it's a lot of customers, right. it's not just a $200 product where you have maybe the same amount of revenue but less customers. there's a spot, a sweet spot that I've kind of found. we're finding that balance between high and low tiket spits out enough customers for you to have a bigger back end, meaning text message subscribers, email subscribers, a mini chat list- if you're doing that with Facebook, any sort of different remarketing tool, where you can then sell them more products. so it is all a data game, it's all a customer game. obviously, the people who spent $200 with you are a higher like, it's just a higher value client. it's someone that is of better quality because they've already proven that they can and do spend more money than those who spend thirty, right. so it's just kind of finding that range. now, if I were you- and you have a little bit of money to work with- doesn't have to be a huge amount. on Facebook- you're a little bit familiar with the platform- I would challenge you. okay, you can do some small tests. try to find a product that you can sell, between 60 and 90 dollars maybe. so let's call it 50 and a hundred, that range. ideally on the higher side of that- 70, 80, 90- I sell a good amount of products. they're not my primary products, but on stores that I do run I do have other offers. I run multiple products on a couple of the stores. some of them are higher tiket. now just full transparency. they're not the highest selling product, not even just in order terms, but also in terms of revenue. there's secondary products, but they still produce a lot of results. now, the reason I focus on these, even though they don't bring in the most amount of money for me, is because the margin on them is just so great. so if you're looking to sell something that you get for twenty one dollars and you can sell it for $79.99 and you'll be getting a twenty to thirty dollar cost per purchase all day long on Facebook, that leaves you such a healthy margin and that is really gonna be huge, because it's not just a percentage margin game with Facebook, it's also a dollar margin. so if you have a thirty dollar margin on a product you're selling for, you know, and that's after your cost for purchase, if you have a thirty dollar profit margin on an eighty, ninety dollar, hundred dollar product, that's as much dollar wiggle room as the revenue on selling a thirty dollar product before all the expenses. so now when Facebook fluctuates, it'll be a lot more secure and you can scale in some different ways. in my opinion, you can just be a little bit more ballsy. you can throw a lot of things to the wall and percentage-wise you'll definitely have that dollar amount of margin and still be profitable. so that's the thing: gives you a little bit more wiggle room. I do like I volunteer my range. I do sell stuff. actually, the lowest thing that I'm selling right now is $19.99. that's a little bit low for me. I don't really like to do that just because you know they get full transparency. the way that that one's performing right now is like this. it's a little slightly wavy. you know it'll be a two point one, two rows, and then a two point seven, two point three, three point one, like it's in the twos. its profitable. the reason that I'd do something like that is because I know it's a good product. it's not performing as well as I thought it would, but it is profitable and it's bringing in a lot of customers. so if you're running a newer ecommerce store bringing in a lot of customers is huge. can your name out there? its building your email list and then, when you do want to go sell a new product- one thing that most people don't think about, even if you want to. let's say you have an existing store and you want to try a product, and that's fifty to a hundred dollar range- don't just go run ads. yes, you go do that, but don't only do that. you could also email your new product to your list and that's gonna be a way to gauge how many people are actually interested. now, you're not gonna have any data on the first time you do this, but this is something that you know when you play that volume game. it works great because you go email them a low tiket product, see how many people buy. what's that percentage conversion? then go do it a week or two later with a higher tiket, then something in the middle. figure out which one works well, which you know, which price range works good, which product you're trying to advertise to them works well. I feel like a lot of people. I feel like it. two or three years ago, people were doing this better than they are today, at least in my opinion in the e-commerce space because nobody toks about it. but remarketing. just to the email text message: many chat emailing their already existing customers. I feel like that fundamental rule of acquiring the customer is the most expensive thing almost gets brushed to the side. and keep in mind, when you sell a product for $30, you get it for seven and you have a ten dollar cost for purchase. that's what most of my stuff looks like, that ten dollars is the most expensive piece of that transaction because in theory it's. it's a numbers game. that person, okay, individually might not buy, but when you have 10,000 of them they will probably buy it again. so it's all about that law of averages. you know- I don't know what the quote was like- someone said they'd never flip a coin like live or die, heads or tails. right, if they live or die, if it was just one coin flip, but if it was a million it would be a lot better statistiks or whatever. so you know that's just one of those things. it's a numbers game, so remark it to those people. you can use it as a base to test new produ.

