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How To Create Online Courses The Easy Way!

Published on: December 5 2022 by Miles Beckler

How To Create Online Courses The Easy Way!

hey miles here milesbeckler.com and in
this video you're going to learn how to
create online courses i'm going to show
you a framework that makes the process
of creating an online course
simple it's going to help you organize
your thoughts and lay everything out in
a way that's very logical and the cool
part is you can use this for more than
just creating your online courses if
you're creating an online membership
program modulated courses or just a
simple info product this is great but
also if you're creating your lead magnet
or your five-day bootcamp they get after
they opt-in this framework will work
it'll even work i've used this for
creating slide decks and presentations
i've delivered in live speeches to live
audiences when i've done some speaking
about internet marketing at different
conferences so it's a very versatile
framework that really helps you organize
your thoughts and what you might find is
that when you fill this out it'll
actually guide you as to what your lead
magnet should be and what your course
can be and what your organic content can
be all kind of working together to be
the framework for literally building an
organic business based on content
marketing so i learned this from sir
frank kern if you don't know frank kern
he is the president of the internet and
i learned this from one of his old
courses i took probably five or six
years ago called mass control and
essentially it's the philosophy that
every person is simultaneously moving
away from something and moving towards
another thing right and when we build
our products we're helping that person
leave where they are which is somewhere
they don't want to be and we're helping
them get to where they want which is
accomplishing the goal through your
teachings so let's jump right in this is
called the escape and arrival framework
now i don't have a whiteboard i
apologize for that but i do have a pen
and i do have my artist notepad here
that will act as my whiteboard so you're
going to follow along as we explain how
this works and then i'm going to do a
real-life example with you to really
solidify how this framework for creating
online courses works so the first thing
we do is on the left of the paper we do
an e for escape from and we do an a on
the right side for arrive two you draw a
line to connect them and then you put
tik boxes for all of the different
milestones that someone will experience
leaving where they don't want to be as
they arrive to where they want to be now
this is where you need to take what
you're working on and understand your
niche for the example that i'm going to
give you and show you how we're going to
work this is with this is
wordpress funnel right i'm going to take
somebody who doesn't have a wordpress
funnel installed they don't have a
marketing funnel and i'm going to show
them how to create a wordpress funnel
for themselves i'm notiking this pen is
not working all that great so i'm gonna
drop that and get my backup because you
always have a backup when you record so
what are we escaping from we're escaping
from having no
right so can you read that there no
funnel on that side and we're arriving
to them having a
i'm going to put a name on top of it
this will be my wordpress
funnel so now obviously i know how this
works i've built many funnels on
wordpress i've built many funnels off of
wordpress my goal is to teach people how
to build their own funnel on wordpress
so this is a way for me to organize my
thoughts and think okay what do they
need to know and what do they need to
accomplish in what order in order to
quickly and effectively go from having
no funnel to having a functional
wordpress funnel so the first thing is
web hosting
the second thing they're going to need
to do is install wordpress
the third thing they're going to need to
install thrive themes
and i'm going to add on they're going to
need to install a few plug-ins as well
so i'll just put and plug-ins there
that's that's related enough so then
what they're going to need to do is
they're going to create their landing
page so we'll call that a squeeze page
then they're going to need to create a
thank you page which can also be their
oto so i'm going to put thank you
t o
and then finally they're gonna need to
create their delivery content
and i'm gonna add one more to the end
here which is going to be testing and
optimizing so i'm going to put a little
tik down there so testing
it's really kind of messy my handwriting
is not the best and that's okay because
this is for me only this is not
something you'll ever publish right
you're just doing this to organize your
notes but here's where this gets really
powerful so i've laid out on this
timeline everything that they'll need to
do to go from not having a result that
they want to having a result that they
want but i'm not necessarily interested
in quote unquote teaching or selling all
of these components so what i could
potentially end up doing and this is how
this framework works really well is all
look into this and i'll think okay
what's the little hinge that swings a
big door and what can i best help people
with and really i think it's in this
area it's the squeeze page the thank you
the oto the delivery of content and the
testing and optimization so what i do is
i'm going to circle that out and this is
going to be my core product
