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how to close store on shopify

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

❌ How to CANCEL SHOPIFY Subscription / Close Shopify Store 2022

hey there, if you want to delete your Shopify store, you are in the right place. so, first of all, guys, what I want to do is to sign into my Shopify account. as you can see, I'm already inside here. now it's gonna be asking me the store which I want to choose. in my case, I only have one, so I want to choose this option, and it's going to be sending me into the editor or the administration center of my shopifycom application. now, before, due to this, your account, it's really important to do these two tasks and one and the Very up. first, um, stuff you want to do here is to go into your account. in my case, I'm ready in here and want to look for your manage account. so here's our Shopify account profile. we have the login Services, we have the store referred language time zone, and the security option is the one that we want to find. so, in here, just want to make sure that the devices that are locked in everyone, every single one of those, are locked out. after that, the authentikation method: we have to leave this off. and, lastly, you have a login service. you want to delete this? uh, just for security reasons, and we can go back into our store, which is actually this one. I want to go into settings and in here we have the balance section. this is the last step, and the very, very interesting and important- in order to delete this correctly. so I want to scroll up and look for the payment methods. I don't have a family method in here, but if I had a panel method in here, you might see that there is a current purchase and billing automatikally just in case you have a trial, just in case you have a monthly subscription or a gear description. you want to cancel that, because if you cancel and shut down your Shopify, you might have the chance that child, if I still charge you for something that you are not using anymore, try to delete that option and here into running total, if you have anything in zero, you can just delete your account. now, since I have a trial mode, what I want to do is to deactivate my trial mode, choose the activity you store and cancel your subscription to all the trial plan, and here's the main reason you're closing the store. if you want to choose one option, let's say I'm switching to another platform, let's say Shopify. you have Chinese going to continue and I just need to activate it with my passcode and head into continue. so what's going to happen is that the store is going to be automatikally deactivated. if I want to reopen my Shopify, I can select this option so we can have, let's say, for example, like a backup, but so far my store has been deactivated successfully and I will not be charged anymore for the stuff that I just done, uh, in the past. if I want to check it out- some past bills and all that- I can choose my past bills and it's going to be appearing in here. so there you have it, guys. just in case you have any questions, you can leave that down below in the comment section. now don't forget to like And subscribe to the channel if you want to see more about these Shopify tips. thank you so much for watching this video, guys, and I'll see you next time.

How To Temporarily Close Shopify Store For Maintenance 2022

hey guys, welcome back to my youtube channel. i know long time, no see you guys don't know. last video i was pregnant, shared with you guys that i was pregnant, had my son. we definitely have been enjoying him and we are back in business. now i'm back on youtube, um, if you guys are interested, i shared my birth story, um. but here we are. i am back, just getting back into things. so i wanted to share with you today how you can put your shop on vacation mode, so this will make your shop like unavailable. it will pop up a little screen, um, that your your shop's like under construction or something, because it does not look good. if you go to someone's website and they have things that are all out of stok or just there's like nothing available or it's disorganized. this is definitely great if, one, you actually do go on vacation and you want to close your shop. or two, you want to go and fix things on the back end and you don't want your customers to see. it's super easy, free. but i will show you guys how you can pause your shopify subscription if you need to. but you guys know how i do. i will go step by step. i'm going to jump into my laptop, show you guys, step by step, how you can do this. but i wanted to give a special shout out to for sending me a weekly planner. this one's actually really, really cool. i will leave the link down below for you guys to check out. so let me show you some specs on this and we're going to jump into the video. and so here is my premium weekly planner. i personally received the color rose gold, ordered from amazon, so if you need a planner asap, you can grab yours via amazon and i will leave the link down below. but it also came with stikers that you can put in your planner and i wanted to open it up to show you guys that you can write in your goals, um, your vision board. you can definitely get really specific, which i really really like, especially being a new mom, a small business owner and i work so managing appointments and everything. this is just so great and this is my go-to planner now. i absolutely love it. so thank you, cleverfox. again, you guys, the link will be down below, okay, so i am in my shopify store. all i did was click under the online store and click on my preferences, so you're going to scroll down to password protected, and here is where you're going to click enable. so you're going to type in your password. um, that is actually the password they provided me. you type in your message that you want your visitors to see while you are gone. you're gonna save those settings and this is what your store will look like. it might look a little bit different, especially depending on what you use, but with shopify and the settings that i have, this is what mine looks like. what's really cool. you can also kind of use this for exclusives. if you only want to give the password out to certain customers, you can do that too. so i went ahead and took mine off, but i want to show you guys also if you need to pause your paid subscription, which is super important. i have used this in the past as well. so you're going to head over to your settings and you're going to click on plan, which is right here at the top. i personally use the basic shopify uh plan, which is about thirty dollars a month. that is what i use, and you're gonna click on pause or to activate store. so, depending on what you need, you can click on that and you can learn more of each. just really depends on what you need. but it's very simple to pause your store. it looks more professional, trust me. i'm sure you've seen other pages do this before and you're like: how did they do that? this is how you do. that works great. if you're going on vacation or whatever you need to do, get done. work on the back end helps you look a lot more professional. thank you guys, so much for watching. let me know what other shopify small business videos you guys want to see. i'm excited to be back. i will catch you in my next one. bye you.