How I Find $1,000,000 Dropshipping Products in 10 Mins.

so selling products online has been around for a very, very long time, but the best thing about living in the time that we do right now is that there's so many new social media platforms popping up all the time. the one I'm referring to most is tiktoks. these newer social media platforms allow you to utilize their new audience, as well as advertising methods that the masses and the Boomers aren't really using yet, but more and more people are moving to tiktok to advertise every single day. this is driving up the cost and the competition. there's still a ton of money to be made on tiktok because it's such a new platform, but the things that you have to focus on right now to become successful and build a seven figure Shopify store is focusing on marketing angles, product selection and building a high converting website. but before you even get to any of those steps, you have to find a winning product. if you're new here, my name is Austin Rabin and if you're returning, thank you for coming back. in this video I'm going to be covering my extensive tiktok guide to get you guys as successful as possible. these are some of the methods that I personally use to look for a winning product. that's allowed me to build multiple seven figure stores, and I'm sharing it all here for you. finding the winning product on tiktok is pretty different than looking for one that you're going to run ads on Facebook or Instagram, which is why I put together some product criteria, or like a checklist for some of the characteristiks that we're looking for in this winning product. I'm going to cover the criteria first, and then we're going to go into the methods that I use to actually find these winning products, and we're going to take this as seriously as possible and actually try to find one. but first, as always, we're going to do the giveaway for this video. I wanted to make this giveaway a really good one for this video, so what I'm giving away is a free Consulting call with me personally, one-on-one. we can review your website. I can give you advice on how to start Ecom. we can do anything at all- not anything. I guess. all that you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a like, hit the Subscribe button and also leave a comment down below about your favorite product research method. I'm going to be choosing the winner of this giveaway in my next video, so make sure you're watching that one, and also in this video, I'm revealing the winner of the last videos giveaway somewhere random in the video, so make sure you're paying attention. I don't want you guys skipping through the product research methods. I give a lot of good insight and tips and it's also a little incentive that the winner is randomly put in the video later on. so make sure you're watching. alright, let's get right into the first product research method. all right, so I put together the four pillars to find the perfect tiktok product. so the first pillar is product engagement. so product engagement means that you need to engage the viewer within the first three seconds. some products that you find will naturally do this, just based on the functionality of the product. the reason that we want a product that's very engaging within the first three seconds is that tiktok is a very stimulating platform. unlike Facebook and Instagram, people go on tik tok solely to be entertained as much as possible and as fast as possible. it's a constant dopamine release as you scroll past everyone's feed. in order to sell effectively on tiktok, you actually have to have something that's very engaging that people want to watch. that doesn't necessarily look like an ad, and that's why you see the best performing products on tiktok. ones that are extremely engaging, are really fun to watch or really solve a problem in a specific Niche. and why I keep referring to the first three seconds is because, if you can get them to stop scrolling and watch the video all the way through, this is the most important metric for tik tok's algorithm. I personally think it's very hard to get a viral video, especially an organic one, if your product's not engaging. it's really boring, and a quick tip for some best practikes to actually get a viral video would be to make sure that you film your video on a decent camera, like an iPhone camera or DSLR or mirrorless camera would be really good. you also need a lot of Quick Cuts. so when you're filming your video, film a bunch of different angles and a bunch of different uses of the product and splice them together and change the scene like every like three seconds. every time something pops up on the screen or it changes the scene, it triggers the viewer to refocus on the video and learn the new scene, which, in turn, is going to give you a lot longer watch through time. having texts on your video is also really important. if you have a text Block, it's going to force people to read all the way through and it's going to increase that watch time between all of my tiktok accounts. I've gained hundreds of thousands of followers and these are the simple methods that I use and they really work. so I highly recommend that you do those. the next pillar to find a successful product on tiktok is actually the price point. so, unlike Facebook, Instagram, Google, where you can sell a product at pretty much any price point, you can go up to like 500, a thousand dollars for a high tiket item, which