and it's not actually i'm just making
this up right i'm not going to make a
product on this this is how you would go
about doing this but then you could see
okay so if that's the core product
what can i do as an opt-in right what
would they need to get what would they
be able to opt in for that would prime
them and get them ready for this kind of
content well
i could teach them these two things
right here
so i could get them in this situation
right so i'm gonna write opt-in by here
so in this situation i could go create
these two pieces as my free giveaway to
help people get on the path right
because if someone has got their web
hosting set up and installed wordpress
then i can offer my first affiliate
product as thrive themes and i can get
them to go into thrive themes and i
could even include this in this first
training right so my freebie is my free
offer would be learn how to get thrive
themes set up so you can start your
wordpress funnel fast they opt in for
that and i give them a series of pieces
of information that walk them through
the process of getting wordpress
installed getting the the web hosting
set up wordpress installed and thrive
themes and their basic plugins set up at
this point they're ready to learn more
and i've had an opportunity to generate
a little bit of cash flow right here
through an affiliate opportunity right
so this is how it works but then you're
like okay well cool but what do i do
here's how this framework you can go
meta or you can kind of turn it into a
fractal if you want what you would do
next is you would actually zoom in on
one of these so we'll take this one
right here and ultimately you would do
this for every single milestone and we
now create a new
kind of version of this
format of this um framework if you will
based on the squeeze page so let's do
that now i'm gonna flip the page or
clean my whiteboard which isn't actually
a whiteboard but that's okay
now so i'm gonna do the same exact thing
for the squeeze page so it is escape
from is no squeeze page
and the arrive 2 is a
functional opt-in
so in this scenario i have now taken
of the components one milestone from our
previous escape arrival framework and
i'm now zeroing in on this one to come
up with what are the milestones for this
milestone right so if they have no
squeeze page at this point they do have
thrive themes installed so they're going
to need the content builder plugin
and set up
then they're going to need to integrate
right so so they have to have the plugin
that lets you set up these things
installed then they need to integrate
their autoresponder once they've
integrated with autoresponder they
create a new page
then they need to select a template
landing page template
okay so at this point they've got the
plugin installed they've integrated
their autoresponder they've created a
new page they have selected a landing
page template then it's on the copy and
this is a big one right so it's opt-in
after the opt-in copy we need to set
what list it's going to go to so let's
do list
and thank you page
and then it's going to be the
deliverable itself
and then we'll need to set up the first
in the autoresponder
and if i want to go really far i could
put a split test here
but we're going to tok about testing in
the future so i don't actually need to
get in that that's advanced so i would i
could maybe tease that
so what we've done here is i started if
you remember
with this really nice and messy
framework imagery of web hosting install
wordpress install thrive in the plugins
and then boom to the squeeze page now
what i've done is i've zoomed in on the
squeeze page only and i've got that one
milestone broken down here and these are
all the steps that someone's going to
need to accomplish in order to have a
fully functional squeeze page set up
which is accomplishing the goal there
then what i do is literally how i've
gone forth in this is i open up
powerpoint and i literally or go to
google drive they have the sheets or you
can use openoffice right you don't have
to use powerpoint if you don't want to
there's free options but i literally
create a slide and or a video module for
each of these items so what you would
end up having is this could be module
one of your paid course right and this
would be lesson one
this could be lesson two
lesson three lesson four lesson five
lesson six and so on and module one is
all about helping them create their
opt-in system and it's broken up into
these what eight different steps then
what is module two in your course well
let's go back to our initial framework
and you'll see that once they have the
squeeze page they need the thank you
page and the oto setup so what do we do
super simple we go set up module
two oto and thank you
so this is they have no
thank you
and they want to have a thank you and
so we do the same exact thing draw the
line and what would we start with well
first thing we need to do is we need to
have a thank you page
we'd create the thank you page and then
we'd select a matching template
from the thrive content builder
right and then it's copy so we need the
copy so we'll tok we'll start with a
headline the pre-head and head so i'll
start pre-head
and then it's a video
whether it's a bridge
or a vsl video sales letter and then
it's a button for a purchase button
and it could also be just a button that
links them to an affiliate product so it
could be
affiliate product
or let's do this affiliate
and then it's shopping cart right
affiliate program
and then it's
and i'd actually add testing back on the