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Close Shopify Store | Close, Pause, Pause & Build

today we're going to be toking about how to either pause or close your shopify store. now, if the reason why you're going to go through this is because your store isn't getting enough conversions, even though you're getting higher traffic, you might want to check out our tutorial video on how to improve your seo or search engine optimization before you go about this process. if you've decided for certain that you do want to either close or pause your store, then let's go through it. so to access this feature, click on settings at the bottom left and then click on plan and permissions. once here, scroll to the bottom of your page and you'll find that you have three different options. there's pause and build, pause and outright closing your store. now let me explain these a little bit. so pause and build allows you to go into a state where your checkout is completely disabled. now you'll only have to pay, or at least currently, you'll only have to pay nine dollars a month, which means that it's way cheaper than having a plan, and it allows the opportunity to continue to develop your store. now, one thing to be cautious about is that if you go into the state, your customers can still access your store, can still view it, can still add things to their carp when they go to checkout. it won't let them to because your checkout is completely disabled now. this might confuse your customers and and think that your site is broken or something like that. so if you do choose this option, i very highly recommend that you turn your password page back on so that people can't view your site. to do that, you go to online store, go to preferences, scroll down and, under password protection, make sure that this box here is tiked off, because this is a demo store that i'm working with. it's already checked off here, but for live store this will be disabled. going back down to our other options, so the second option we have is to pause our store, and this means that you won't have access to your store at all and you won't be charged for anything. they will make sure that they keep your information, your store information, but you have to be very cautious with this, at least currently with shopify. they'll allow you to put your store into a pause state for three months and then they will automatikally upgrade to you to the pause and build side of things and start charging you nine dollars a month again. so you have to be very cautious with this. if you really want to close your store, then you're going to have to go with last option of actually closing your store. to actually go about this operation, there are two things: you'll have to be logged in as a store owner, click the close store button, and then you'll have to enter the password that you use as the store owner to log in in order to actually complete the process. once that happens, shopify guarantees that your information will be saved for 30 days, and they don't make any guarantees past that. now, in my personal experience, unless shopify has become a lot more vigilant, they typically do hold your information longer than 30 days. so if you, at some point in the future, do decide to reopen your store, you have that option, but they only guarantee that your store will be saved for 30 days, and that's it. that's how to either pause or close your store. looking to improve your store? hire a geek. we offer individual store optimizations, one-on-one training, as well as workshops. check out the description below for more information.