I recommend, Google ads for really high tiket items because it's very search oriented- tik tok is pretty different. right, there's a younger demographic. it's a much more stimulating platform. so people, when they get off of The tiktok platform, they're not really ready to buy like a 400 item. they're more looking for a quick dopamine fix. that's why they're on the app. so if you actually put a price point in front of them that's a lot lower, they're going to actually make a quick decision, purchase the product and receive more dopamine from it. right, that's why they're on tiktok. so we really want to capture that type of energy that's happening on tiktok and move it onto your website. so, with that being said, the price point that I like to aim for for a tiktok product is between 15 and 75 dollars and once. good for you is that Drop Shipping products mainly lie within that range. so you're going to have a plethora of products to choose from and there's really not going to be that much limitation. you can also add a bunch of upsells if you want to increase your average order value, which I highly recommend doing. you're also going to want to look for a markup of three to four times the product cost. so, for example, if you found a product that's 15, you want to sell it for at least forty five dollars and upwards of 60 bucks. this is going to give you a really healthy margin, especially if you're running paid traffic. but if you're running organic, your profit margins are going to be even higher. people that are doing organic traffic on tiktok are seeing profit margins anywhere between 40 and 75 percent, which is really good and very profitable. now that we've covered the price point, we're going to move on to the next pillar that you want to look for in a winning product. this is going to be marketing angles. marketing angles are more important now than ever before in the Ecom space, and you may be asking: why is that right like: why are marketing angles so important? why isn't the product extremely important? well, they're both really important, but marketing angles really Takes the Cake in 2022 and Beyond. in my opinion, the reason is because there's so many advertisements floating around all social media platforms and people don't really like being sold to. so when you come up with unique marketing angles to actually identify your ideal customer and put the ad in front of them that they want to see and enjoy watching, it's going to create such a high conversion rate in your store and you're going to be a lot more successful than the person just throwing up a random ad on tiktok hoping to get sales doing paid traffic and it doesn't seem to be working. let'.

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How I Found A $10k/Day Shopify Product In 5 Minutes!

what's up, guys? it's your boy, jordan, back with another ecommerce video, and in this video, i'm going to be showing you exactly how i found a 10 000 a day product on my shopify store, and we're even going to be going out and finding one together, live. in under five minutes, i'm going to go over the simple criteria that i look for in a winning product. i'm going to share the exact strategy that i use to find these products and how i go out there and validate the products to make sure that they have potential. if you're trying to start your own online business and you want to see more content like this, give me a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button down below and, without further ado, let's get started with the video now. before we get started, i just want to show you some results that i'm generating using this exact same strategy. so you can see that it is the 12th of january and i have already generated over 94 dollars in sales with my online store, found this product using the exact strategy we're going to be going over in this video, and i'll do a quick refresh for you as well, so you can see that this is 100 legit before we find a product together live. i just real quick want to tok about the four criterias that i look for in any winning product. every single successful product that i've seen in my journey has these, and you cannot have a winning product without having all four of these, so make sure you listen very closely. the first criteria is: look for products that are already selling well on amazon or on other dropshipping stores. the logic behind this is very simple. we don't have to reinvent the wheel. we want to look for trends that are already happening in the market and figure out how to add our own unique twist on them so we can capitalize off of what is already working. the second thing that i look for in any winning product is the opportunity to mark up the product for three times the cost that we get it from our supplier. this makes running facebook ads so much easier, because it gives you a healthy margin to spend a good amount to acquire a customer. every single winning product that i've ever sold has had a 3x markup, and if you're trying to sell something with less, it is extremely difficult, so make sure that you can sell it for at least 3x the total cost of goods plus shipping. the next thing you should always be looking for is room for improvement on that existing competition. this is just simple business 101. let's say you wanted to start a burger restaurant in your neighborhood, but there was already somebody selling the same exact food. the only way that you would be able to make a business