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how to create sub collection in shopify

Published on: June 20 2023 by pipiads

Creating Sub Collections in Shopify 2.0: A Guide to Boosting Your SEO

For a long time, creating sub collections in Shopify was difficult, but with the release of Shopify 2.0, it has become much easier. This presents an opportunity for store owners to improve their SEO by creating sub collections and main collection pages.

Benefits of Sub Collections:

- Google's algorithm prefers clusters of content

- Sub collections help to group products and create parent categories

- Improved SEO ranking for your store

How to Create Sub Collections:

1. Create your collections as regular collections

2. Create a new template and add a section for the collection list

3. Customize the layout of your main collection page

4. Apply the template to the parent collection


- Use rich text sections to improve the appearance of your page

- Avoid hiding the product grid to improve SEO ranking

- Duplicate templates for multiple collections

- Remember to delete unwanted templates by deleting the code generated for each

Creating sub collections in Shopify 2.0 can greatly improve the SEO ranking of your store. By following these simple steps, you can create attractive and effective main collection pages with sub collections. Take advantage of this opportunity to boost your store's visibility and increase sales.

Shopify Subcollections (subcategories)

- Paul welcomes viewers to the Ecommerce Gold YouTube channel and addresses a common question about Shopify.

- He explains that people often ask him how to create subcollections or subcategories in Shopify.

Main Points:

- Paul explains that Shopify doesn't allow subcollections or subcategories with its collection system.

- He demonstrates that there's no option available on the page to add a collection as a subcollection of another collection, whether automated or manual.

- Paul offers two workarounds for making subcollections appear on the front end of a website.

- The first method involves using the navigation menu to nestle options under other options. Paul explains how to add a menu item and drag it to the right to nestle it under a parent item.

- The second method involves using pages on the site to link from one page to another to a collection. Paul shows how to use the collection list and multi-column sections to create a page that links to collections and products.

- Paul acknowledges that neither method is perfect but states that they are better than nothing.

- He expresses his wish that Shopify had brought the old menu system into the new OS 2.0.

- Paul encourages viewers to use the two options he's demonstrated to make it easier for customers to navigate their Shopify store.

- He thanks viewers for watching and invites them to support the channel by buying him a coffee.

How to Create Collections & Sub Collections in Shopify (Tutorial)

front end of the site. We'll search for collections and choose men's watches and add it to the menu. Then, we'll drag it under men's accessories to make it a sub-section. This way, when we click on men's on the front end, it will produce a drop-down menu with men's accessories, men's rings, and men's watches as options. This is how you can create sub-collections within your navigation bar.

In conclusion, setting up collections within the Shopify system can be done manually or through automated rules and conditions. Both methods have their advantages and can make organizing your inventory easier. Adding collections to your navigation bar can also be done easily by editing the main menu and creating sub-sections. By following these steps, you can effectively manage your products and improve the user experience for your customers.

Shopify OS: 2.0: How To Create A Sub Collection Within A Collection (2022)

In this video, Mitch from Clean Canvas and his dog Jesse demonstrate how to set up sub-collections in Shopify's OS2. He covers the new method for creating collection lists, which is now built into themes, making it easier than the older method. Mitch also shows how to create a tree-like collection list, where clicking on an option leads to another collection list. He explains how Shopify has a collection list option and how to delete a collection list template. Mitch recommends creating a backup of your theme before deleting templates. Finally, Mitch teases future videos on creating filtering and a newbie guide to OS2.

How to Create sub collections in Shopify

In this tutorial, Edwin Anthony will guide you through setting up multi-tiered collections on Shopify. This includes creating a menu system with drop-downs and organizing collections based on categories.

Planning the Main Menu System:

- Start by creating a Google Sheet to plan out the main menu system.

- Identify singular links and drop-downs in the menu.

- Create a master menu item at the top and list second-tier collections underneath.

- Plan out third-tier collections underneath each second-tier collection.

Creating Third-Tier Collections:

- Begin by creating automatic collections for each third-tier category.

- Use specific names to avoid confusion with shared names across collections.

Creating Second-Tier Collections:

- Create a collaborative collection for each second-tier category, including all third-tier collections with the appropriate tags.

Implementing the Menu System:

- Program the navigation to link to the appropriate collections for each menu item.

- Work backward from third-tier collections to second-tier collections to ensure proper organization.

By following these steps, you can create a well-organized menu system with multi-tiered collections that make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for on your Shopify store. Planning and organization are key to making this process run smoothly.

How To Create A Sub Collection Within A Collection On Shopify

In this video, Mitch from the content creation team at CleanCanvas explains how to set up a sub collection, or collection inside a collection, in your Shopify store. He covers two perspectives, one for those using a built-in theme and another for those using a third-party theme or a free Shopify theme. Mitch starts by creating a new page and adding collections to it. He then creates a path and links the page to a button or image on the website. Mitch also demonstrates how to add the collection list template to your theme code if it's not already built-in. This feature can elevate your store and give you more control over how your products are displayed. Overall, the tutorial is informative and helpful for Shopify merchants.

How to Make A Page of Collections on Shopify (Collection within a Collection), List of Collections

In this article, we will discuss how to create a collection within a collection or a page of collections on Shopify. We will provide step-by-step instructions and examples to help you understand the process.

Steps to create a collection within a collection:

1. Create the collections that you want to include in your main collection or page.

2. Click on Online Store and then Pages to create a new page.

3. Create a new template and name it according to your preference.

4. Add a featured collection or collection list to the page.

5. Select the collections that you want to include in the main collection.

6. Customize the page and add text and images as necessary.

7. Save and publish the page.


To create a Christmas gift guide, follow these steps:

1. Create collections for different gift categories such as gifts for men, women, and children.

2. Create a new page and name it Christmas Gift Guide 2022.

3. Add a collection list to the page and select the Christmas collections.

4. Customize the page and add text and images to promote the gift guide.

5. Save and publish the page.


Creating a collection within a collection or a page of collections on Shopify can help you showcase your products in a more organized and appealing manner. It also helps customers easily find products that are relevant to their needs. Moreover, these pages can be optimized for SEO, which can increase traffic to your store.

Creating a collection within a collection or a page of collections on Shopify is an effective way to organize your products and make them more accessible to your customers. By following the steps and examples provided in this article, you can easily create your own collection pages and improve the shopping experience for your customers.

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