How To Open & Close the Register With The Shopify POS Appp

hello everyone. today i'm going to um show you how you can use your shopify pos app and open and close your registers. so first step is to go ahead and press this home button in the bottom left hand corner, navigate to the register and you'll see it pop up here and you can click start tracking session. so, as always, we want to have our start- uh, our drawer, always at 2- 50.. so count your drawer, make sure you're at 250 and you can put in your note if you have any discrepancies, so like if we're over some or short sum. and then, as well as that, you also need to put in your name and then opened and you can confirm that. and that is how simple and easy shopify is to open the register. now to close the register, you'll want to go back to that, use that button in the bottom left-hand corner, go back to register and hit view open session and from there you can see all of our sales and then you can hit in tracking session. so you'll want to use your accounting tool, count the drawer, um, once you count that drawer, you'll confirm it and you'll see the summary at the on the next page when you hit next, and it'll tell you your expected amount, how much you've counted, and you can add your note and you would put your name and closed, and then, and you'll want to count all of the money in the drawer. so just count it all and then you will put the amount that you want to leave in the drawer. so it's really taking you step by step. it's super, makes it super easy. no, no hard math or calculations you have to do in your head. so you- we, of course, leave our 250 in the drawer and then this will tell you how much to remove from the drawer drawer. um, so, and because i already i only had 250 in the drawer, i don't have to remove anything and i can hit confirm and it gives you a whole summary and breakdown, just like it would on revel. however, you don't have to print anything, um, unlike we did before. we just will. um, actually, we will complete a sheets information using this summary. um, we'll have a deposit sheet in the google sheets app that we will be filling out and, of course, you will be taking, if you have, uh, whatever the app prompts you to take out of the drawer. you will be filling out your deposit slips just like normal and putting them in the deposit bags, just as we use usually do um. so, all in all, opening and closing the register on shopify is super easy, super simple and is streamlined, and should make it super, uh, nice and easy for you guys. bye.