out of this is if you improved on the service that they were providing, the quality of food that they were providing or perhaps the ambiance inside of the restaurant itself. it's no different with an online store. if somebody else is already selling a product at scale, you need to think about how you can do a better job marketing that product, how you can make a better website, or maybe just find a product that's a little different than the one they're selling, so you can capitalize off of that trend. and the last thing you want to look for is find products that improve the quality of your customer's life. it's so much easier to get somebody to spend money on a product if they can see a clear benefit of purchasing that item. so make sure, when you're picking products, you find things that clearly have a benefit in the eyes of the customer, and it's going to be so much easier to sell those products. that's the four criterias i look for: make sure it's already selling well, make sure you can mark up the price at least 3x, make sure that there is some room for improvement or a unique angle that you can take, and also make sure that the product improves the customer's life in some type of way. all right, so now let's hop onto the computer and let me show you exactly how we can find one of these products, and let's try to find one together and see how fast we can do it. alright, so there's a ton of ways to go out there and find these winning products. this is not the only method, but this is the exact method that i use to find my winning product, so we're gonna go through that now. if you're looking for more methods to find winning products, like if this one isn't working for you, for example, i'll link one of my other videos down below where i share a few other methods that you can use. but you guys should start out on amazon, as i believe that this is one of the best tools to find winning products on. so you want to go to amazon, you want to go to the top left and you want to click on best sellers. when you're on the best sellers tab. you want to click on this right here, the movers and shakers tab, if you're not familiar with this. it's basically just showing the products that have grown the most in the last 24 hours, so you can find products and trends that are on the rise. now. there's a couple categories in here that i like more than others, and i'm gonna share those with you. now, every category that i'm about to share with you, i found a winning product in. so the first one is baby, the next one is beauty and personal care. the next one is health and household. there's a lot of really good products there. you have home and kitchen as well, and for the last one, we have electronics. now, a lot of these products have potential, like pet supplies, sports and outdoors tools, but those categories are just my favorite. so for today, we're gonna pick a random one. i say we'll go with health and household and we're just gonna scroll and look for something that fits on our criteria, so something that's selling well, something that improves the life of the customer, and i'm gonna look for something a little more expensive as well, so we can mark up the price. so, obviously, like we can't dropship garbage bags and uh, what do you call this? mouthwash and wipes, like we can't do anything with that, but we're looking for a product that i know i can find on aliexpress, like we have this water floss teeth cleaner. i don't necessarily like this product that much. it's not very unique. um, what is this one here? this one actually looks pretty cool. this is a scale and on the scale it actually connects to your app so you can see, like, how you're doing with your fitness goals. this is something that i would even buy myself and you know, funny enough, it's january, right, it's a new year, and everybody's trying to get their fitness on, everybody's trying to change their, their bodies going into the new year. new year, new me. you know what i mean. so i think that this product could actually be pretty sick. let's go through the rest of the process and see if it checks off the other boxes. so obviously they're selling it for 20 bucks now. we're not going to be selling this for 20 bucks on our store. we could definitely get away with selling this for more. the first thing i like to do when validating a product is going to google trends. so you want to go to google trends here and you want to type in this type of product that you're looking at. so, um, we would probably want to call this, yeah, a smart scale. i think that would do very well. so we'll go ahead and put that in the search bar and look at that. guys, you can see that this thing is at its highest right now. it's at 99.. if we go scale in general, let's see what a scale is looking like. it's still pretty good. it's around 75, it's around 80, uh, every single, every single month, and that's all year long. so that's a great sign. and then if we go to gym- you know it's january- you can see that that, as well, is doing just fine in this time. but the main term that we're looking at is smart scale, and you can see that is at a hundred. so this product is actually looking really good. let's go to aliexpress and see what we can find for this product and maybe think about how we can mark this up. so let's go ahead and search smart scale. we're gonna go ahead and get rid of these pop-ups, sort by orders and see what comes up. so this one actually looks quite nice. ri.