one for the squeeze page because we
always have to test what we do and then
we can tok about split testing
so here we have it now i've just totally
mapped out module two in my course that
we mapped out based on the bigger
framework of how to help people create a
wordpress funnel and you can see this is
having no oto thank you page and what
would they need to do for this well it's
simple they need to set up an actual
page in wordpress they need to select
the template in the thrive content
builder they would need to create oh my
goodness a prehead and a headline my
chicken scratch confused myself you need
to have a video bridge page or a video
sales letter in there and all of these
would be the lessons l1 l2 l3 l4 and so
on and so forth and what i simply do is
i make sure i create either a slide deck
or a video and obviously each slide deck
would become a video but it would either
be a video showing slides teaching
something or you know for the example of
selecting the template on the thrive
content builder i just record my screen
and show how i go into that content
builder i could show this one and this
one in one video and it doesn't matter
if i end up merging these when i
actually record it what really matters
is that we're just being super efficient
and super effective laying out every
single step in the process and
ultimately when i did this last i did
this for when i spoke on the nomad
cruise and i'll link you to the video
that i created based on the slides i
created based on this framework i'll
have it pop up here now and it was
really cool what happened is i ended up
with about 15 of those sheets and i was
able to lay it out i put the the key one
the main one up top and i laid it out
across the floor in the airbnb i was in
and they all kind of connected right
because as they escaped from and arrived
to the next phase that arrived to moment
matches up with the next escape from
moment and i was able to literally lay
them out and map it out and i think it
was like 15 sheets all across the floor
and then i read it out loud to myself
step by step by step i found some things
by reading it out loud that weren't
lined up correctly i made some
rearrangement then i jumped into my
slide deck and i simply started typing
up slides every single mod every single
milestone and every sub-milestone ended
up getting its own slide if you want to
see how that video presentation turned
out you can see it again um if you hover
now since i already popped it up once
you'll see an eye there click on the eye
it'll open a new window i'll put that in
the description but that's it it's a
super simple framework and it's designed
to help you really kind of just brain
dump all of the steps get it out on
paper and then from there you either
record it by recording your screen or
you record it with slides or you can do
toking head videos if you want and you
simply go through lesson by lesson
module by module then you know how to
organize it based on these different
pieces within the framework and there
you have it if you want to use this for
a content marketing strategy you can
simply lay it all out and you make a
blog post on module one lesson one you
make a blog post on module one lesson
two and so on and so forth if you wanna
lay out your entire 90 day video
challenge this is exactly how you could
do that as well and you would just
create the first video first and you
would go through and organize all of
your content the benefits of this for
your end user is that the content is
really coherent when you're making it
out in slides i recommend you read
through the slides once out loud in your
room by yourself record it if you'd like
just to see how it comes together but
there's something that happens when you
read it out loud and you're flipping
through the slides if something's out of
place the the process of speaking it out
is you're gonna be like oh wait wait
wait i can't say that yet because i
haven't taught them that and then you go
in and you rearrange your slides and you
get it ready and once you're ready you
can use something like
screencast-o-matik which is a 15
software program you can record your
screen and you can go right through
these slides and that my friend is the
easy way to creating online courses i
hope this has been helpful for you this
framework has been incredibly helpful
for me if you don't know who frank kern
is yet go find some of his videos online
he is an absolute amazing person his
heart's in the right place he is an
absolute great teacher i don't know if
you need to invest in his courses but
he's got some really powerful videos
online i do recommend kind of consuming
his content in in the youtube o sphere
if you'd like more um but really just
run with this get your content out get
it laid out in a fashion to where you're
comfortable and confident kind of
recording it and remember on your big
big ultimate first framework
part of that is going to be your opt-in
giveaway part of that can be your paid
content and part of that could be your
free level content that's going to
attract people in and make sure the free
level content
gets people to want what's next which is
your opt-in level content and that gets
people to want what's next which is your
paid course or membership program and
that's it that's the easy way to
creating courses online i hope again
this has been helpful give me a thumbs
up here click subscribe if you have not
already i appreciate you i appreciate
your time and i look forward to
connecting with you on the next video be