How to Cancel Shopify Subscription and Close Store 2021

[Music]. hello everyone. welcome again to resolution design. my name is edwin anthony. if you're brand new to this channel, again, what i do is that i do a tons of shopify videos, tons of shopify tutorials. so welcome again for this segment. uh, if you're brand new to the channel, all you got to do and you like this type of material- all you got to do is press that subscribe, smash that blue like button, put some comments down there and let's get right to it. in this video, what we're going to tok about is what happens if i want to close down my store. how can i close down my shopify store before the trial ends? so this partikular year has been kind of crazy. you've been seeing a whole bunch of trial offers. i have a trial offer in the description. uh, typically it's for 14 days. earlier this year or in 2020. um, they had something where it was almost for like 90 days or something like that. but no worries, if you're in a position where you're like you know what, i need a break, or things just haven't been moving or i just kind of want to step back from all this because i got other things that i need to carry first. that's what this video is about okay. so first thing that i want to tok to you about before we dive into the instructions is: exactly why are we doing this? why are we doing this? so there could be a whole bunch of different reasons. first, let's just get away from the fact that it could be personal reasons like you just need a break from all this, whatever. second obvious reason is that perhaps, whatever story that you're building, you just feel like it's just not working at the moment, or that your suppliers are just not available, and that you just feel like you need to take a break. right. but i want to say that the most popular reason is probably that is is that you know, you just don't feel like working with this. you just want to let it go, and truth of the matter is is that maybe it is a good idea, maybe it wasn't such a bad idea, right? you don't need to literally close the store. you just need to kind of reevaluate what you've done, right? yeah, i don't want you to, you know, quit on your dreams. you know you once upon a time you did want to start up a store and maybe things just didn't turn out right. that's what this channel is all about: is to kind of help you out as far as you know how to make you really successful. okay, so i wouldn't want to say that i am just only going to teach you how to close the store. i'm going to teach you several other options in this video, just to take into consideration as to what other things can go about. okay, so again, i cover a lot of materials on my channel. go ahead and look at my channel, look at all those different videos that i offer and test out a few things. okay, because maybe your initial business didn't work out well, but maybe there's another business that could work out well. you don't need to disconnect the shopify store. if, let's say, you were selling, i don't know. let's say cases and cell phone cases and the cell phone cases didn't work out for you, but you now want to sell, i don't know. uh, watches right, you don't literally have to cut off the store. you could just redo the store. who cares if the dot myshopifycom says harry's greatest, you know? uh, whatever your old business was, it doesn't matter, because your customers are not going to see that. you just might need to change the domain name. you know, you go to godaddy, buy a new domain and that's the new name of your business, then you start from scratch. you don't have to close this one out and start a new trial for something else. you don't need to do that, right? so that's my answer to you on that part. let's get to the tiknical stuff. i'm going to share my screen with you, okay, and i'm gonna teach you on how we get the different options to closing out the store. let's get to it, all right. let's get this show on the road here real quick. so here am i, right here, right here, right here, okay, all right. so if we are on the shopify store, what we're going to do first of all is that we're going to go- if you see my mouse right here. what we're going to do is we're going to go to the bottom left where it says settings. we're going to click on settings and we're gonna click on right here where it says plans and permission. i'm gonna click on that and we're gonna scroll all the way down until we see our three options. let me explain to you what these three options are because, remember, it's different scenarios depending on where you're at in your business, what's going on personally and what you want to do with this whole business entirely okay. so the way that this works is that the three options pause, build um. all right, so we have seller close, seller close is that's it. i'm totally done. i want to completely disconnect and i do not care of any of the contents. i don't care about the apps, i don't care about the products, i don't care any work that i've done. seriously, i will never touch this, ever again. that's if you want to sell it, i mean, excuse me, close it. right, you're like i'm finito, i'm done. so then you go right here and then you click on it and shopify is going to ask you: hey, are you sure you want to leave or would you rather sell it? so those who want to sell it, let me explain what this means. it means that you've actually tried with your business. you've done facebook marketing, you've had a few sales. you know it's, it wasn't all that bad. it's just that you felt that in in a way, it just was too time-consuming. uh, there was too much an investment where you had to come out of pocket for a lot of these things, and you just felt like: you know what i got this job promotion. i rather just dedicate my time to this nine to five and i'd rather just sell this business. it did pretty good, but it's just not for me. i'd rather not do anything and let me just sell this store and therefore, okay, go ahead and press sell store. what then happens is that your store goes into a shopify's merchant system where it shows your sales, it shows your sales, it shows your traffic, it shows all that. and then here comes these investors or people that actually want to buy businesses. they look at it, they make you an offer based on your stats, and then you could go ahead and go about. that way sounds pretty fun, you know, i i could see some people. let's pretend for a second that you're really good at creating businesses. it's just that you don't want to get involved with the e-commerce and just doing all that. but what you're really good at is you're good at finding a product. you get maybe drop shipping or something like that. you're good at making sales. you're good at all this and you make the numbers real, look really nice. and then you come to a point you're like: you know what? now i'm gonna sell it, not on the first month, not on the second month. you give it like a nice year of good sales, so that it's very attractive. and then you say, hey, i'll sell you my store for this much. it's already doing good. just follow these steps and just get on with it and then it turns out pretty good. hey, maybe that's your line of business. you know people buy houses and flip them. maybe you're the type that you build businesses and flip them to. that's not a bad cash idea. okay so. but closing the store means that you want absolutely nothing to do with it and therefore that's why we're closing this down. okay, pausing. so pausing means that you know what. you just need a break. let's pretend that you're gonna go on vacation for a long time and you have nobody to really look after the story and you really don't want to deal with it. you want to pause, meaning that when you click on pause, it keeps everything systematikally it. it shuts down your store from the front end and the back end, both everything together, uh, but it doesn't delete the contents of your store, such as your theme, your products and all that stuff. it keeps it there and by pausing, it means: okay, hold it for me, hold my beer, hold this right, hold this, because i'll be back in like a few months or so. i just need to go get this money right because i realized that

How To Cancel Shopify Subscription | Close Your Shopify Store 2022 (Easy tutorial)