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6 Criteria For Choosing Good Products To Dropship | Shopify Dropshipping

in the previous lesson, we toked about the drop shipping business model, which is the business model that we will be working with. in this lesson, we will be toking about product research. product research is one of the most, if not the most important, part of running your online business, and that is because if you don't get your product research done correctly and if you don't work hard enough on it and really know how to find the products that will sell for you, then it doesn't matter how neat your site looks, it doesn't matter how much time and effort you put into it, and it won't matter how much budget you put into your marketing. nothing will work and everything will fail if you don't get the product research done correctly. that is exactly what we're going to be toking about in these lessons. we're going to start with the first lesson in product research: the six criteria for finding a good product to sell. by the way, you guys don't need to write anything down, i got you all covered. the first criteria that you need to know in order to be able to conduct product research is that the product needs to be hard to find in stores. for example, check out this product. this is a toothbrush sanitizer, uv toothbrush holder and a toothpaste dispenser. it sanitizes your toothbrushes. this is what people are looking for, especially this year with the pandemic that we have going on now. let's check if this is a hard to find product at local shops that people usually have near their homes. for example, let's take a look at costco. as you can see, costco has no idea what this product is. when searching for uv toothbrush holder, same thing in home depot. home depot has no idea what this product is, but we can see that it is available and even trending through other suppliers. so that's the first criteria: that the product needs to be hard to find in stores. now the second criteria of finding a good product to sell is that it should be hard for customers to guess the price of this item, for example, that uv toothbrush sanitizer. it's not a product that people usually buy. i'm sure that you've never had such a product before, so it's hard to guess the price of a product that you've never bought before in your life. you can guess around how much you'd want to spend for such a product. for example, i wouldn't spend 100 or 150 on this product, but if it costs 30 or 40 or maybe even 50 dollars, sure why not. it's for the health of my teeth and it's worth that much money. so, with the second criteria being that it's hard to guess the product's price, you can actually make great profit on such products. you can price them up to three times their worth and even more. it really depends on a situation. but that's why the second criteria is that it needs to be hard for the customer to guess the price of this product. the third criteria that you need to keep in mind when doing your product research is that the product needs to solve a problem and make your customers life easier. for example, that uv sanitizer toothbrush holder that we saw solves a few problems. it cleans and sanitizes the toothbrushes, it holds and dispenses the toothpaste, it organizes the toothbrushes in an orderly fashion and it takes care of your personal hygiene. so there's a few problems that this product solves and it's hard to find in stores and it's hard to guess the price. these are the criteria that we're looking for in a winning product. the fourth criteria is that your drop shipping suppliers need to have fast shipping and delivery times. customers do not want to wait more than one week to get their orders. that is why i don't recommend to work with chinese suppliers. many people do it and it's fine. it is not a wrong method. do not get me wrong here- but if you want a higher quality store, higher quality products and satisfied customers, you need to work with american suppliers with fast shipping times. we're gonna get to the suppliers soon, but keep this in mind for the fourth criteria: that you need to work with suppliers- drop shipping suppliers- with super fast shipping times, super fast delivery times and good customer support when it comes to returns. now this brings us to the fifth criteria that you need to know before starting your product research, and this one is toking about the fact that your customers need to be able to buy the product impulsively without doing much product research before. for example, if you're selling something that has different weights and dimensions, then there's a good chance that the customer will need to go and do some research before buying from your store to see if it's the right size, the right measurement and so forth, and you might lose them because they may never come back to your shop. this doesn't mean that you can't sell products that have different sizes and dimensions, but do keep in mind that it will make them log out of your store see if it's what they need and maybe come back a day later after toking with their wife or friend or relative, if they would even remember to do so. you want to look for impulse buyers who will simply buy the product as soon as they see it in your shop. do not give them a reason to get out of your site and maybe come back later. so that's the fifth criteria: that the customers need to buy the product impulsively and not get out of your site and start doing some research and maybe come back later. the sixth and final criteria, before starting your product research, is that the products that you are adding to your stores should not cost more than thirty dollars, and there's a reason for this. yes, you can dropship products that cost a hundred, 150, 400 and even a thousand dollars. there's no problem with that. but if you want to have a much higher chance of making sales and profits, especially in the beginning of your journey, do not go for expensive products, because you're going to have to work much harder to convince the customers to buy this product from your shop. and when your items are cheaper, when they cost you up to thirty dollars, then you can sell them for sixty or even a hundred dollars, make some good profit along the way and have a much higher chance of selling. start with cheaper products up to thirty dollars. and this is the six criteria that i have for you guys. now, before we move on to the next steps of conducting product research, you need to know the difference between a general store, a niche store and a one product store, and which store should you have. as a beginner, it is much better to start with a niche store, and that is because when you have a niche store, you can start narrowing it down. once you have a winning product, you can start narrowing down your niche and seeing exactly what's going to go well for you. and when you have a niche store, it simply looks much better than a general store which just has a whole bunch of randomized products which have nothing to do with one another, so it looks unorganized and unprofessional. and as for one product stores, this can also be a good idea, but only once you have vast experience in the drop shipping industry, in the drop shipping world, and you know exactly which product you need to sell and which product is gonna sell. well, one product stores are really challenging because you only have one product and you're relying on that. so do not start with one product stores if you haven't drop shipped yet. start with a niche store which you will be able to brand professionally, and slowly you can start narrowing down the winning niche. for example, if you're going for the pet niche, you're not going to sell a dog collar and only dog collars in different sizes and colors. you want to sell a whole bunch of pet accessories and start to slowly notike which ones are selling well and which ones aren't, and then start narrowing down your products from there. so start with a niche store and i will show you exactly how you can do that and how you can narrow it down to winning products. remember how i told you guys that you don't need to write anything down because i got you guys covered wel.

Shopify: How I Found A $1M Dropshipping Product In 10 Minutes (Product Research)

a ton of reviews, obviously making a lot of money: 213 000 a month. the leather toiletry bag on amazon is making over 960 000 a month and, by the way, this is accurate. hey, what's going on? welcome back to the channel. in today's video, i decided to do another product research video specifically for shopify, and i woke up today. i woke up this morning. i was like you know what, let's make a video and we are going to be going deep into some shopify live product research, finding profitable products to sell and to build successful shopify stores from, so you can follow along and you can also see the absolute best ways to actually find a profitable product, as opposed to so many other videos out there. i don't, uh, show bs research methods. i show things that i actually do myself and that i would do if i were to find a new product. you know right now, so let's get right into it. i'm super excited today. i honestly love doing product research. i love seeing all the different kinds of products out there that i can sell and potentially make six figures and seven figures in passive income, because you know, you find one product, uh from any of these methods and you go and you build a brand around it. you build a store around, and i'm going to tok about how to do that. um, it's not super hard. i think it sounds a lot harder than it is, uh, but you do that and you can really take one product and build it into a six-figure, multi-six figure and seven-figure empire, and that's what so many people around the world are doing with e-commerce every single day. um, you know, and every single month, every single year nowadays is because e-commerce is booming, it's rising. there's never been a better time to get into e-commerce, get into shopify, no matter where you're from, no matter how much experience you have, no matter if you're from canada, the states, from europe, from asia, right, online business and the internet has opened up a world of opportunities to people all around the world. so i'm happy you're here with me today. as you can see, i am excited. if you don't know me, welcome to my channel. my name is dan vass. i do e-commerce. it's basically what i've been living and breathing for the past four years almost. i've been selling products online on amazon, fba and shopify, building physical product brands since 2017, when i first got started. reason why i got started is because i wanted financial abundance in my life. i wanted to make passive income and i also wanted location independence most of all, and these three things i've achieved, and much, much more, and i honestly love it. you know, i love my life. i'm very happy, like right after i film this video, i'm about to take my motorcycle, i'm gonna take it to las vegas and i'm gonna go and bet 5 000 on black on the roulette, and i'm gonna film that as well, so you guys can watch that video as well. um, but you know, it's allowed me to have this freedom where i'm able to just take my bike, cruise across the desert and just hit up vegas whenever i want, and that's just one of the things. right, it's also allowed me to become a multi-millionaire early on in my 20s and, uh, you know there's, it's a huge accomplishment, it's massive. this is something that, if you really wanted this for yourself, if you have that desire- and that's what i had when i started- i had this deep, deep desire to succeed, to build a successful business, to get rich and to have financial abundance so i never have to worry about money for the rest of my life- uh, if you have that deep desire, that's the first step. now the next step is to actually, you know, put it into practike and follow um in the proven steps of people who have, who have done what you want to do before, which i have done what a lot of people want to do. you know i've sold millions of dollars in physical products online. uh, i just recently posted up one of our brands. uh, we posted up the numbers, the revenue numbers. we did like 2k- 1.5k a day and we also recently hit a million dollar evaluation. the brand is called bro day. you can check it out, brodaycom. we're all selling on amazon, so you can check that out on my youtube. it's in my community tab, um. so you know, i'm always investing in new brands and growing new brands, so this is kind of what i do on the side of the youtube thing, but, uh, cool, i'm really excited. let's get right into it. alright, so for today's product research, we're going to be using a free tool called ecom radar. this is a tool that our software team created at econ freedom, which is my company, where we help people all around the world start successful online businesses with shopify and amazon, and you know we've been in business for several years. we've helped thousands of people around the world. so i actually created this tool- for free, honestly, because for my own product research. there were other tools out there- uh, there's like turbo ad finder that existed before. they were really buggy and glitchy, and so we have a world-class software team, we have incredible developers, and so i just got them to build this. it's completely free, so make sure to grab it. the link is down below. so, once you have it, the next step is to go on facebook, which i'm on, and then you just want to click on ecom radar and it's going to ask you to create an account. so you can just fill in your information to create that account. and, again, we