how to cancel your Shopify subscription or close your store. hello guys, welcome back to my channel. I hope you guys are doing amazing. so in today's video, I'm going to show you how you can cancel your Shopify subscription or close your store. they're almost, you know now, kind of same thing. so, first of all, what you have to do is you have to open your Shopify, your Shopify home, and you have to come here on the home, as you can see that I have a. I have an online store as well, and this is my Shopify. you know, this is what it looks like in my home. it is asking me to add a domain and pick a plan and etc. etc. so, first of all, what you have to do is- uh, you know, it's very easy. it's gonna be a step to step guide and so that you don't feel any kind of thing, you know which- I don't want to leave anything behind where. I don't want to leave anything out for you to create any confusion for you guys. so, first of all, what you have to do is, after opening up your shopifycom, so after signing in and after logging in or whatsoever, this will be the page that he will land on to, and it can be different for you depending upon the, you know, depending upon your store, or if you have a store or not. if you don't, then it will ask you to create a store. if you already have, then it will ask you to update it or something like it totally depends upon what, where you are and your progress on Shopify. so, as I have a store, but it's not very updated Etc, it's asking me to add a domain and everything. so this is the home page for me. so first of all, what you have to do is go into this app setting here, and here you can see that these are the apps that I have linked or installed to my Shopify and from here I can do some Drop, Shipping, Etc. and if you uh go into this setting app and sales channel settings, it will open up, you know, the and all other settings, Etc. and here you can see what you have to do first is you want to remove all those apps and uh, you know can be uninstalled without selecting uh selector location, shop location, and you know, just delete it. and if you want to come here to others pocket, you want to do that, do it as well. you have to select this location, like if you can delete it from here, or you know you can just transfer it to your shop locator because it's necessary. you cannot just directly delete it like that. so it's just, you know you want to delete it from this Shopify account, or you know subscription, so you want to delete it, remove this as well. and um, you know just, there's another one which is an online store, and I understand the risk of installing this sales channel. before you delete, make sure you have fulfilled all orders from online stream, processed any returns or refunds- if you have anything you know to return or to refund, or there are any orders that you haven't fulfilled, right, um yet. so you have to do that first before deleting your account or before deleting your store. so you have successfully deleted online store and this is how your app send uh, sales channels looks like now, and you're all clear. so the next step is that you here, as you can see, it is asking you to add some more apps because you don't already have one. so when you come here, these are the settings and, as you have seen that this is a, this is my store, so on by mnmyshopifycom. so this is, uh you know, showing the basic information about my store and everything, and this is the information that I have provided. so what you have to do is you have to come here in the plan section and this is your next billing date and payment method and everything. so you have to come here and deactivate your trial, because I'm a trial mode right now and this is how, uh, my subscription will be canceled. for you, it might be different if you have already subscribed to a payment plan and if you have already bought your subscription or something, then it will ask you to close your store or something like that. if you have done nothing right now, if just a simple store, you have created nothing or you haven't chose any plan right now, then it will simply give you an option of closing your store and it will ask you a reason for it. while you're closing your storage stuff, you just have to given that and you just have to, uh, you know, given your password, and that's how you will close your store and close your profile for all. if, as you can see, that I already had a store and I already choose a payment plan and I choose the free trial version of it. so this is why I am deactivating my trial version and they actually restore and cancel your subscription to the trial plan. yes, please. what is the main reason of choosing closing the store? I was just testing Shopify out. I will just, you know, add this, anything you'd like to add. no, I will just continue. and now I have to enter my password in order to actually activate my store completely and I will just simply add in my password and I will just say deactivate. now, after adding in your password, you will be able to deactivate your store completely and, as you can see here, after a deactivate your store, you will no longer have access to Shopify admin, including your sales data reports or product and customer information. if you, if you decide to give this another try, we'll retain this information so you can kick start your store with ease. so this is what it says and this is how you'll be able to deactivate your store. I don't know how to do that, so I'm not going to actually add in my password. here I was just. I was just showing you guys how you can do that very easily and I will just go back and, you know, cancel everything out and- and here is are some other options that you can use as well, if you want to- uh, you know- deactivate your account- it's just going to this manage account setting- it will give you an option to completely delete your account. as you can see, if you come here and security your password to stop amplification and devices, Etc. after you have successfully ended your subscription of your store on Shopify, then you will be given the option to close your store in this General section and from that there you can add a reason of closing the store and then you can add in your password, like you added for closing the subscription, and that's how you can close your store on Shopify and this is how you can, you know, close your Shopify account and this is how easy it was. after successfully, you know, closing your subscription and deactivating your subscription on Shopify, you can get an option here in the general section of closing your store and once you select that section, select that option, you will just, you know, asked about why are you doing this? and then you will be asked about your password and that's how you can close your your Shopify account as well. this is how easy it was and this was, uh, all for today. I hope this video helped you guys. and this is how you can close your Shopify account and if you have any queries, you can comment them down in the comment section below and I will surely respond to them. and until the next video, please like, share and subscribe my channel. take care and bye. bye.