never abuse your personal information. believe me, i hate spam. i hate, uh, all that bs and, like you know, we don't clog up people's emails. i'm not about that. uh, you know, if we are to send you an email, it's gonna be pure value and it's gonna be. i basically send, like once a week, i send it an email of pure value, of like things that actually are helping me in my own journey to um, to success and increasing my success and, you know, growing my e-commerce empire as well. so, um, there you go. so let's go ahead and enable e-com radar, and what this does is it will only show us ads on facebook. this is basically the opposite of ad blocker. most people, they don't want to see ads on the internet, but for us- e-commerce entrepreneurs and e-commerce sellers- aspiring e-commerce sellers- we want to see ads because ads are, um, the best way to actually find new products that we can build shopify stores from. so right away. i already see a product here: uh, looking for a better way to declutter your bathroom. let's check it out. okay, so it's a stiky shelf boom. it's 59.99. it's a great price. so you know what you're looking at is you're looking at the website. you're looking at how professional it is. so this one looks like it's brand new. they just launched the homepage is pretty nice. i'm pretty impressed. so, uh, one amazing tool that also you're going to need to use that's going to really help you in your product research journey, is alexa site rank. so it looks like this: now, what alexa side rank is is it's amazon's free tool. you can also just go on google and type in alexa site rank and what that does is it shows us the traffic rank of the website. and why that is so important is because, basically, how it works is it ranks all of the websites around the world from a scale of one you know, up until like in into the millions, however many websites there are. so if we see that there's an alexa traffic rank of 180 000, well, that means that you know we can. we can kind of say that yes, this website could potentially be making money. the thing about shopify is that with this tool, we don't know exactly how much money a website is making. there is no way for us to actually see how much money any shopify site is making because obviously store owners aren't making that information available. that's why we want to use something like alexa site rank, which basically gives us a binary answer, meaning that either the website is making money if the traffic rank is decent- and decent means under 200 000- or it's not making any money, meaning that the traffic rank is going to be above 200 000. so if the site rank was like 500 000 or 700 000, we can assume that the website's not making any money and the product potentially could be a no-go. but in

Profitable Niche Selection in 2023 🔥 How to Choose a Dropshipping Product to Sell in 2023

what's up everybody? Anton here from dropshiplifestylecom and I was just out here hanging out on this gorgeous Beach behind me and I was thinking about product selection and specifically, how many people are likely to be looking for profitable products to sell online in 2023, and the thing that made this thought first pop into my head was that the economy is definitely shifting and, unfortunately, I think a lot of people are either not going to be getting promotions at work or not have that opportunity for advancement, and that would be like best case scenario. worst case is, I think a good amount of people are going to be unfortunately getting let off and looking for opportunity to create their own income, and that's what we're all about here at Dropship lifestyle. so I thought let me put this out there as kind of a PSA and share what I consider to be five tips for, most importantly, profitable product selection- how to choose the right products to sell. so let's go ahead, let's get into it. I'll share these tips and hopefully they can help you to build your first or your next store. uh, whoops, don't mind that, but anyway, I have your attention, so let's begin. so the first tip: when it comes to profitable product selection, if you're thinking about getting into Drop Shipping in 2023 is price points. okay, one of the things I have been preaching for years, but that is now more important than ever. and when I say price point, I mean your average order value for what you sell to your customers, and what I want this to be for your business is at least over two hundred dollars, but ideally you should model what we do in our own businesses and even have it one thousand plus. now, I will say, once you start to get to two thousand dollars or more for the average order value, there typically is some more pre and post sale work that goes into it: people asking questions before they buy, people asking more questions once the products are delivered, simply because they spent more money. but in my opinion, this is more important than ever because, as you might know if you've been in business before, ad costs now are up since the pandemic, which means if you do what we do, you are going to have to spend money on ads to make money and you want to make sure you're selling expensive products so you have enough profit margin to be able to profitably buy ads when people start and they choose a low price point, especially now with ad costs back to where they were pre-pandemic. that's going to mean that unless the margins are there, you're not going to be able to acquire customers profitably, and that'll mean you build a store with a product type that never takes off. and remember, we want to do this profitably because what's the point of doing the work if we're not getting paid for it? what's the point of building a store selling inexpensive products, getting a bunch of traffic, getting a bunch of sales, fulfilling a bunch of orders, if there's no money left over at the end of the month? and moving up in price point is one way to definitely get yourself there. so, first tip for profitable product selection: in 2023, you want your average order value for every sale that comes in on your store to be a minimum of 200 and again I would say, ideally one thousand dollars or more, okay. second tip that I want to share is in regards to what I will put as DS suppliers. okay, drop ship suppliers. now, some things have changed over the past year. one of the big ones was oberlo, going out of business. now we never use oberlo, just disclaimer, but many drop shippers did, and oberlo was an app that you could plug into your Shopify store that allowed you to drop ship directly from China, so you would get orders. the orders would be sent to a warehouse or a fulfillment center in China. products would get shipped from there to the states or wherever your customers are. right again, we never use that. but because it closed, a lot of people started finding us and finding out how we do product research and how we find suppliers to actually fulfill orders. so few tips on this point will kind of expand out to it. the first: I think this is the biggest. as per usual, you want a minimum of 20 suppliers, but I would say, going in now to the New Year, 30 or more is even better, better now. the reason I want you to find so many suppliers for whatever Niche you choose, is because you want to have lots of variety when it comes to product options, but also lots of different ways for customers to find you, because one way that people find us is by searching for the exact products that we sell. so I'll give you an example here. I'm writing this out as I tok through it with you and I'm on. I guess you would call it an easel with a flip chart. so if I were going to build a store that sold flip charts and I can only find three different companies that made flip charts that I could drop ship for, then I wouldn't want to be in that Niche. I would move on, because that's not enough variety, it's not enough security, knowing that my business is distributed amongst all these different brands. and just to be clear, I'm not saying that I want 20 to 30 plus suppliers that all make the same exact product. I'm saying I want that many suppliers that make the same product type. so let's go into an example that might work. for an example like this: right for a flip chart or an easel, I would want some suppliers that had options that were just like this one, maybe a dark gray metal finish with this specific width- I think it's three feet wide- then I would want to find some that had the tall and narrow ones for a customer that wanted that product type. I would want some that underneath this, also had a white board if people wanted to use that option when working through their flip chart. I would want some that have wheels. I would want some that are collapsible so people can bring them to conferences with them or to workshops, right, whatever it may be. so just keep that in mind when I'm saying find 20 or, ideally, 30 more brands or suppliers you could sell for in your Niche. I'm not saying they all make and rip each other off and sell the same product. I'm saying they have the variety of products within your chosen Niche. now, a couple other key things here is that these brands should not be ones you pay to sell for. they shouldn't be middlemen. they should be directly the companies that manufacture and Warehouse the things you want to sell. and again, 20 to 30 plus is more important than ever going in to 2023, if you want to choose profitable products to sell online. going back to the example, if I found three brands that made these, maybe I get approved to sell for one or two of them the first day. well, what happens if one of them goes out of business or runs out of inventory? then I'm stuck and I don't have a business anymore. so there is Security in bigger numbers. that is why this is so important, okay. third thing we want to tok about when it comes to tips for profitable product selection is brand loyalty. brand loyalty when it comes to drop shipping. you want there to be none. okay, and an example I typically give because it can clearly visualize it for most people is. let's say, you were thinking about getting in to drop shipping on Shopify in 2023 and you were looking for profitable products and you saw what I said so far and maybe you thought you know what. okay, what's a product that is pretty expensive? maybe a tablet- right, I recently bought an iPad. or maybe headphones- I recently bought the new Bose noise canceling headphones. maybe I'll sell those. well, one problem you're going to find first of all is that there's not going to be that many suppliers. but even if there is- let's use the tablet example- even if you could find 20 or 30 different brands from China that make their own crazy named tablets, well, guess what? that is a niche, that is a product type that has a ton of brand loyalty, and even if you build a store and you sell from 30 different brands for tablets, you're not going to do well because that Niche is dominated by a few big players. that e